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  1. Hi Crispy Welcome to site, pleased you have found us. After my SAH I became very depressed I too did seek support and counselling helped. I am fine now but it took a while, it is early days and having your mobility issues must add to this. I too tried a holiday just after SAH and again found it too exhausting and too soon. I think that having a SAH is a tremendous shock to the system and naturally it has some impact on your emotions you are doing the right thing speaking to GP, hopefully you will also get lots of support from this site. regards Sharon xx
  2. So sad news really gutted for you, guess words don't convey the amount of dedication, love, care and fight that both of you have given. Your love for each other shone through your posts and that can never be taken away. Take Care Paul my thoughts are with you x Sharon x
  3. Hoping and praying that she makes a speedy recovery x. Take care
  4. Welcome Jenni, sorry to hear about your husband it must be very hard for partners. Good advice from all the others but I know Financial worries are hard at this time, as others have said check out sick pay entitlement, if you have a mortgage check to see if you could either pay interest only, or take a payment break or claim housing benefit if renting. Don't hesitate to seek advice as earlier you get this can ease your stress at this difficult time, not sure if hubby in Union as they can often offer advice too. It took me 5 months before I was able to return to work but I did not have a drain/shunt and then like Sarah had phased return, luckily I had good sick pay conditions. I am hoping you will find a new job soon, although that may not be on the cards until you are sure about hubby's recovery. Hoping hubby continues to progress Sharon
  5. Warm welcome Kerryn, pleased that the site has helped it certainly helped me in those early days. I similarly had an aneurysm successfully coiled, although continue to be monitored due to size and location of the aneurysm. Headaches were awful in my early recovery and I did wonder if I would always have them, thankfully they are not as frequent now. It is very early days and I know it must have been a very worrying period for you and your family. I remember the night before my coiling and the anxiety of whether it would work, I also worried about not being able to work. I still have messages I wrote to my family on my phone just in case! I hope you continue to make a good recovery but as advised by some excellent posts listen to your body, pace yourself and expect some good and bad days as a bit of a roller coaster. Take care Sharon
  6. Welcome to the Forum Steve, I am pleased you are feeling better. I was treated in the RVI and also received excellent support. Those first weeks are difficult I remember them well although I was lucky my bleed was slight and I did not need a drain. I had anuerysm which was coiled still being monitored due to size and location. It is a slow journey with good days and bad, more good days now 2 years later so take it slow and listen to your body. A traumatic brain bleed is scary and physical and mental after effects are not always visible so be kind to yourself. I wish you lots of luck in your recovery and look forward to hearing how you get on. Regards Sharon
  7. Welcome Gemma sorry to hear about mum but pleased she is making a good recovery. Whilst I cannot advise on whether she is safe to fly and take the heat, only a Doctor could provide that advice, I can tell you of my experience. I had a SAH in Jan 2015, due to a bleed from an aneurysm - fortunately mine was coiled and I did not have any after effects like mum from her clipping. I had a holiday booked for the March with my family with son coming over from America to fly with us to Lisbon, I was very nervous about it as was still very fatigued and at that time suffering real bad heads and suffering leg pains. Consultant said I was safe to fly and relaxing may help me as was quite depressed. I did go, it was for me a bit early and I found it quite tiring, I could not keep up the pace with my family, who tried very hard but I think could not understand my fatigue or inability to cope with even low level activity. Lisbon was hilly so I don't think that helped and was very busy, as well as beautiful. I think it will depend on how your mum feels and if doctors agree it's safe, you may need to be led by her. If she does decide to go I would advise building in total relaxation days and taking things at a slower pace. I do wish her well and I know for families who have had to watch someone go through this they also need time to recover as it is psychologically very stressful and frightening, so I do hope you take care too. Look forward to hearing how mum gets on and hope you have the lovely wedding you have planned Sharon x
  8. A warm welcome to the Forum and I am sure it will provide some support to you both. Sounds like a really difficult period for you both, but really impressed with the strength you have both shown. I know this will be an emotional period adjusting to the complications left from the SAH but already what may seem like small steps are great strides after such a bleed. I could not sleep well for months after my SAH, I found I had to just accept short naps - not always possible I appreciate. It is good that you are taking each day as it comes, that is the best approach and the brain is a fantastic thing which finds so many ways to repair or find different pathways. As others have said you need to also look after yourself as I was pretty hard work for my family post SAH, happy one minute, tearful or angry the next. They definitely needed an outlet; you had to go through this too, watching and waiting so please seek all the support you need. I hope things do improve but sometimes just accepting the changes or new life created by the SAH is part of this improvement. Take Care Sharon x
  9. Welcome Phil some excellent responses from others, mine was a bleed from anuerysm luckily not a large bleed but did have a large anuerysm so was extremely lucky it did not kill me and was able to be coiled successfully. Just had recent MRI and still occluded bar a tiny neck but going just to continue to monitor. Consultant told me I am no more likely to suffer another SAH than anyone else, but probably in better position as being monitored. Like Others have mentioned everyone's recovery is different however there are many things that we share fatigue, emotional see-saw, memory issues and sometimes concentration. I work in high stress field too and I returned just short of six months. I struggled with my memory like your's mine was variable, worse under pressure and knocked my confidence particularly as had to make decisions daily which impact on others. It has improved but I still have times when it's not good, I think your brain just has to find new routes to get the information or compensate for those parts that were damaged by the bleed. I am much less embarrassed by it now. I don't think my ability to manage stress has changed but physically it does have impact on headaches. They told me that there is not enough evidence to link SAH to stress, however I think mine does have some genetic link, my sister has aneurysms and my aunt died of one. I went back full time although I did do a phased return and then worked 37 hours over 4 days - not something I would advise as absolutely shattered on Friday. Just changing jobs now, slightly less stress smaller team to manage but will work 37 over full week initially. If you can afford 30 hours I'd keep it for as long as possible as first 12 months were hard. I was very afraid in the first year, thinking every symptom related to my SAH, I don't think it ever leaves but it is less now and I think it gets better with time I wish you luck in your recovery, we are probably the very lucky ones who get to come on here and I know this site is so supportive. Regards Sharon
  10. Thanks for sharing Paul, must be very hard especially when you see someone you love be in so much pain. Hopefully new treatment will help Lin, shoulder pain can be excruciating. You do do need to have those breaks as need to look after yourself too and you feeling better will help Lin too. Take care and I hope things improve quickly x
  11. Welcome Tim and thank you for being able to share how you feel, some excellent posts which I hope will show you the support that is in this group. I too suffered awful low mood, anger and a numbness around all the things that I had previously enjoyed. It felt like life was flat and grey. I too had some counselling it did help and whilst I still have low mood at times I think that is now more related to life's general up's and down's. I agree your medication may take time to have effect, like Macca says you will emerge stronger and whilst things may have taken a different course you will find your enthusiasm returning slowly but surely. Regards Sharon
  12. Hi Cindy My sister has anuerysms like me fortunately hers are small and have not bled, I had one large one and my dads sister died of SAH. My daughter had MRI to check but she was clear thank goodness. My son who lives in America has not been checked. When they checked daughter they did tell her aneurysm can develop at any time so having a clear scan now does not give total reassurance. Sharon x
  13. Welcome Sally I had had a large aneurysm over 10 mm which they felt had bled, when I had a thunderclap headache and collapsed. Luckily it was coiled successfully, my sister who also had a thunderclap headache (no bleed)was found to have 4 aneurysm's 3 very small and one 4mm. They have not coiled hers and after two years have stopped monitoring as they have not grown. They have told that she has the same chance as everyone of one rupturing. I am sure they will decide what they are going to do and it is lucky they found them. You will get that holiday I am sure, it is very shocking when you first find out but if there was any immediate risk they would have you in for surgery now! I hope your appointment gives some answers for you and reassures you about what will happen. Take care and look forward to hearing how you get on Sharon x
  14. Thinking of you Maya x
  15. Welcome Josie, great to have you on site. Very early days for you and i think everyone has shared those worried feelings following a SAH, it does focus us on how fragile life is. The worry does get better as you recover and certainly your emotions will be all over, mine were dreadful in the first few months. I still get some anxiety but I can now put into perspective more easily. Appears a a lot of people have taken ill whilst running - ha not this tortoise but Claire and Chris will be excellent motivators as both back running well. My best advice is to take things easy, accept wherever possible that things have altered course but with support (lots on here) you will find a way through and come out the other end. I look forward to hearing how you get on and remember if you have anything to ask someone on here will be able to help Regards Sharon