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  2. 9 months post SAH

    Hi Kathie, Mine was New Years Eve too, and 9 months isn't long at all in the recovery after SAH. You say you don't feel ready to go back to a stressful 12 hour shift at work - and that worries you. I wouldn't be ready either - I think that is far too tough on you right now, and if I were you I would wait until you do feel ready. As Macca says - maybe you should think about reducing those hours, or finding a less stressful job. Stress is bad enough in recovery, but 12 hours of it are asking for trouble. I was told that it could take up to 2 years to recover, I'm doing well but am now suffering with insomnia. There is no way I would be ready to go and do a 12 hr shift. Wishing you well with whatever you decide - but listen to what your body is telling you. X
  3. Quadrantanopia

    My goodness Anne. I have just had my gallbladder removed. I was 34 when I had a stroke. That was two years ago. I had an Heminanopia that improved to a quadrantanopia after a few days. It’s now static. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.
  4. Quadrantanopia

    Hi Kelly, Here is a bit of back ground to my case. I had the ‘stroke’ under general anaesthetic when I was 39 (gall bladder removal). I was very healthy. When I woke I was completely blind. After an hour or two it cleared to leave me with quadrantanopsia. Needless to say I had to surrender my license immediately and have never driven for 18 years. I was a single parent at the time and life was very difficult. I am now 58 and have started playing table tennis, quite well actually, so it got me thinking that if I can do this surely I can drive, so I reapplied - Which I did in early August. They sent me for and eye test (I have 20/20 vision) and a fields test at specsavers, this was on the Monday and on the Wednesday I got the letter rejecting my application. Very quick! So……..I thought I would go down the exceptional case route and arrange the test I have referred to in my previous post. (where I have no missed points within the central area). This will be the extra medical evidence they say they need. I am hopeful they will reply soon but sounds like I might have a long wait. Reading the previous posts I am quite positive but also annoyed that I haven’t done anything sooner. For years I have researched this condition, the following link being a point of reference:- http://www.moorfieldsresearch.org.uk/orntemp/Quality/RGov/Guidelines/drive.htm They say:- ‘Where the driver has obvious field defects such as a homonymous hemianopia or quadrantanopia then no confusion arises and the licence is refused’. This statement is incorrect! Also with modern technology and driverless cars surely there are adaptations that could be made to make driving possible. Another tip is not to use comparison website for holiday insurance. They ask if you have EVER had a stroke but if you go to the insurance company website direct they ask if you have had a stroke in the last 2 years. I only realised this recently. Good luck to everybody Anne
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  6. Quadrantanopia

    Hi Anne I see. I waited 7 months and the dvla have said now they want an independent opthamologist to see me. My loss is upper right. I missed this programme. Johnnie mentioned it as well. Goodluck Anne.
  7. Quadrantanopia

    Hi Kelly, I was told that I needed to prove I had 120 degree span. He said to do this do not focus on the orange light, focus on a point to the left and below the orange light. He said this was acceptable . My loss is lower left so that is why I was advised to focus left and below the orange light. I paid for the test, to go private it is only £20 and you get 3 attempts. I sent the results to DVLA last week, don't know how long it will take them to review my case but when they got the original test they were mega fast with the big 'NO' decision. I am on a mission now after watching the '90+ year old driver' program. Fingers crossed. Anne
  8. Quadrantanopia

    Haha. Thanks ClareM I will let you know. Xx Anne - I am interested in your comment ‘ specsavers were great in advising how to take the test and produce a better result ‘ I too took the Esterman visual field test at Specsavers. I wasn’t able to produce ‘better’ results. Thanks Kelly.
  9. Quadrantanopia

    Hi, Is Lynmac23 still around? I also have left inferior quadrantanopsia. I have been to Specsavers to get another fields test. They were great in advising me how to take the test and produce a better result. One of my tests shows that have I have not missed any points within the central area. I have submitted these to the DVLA. Does anybody know - will this be sufficient to get my license back or will I still have to fight my corner?
  10. Jan

  11. Eye problems?

    I was wearing contacts when I had my bleed and went back to them some time after. My vision had changed and I now have differnt strength lenses in each eye. If they are not right go back, there may be something else they can do. It could be that the 'best' brand is not best for you. Clare xx
  12. Eye problems?

    Something definitely changed but doctors won't acknowledge it because my eyes are healthy and my vision is unchanged. Yet I find it weird that I've contacts for 20+ years before my incident and now my left eye needs a complete different diameter and curve to the contact and they give me major headaches. They changed brands but it's still not helping. So weird and unexplainable I guess. Thanks for your input!
  13. Hi Eric, Before I came on here I worried about my mortality ie would I have another, I think it is natural. As Clare has said, are you worrying about it happening again. I worried a lot about it after my SAH. My Daughter found this site it helped her and she showed it to me and it has helped me no end, as I saw people joking and getting on with life. I love this site as we have all been there and we have survived. So you are a survivor and when down think happy thoughts and I sing happy songs as stress is no good for us !! Poor Family !! Keep well and when you feel a panic suck a mint or drink water. You have had all tests so remember you can stop panic attacks. Neighbour was taken ill and it left him with panic attacks so I gave him a bottle of water and a packet of mints lol (For dry mouth). Good Luck Winb143 xx .
  14. Eye problems?

    Hi there Unfortunately no, I can't help you there. The only change to my eyes has been the curse of old age and I am now getting long sighted as well as being short sighted - in my mind that should mean that my eyes should meet somewhere in the middle and I'll have perfect vision again!. Have you had your eyes tested again for your contact lenses or just had a change of brand?
  15. Im almost 5 months out from my NASAH and have worn contacts for over 20 years. After my incident I found that I could not wear my contacts anymore at all or they would give me headaches and really irritate my left eye. I've been to a doctor and have been checked out. It seems that the left eye now needs a bigger more rounded contact and even though I now now have the prescription for them, I am still getting headaches when I wear them. I don't understand. The doctors say my eyes are completely fine but clearly they have changed. I went to the hospital that day in my contacts and ever since then I do not feel the same in them. They've changed the brand to the best and the fit is different now but I almost feel dizzy with them. Does anyone else have any experiences with eye issues they can share? Thanks
  16. My story up to now - Maria

    Thanks Paul and all for the messages and support. It's the only place where I pour my doubts and what it's going on because it's very difficult to explain to my family and friends what my fiancé Paul and I are going through. I don't want to sound despondent or whining either, you've all been or are going through the same or worse and I have to count as a blessing to be able to talk to my man who, some days, feels like talking and tell me how beautiful I am and smile at the new thing I have every day to explain to him, and other days like today is very busy solving business stuff so he will call me later before I go to bed as he used to do (wishing he could remember to do that.. . I leave my phone by my side all night in case one day he did). But the distance, this not being able to go and spend time with him as I need to do and not being able to get the news even the small ones as they happen is painful and very exhausting. So will keep working on the hope part and the taking care of myself too (I'll have a checking following my loved ones insistence.. Oh well), Take care, Maria x
  17. Quadrantanopia

    I love you two and your banter. Good luck Tuesday Kels, keep us posted xx
  18. Quadrantanopia

    Haha. Everyone calls me Kels I totally get what your saying. I’m probably being way to negative. Driving means the world to me as it does you and I just don’t know what I would do with a No from the dvla. I do know that people with our deficit have their licence and I agree everyone with this should be dealt with the same. I read somewhere that a person had lost the bottom right quadrant which he was told is worse and he got his back. I shall rely on you to keep me sane and positive. I’ll let you know how Tuesday goes. You can always email me if it’s easier. Kels.
  19. Quadrantanopia

    Kelly I note what you say about your Aunts vision but I am pretty sure that you and I have much more visual field than she does, or anyone with only one eye. If I put my hand over my right eye then I can see perhaps 40% of what I can see with both eyes open and therefore my view is that the rules just aren't fair across the board. I try to be positive and at no point have I thought that I wont ever drive again. It may take years but I love it so much that I can't countenance life without a car. If I get a no I shall probably use a lawyer to appeal as the rules have to be applied to everyone the same. It cannot depend on who at the DVLA is dealing with it and which doctors you use. The criteria are the same for everyone and if the criteria are met then the driving assessment should be made available to you. It really is as simple as that! The criteria are set by the DVLA after all is said and done. Chin up Kels!!
  20. Hi Eric I think it would help you to sit down and talk about things with somebody. Your docs are probably right that you are doing to much, but I can understand that keeping busy lessens the attacks. Are you worrying that it will happen again? I think that has always got to be on our minds but we need to try and accept it is highly unlikely. See you GP and see if you can get some counselling. Being able to offload your worries to someone else may help. Take care xx
  21. My story up to now - Maria

    Maria don't you ever give up or think of giving up. You have proved he is fighting his corner and enjoyed your visit so buck up and try to look at the positive side. I did that for lin and never gave up and had plenty of lovely moments and I would do it again if I had been given the chance. So look to a better future and some fun in the sun as time goes on sweetheart. Try and lift your hopes because nothing is final its just the start of the very long road to recovery hugs and cuddles xx
  22. Quadrantanopia

    Hi Johnnie My husbands Aunty only has sight in one eye. The reason she has her licence is because she has full vision in the remaining eye. Where we are concerned our vision deficit effects both eyes. I’m really unsure why I am going to see the Ophamologist but I will go. I do know that people have had their licence back with this deficit but I really think it depends on the medical people you see and the person dealing with your case at the dvla. I just know how totally gutted I will be if my reply comes back as a no because that really will be the end of the line for my driving. I will let you know and I still wish you loads of luck with your application. Best Regards Kelly
  23. My story up to now - Maria

    Thanks for the detailed answer Skippy, when I was reading how you were gently correcting your husband reminded me how I try to do with my fiance and it makes me feel less lonely. I'll keep your words close to me for those down moments that happen too often still, Maria
  24. There is also an online course called epp expert patients programme 6 week course it really helped me xxx
  25. My story up to now - Maria

    Maria - never ever feel silly for having hopes - without hopes and dreams what do we have really? I had my SAH 11 years ago but 2 years ago I nearly lost my husband in a motorcycle accident. There were days after he came out of a coma, that he didn't recognise me but knew who our daughter was. There were days when he thought we were in a different decade and one day even went through from the 30s to the 90s in about an hour and a half!! He wasn't even born in the 30s!!! I hoped and dreamed that he'd come back to me and he did - like you I made sure that there was a constant connection and I gently corrected him when he remembered something incorrectly - it worked and now he's back home and all is well. Stay positive and he will pick up on it.
  26. My story up to now - Maria

    That's what I fear Mario, I understand he won't be like he was before, and I'm ready to keep calling him every day and any other kind of connection that I can get, but imagining how bad it can be hurts so much and that's what makes me feel silly for having hopes.
  27. Welcome to BTG. Worry can cause headaches so you could be stuck in a vicious circle, all 3 relating to each other. There are members on here who have had panic attacks after a SAH and found that counselling has helped them. Go to your GP, tell him/her what is happening and see what they suggest and enquire about counselling. Other members have also benefited from seeing a neuro phycologist although for what reason I can't remember. Is there a neuro support nurse/contact at the hospital where you were treated, if so it may well be prudent to contact them for advice. They are all options for you to explore. Many GP's never come across a SAH survivor in their working life because it is quite rare so yours could well be fumbling in the dark. Remember, there is nothing demeaning about asking for help.
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