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  1. Travel Insurance

    Thanks for the info really appreciate it....
  2. Well I never thought I would be asking this question, for those that have traveled abroad any hints and tips about travel insurance I and Ronnie would be greatful suggestions of good insurers.... I have never flown since the mid late 90's and things are so different now... thanks in advance...
  3. Louise's

  4. Introducing Kristi G

    Hi Kristi, warm welcome to the site glad you found us. no need for appologies your doing great. Glad your finding the site helpful - we've all 'been there' Rest when you feel tired, listen to your body if it says sit-down sit. keep hydrated...
  5. Dvla revoking licence

    Hi Hannah Warm welcome glad you found us. I'm afraid I don't drive but as far as I know the hospital test is more or less the same as when you get your eyes tested, Take care
  6. Newbie -Linda

    Heard about Rockingham lots my family are in Perth and Bumbury and other parts of Oz too. I'm in Scotland.
  7. Newbie -Linda

    Hi there Warm welcome glad that you found us. I think we all leave hospital without hardly any to no information and you're definitely not alone in having that feeling 'what if'. It does get easier as time passes. you'll more than likely get an outpatient apt and then you can ask questions - advice there is to write questions down and take someone along with you to the appt. Rest lots, keep hydrated... Oh I have family in WA. you'll be going into spring/summer so do please remember the hydrated thing...
  8. November 1999 clipped and sealed with platiumn also have a shunt in my head, was left with a bug in my brain which develoved into Meningitis so when that reared its head had to also have a drain put in.... Sorry I cant tell you about the first few months.. Jess, is correct everyone of us is different everyone has different SAH's and recovereies.. Keeping stressfress as much as possible (not always easy I know) keep well hydrated....
  9. New here :) Amanda

    Hi Amanda Warm welcome to the site, glad you found us. Aren't dates funny mines happened 3months to the day after my 40th birthday, and on the same day 40 years before I was christened... there are down bits to dates too but not posting that... Take care look forward to hearing more form you.
  10. Sending you hugs Andrea, its natural to worry but please, please try not to stress so...
  11. Barometer Head?

    Just found this post but wanted to add Oh me too.. I don't so much get a headache its more a vice being squeezed humid and thunderstorms aargh!!!
  12. Elainec

    Hi Elaine, welcome don't think I've said that to you just saw this post.. all seems to be going well for you, it takes time...
  13. How much should I push?

    This time is for R&R and R (rest, relax, recover) and NO your not being lazy you had a Brain Haemorrhage be kind to yourself... Short walks, lots of rest listen to your body keep hydrated...
  14. Hey I don't like change much either even the smallest and simplest things set me into melt down hate that but cant help it its how I am now.. Yes I would finish the NHS sessions (it's so hard to get onto something don't back away)
  15. Hi there, welcome. Go straight to A&E as Macca has said your describing the classic symptom. so please go to A&E don't wait. lets us know how you get on..