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  1. yep been there and we all so know and understand.
  2. Hi there I do have a shunt, but sorry cant help thankfully mines isn't adjustable.. My walking is bad though balance I use a crutch which gives me confidence to go out.. Hope you get something sorted out soon... take care
  3. Lowey family post

    Hi there warm welcome, glad that you found us. And yes recovery is definatly very much a rollercoaster ride for patient and families... yes keeping hydrated is a must especially in the dry air of a hospital. everyone reacts and recovers differently I hope things inprove soon take care.
  4. Emma B new member

    Hi there, warm welcome if I haven't said it before. I'm glad the site is helping you... all sounds good. take care
  5. Travel Worries

    So understand this travel fear, I'm going abroad this year first time in a very, very long time... hope you have a fantastic time....
  6. Hi Issy Yep we are canny Scots we think financial before our health... I found that there was just no way I could go back to the job I was doing or any other for that matter part time, full time, voluntary if I was to have any kind of life it wasn't going to work if you factor in normal stuff like housework, cooking ect... Well done and good luck honey.
  7. Me again (sorry)

    Hi there sorry to hear this yes while mines was being reviewed I still got it, yes I felt very let down. Macca is right appeal as quick as you can I went to CAB and they were fantastic...
  8. Cinema visit

    Yes I was like that but have since went a good few times, and been to a couple of shows its not easy but no way I'm I letting it stop me. I did read about using ear plugs but that just made my balance all the worse. The small screen cinemas are far better and don't sit at the front, sit at the back.
  9. New member ..Kathleen

    Hi Kathleen warm welcome so glad you found the site. And like the others NO you are in NO-WAY insane, so don't think like that. As someone that thought once this will not improve it does it does however take a long time there are some lovely answers here, I do so hope the site helps you we've all been there so can relate.. take care
  10. I have a blue badge and yes still have to pay. Daff I'm like you I feel I'm taking the space but as we know not every day is the same and sometimes I'm greatful to be only a short walk away and not miles back to our car.
  11. Hi Issy And another Scotty Yay! sorry your having a rotten time of it, I had the SAH then viral meningitis just after I was made redundant from my job so it was taken out of my hands (I could have went to a tribuneral but the brain thought it too much) and from that day of the SAH I have never worked..
  12. Diane - new member for my Daughter

    Hi Diane, warm welcome glad that you found us. so sorry to hear all that your daughters going through, I know what Win means there was a kink in my cathitar tube and it was going back inside me so know that one. everyone else has put in good input, I have a shunt and a tube in my brain, its a very long road but NO never give up hope. take care of 'yourself'
  13. Hello. Angela - SAH on 11th Dec 2017.

    Hi Angela warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. everyone has the fatigue - worry that it will happen again... chill and relax and listen to your body when it says your doing too-much STOP. Keep well hydrated take care...
  14. Hi there Warm welcome glad you found the site. Well don't need to say listen to your body you know that one I see... have to say been there done the meltdown/frustration its all a learning curve. keep well hydrated it helps a lot. hope the site helps we've all been there...
  15. We have recently booked for next years holiday (first time abroad since my SAH) . I have insurance for this... and on the last paragraph of Subs, as time passes, that's exactly right it was a lot lower price than I thought because its been so many years since the SAH...