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  1. Welcome. What you are experiencing is almost identical to my experience. After being discharged I experienced neck headaches followed by acute bit short lived headaches in the temples. Like a brain freeze. They got better over time and I think it is just the brain healing from the damage that was done. I hope yours improve too. Be patient drink water and get lots of rest. Chris
  2. Hi Yoyo, I send prayers for you and hope you can find peace soon. It's a struggle to heal and it takes time and patience, by you and your support group. I hope you continue to improve. You will have good days and bad days, but the trend should be up over time. Please hang in there. You are a survivor! Chris
  3. Congrats on the first year. I hope you continue to improve each year for many years to come. Chris
  4. Jan, I am sending many prayers for you. I hope you feel better soon. Chris
  5. Welcome Blue l am also in the US (Ga). Best wishes for you chris
  6. As you know, we are not qualified to give medical advice. I suggest you go to the hospital immediately and have someone qualified take a look at you. Hoping you feel better soon! Chris
  7. My doctor said based on statistics, the chance of it happening again is the same as the chance it happens at all. He said it would be like being hit by lightening twice. So I try to believe that.
  8. Krislwal I was told to take it easy for 3 months (I am a runner so no running during that time). I then had a follow up MRI and was cleared to go back to normal activities. So I have been fortunate. Just some headaches, fatigue, mood swings occasionally. As for sex, I have been married for almost 30 years. So I have no idea if that is safe or not. ☹️ Beat wishes Chris
  9. Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing. I am sending prayers for you. Chris
  10. My headaches were mostly on forehead above eyebrows and were short and a cute like a brain freeze. They got much better as time went by.
  11. Welcome. As noted above please take it slow. Dont be surprised if your fatigued feeling sometimes put you in a mild depressed state. It can happen but it will pass. My head felt weird for quite a while but either got better or I got used to it. Above all, listen to your body. It will let you know what you need like when you switched seats. Best wishes Chris
  12. Hi Andrea, Welcome to our group. Please know that many on this site have struggled with recovery, both physically and mentally. While I personally had it pretty easy compared to the rest, you will find many members who will share their struggles and their accomplishments. I beg you to be patient. Remember, this thing tried to take you down, but you have won. And while you will need some time to heal, you are the winner here, because you are still here.. You will have up and down days, but overall you will trend up over time. I pray you recover quickly. Chris
  13. I had the same three month follow up scan and was released. Nothing further. I just had my annual physical but unrelated to the NASAH
  14. Congrats on 2 years Jan. I hope you continue to improve every year! Chris
  15. Michelle, It has been so nice to get to know you since I joined. Congrats on 3 years. I know you have some challenges, but as stated above by Subs, it is great to see the positive attitude toward the future. I send you best wishes for every year being better than the one before. Chris