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  1. I was in a coma for about 3vweek I think xmartz after my sah xx
  2. I got it worng xmartz it was3 out of 15 x
  3. You are not alone the people on here are really good and always there to support you and share there experiences x
  4. Welcome to btg This site as helped me loads and there is lots of lovely people here who I am sure will help you are not alone sorry I am not much help but I am hopeless when it comes to thing like this I get scared in case I say the wrong thing I also cry a lot and sometimes for no reason I had my sah on the 23rd of January at the age of 40 x
  5. Wish this was on facebook coz I would of shared it so my family could see xx
  6. It is good to hear your mam as made some progress xx
  7. Sorry your having a bad time Jan I don't know what to say but like Louise as said maybe a visit to the doctors would help hope things get better for you soon xx sending big hugs love Andrea xx
  8. Hi welcome to btg. I had my sah on the 23rd of Jan. It left me with left side weakness and my balance is bad - it as improved a little but I still have a long way to Go. Good luck in your recovery. The people on btg have helped me loads xx
  9. Hi Steve I was also treated at the RVI I think we may have been in at the same SAME TIME for a while ibwas in icu then ward 15 I got out in APRIL
  10. Thank you Mario I do try hard to recover well and thank you Paul x
  11. Just been back on the phone to doctor's my gcs score was 3 and not 14 x
  12. Just found out today my gcs was 14 out of 15 is this bad and dose it mean I will not make a full recovery I know no one is medically trained but someone might have looked it up and know more than me thank you for taking the time to read this x
  13. I was meant to have my op on Monday to get a plate in my head but it had to be cancelled because I have a cold. It will be done on another day now and I can't stop worrying about it. I am so scared and have no one to talk to about it.
  14. Think i will with that and the pre persuasive I feelse in my head get me down. Thank you for the reply from
  15. I am 5 month post sah and keep on getting really bad ear ache and my ears feel like they are going to exploredo dose anyone else get this pain. I fell like my head is under water all the time