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  1. Hi Steve 😀I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now, me too. There must be some truth in fish being good for the brain healing!!!! Ive had scampi and chips for tea and feel loads better ! Like you, early night tonight 😮💤 😮💤 Take care of you Wishing you a fab day tomorrow (Don't overdo it !! ) Love Jan xx
  2. Hi Steve, me too! I think we are all affected by this and it can be disheartening but just know that for every bad/dizzy/tired day, there are more good days coming up. I'm almost 2 years post Sah now and I still find it frustrating. In fact a good example for me is today. It was my son's birthday yesterday so he and his partner and our three young granddaughters came over last night, we had a great time😀 But just trying to keep up with the different conversations and keeping an eye on the girls was really hard work.I got to bed at 11pm, that's late for me these days!!! I am absolutely wiped out today !! It's taken me all this time to understand and recognise that if I overdo it one day, I'll pay for it the next. I suppose what I'm trying to say in my usual rambling way is; It's absolutely normal😀Keep well and get lots of rest when you can Jan xx
  3. Paul I can't find the words to express how I feel.I'm so sorry to read your post about Your darling Lin Thinking of you Much love Jan xx
  4. Hi Paul, sending you both much love and numerous hugs Love Jan xx
  5. Thank you so much for your honest, open and frank replies and admissions. What a difference it makes to know that it's actually ok to feel like this and that the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel, just need to find the right tunnel ! ,Thank you all again for taking the time to replyI do so appreciate the time you take for me and the care you show Love Jan xx
  6. Hi Daff, What can I say? I truly admire the remarkable outlook you have on your new life. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post Im off to look for your blog now. Love Jan xx
  7. Hi, so pleased that you found BTG so early in your recovery,As many on here will tell you, it is a lifesaver! I also had my little ********clipped via craniotomy, 21months ago. I don't so much get headaches,but a 'heavy head' particularly when I'm tired or stressed.When I went for my first appointment with the neurologist, I mentioned that my head hurt when bending over or lifting something heavy. Answer?? Don't bend over or lift anything heavy! , Not the informed reply I was hoping for but good advice,if a little limiting😀 Wishing you all the best with your phased return to work Jan xx
  8. Hi , I got my days mixed up, not for the first time!! My appointment isn't today it's on Thursday,😵I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow ! , ! Lyn, mine is worse at night too Jan xx
  9. I am asking this question whilst having a 'good day'. I've had a couple of weeks of gloomy/down days. Sometimes I think I'm just feeling sorry for myself.I see people getting on with their lives(as they should) but I feel I have a pause button pressed on mine, I am so fortunate to be here but feel guilty because I'm not sure what to do with this new life. When I'm down I get angry and bitter.I have changed as a person and this new life is unrecognisable..Is it normal to have these feelings? when I came home from hospital(21 months ago ) I thought that I would improve day by day and continue doing so until I was 'better' I now know it doesn't work like that. I'm sorry this post has deteriorated into a moan, I didn't mean it to, so back to my question(which may not have a definitive answer) Do the Why Me days ever stop? Or with more time do we deal with them better (if so, how?) Thank you for reading Jan xx
  10. Hi George, I don't know why some of us seem to develop tinnitus after Sah, personally I think it must be part of the aftermath of the bleed rather than it signalling another one. I'm no doctor, just my opinion.Annoying as it is , it is reassuring to read your post knowing that perhaps we just get used to it and learn to live with it.. I have an ENT appointment tomorrow , so I'll hopefully learn a little more about t, I'll report back if I do ! , Jan xx
  11. Hi Gareth, As Sami said, short term memory loss is a problem for most of us as is the frustration that goes along with it, Everything is kind of slowed down if you know what I mean.My memory was by no means perfect before my Sah, my sons used to call me a goldfish!!, it will take time for everything to retire. I'm only 18months post Sah. I write on post it notes(yep, they're dotted around the house) They are a help (when I remember to look at them and I quietly repeat things to myself to help things sink in .Dympna will find ways of improving her memory, it does take time though. Not sure if any of this helps but I think sometimes, just knowing that it's normal helps Jan xx
  12. Paul It is lovely to see you back on here, I think about You and Lin often,I'm sorry that yet again you've had to battle for the help that Lin needs and deserves, when you mentioned the physios sitting Lin on the bed to cuddle you it made me cry, What a Special 'moment in time' for you. I will keep this post short, I know many others will be replying soon so I won't take up the whole page !! Ha ha !One last thing, You are a man after my own heart. . . I have a little motto since my SAH. . . . Stuff the bank balance, buy a Bear (or two) !!🐻🐻 Lots of love and hugs to you both Jan xx
  13. Wow! I wish I'd found this thread sooner.Lots of interesting facts that I wasn't aware of. I don't have a problem actually getting to sleep, it's staying asleep that I have issues with.It doesn't matter if I go to bed early or late, I still wake and get up between 5 & 6 am( I can't get back to sleep)it's as though my brain has woken up and won't switch off. I waken many times through the night and have night sweats 3 or 4 nights a week..I think my body thermostat is in need of repair. My left hand always feels cold even when it isn't if you know what I mean?I am menopausal, take meds for high blood & anti seizure meds. Sorry for moaning, I used to blame everything on SAH i.e., tiredness, forgetfulnes, irritability etc, etc, Now I know that in fact it could be med side effects, menopause, or just getting older! , If anyone has any tips, ideas or thoughts on the above, I would love to read them. Jan xx
  14. Hi Mindy Wecome to BTG, you have found the right site for advice, understanding and friendship from people who have been through 'it' There is always someone on here if you need advice, a rant a moan or a shoulder to cry on When I first came home from hospital my dreams were horrible I dreamt that I was being really violent towards other people (punching, kicking etc)They were horrible dreams, you could not meet a less violent person than me I don't have them now,thank goodness, I guess after the trauma our brains have been through, they have to do a bit of re wiring. Take good care, drink plenty of water and come to BTG whenever you need to Love Jan xx
  15. Hi Cindy I'm sorry, how rude of me, I just jumped right in with my question,so I'll start again. . . . Big welcome to BTG, you have found the right site for information, other people's experiences, advice and friendship, look forward to hearing more from you x Super Mario thank you for your reply Jan xx