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  1. Hi Kathie, My Daughter told me about Behind the Grey and it has helped me a lot. Just knowing we are not alone in this is a good feeling, so try not to rush as you will take two steps forward and one back. I get tired also, but take care of you and try not to stress too much, not good for you !! I wish you well on recovery and anytime you feel a bit down or need advice come here as we have all been there, and you are not alone. Best Days work I did was to come on here, I sometimes leave laughing. Get weird looks from Dog and Daughter lol xx Take care and take it slow until you can look back and say "Hey today was a good Day" it will come xx All the Best Winb143 xxxxxx
  2. Thank you Paul for helping my Daughter Bessie /Sarah when I was out of it. So a great debt is owed to you and all on this forum xx Hope All goes well with you and once again thanks xx Kindest Regards Winb143 xxxxx
  3. Missran, It is always with us, guess we just have to say to ourselves "We will beat this" easier said sometime !! But a song and a smile can always help us xx What happened to us was out of the blue and scared us, but we are still here xx So keep smiling and singing Happy songs, we do need happiness in our lives after what we have been through xx Love Win xxxx you have a Good Doc xxxx
  4. MelMel, We are here if you need to give vent, as you have it hard what with hubby also. So I wish you all the best. Get the worry of clots in legs sorted as you have a lot of stress at the moment. On here you do not have to say you are okay when on a downer, have a moan we are entitled to it especially You with hubby ill also. Hope all goes well for you both xxx Love Win xxxx I'll say have a good weekend, but if you need a moan go ahead xxxx
  5. I do not remember anything after my op Jen, All I was told what was wrong and I had a bleed, it took BTG to tell me it is a form of stroke lol xx Sorry I am not much help but whatever happened how are you keeping? Well I hope. Gonna look up Anoxic now xxxx
  6. Hi Mel, We know what your going through and this site can help you as you know you are not alone. I came on here after my Daughter found it while I was in cuckoo land. I had SAH 4 followed by Ventriculitis, UTI, then Sepsis. a year later I had a shunt put it and it bought me back from my Hydrocephalus head and cuckooland. It is scary what has happened to you but you are here and the bad heads will subside. Give yourself time and take it slower than before. I cannot jump out of bed as I did before. I have to swing my legs out still sitting and then get up. Everything is slower paced after SAH xx I came on here and saw people laughing and joking which gave me hope and if you have a worry or need to give vent etc. It all helps No Stress my surgeon said so I break into song when down but only happy ones xx Look for "A letter from your brain " it tells you what you and brain has been through !! I will close now as it looks like an essay lol Keep happy thoughts Winb143.. I started walking after my Brain injury team said I wouldn't walk xxxx Keep well and smile when possible
  7. Be well Steve and hope your week goes well. No rushing just spoil yourself a little, and rest up (You know it makes Sense !!) Keep a smile at hand for these days xxxx We can get over it. Good luck Win xx
  8. Hi Steve, I used to get up with a rush ie too quick and someone on here said" When you get up Win sit for a few seconds or more then swing legs out of bed, and when ready get up slowly. Best advice anyone gave me, even now I lay in bed on side where shunt is and feel all giddy I turn over. So remember as Chelle said baby steps and slower in all we do until we are feeling 80%/85% fit. Good luck Steve but if worried see Doc to double check and no stress that way. Feel better soon Win xxxx
  9. If in doubt see Doc as Sami has said, you might be given a pill kinder to you and we are not allowed to give advice. You do not need stress so see Doc and tell him about the pills and ask his advice. Come out of surgery with a smile xxxx and perhaps a milder pill xx I only take paracetamol along with a song xx Love Win xxxx Hope you get sorted xxxx
  10. Good luck and keep bright xx ... run out of likes xx
  11. Maria, I was in cuckoo land for a long time, I was moved from London Hospital Kings College to Maidstone and was sent home with hydrocephalus. (Water on the brain) The Maidstone OT's said to my Hubby and Daughter "Grieve for your Wife and Mum as she will never be who she once was" and they gave me a balloon to hit !! My Hubby said "she comes home with us" phew !! and he got hold of my Surgeon who said yes I have hydrocephalus and had a shunt put in my head and I woke up. I saw my parents who were dead, I chased my Mum, My brother sang to me and my Mum told him not to sing to me, Dad wasn't allowed to speak to me either, a dream maybe but that shunt worked wonders it bought me back from cuckoo land and drained water off my brain xx I awoke with my dogs around me and my Daughter and I cried when she said "Welcome back Mum" Good luck to you and yours Win xxxx
  12. Hi Chris/Crispy, You need to take your time and remember what you have been through. You will get better as time goes on, I was told I'd never walk again but 200 yards, and on a bad day 5 steps lol. We need to cheer ourselves up and remember not to rush things as brain needs to heal firstly and we will get there. Do not listen to sob stories we do not need to hear them while mending, singing helps me as I came from a Family who loved to sing. My Surgeon said no stress so I sing when stressed and it disappears, or the room empties and I get peace lol Take care and keep happy All the Best Win xxxx There is a life after SAH/ Brain Bleed xxx
  13. Steve, I get moody, we did before we had our bleeds, so even more so now. We have to think of a happy time in our past or a happy song when on a downer it keeps stress at bay . I wish you all the best and do not overdo it. Remain happy when possible as that is the key (Don't tell Steve about row with hubs Win lol) oops you dragged it out of me ha ha Good luck Steve Regards Win xxxx Keep moving forward and remember SMILE when possible
  14. PJ/Clare, Glad you are getting help, as it is better than having me type a happy song out for you !! Off key xx We are not alone in this, we all have a good day and then the bad day comes, we are here for those bad days xx I have come on here and felt so sad but upon leaving here I think to myself "You shyster Win" and even now I am smiling. Now get sorted and please let us know how things go, and remember to keep happy 1 month of not hearing others problems is a must !! No Stress if possible and I totally concur with Daffs comment lol xxxx (They never listen ) lol Keep away from people with problems ie doom and gloomers you need happy in your life xxxx Good luck on your recovery Win xxxxxxx
  15. Paul, I am so sorry and the words do not seem adequate. Lin was a fighter like you and now she is at peace. Feeling for you. So Sorry xxx Win xx