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Thank you for visiting Behind the Gray. We are an online support community for those whose lives have been affected by a subarachnoid haemorrhage or stroke.

Our aim is to offer friendship, support and a place where you can share your highs and lows. We are not qualified to give medical advice, but hope that you can benefit from our own experiences and those of our families. Membership is free and we hope that you will join us and share your own experiences.

“During my own recovery, I have found the support of others who have been affected by a SAH or stroke to have been a great comfort. To be able to communicate with fellow sufferers and share experiences is of paramount importance and a great aid to recovery.”

Joining an online support group can often be an excellent way of coping with your illness. If you are experiencing difficulties after suffering from a SAH or stroke and have difficulty leaving your home, an online community can often be one of the greatest first steps in coping. You can maintain your anonymity which helps many become more candid about their feelings, fears and frustrations. You may also learn information and tips that you might not have been aware of about your illness or that of a loved one.

Karen Hyder​

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