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  1. Louise

    Feeling down

    Hiya Sorry to hear that I agree if your worried see your GP re headaches its more than likely stress.. Appeal it then, Id go to CAB (Citizens advice) I've found them really helpful they know who to contact and what you should get and do next. Don't just think oh well that's that because I reckon when they refuse its to put you off CAB aren't like that well not that I've found, and I've had a few visits to them. I'm sure I read on the Headway site that they were trying to educate the DWP about head injuries.
  2. I have a shunt too, and the weather effects it - only thing I can suggest is if your concerned see your neuro team - if yours is an adjustable one maybe it just needs a tweak.
  3. Keep well hydrated (and especially at the min in the heat) yep feeling older than you are I SO get that one...
  4. Louise

    New member Tara

    Hi Tara Warm welcome to the site. Fatigue is a big issue with most of us but it does lesson with time. your Mum is in early recovery - yes I told stories and asked where family members where (who had long gone) its the brain's way of processing things its scary and your trying to make sense of things. Diary is good, keeping hydrated too (especially in this hot weather a must) and try to be in a routine of sleeping and waken.. look after 'yourself' because without our carers we wouldn't recover... 😉
  5. Louise

    New Member - Dan

    Hi Dan warm welcome to the site. Do you keep yourself well hydrated that helps with headaches - keep going back to see the neurologist if your concerned only you know when things aren't right keep at them... take care
  6. Louise

    My flight adventure

    Thanks guys that all means a lot to me... SM, well you never know maybe. Jan, I wouldn't have had it not been for the wedding yes confidence try maybe a short flight in UK it is all confidence but I did it anyone can, and my original fear wasn't there. Michelle, Thank-you x Subs, yes very warm in the kilt, however at night it was in a Tapas bar at the marina breeze blowing kept us all cool. At the meal in the restraint different story there was 4 federal police officers and a high court federal judge and my husband stood by the fan to cool down. with glass behind him acting as a mirror & yes he's a 'true scot' Sami & Tina thank-you so much - it was very difficult lots of convincing myself & I do hope it helps others...
  7. I have never flown since having a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage before that we’d been abroad & I can’t say I enjoyed flying I didn’t, then last year we got invited to my cousin Craig and Cecilia wedding in Alicante, Spain they were flying from Australia and I thought well technically although it’s a 3hours flight for us we ARE nearer, others are flying from Aussie. I had no idea how I was going to be on the flight ‘head-wise’ would there be a problem Ronnie found out how to come back via car and train it would take 3days didn’t fancy that so I’d give flying a go. Few weeks before going I found out via Behind the gray thanks to Daffodil about Airport Assistance not just wheelchair but you can ask for a Lanyard for around your neck or a button/pin and the airport staff know when seeing it that you have a hidden disability (yay! That’s for me) Now I can only speak about Edinburgh but trying to get them on the phone ‘nightmare’ so Emailed them asked about it told them I didn’t require a wheelchair but did have a hidden disability I also walked with a crutch, so could I pick up a lanyard when I got to the airport gave date and time also flight number. The reply was: Thanks for contacting us, I am delighted to see you are travelling with us in June, With regards to your query, if you only need to ensure your crutch is with you on your flight I am happy to advise you that no arrangements are needed. However, if you require any assistance, please contact our special assistant team Did I ask about the crutch, NO ,did we try again to contact their special assistant team, YES but with no luck. Anyway Edinburgh Airport was a bit of a disaster (cattle market springs to mind) going through security but didn’t let it worry me too much I never got time to tell them about my shunt or replacement elbow joint just got put through the full body scanner and have to say head did react to that a bit (maybe it was just because I was thinking about it) we went for something to eat and have to say felt better. At the gate man asked if there was people with young children or elderly Ronnie’s hand shot up he went to speak to the man and we were whisked right through and first on the plane may as well get a perk somewhere. On the flight out I was at the window, and there was a problem in France so pilot kept having to change direction at first my tube didn’t like it and I thought OMG! What the hell have I done but that only lasted a few minutes and it was fine. At Alicante airport on the way home we were there early just how it worked out not intentional but they couldn’t have been nicer got asked on seeing crutch did I require assistance – at security it was only a hand/wand scan so that was fine. But I did point to my elbow saying replacement joint didn’t try to explain about shunt and tube in head (should have asked Cecelia Spanish for those two words replacement joint, shunt) if I had to Android translator God bless Android all I can say. On the way back sat in the middle seat let Ronnie get the window seat and put the sea-bands on my wrist they are for bad travellers it was much better. Back at Edinburgh Passport security the electronic one girl was firing out instructions on how to place your passport on the scan, (ok not done this) Ronnie tried to show me she didn’t like it so I asked her again to explain she told me so quickly so I explained why I was slow, she didn’t slow down however Ronnie was holding up his (he’d gone through by now) and showing me, now why couldn’t she have done that. So I conquered my fear faced it head on took on the challenge. And got to the wedding it was amazing not like a wedding I’d been to well church/chapel, meal after but at night we went to a tapas bar at the marina sunset glisting on the water huge boats all stunning, met up with Craig and Cecelia (bride & groom) on the Sat for dinner, went sightseeing on the Sunday with them then on the Monday met up with them at night yep not your typical sort of thing. All in all had the most amazing time, and experiences at the airport they happen. On the family front we were the only two from my family (Craig Dad’s side) all the rest from Elma’s (his Mum’s side) it was so nice to spend time with family that actually want to spend time with me, the last few years have been very trying to say the least apart from visiting my Uncle Bud & Auntie Lynn in their home and now the care home they are in this was the first time in well over 2years that I have spent time with any family and it was lovely to feel loved and wanted.
  8. Louise

    Fatigue and memory

    Hi there Warm welcome, Yes I would sleep 24hours a day if I was allowed too. mines was due to medication I was on when I came off it I didn't want to sleep quite so much. routine is a good thing to get into the habbit of taking tablets and eating its all a matter of trial and error what works for one person doesn't work for another, if your at all concerned call the doctor though.
  9. Aw Super thanks, but I was at the hairdressers yesterday when I got the Email, so I forward it onto Ronnie so he messaged them phoneing seems not to work they doesn't seem to answer I've just checked his Emails and he has replied to them so we'll see if they get back to us before we leave next week. The thing that got me was I only said I used a crutch I wasn't asking what I do with it, or anything its almost like they don't read what's there porbably just me. Edin-Alicante Jet2
  10. Hi Another update after getting intouch with the tour op via Email asking about assisted travel through the airport because Id had a SAH (worded it fully) have a balance problems in large crowds, and walk with a crutch. Got a reply back yesterday one week after sending Email, saying they're delighted we're travelling with them, With regards to your query, if you only need to ensure your crutch is with you on your flight, I am happy to advise you that no arrangements are needed. Did I ask that NO!!! If I require further assistance please contact ect: So this isn't going to happen ah well I tried...
  11. Hi Curt warm welcome to the site, glad you found us. its a horrible time for you both but things to get easier I was scared stiff to sneeze as I remember, it is just baby steps and slow and easy with things. All I can say is plenty of rest, keep well hydrated that really helps with the headaches. I was on seizure meds for a time. look forward to your updates on your wife and yourself.. take care
  12. Hi Jeff warm welcome to the site, yes I too would go with what your neuro has advised. well done on you up-and-coming mile stone onward & forward as they say..
  13. Louise

    Medical Driving Assessment

    Hi there warm welcome to the site, sorry just spotted this I don't drive but hope your assessment went well. take care.
  14. Louise

    headaches and fatigue

    Hi there warm welcome glad your found the site. Hope he's eating and keeping well hydrated that helps with the headaches. will it happen again - probably not but we all have that burning fear gradually with time it does lessen.. funny men seem to run a mile from the word councelling (know my husband would) but councelling is very good you speak with someone that you have no emotional ties too, and they are trained for it, maybe something to concider. your doing great tell him he's in no-way alone we've all been there... take care
  15. Hi there Just thought I'd add a bit about this assisted travel its taken Ronnie 3days of calling the airport on and off when he had time about this today he got though to be told this should have been done through the travel agent when booking the holiday 1. we booked online 2. we didn't know a thing about it till Daff posted on 5th June again Thank-you Daff. Keep telling myself this will be worth all the hassels I seem to be having in the last week....