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  1. Make the most of good Days Mandie xx Lovely aren't they lol xx You have been through a lot and can come out of it knowing we are survivors ..Well Done You xxx I still draw matchstick style lol xxxx Palhuc, I think I told you, I was told I'd never walk again but I can walk 200 yards on a good day not long but it is getting better, and tell hubby to keep his chin up and you also xx I had an SAH4 and do not remember anything until shunt was in xx Pleased for you Mandie hope your days keep getting better and when they aren't sing happy songs xxxx my answer to all ills Be well Both Winb143 xxxx
  2. Yoyo Hi, My Daughter found this site and it helped her as she didn't like asking her Dad all the time ie "Dad will Mum get better". He'd say "of course but when" ? I came on here and was not alone anymore, there was others who laughed and joked about their bleeds etc. Made me feel like "Oh there is life after an SAH" It is hard for our loved ones and I cry or want to shout at hubby or Daughter, but it isn't their fault or ours this happened. It happened and I try not to stress and I sing instead. You will make it as you have survived xx Now take hubby out for a coffee weekend and keep your happiest face on if possible. Things do get better as time goes on ! We leave the hospital our short term memory shot, and we are told nothing about it and if I was told I'd forget it. Now wipe those tears away and try a smile instead when possible xx Good luck xxxx
  3. Jan, Weird isn't it how we know !!! I used to feel very heavy headed in early days but like everything we get used to living with it, she says hearing thunder in background arghhh xx Be well and thanks for the forecast ha xx Love Win xxxx
  4. Hi KMR I remember nothing before shunt and I used to think I was in a café when it was dinner time, I'd say to my Daughter "Get my bag my treat" we laugh about it now. When I came home I had carers who washed me 3 times a day then 2 then none xx My Family sang with me, love an old song xx But I remember none of this but I had a shunt put in as I had hydrocephalus and it was like a light going on xx Hubby got me a zimmer frame after I took 4 steps towards him. and from then on I was independent to a certain extent. I could shuffle to bathroom. Give Dad a song and see how he is coming on and I wish you all the best as it is a long haul for us and our carers. Good Luck Win xxxxx
  5. Hi MatJaz I went swimming after shunt and as my leg wouldn't let me swim, I had to swim under water. Now I know it isn't the same but just stating I swam along the bottom of pool and it helped. Done 2 lengths under (See told you it wasn't the same) Good luck on getting your life back xx Win xx
  6. Hello Ash, I was similar to Daffs and your Dad. Grade 4 but I do not remember anything. Asked family if I was sick and they said "No" My family are people of few words lol xx Wishing your Dad well and keep an eye on sickness or see Doc xxx Good luck to you and Dad Win xxxx
  7. I agree talking over your worries does help Wayne. I sing happy songs off key xx Try it lol
  8. Wayne, Welcome to BTG alias Behind the Grey. Do not know what to say about your personal life !! Sad though. All I know is that after an SAH/Bleed I was told we do not need stress in our lives by my Surgeon. I wish you well on your road to recovery, and keep well. Regards Win
  9. I agree with Louise Boxa, if in doubt sort it out.. Stress is bad for us so we must relax. When poss !! I got a lot of cramps in my feet mainly, got looked at weirdly when stamped my foot when it got caught and toes crossed arghhhh !! I heard from someone Tonic water helped with cramps, so I got myself a 6 pack of small bottles, as I thought nothing ventured etc. might have been mind over matter !! Must admit I do not get them as much, could be my brain fooling me though as I put mine through a lot. Good luck and keep recovering xx Win xxxxx
  10. Just take your time and you will find way around the site then another day you'll go and forget it ha ha Keep Well Win xxxxxxxxxx
  11. Hi Boom, Not nice to have are they small or large xx mess our lives up. I was out for quite a while after my Bleed and Hydrocephalus kept me there along with other problems. You will get better but it is a long haul. I say to my husband did I tell you that and he goes "yes Win twice " so if you see a man with a black eye that'll be my hubby lol Short term memory loss is usual, now ask me what happened 23 years ago I am okay but anything short term is a blur. You are recovering and it does get better, I couldn't remember my address so hubby wrote it on the wall and would cover it every morning and say "Where do we live". I sing songs to remember, it helps, so try it when you feel up to singing but only happy songs xxxx Keep Well Boom Winb143 xxxx
  12. Hi Vermont Girl, When I was in hospital for SAH, they found out I was allergic to codeine, so I take paracetamol. Some of us on here get what I call barometer heads, when there is a storm brewing we get thick heads and feel the pressure build up but we are not medical so see Doc and put your mind at ease. My surgeon told me stress is bad for us so I'll pass it on to you xx You take care and think happy thoughts as we are Survivors, wishing you all the best. Good luck and remember happy thoughts only when possible XX Regards Winb143
  13. Well written Sarah. xx And I think I have it bad as feeling tired, it is good to be a survivor isn't it and see there are quite a few of us !! I find happiness helps me over rough patches and my Parents left me with a load of happy memories, I still talk to them when needed lol I find music helps also but only happy songs xxx Keep in touch and perhaps might see you post in the green room soon. Good luck Winb143 xxxx
  14. Jan I just wrote in Green Room about I feel so creamed and am a lazy cough cough. I do hope you feel better and never let it beat you it nearly beat me, my fingers ache typing and I go to bed and cannot sleep !! I cannot take a joke at the moment lol, serious not funny. Feel like my energy has gone and so miserable ha ha Wonder if hubby will come in tonight. I put it down to heat. We cannot let a rough patch beat us now open them windows and let the neighbours hear, better than getting all hot and bothered xx Be Well Jan and we will put it down to heat zzzzz sleepy head here signing off Win xxxxxxxxxx Hands Jan a moody smile xxxxx
  15. Hi Rick, My surgeon told me not to stress so I sing when worried about anything. My husband got me a BP Monitor and he tried it on himself to see how it worked, and his BP was 200 over something so he is on BP pills now. He blames the worry of me for it. Bless him. Keep a check on it Rick and lets hope it goes down, as for the headaches we all got them in the early days. If worried always see your Doc. I get a buzzing noise in ears drives me potty but Doc said it is sometimes usual after a bleed ??? Good luck Win xxxx