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  1. I have Adobe and use Chrome and still ge the mesage : The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  2. Hi Yoyo I am sure things will get better with time. Your partner is probably scared. Scared that any intimate activity will be too much for you. Have you tried talking to him about this aspect of your recovery? It is known that some people suffer a SAH whilst having sex. With the advent of the internet and access for all to any information you want in an instant, maybe your partner has read this fact and is worried. My husband really looked after me after my bleed and I feel the event has actually brought us closer. But it is a traumatic event for them that takes time to get over. We were lying in a hospital bed oblivious to everything while they were having to deal with the emotional fall out. I always think that at the time it must have been much worse for the family. Hang in there and yes, join that support group. Talking is the best healer and if it's only once a month come here and talk too, we're here all the time. Clare xx
  3. Hi Mrs M, that's my name at work as well! 😀 Your symptoms sound very similar to many of us but to be safe you should get it checked. Is is there a nurse specialist at the hospital you were treated who you can contact? My last MRI as the same is yours, no reason and nothing to show so we are the lucky ones. However if doesn't stop you worrying not knowing what caused it in the first place. You are still early days so take things slowly, plenty of rest and water. Don't rush back to work or do too much. Let us know how you get on. Clare xx
  4. Hi Kathie sorry you still seem to be suffering from headaches , mine had settled by this point. Are you taking regular pain relief to help deal with them? Sometimes it helps to take meds regularly to get the pain under control and then come off when they are settled. However I am not a doctor and am not qualified to give medical advice. Have you tried speaking to a nurse specialist at the Neuro unit you were treated? They can often be really great with advice. See if you can get in touch with one and let us know how you get on. Hope things improve. Clare xx
  5. Hi Ash Sorry we can't give medical advice as we are not qualified to do so. I presume your dad's gp is aware of the sickness with the medication he is on being presciption only. What has the doctor said have they any ideas for the cause of daily sickness? Could his diet be involved or is it linked to heatburn? I think you both need to go back to the GP and see if they can give you a definitive answer as to what is making him sick and why it is every day. I was sick when I had my SAH and until I left hospital but since then it hasn't been an issue. Hope you get things sorted, let us know how you get on Clare xx
  6. Hi Rick My neck used to be sore in the early months, the pain went with time. I am not sure what it was, may have just been tension or the remainder of the blood dissipating. I bought a memory foam pillow for my bed and found that really helped. I still use it now and have difficulty using any other kind of pillow now. If it gets worse get in touch with your doctor again, blood pressure seems good now though Take care Clare xx
  7. Hi Rick welcome to BTG. Sorry to hear of your SAH can you tell us more of your story? You have done well to get back to work so soon are you finding it hard? I can't help regarding the pain behind ear, I suggest you have a chat with your doctor. We are often left with residual aches and pains but you should get it checked out in case it is anything else. Come back and and tell us more about yourself and update us on any advice you are given. Clare xx
  8. Hi Tori sounds like mum is making progress which must be encouraging for you. It still is very early days and she has a long road to travel. I don't expect anyone knows how much she will improve only time will tell. Keep being the wonderful daughter you are now by being with her and encouraging her along the recovery road. But make sure you look after yourself too, it's easy to forget your own health at a time like this. Take care and keep us posted on her progress. Clare xx
  9. Hi as Macca says it really is early days for you. At your stage I too had poor balance and wobbled around like a 'weeble' sometimes. It will get better but if you are worried try speaking to a nurse specialist where you were treated if they have one. I do remember having problems with one of my ears which I had looked at by a doctor. It was all ok and settled in time, I think it was all just part if the healing process. Take things slowly, rest, sleep and drink plenty of water. Hopefully given time things will improve and you will reach your new normal. Keep us posted. Clare xx
  10. The information regarding statins comes from the patient information leaflet that states; 'Atorvastatin may not be suitable for you if you have had a previous stroke with bleeding into the brain.' Note I have highlighted the word may. I discussed this with my gp who thought considering that advice he would change me to Simvastatin. Everyone differs and has different side effects to drugs. The most important thing is to take advice from the professionals. My friend who has had a stroke is on Atorvastatin and so are many others.
  11. I too have high cholesterol which is hereditary. I was initially given Atorvastatin (Lipitor) but was changed to Simvastatin. The reason for this was because you should not take Atorvastatin if you have had a stroke whcih SAH is a form of. I probably have more chance of having a heart attack if I don't take my statin then having another SAH. You have to weigh up the pros and cons and discuss with the specialists. Clare xx
  12. Hi, no you are not being lazy. This time off work is for you to recover and rest which is what your brain needs. I felt a little like you early in my recovery. Having never been off sick for a prolonged period, I felt guilty and a fraud. But you aren't. I had my SAH while running so was fairly fit pre- bleed and wanted to get back to it. It took me 3 months before I could start to run again and then I had to build it up slowly. I now run 5-6 miles twice a week so there's the proof you can get back to it. Spend your sick time recovering, if that involves a bit of yoga or swimming, great. But don't push too hard. I joined my local gym approx 6 weeks after my bleed and just took it easy. I swam - on my back as I found it was easier on my neck - , I did the over 50's exercise class as it was a lot gentler and I gradually built things up. If you want to take some exercise check with your medics that it is ok then start slow and increase gently. In the meantime I also cleared every cupboard in my house while off sick and now can't remember what I did with everything! Lol! Remember, you're doing well just don't push too hard! Clare xx
  13. Poor balance is often a legacy of SAH, it will hopefully settle in time. Also the losing words and blankness. I think we have all suffered this to some extent but it usually improves. That said make sure you mention all this to your neurologist later in the week. Hopefully they will be able to reassure you. Keep us posted. . Clare xx
  14. Hi welcome to BTG glad you have found us. It is totally normal to say lots of crazy things so early in recovery. I am sure between all the members here we could write a best selling book on the comical things we all said. My gem was saying Barack Obabma had been to visit me. The brain is a very complex organ and when it takes an assault like your dads has had it will take some time to recover. Sounds like Ike he is being given really good aftercare. I too was relatively fit before the event and although it was slow I have got back to it. In fact I'm probably fitter now. Make sure he takes his time, rest, quiet and lots of water. Let us know how he gets on. Clare xx