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    • I feel so much better after reading everyone's comments now.   I don't feel like I am as bad to people now with the bored feeling towards them all.    Funny I saw a spider last night and I was more tolerant  and just let it be.    I definitely cannot cope with negative people and I understand that too as they drain me I understand the sibling thing as now need to keep my brother in small doses.   Thank you so so mutxh and I will take it slow ad I even sometimes don't realise the brain injury because I cat see it until I wobble with my words and forget what happened 5 mins ago.   I have my Gp Wednesday again and will bring it up. My Dr told me last eek they are looking for me to get pressue in my head so I have to watch out for my headaches getting sorer.   I will.take things slower and look at goin back go work in new year in pray to God I manage as noise is now an issue and people talk too much if that makes sensem    Sorry if I'm waffling but I feel like I've found a home now as everyone has now left me too it .thank you from the bottom if my heart everyone for replying and telling me I'm not losing it xx  
    • Sorry to hear of your panic attacks. I had my SAH in June, several weeks of pure exhaustion and a headache that just never completely goes away, oh and the emotions are like Bang! (Anger, sadness, ...)   But recently I have a feeling of fear, no reason for it everything just seems to make me nervous. Guess I just wanted to say you are not alone with these feelings.  
    • Hi Taka,   I think the most disturbing thing about the NASAH is the whole not knowing what caused it.  I was skeptical of doctors telling me it most likely would not happen again, when they could not tell me why it happened the first time.  But I learned that they base it on statistics from thousands of patients who have suffered NASAHs in the past.  So I learned to believe.   Please read through the NASAH section.  I believe you will find a lot of valuable information there.  Welcome.   Chris
    • Hi,   I just wanted add my experiences as you are not alone.  People on this site talk often of the "new me" and though I just had a NASAH, I do have a new me.  Here are some of the changes I feel, and some of the changes I am told about me:   1.  The most overriding feeling of all is one of not being fully connected.  I have described it as living in the moment, but then later feeling like it was a dream.  My yesterday sometimes feels weeks away.  It's not really a fog I notice as I am doing something, but more of a fog on the recall.  A "was I really there" yesterday feeling that can lead to an "Am I really here" feeling that can be depressing.     2.  My outlook on things have changes with no real reason.  For example, I am more likely to take a bug outside of my house alive than squash it like I would have before.  I sometimes pick up other peoples litter and throw it away.  I never did these things before, but I am compelled to do them now.     3.  On the flip side, and to your comments, I am less patient, more moody, and (I hate to admit this) care less for people in general.  Only my loved ones and people who understand, like the people on this site, seem to register in my heart.  Peripheral people feel more like holograms.   I am not mean to other people, I just don't seem to feel them.  The aforementioned bug may get more affection from me than the checkout girl at the grocery.  This is a change, as I used to love to engage people.  Now they can be telling me a story that would have engaged me in the past, and inside I am "whatever" bored.   4.  I am past the anxiety and fear stage of recovery, but it was there.  Now, I just get the occasional black cloud that can linger over me a few days.   5.  I only consume small amounts of alcohol as it tends to make my memory even worse, and I may repeat the same story twice in an hour to the same people.   With all of that said, there are many positives too.  I do live in the moment more than before.  Maybe because I have to.  While other people feel farther away, I am at the same time, more tolerant of them in general.    I respect people more, I just get bored.  I love sleeping more than I used to.  Sometimes getting into bed at night is a real joy.  And honestly, I don't fear my future and fate as much as I used to.  It's like I won already and now am in bonus time.   So I rambled on and I don't know if this helps or not, but I hope it does.   Please continue to heal and adjust.   Chris  
    • I hope everything continues to checks out ok.  Hopefully, they will subside soon so you can feel relieved from the pain and the worry.   Chris