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  1. Ditto to the quote. Wonder if it is only available to admin?
  2. Karen, no sorry can't access it.
  3. Those are questions that you need to be asking of your neurologist or doctor. They may or may not tell you to refrain from those activities. You must listen to their advice and not take it upon yourself to do them without medical advice.
  4. Thank you Clare, I am going to ask but in my case I suspect the benefit outweighs the risk as I have tried others that either do not work or give me horrendous side effects. Trying the new injection is being talked about now because it has now been approved by NICE. Goodness knows how much that will cost.
  5. I take max atorvastatin as simvastatin doesn't do anything for me nothing was mentioned to me about the risk I am going to investigate from further when I see the consultant
  6. I have taken statins on the highest dosage since they first came out about 30 years ago and nobody in the medical world has said for me not to take them since my SAH. To be honest, if I didn't take them I would be in real trouble, already had severe blocked arteries before my SAH and 4 years ago had a heart attack in spite of taking them. My cholesterol is extremely high, a genetic defect.
  7. Hi CJ, if I were you I would contact your doctor's surgery and ask them to chase it up as they will carry more weight than yourself. I have found that has worked in the past for me.
  8. Andrea, to be honest that score does not indicate how you will recover, it is how you were at the time of the SAH. Recovery is dependant on which part of the brain was affected, many folk make an almost full recovery, but not quite like they were prior to the event. A new me as such. The best advice I can give you is to have a positive attitude to your recovery, do not harp on what has happened, you can't turn the clock back. Look forward with that sort of attitude and determination, it will help. Now I know that is easier said than done but it can be done.
  9. There is some information here. http://www.brainline.org/content/2010/10/what-is-the-glasgow-coma-scale.html Seems like the higher the number the less severe it is, the opposite to what you may think. That is not to trivialise any sort of brain injury. Mine was a 5 and although I have balance and memory problems amongst other problems I am still here and making the most of my life and enjoying it.
  10. Welcome to BTG Sairah. You will find that very few of us were given any information on discharge, seems to be an international failing. That is why this site is very good for support. Although we cannot give medical advice as none of us are medically trained, members are willing to share their experiences. If you do a search there are members who have had the same feelings as yourself and no doubt some will reply to you at some point. No-one's recovery is the same, there are no hard fast rules of what to expect. Make sure you are drinking lots of water to keep well hydrated. For some reason that helps with the headaches and helps your brain to heal. I, for one, can't watch tv anymore because the movement makes me feel ill and no way can I cope with flashing images or bright lights, even loud noise and I am 13 years post SAH. I would suggest that until you are further on in your recovery you avoid those sort of images if you possibly can.
  11. Headaches are common after a SAH regardless of where the bleed occurred. If you read around the site you will find members reporting head sensations.
  12. Are you keeping hydrated? Drink plenty of water, it helps with the headaches but I don't know about the dizziness. Well worth a try. Dizziness is the pits, mine didn't go away, 13 years later I still suffer and have to use walking aids. I have learnt to cope with it by developing strategies. Don't take this as a negative, I was just unlucky, in most cases it does eventually go. As I suggested use a stick to stabilise yourself in the meantime. Why not visit you doctor and ask if there is anything he can give you for it in the short term. You know the saying "Patience is a virtue" well in terms of recovery from a SAH it certainly is.
  13. Welcome to BTG Ricky. You are in the very early stages of recovery. As for your question, there are no hard, fast rules regarding recovery, each and every one is different. It takes time and in most cases lots of time. For the dizziness it may be prudent to use a walking stick or other walking aid to lessen the risk of falls. All you can do is listen to your body and sleep when you need to, your brain has been assaulted and needs time to heal. Don't push it, slowly and surely is the way to go, or you will find yourself taking backward steps in your recovery. You ask how long it will be before you start to feel "normal". In many cases, not all, there will be a new "normal" which has to be accepted. It is not all doom and gloom, there is a life after SAH, might be a slightly different life as many have found, but there to be enjoyed.
  14. There are members on here who have metal plates and as far as I recall they have had no problems at all. Chin up, you will be fine although any surgery can be daunting so I can understand your apprehension, keep positive about it Soonest done, soonest over.
  15. Andrea, you need to get that checked out by your GP. It may or may not be anything to do with your SAH. It is too easy to blame all ensuing problems on that when in fact it isn't at times. I think we have all done it in the past until learning better.