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    Scotland - SAH 1st November 1999
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    I'm not hungover... I have wine flu., The great thing about living in a small town is...if I don't k
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    No time to work!
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    1st November 1999

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  1. Louise

    In hospital with grandma who had SAH

    Hi there Warm welcome to the site. mines started with flue like symptoms that re-occurred.. I love that thought pioneer woman fortitude (I'm a Ree Drummond watcher) Just her knowing you are there for her and supporting her. have a look at the site that'll give you some idea's talking about things, keeping the mind engaged is good... hoping to hear more from you. take care of yourself though its tough on you...
  2. Hi there Warm welcome, glad you're finding the site useful.
  3. Louise

    My story up to now - Maria

    Maria I hope you have a lovely time visiting with Paul don't try to guess your responses just let things happen... I'm not quite sure about the don't belong to his life now. Let us know how things went take care honey.
  4. Louise

    New member-Pat

    Hi there Warm welcome glad you found the site... I found this site six years and was so happy that 'people understood'
  5. Louise


    G'day Warm welcome glad that you found us. It is early days in your recovery, cut yourself some slack, it all just takes time. Gardening is therapy for some. Good idea using a table for the planting. It is whatever works best for YOU. Take things easy, rest when your body needs it, keep well hydrated... Take care.
  6. Daff I could never get my head around the spoon thing, however I'll often say 'there's few sparklers in my box' or my sparkler box is empty that works for me anyway.
  7. Hi there Warm welcome glad you found the site. Sorry late on this just wanted to wish your Mum well just do what your doing keep talking to her it really does help... take care
  8. Louise

    My life after my stroke

    Hi there warm welcome I don't remember a single moment of mine - or any of my life come to that.
  9. Louise

    Scared again...

    Hi Jan Yep get checked out please. but as someone that has fallen a few times I do understand the teary and pathetic feeling but Please get checked out..
  10. Hi there warm welcome, we cant give medical advice really but from what I'm aware the constant pain maybe the disperse of the blood, a way to ease that is keeping well hydrated... again lethargic could be lack of food and de-hydration - Keep on encouraging him its the only way I know its a pain but keep at it. Take time for yourself men (I think) are the worsts patents ever... take care
  11. Louise

    Jo posting on behalf of Rob

    Hi there Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. I'm with SM he should be entitled to benefits I'm glad you've taken the step to find out good for you... Yep a trip to the doctor would be a very good idea, or get the doc to call stress to the receptionist it is urgent... It does take a lot of coming to terms with (& I think maybe men are more infected that way).. take care
  12. Louise

    Lynn413 - New member

    Hi Lynn warm welcome so glad that you found us. I think finding going back to work and normal day to day stuff is challenging slow and easy is all I can add...
  13. Louise

    Kay - new member

    Kay I think a most of us (or a lot of us) felt/feel like that coming up to the first anni-versary its a land mark... Maybe a trip to your GP ask about councelling would be a good idea for you... but yes come on here to off load we all understand.. take care..
  14. yep been there and we all so know and understand.
  15. Hi there I do have a shunt, but sorry cant help thankfully mines isn't adjustable.. My walking is bad though balance I use a crutch which gives me confidence to go out.. Hope you get something sorted out soon... take care