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  2. How life changes

    My husband suffered last week - we are at day 6. I am still extremely worried but reading articles on here gives me hope for the future. Thank you everybody.
  3. Thanks all again for taking time to reply, does restore faith in human nature. Daffodil, that is comforting ( in a strange way) to know someone else has a blood taste in there mouth during their recovery. I have booked appointment with GP now, but earliest I can be seen is next Wednesday, so will hopefully will know more then. Susan yes you are right I probably shouldn't have used that picture but was being lazy and just stole my Facebook photo Doh!!! Anyhow I not that silly to be doing anything more strenuous than walking at the moment.I also agree a negative angiogram only infers to a venous nature but it is not proven. I was careful in my original post ,to say no cause was found not that there wasn't one. Good advice about telephone consultation never even crossed my mind..☺ Thanks best wishes to all Philip
  4. Last week
  5. Hi Filfoot Maybe you shouldn't have used the gym pic as a profile pic as some seem to be wrongly assuming you're back lifting weights! I had a lot of upper back, neck and shoulder pain around the same time-frame as you after my NASAH. I mentioned it to my consultant at my 2 month follow up check and he said it was the blood dispersing. Also had a lot of weird head sensations at that time and episodes of dizziness/feeling faint. You probably are just experiencing normal recovery symptoms but I would not worry about being a nuisance to your GP - I think we are all entitled to a bit of extra care after a scary medical experience. Ask for a telephone consultation with your GP if some symptoms are really worrying you. Hi Frmertd I don't think the cause of angiogram negative SAH has ever been definitively established although a venous source is often postulated. When I asked my consultant in hospital, after my angiogram, what caused my haemorrhage he actually just shrugged. I think I was feeling too spaced out and elated at not having a bleeding aneurysm at that time to question that it wasn't much of an answer, but when I got out of hospital and did a bit of research I realised that it was probably the most honest answer. Best wishes to both of you in your recovery. Susie
  6. New card from Headway

    Good luck using the badge Daff, a nice gentle prompt to folks to be thoughtful. I've not seen anyone using them though I don't get into London as often as I would like. Look forward to hearing how you get on.
  7. How life changes

    Welcome to the site. I am also one of the many men who frequent this site. This site is for survivors, care-givers, and other supporters regardless of their sex. It has been of such value and support for me and I hope it provides the same for you and your husband. Best wishes Chris
  8. New card from Headway

    Good to know Greg, let us know when you have a chance to use it. I have ordered a 'please offer me a seat' badge and card from London transport https://tfl.gov.uk/campaign/please-offer-me-a-seat for when I go to London. Whilst I normally take my stick I don't always want to and wearing a badge I hope will mean I get a seat if it really busy ever. Using it next week for first time so will will let you know how I get on, Anyone else have experience of these ?
  9. It would be great if you want to introduce yourself FRM , its always helpful to others to hear the story of why people are here and share experiences where you may have questions. having had neurologists, doctors and others professionals come through forum in the past it is always great to get some scientific explanations and insights of SAH . I hope you are doing okay with your recovery and go steady
  10. Yes you may notice that some people will react differently to this current version of you. Some changes for you may be temporary, others more permanent. Post my bleed I almost had a Tourette's level of honesty. I just said everything as I saw it with no filter. I have relearnt and applied a new filter in the years since but I definately can say the people who are important have stayed with me, the others ? Well let's just say I just enjoyed their company at that time, that place. I don't begrudge them that they can't or don't like this version of me. Everyone changes.
  11. Filfoot. I read with interest you report the 'taste of blood' as I had that many times and of course it sent my newly acquired post SAH anxiety levels soaring. The doctors all reassured me that I wouldn't be able to 'taste' the blood as it reabsorbed but my brain was telling me otherwise. Most odd indeed. Totally unexplained. And I guess that's what I wanted to say, you are going to get a whole host of strange sensations post bleed. When they happen you will connect them to your bleed and there will be worry to boot but my advice is to wait and watch. Get yourself somewhere comfortable, and just notice. IF things start getting worse then you need to get checked out but if they just are there the chances are it will pass and so if you can teach yourself ways to relax that works for you whilst that is going on. I and other members have speculated that sometimes the feelings reveal a phase of healing afterwards but that's just us pondering aloud and hey if that though helps feel free to use it. As others have said go steady as our MD survivor shares above, they may not have found a cause but you have had a blood spillage where it has no business being and that will have effect. You need to slow down and let yourself heal and that may be invisible to you and others but healing is happending and that is exhausting. Be patient, listen to yourself and your body and in time you will see improvements. Take care now and welcome .
  12. Hi FRM, you will know from being a doctor how the impact of having blood in the sub arachnoid space is not a great thing for memory and cognitive function but I also imagine you will have characteristics that will encourage you to push forward and test limits. That's ok but go steady with it. You may may find it worth keeping a diary, ( some good online ones) which let you track how you are feeling and what runs down your batteries fast. Back to to work is very much based on each individual but I think whilst you are finding the effects of the bleed it is best to put plenty of rest banks in the day when you do. That's quiet and no stimulation. We have had doctors herwho have returned to work after a SAH. I will try and find a link for you. My advice is go at your own pace but try to find your warning signals and heed them. I have a friend you is a neurologist and she suggested I think in terms of traffic lights and that has helped me. I try not to run any red lights, if I need to stop I stop. It's important for my well being, emotional , pain wise and physically . I am back at work post my SAH but life is different. So no I don't think your career is over just maybe you have to re- evaluate goals and remember you have had a bleed and be considerate. Take baby steps, build your strength slowly but steady and good luck.
  13. FRM, Try not to be in a hurry to go back to work get yourself at least 75% better, it is a long slow process, there'll be days when you can take on the world but then Wham back to bed you go. I can only speak from my experience I had an SAH 4 with Ventriculitis, Sepsis and Hydrocephalus . Just now you are a survivor and keep happy as I found that a smile and singing helps, sounds daft but no stress !! whatsoever plus I've always wanted to tell a Doc what to do ha ha xx Keep well and for the odd pains in head that come and go I take paracetamol. Keep a positive attitude also it is a must !!
  14. I’m so glad me and hubby found this site as my hubby is 9 weeks post PMSAH which I know is early days but this really is helping us to realise some of his symptoms at present like the fatigue and anxiety and we know it will get better
  15. There are so many great posts an explanations here. 10 days out of SAH and I really want to thank all of you for your experiences. I hang on every word.
  16. A few things, chance of rebleed a month out is small (1%) UNLESS your are weightlifting again. You should not be straining to lift weights or anything. Someone clearly said we aren't permitted to give medical advice and so even though i'm a Dr, i will respect those rules. But common sense would dictate telling your GP who can get a CT head to confirm you are not re bleeding. In the US i would advise go to A and E and they will do it in 10 minutes, but I understand in countries with socialized medicine you aren't allowed. You must go to GP first and they decide if they think its warranted or they may refuse. But if you are secretly weightlifting a month later, you are inviting a rebleed. You used a phrase I hear a lot of that is factually incorrect "they found nothing on angiogram" or "they didn't find anything". Bleeds can be 1) arterial or 2) venous. Angiograms only see arteries (one day we will have the Microtechnology to see veins but not yet). so if angiogram negative, that means a VEIN did the bleeding. Dont confuse negative angiogram with "nothing found" because that is certainly not the case. Blood was seen on CT that is very much NOT supposed to be there. So something was found. Good luck. And don't weight lift.
  17. Don't feel a nuisance about taking up your doctors time, you have experienced a life threatening event. It is possible your doctor knows very little about SAH that is why you were told to wait for your appointment. SAH is pretty rare and many GP's have never had a patient who has suffered one. Was there a specialist nurse at your hospital? If so that could be a port of call for you to discuss the problems you are having. Regarding being told what to expect or what to do if you were concerned, this is a frequent failing upon discharge. Most of us were never given any information at all, just thrown out and left to flounder. Seems to be a common problem, it wasn't you not asking the correct questions.
  18. Hello! I think it is very individual when you go back to work. I have been away from work now for almost 6 months and I feel like I am climbing the walls here at home. I have a the support of a brain rehab team at my hospital, consisting of a doctor, a therapist and an occupational therapist and they seem to think that 6 months is a short amount of time to return to work after an SAH (I'm in Sweden so this may be different from what is recommended somewhere else). They keep telling me that returning to work too early may give you setbacks, which you also mentioned that you have heard. I guess they have treated many patients so they probably have the statistics on this, so I am listening to their advice not to rush back to work. (But it still makes me frustrated and I am hoping to do a few hours a week at work starting December). Anyway, I would say listen to your body and brain, I think only you will know when you are ready to go back to work. Take care!
  19. Hi. About going back to work. I've returned back to work one month after SAH and I wouldn't do it again. My doctor said I should stay at home for at least another month but I was bored It was impossible for me to work (I'm a consultant) normally as I was extremely tired almost all the time and it lasted until 8 months post SAH. Since then I could say I'm more or less as I was before the stroke. I can even do sports like I used to do before. Keep in mind you will be much better after sevear months but improvement is not linear. Sometimes after few months you will feel worse than few weeks after stroke but you should accept it and don't panic. I wish you all the best.
  20. Must be hard for you TJR and hubby as when we panic all our body tenses up on us and we can say it will be okay but when you have one they are scary things xx Wishing you all the best and hubs xxx Do not think people understand about them enough xxx Win xxxxxxxxxxxx
  21. Thank you. Two years on!

    Just read your post out to my hubby he is nearly 9 weeks post PMSAH and we are still getting our heads round what has happened and the further ahead of us but we realised he is very lucky to of survived and just need to move forward
  22. Susan doctor did tell hubby that that was the case but he didn’t expect to feel so rough. He didn’t take anymore as he can’t carry on like that so back to doctor today to see what else there is. Win I used to have panic attacks so my technique did help me when his BP went sky high. Good breathing helped to bring it down. Thanks for your reply’s this site is really helping us both although I’m the only one who reads it but inform him of replies
  23. Having noted changes from a strongwilled type A personality to more tired and mellow I read with great interest this thread. People in family already criticizing me for things, i want to say to them "dont you understand that was a very serious thing that happened to me??? Support is what is needed, not opinions and criticisms of behavior. " I too have come to see that who your "real" friends are can change.
  24. Firstly just to say this site is fantastic, and is such a source of reassurance and comfort after suffering a serious medical emergency. Anyhow, my story and questions. I had my NASAH 7 weeks ago, I had been at the gym for 5 minutes and completed a set of weights, put them back in the rack. Then bang I felt funny, as if I was drunk and was staggering, each step it felt like another part my life was being sucked out of me and I was sure I was dying. I ended up in A and E, worst headache ever and vomiting. They scanned me a few hours after entry and found a bleed and admitted me. I was kept in for 3 weeks and then discharged with no cause found. After four weeks now in the wild, I still have strange burning sensations down my left arm which now seems to have spread to shoulder blades and other arm. I also get random pains anywhere out the blue. I get random bouts of dizziness\nausea\tiredness and occasional blood taste in mouth,but yesterday was special. I went to the shops and it was like being on a ship, this stayed with me all day, which scared me a little as I thought I was making progress , and this was the worst since having sah Are any the of the above unusual, given it is now 7 weeks from sah or am worrying about nothing!!! Feel so much better getting this off my chest
  25. I really enjoyed some of these posts. Thanks so much for giving your experience. 'Im just starting down the road and have already learned 1) Adapt like grass, not the big tree that breaks 2) Learn to live with your new limitations, don't fight them 3) Dont try to bluff co-workers to normalcy 4) Dont go back to work too soon. 5) Nap and drink water And others, thanks!!!!
  26. My Daughter has Panic Attacks and once she knew her heart was in fine fettle and that she can control them, she is okay and when a panic comes on she sucks peppermints and carries bottled water with her to help swallow/saliva ie dryness you get when panic attack !! She knows it will not hurt her and she is in charge of how she feels, the other night she woke up and thought she couldn't breathe. She spoke to herself and said "Come on relax" it went. after a while she said....Less stress more calmness eases them !! Think the op has made your hubby like this and it helped our neighbour who thought he was having a heart attack and ambulance man told him " no it is a panic attack" I told neighbour Daughter has had them since puberty and passed him a packet of mints and a bottle of water to keep with him. Good hearted I am!! His/neighbours panic episodes started after scare with his heart. Good luck TJ and hubby xxx They are scary things to have but hubby needs help and understanding when he has one so Good Luck to Both of you xx Remember he is a survivor and if I have put this before sorry xxxx and all the best to you both now get better or Win will break into song ha ha xxx
  27. We are going back to GP Tomorrow as this can’t carry on as it is. Felt exhausted all day WeWHad two separate ambulances out during the night who have assured him it’s anxiety. He took have have of a 2mg lorazepam tablet as he had been awake for over 24 hours and so had I And now is very tired and woosey
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