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  1. Hi there, I had my SAH on May 1st so I'm still a newbie but my results are the same as yours. I've had 3 angiograms and they all came back clear with no cause of my bleed. I do still get headaches daily but I can completely identify with the random sharp head pain that last for seconds. I get them everyday as well. My doctor told me as long as the pain in your head is not like the first pain when you had your SAH then don't worry. It just takes time. That's what I was told and I try not to stress about it. Good luck to you! I hope this helps!
  2. Hi.... In CT in the US and yes weather does mess with me. I had my incident 5/1 and stopped pain meds 5/18. I try to stick with just the extra strength Tylenol...... but..... I take 1/2 Klonepin for anxiety and I swear it helps hugely with the headaches because I feel now they're mostly stress and tension related. With all the worry all the time, it completely has a hand in the way I physically feel. Also, I will have chocolate or add regular tea to my decaf and that tends to help as well. Other things I use alternatively are lavender and peppermint essential oils rubbed together gently on my temples. I also bought a diffuser with the essential oils and have that next to my bed. I use a rice aromatherapy pack on my head big enough to hit my temples which I keep cold in my freezer. With all of that there are a ton of meditation for relaxation on YouTube so I lay down with my set up and pop my ear buds in and meditate. All of this has helped me. Alternatively, I've also seen an acupuncturist for 13 years for Rhumatoid Arthritis and I am very anxious to get back to him because he makes everything better. Hope these ideas help!!
  3. Thank you Macca!
  4. Hi.... I am 2 months out from my SAH. I had it happen randomly while running for no rhyme or reason and after 2 angiograms and a 3rd coming up on Tuesday they say it was a vein that popped and bled. I am a full time real estate agent, a substitute teacher and I teach and after school program 1 day a week in my normal life. Plus I am a single mom with 2 teenage boys. I wanted to tell you that I can totally relate to the overstimulation part! If I go into a store, and I've only been to 3 so far, I get terrible dizziness followed by headaches after. Anything that is over stimulating right now for me I stay away from. I am going to see how I feel when school starts for us in September and take it day by day. As of right now I have retired myself for the summer. Anxiety can cause a lot of symptoms as well so if you're anxious at all about what happened definitely talk to your doctor. I went on meds to handle mine and it helps a lot. Good luck to you!!
  5. By the way IV Tylenol was the only that helped me in the hospital as well!
  6. Hi Iola, Thanks! I'm supposed to go Tuesday so we will see. I find if I do too much or if I don't eat I get headaches, nauseous and dizzy so I just go lay down and relax or eat. I'm hoping with time things will get better but I feel like I'll never actually feel like myself again. I have Rhumatoid Arthritis and a bleeding disorder in which I've had to adjust my life to so I guess this is one more thing. Outside of this site I haven't found much in the way of support groups or anything that. I'm left with what my doctor tells me which is that I have a 3% chance of it happening again because of my bleeding disorder and what the people on this site say which is it's like lightening striking twice. Where about in the US are you? I'm in CT. Thanks for your response!
  7. Hi there, I'm just wondering if anyone on this site has a bleeding disorder and was told it may have been a contributing factor to your SAH. I have a platlet aggregate disorder where my platlets apparently do do want to do their job and clot properly so every time I have a surgery or procedure I have to have DDAVP intravenously to help my blood to clot. I've never had a bleeding issue in my life so this was randomly found years ago when I was diagnosed with Rhumatoid Arthritis. I'm also wondering if anyone has an autoimmune disorder as well. My doctor tells me I am at higher risk 3% as opposed to the normal 1% because of the bleeding disorder. I'm wondering if anyone can relate. thanks Kristen
  8. Thanks Macca!
  9. Hi thanks..... after about 3 hours and the stress of it all it was canceled due to my period!!! The doctor came in and said because it was elective and I have a bleeding disorder he didn't feel comfortable taking any chances. It is now rescheduled for July 11th.
  10. My visiting in nurse came out and said it was stress and anxiety.... basically tension headaches from everything yesterday. I had some caffeinated tea and a half of a Klonepin and it's subsiding. She said it was nothing to worry about that it was more stress induced. I feel a lot better after talking to her. My BP was normal and my pulse rate was a little high but she said it was still fine because I was telling her about my worries. She said, as well as the neurologist yesterday that unless it's a thunderclap type head ache like last time or the worst headache of your life then it's tension and stress. My doctor told me yesterday to go live my life and stop stressing. Even though I did not have the angiogram yet he said he's 99% sure it was a small vein that bled and the chances of it happening again are very slim.... a little higher for me because of my bleeding disorder apparently. I feel a lot better now so I'm just going to try to push forward. Thanks for your support!!
  11. So yesterday I was supposed to go for my 3Rd angiogram and went to hospital through all the protocol for almost 3 hours and then the doctor came in. I mentioned I had my period and he said he'd rather postpone since I have a bleeding disorder and it's elective to make sure everything is good since I'm 2 months out from my SAH, no aneurysm or malformations. So we rescheduled and left. From 10am yesterday and all through the night and now waking up I've had a horrible headache! Not a thunderclap headache but definitely a major tension headache that goes to the back of my neck at times. It's the kind of headache where you just have to lay in bed and not do anything. I have an ice cloth on my head and a heating pack on the back of my neck but am a little worried since it won't go away. Tylenol is not touching it at all and I'm taking 1/2 of a Klonepin as well and that doesn't seem to help either. Any advice would be so helpful because I'm freaking out a little! Thanks
  12. Thank you guys! I appreciate the encouragement! 3rd angiogram tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  13. Thank you Skippy!
  14. Chris G.... I just went back through the posts and saw your comment on being married for 30 years! Congratulations to you on that! I almost made it to 15 but divorced and met someone fabulous so I have had a second chance on life and it has been amazing! Then this set back happened. Taking it day by day but your comment was hilarious!!!