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  1. Thank you - perfect timing. I needed this today! As I get better, I keep thinking I can do more. I pay for it the next day - good reminder.
  2. Thanks, Daffodil. I am coming to appreciate, and heed, the messages my brain/body are sending me. Moving from "I need to get back to my life" to "this is my life". Yoga, swimming, resting, meditation are all helping, I think. Next challenge will be bringing those habits and pace along when I return to work in another month. Thanks for the "bruised brain" image - it's useful.
  3. Thanks, Casey. I've wondered about using coffee, I'll try it. I think the cognitive shift to "pain is your friend" may also be useful. In fact, this week I have been pushing too hard! I'm off to restorative yoga this morning - am hopeful that will help with many things.
  4. Thanks, Megan, that's very helpful to know. That's exactly what I want - to "have some on hand" for those days it's more than a dull ache and interferes with sleep and functioning. Having trouble getting a response from the doctors office - frustrating!
  5. Thanks so much Win. So good to know my experiences are common.waiting for call back from doctor now. Have any of you had good luck with body massages following NASUB? thanks
  6. Hi all, I'm 8 weeks out from my non aneurysm sub. Over the last few days have been trying to manage considerable blood pressure spikes that occur in response to stress . Went to emergency room and had another CT scan to rule out another bleed. All ok. Saw cardiologist yesterday and got an additional BP med. seems to be working. In the meantime the severity of my daily headaches has increased, non prescription drugs not helping and I can't get a good night sleep because I am awakened by the pain. Bad, but nothing like the hemorrhage thunderclap. I note weather has been fluctuating a lot with rain and thunderstorms. I think i need codeine for these bad ones and will try to talk to doctor about getting a prescription. I'm also trying ice packs on my head. Getting frustrated. Have any of you had to go back to a nacotic on occasion for the headaches? Thanks very much, struggling here.
  7. Thanks all. It seems from the research that it's a matter of risk/benefit. Hope to have GP, cardiologist, and neurologist confer as to best plan in my case.
  8. Hi all I am having conversations with my doctors about taking Lipitor (statin drug). My GP and cardiologist recommends it (I also had atrial fibrillation the week after my SAH) and had been taking Lipitor for years. I had my SAH 6 weeks ago. My neurologist does not want me to take the Lipitor as there is some research suggesting that for people with SAH statins can increase the risk of another bleed. Are any of you taking a statin or run into this controversy? thanks - it's confusing to know what to do.
  9. Hi - I'm on about the same timeline as you are. 6 weeks post - no known cause. I understand from this great site that my continuing symptoms - headache, fatigue, strange head sensations are all quite typical. For the time being I'm avoiding anything that is strenuous as I'm still working on stabilizing my blood pressure. I find it disconcerting to not know exactly why this occurred. However, I am trying to ease back with moderate walks and swimming. I'm sure that others who have been recovering longer will have more perspective on this - and be sure to check with your health care providers. Good luck to you.
  10. So, I'm 5 weeks out from idiopathic SAH. Was pretty lucky. Am fatigued, with headaches (not terrible) and sometimes I feel like my brain hurts if I think too much. Ive got another 9 weeks before I return to work. I feel like I should make good use of my time and schedule swimming, yoga classes, walks, etc. sometimes I just don't feel like it. I'm afraid when I go get back to work I'll feel like I "wasted this medical leave by not taking advantage of this time. Any suggestions? Am I being lazy?
  11. Hi My hemorrhage was bilateral frontal lobe about 5weeks ago. i am in good shape, all things considered. My post event headache seems to be near that location and on forehead. Does anyone know if bleed location is related to post SAH headaches and head sensations? Thanks!
  12. Dear Macca thank you so much for your very clear and wise advice. Your idea about sorting tasks through a column system is one I find both appealing and doable - not too overwhelming. I am am so impressed by this forum and the people on it. Just what I need -clear recommendations, validation of my experience, and kind people. Thank you all.
  13. Thanks, my employer has been very supportive and my physicians are part of the organization. I think I can expect good understanding particularly since they know it is not my style to lay low. They are being very protective of my time, energy and privacy. I also have a very strong administrative team who are keeping things going in my absence. I feel very fortunate. I am the one I need to be patient! I don't like it when my brain gets tired, which is the only way I know to describe it. Thank you.
  14. Hi all very glad to have found this site. Had my event while being taped for a tv news segment (fortunately it wasn't live!). Got to the hospital quickly. Very lucky to have not sustained cognitive or motor deficits. Right now, strange head pressure/sensation and fatigue are biggest problems. I'm an academic at a research university serving as an administrator. High job stress and responsibilities, but I love it and thrive on managing a lot and well. I'm scheduled to return to work 2.5 months post bleed. A bit worried about managing. I feel guilty about being home. However, my stamina is currently low - and I want to turn off conversations after about 15-20 minutes. Having conversations with 2 or more people at once feels daunting. I went to a restaurant yesterday - had to move to a different table - I seem to need quiet space and small amounts of external stimulation. At suggestion of neurologist, tried Restorative Yoga, found that very helpful and a very good emotional release. Trying to walk every day (the week after the SAH, had atrial fibrillation, so want to pay attention to cardiac health as well. Very fortunate to have devoted spouse and adult child and family nearby. Feeling well tended. Any advice, thoughts re pacing myself and recovery/return to work? Thanks