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  1. Hi Kris Just take one day at a time, keep hydrated with lots of water. It does help with the headaches. Good luck and safe motoring should you continue. Take care.
  2. Hi Kris Your neurologist maybe right in respect of straining, you will have many a symptom which worries you as you are still in the very very early days of recovery. The headaches and other symptoms are normal as the brain has got some blood surrounding it and it will take up to three months for that blood to be reabsorbed back into the body. Try not to allow the anxiety to take over, the bleed happened and you survived. You are talking to people who have gone through exactly the same and its very unlikely to happen again. Many who have suffered a NSAH are now leading normal lives with very little after effects and some with very minor effects. Enjoy your new life Recovery can be years not weeks, but as you progress in your recovery the less you take notice of it. I would recommend that you drive when you feel better. You don't say if you are in the UK or not but if you are be wary because bleeds of the brain is a condition which is recorded to the DVLA by the surgeon by law, hence you might be breaking the law. We wouldn't like that, take one step at a time, please drink plenty of water and try to relax a lot more. Best wishes
  3. Aandrea The figures you are quoting relate to the Glasgow coma scale which hospitals use on admission and it's a moment in time. It does not relate to how a person recovers, that is very much down to the patient. It does not have any relevance to recovery. All it relates to is whether your are awake and whether you are responsive and the answers you give at that time. Look forwards to the future and making improvements as each day progress's, good luck
  4. Hi Kris Welcome to the site. Glad you have come out the other side, good luck on the angio on Thursday. There are many reasons for bleeds and non aneurysms bleeds which your seem to be related to. The drs will set you straight when you get a follow up appointment There are many myths and suggestions relating to sah. There is one related to the loo as well i.e. straining too much. There is no rhyme or reason one has a sah. It is though and has been proven its normally genetics I would start by taking baby steps first drink plenty of water and above all listen to your body. Don't over stretch doing things, sleep when your body wants to. Sex is not the main reason for sah its when the anni ruptures on its own cause normally because the walls have weakened and they let go. Evidence shows more happen when things seem to be going ok but there is a possibility during sex, but that will happen immediately not down the line I would suggest that you have a second chance of a new life one step at a time and one day at a time there will be the odd step backwards but many steps forwards good luck and hope to hear from you soon with updates
  5. Hi It's just on a week since dad had his bleed I'm not surprised he is agitated because of the blood irritating his brain. It will be three months before the body absorbs the blood into his body. The sodium can be catered for by the hospital and corrected. Please don't lose or get despaired, things will get better in the next few weeks. Take care
  6. hi I'm sorry your dad has suffered but he has come through the other side alive, however it is still extremely early in his recovery. Believe me the increase neuro pressure is always normal as well and the patients recollection and thought processes' go everywhere and things that are said do not relate to anything in the real world, its because all the electrical signals get mixed up and speech again does not relate to anything tangible. The evd's is placed as a short term solution to the increase pressure within the skull your dad may possibility have a shunt placed later but everything is speculative at this early time so the old saying of patience is a virtue is really important. Dad may not express himself properly for a few weeks so be prepared but hopefully dad will come through without any major deficit fingers crossed wishing you all well and please keep us up to date. Regards Paul
  7. Jan We love you for who you are now not what you were before. You have come through the hardest part of a brain bleed and have moved on with such courage and determination with John's support to a wonderful women who has such a lot to share and give. Be proud darling of everything you have done and will be doing in the future. Massive hugs and cuddles to you both xxxx Paul
  8. Hi Topsy First thing you can try and do is relax and enjoy your second chance of a good life due to you. I'm sorry that you have suffered twice but in all honesty its going to very unlikely that you will ever have another bleed. The first was due to a traumatic injury, the second, well that's anybody's guess. The surgeon would have scanned you before surgery as such and if anything was obvious they would have told you about it. So please try and settle, I know its hard but you have come through two episodes and the vp shunt will keep your brain in a healthy state for the future. Good luck to you.
  9. hi Stanton Welcome to the site. Recovery is an on-going episode, you never stop recovering. The old saying of little and often is the answer you may very well recovering at a faster rate than you think. Its the little things that catch you when you suddenly think I didn't do that six months ago, so little and often is the answer I think, so keep up the good work and no stress .Enjoy your second chance of your new life good luck
  10. hi Chris sorry to hear you are suffering branch block. this I believe can be sorted by a cardiologist at a hospital with drugs. I hope you seek treatment soon if they haven't already started to treat you. best wishes
  11. hi jan im sorry you seem to be having a down day and im sorry that somebody has rained on your parade by being insensitive and unfeeling could I suggest that you take their comments with a pinch of salt. a lot of improvements are down to the person affected i.e. you. time is a great healer and with your determination I think that you will do more in the future and not be aware of the improvements you may make as the time goes on and then you can say I've proved you wrong. so bad day yes but you are doing whatever you can and that's what matters. have you though of asking for a second opinion re the eye? If you can see if your gp would refer you to the QE hospital in Birmingham I know it might be a trip but if you don't ask you don't get so to speak. just wishing you a happier day and lots of virtual hugs and cuddles xx paul
  12. thank you Karen it has taken me by surprise im pleased others have supported you and please pass my grateful thanks onto them again a very humbled paul xxxx
  13. hello my dearest friends thank you for all your lovely response's it has helped and supported me to come to terms with Linda's passing which has been very painful however im going to try and put a copy of lins service card on here and possibly a picture of lins flower tribute before it was placed on the casket however I will also stop posting on this page as I feel lin would like to support others who are going through the same situation as we have gone through I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for both lin and me I feel extremely humbled by your tributes and care and love you have shown us both god bless you all and thank you I will listen to the music which has been lovingly put on Linda's page by the special person who I think knows how much it means to me god bless you all my love paulxxxx PS may I also thank everyone who donated in lins memory to BTG I am stunned and so grateful my heart really is so so grateful that you found it in your hearts to support Karen and the site god bless you and thank you
  14. my darling friends thank you to the lovely person who was able to transfer the music onto lins page you are not alone means so so much to me I played it in 2008 when lin was in hospital after the collapse and the vocals just reduces me to tears with memories of 2008 through to today the song really allows me to express how I feel today and the tears just flow because if I could sing I would but thank you for a lovely gesture which I will always treasure god bless you and thank you xx
  15. My dearest friends, Thank you for your condolences. Its been very hard to come to terms with lins death so suddenly and so quickly. Trying to arrange things has brought its own trials and tribulations. However plans have now been confirmed for Lins funeral. Its going to be a very simple cremation on the 19th of may at 0930 at Stafford crematorium and after which, I will retain Lins remains until I pass away and then we will be interred together, as we have been in life. The songs are: "You Are Not Alone" played on pan pipes. If you wish, you can listen to the rendering on You Tube and leaving on Dolly Parton's 9 to 5. Lin would have been proud and so grateful to you all, for supporting me through the last 8 years plus and would have liked to have thanked you in person if she could have, God bless you all. Daffodil has suggested that those who wish to donate to charity and would you mind if I asked you for those who wish to donate to BEHIND THE GRAY please, in Linda's name as I believe Karen would use it to support this important site, which is the only site in the world who caters for survivors of sah's and strokes with support from survivors who wear the tee shirt with pride and hopefully it will be part of Linda's legacy. I will pop on now and then and will try to support those who need help. God bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart words cannot express how I feel, but my love goes out to each and everyone of you with gratitude, humble appreciation to you all. God bless each and everyone of you xxxxxpaul