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  1. Hi there I have a shunt too I got it when they operated on me, and I believe that without it I wouldn't do any of the things that I can do...
  2. New member - Peter John

    Hey Peter warm welcome to the site so glad that you found us.... first thing unlike most of us on here you have the sun a lot of the time that has to help I'm way better on bright sunny days... Great news your MRI was all clear, there is a section on the site for Non SAH think though whither or not we've had one we all wonder 'why' and will it happen again. for me as time has passed the 'will it' has lessoned a lot.. Sorry to hear you had PTSD horrible maybe speak with your doc about how you feel, see if they can suggest coping stratigies... why not just go out and walk forget about the treadmill for a bit... There is no 'timeline' as I know off each one of us is different it does take time each day at a time....
  3. All sounds about right, using myself as a guide. I read stuff kind off, but never took it in (due to my short term memory loss) The more aware I was the more annoyed I was, because I thought I could do stuff, but actually couldn't, the old you says 'of course I can' the new you 'cant' When I was in, never had prompts day/month/year etc and, lets face it, some days I've got to think what day is it... Ha ha ! My husband was talking the other day about my time in hospital ,when I was asked which hospital are you in, my reply was 'well you work here you really should know' (but I found this such a daft question as I was on the inside, I didn't know where about I was, just to me and my 'new brain' it was a very stupid question. Rehab, I knew, would show improvements onward and forward for you all. Take care and thanks for the updates...
  4. SAH/Stroke/CKD

    That's fab news, sorry I'd missed this a bit but good news in the end... have a relaxing time make sure keeping hydrated with R&R take care
  5. Ann

    Hi Ann Warm welcome to the site so pleased you found us... they day I had my SAH is a complete blurr to me even now, Your early in the recovery take things easy keep hydrated, And most of all know that you are not alone in the way you feel.. hope you find the site helpful.. take care
  6. Sometimes that's all we need is things explained (& in a way) we can understand... Clara great idea writing stuff down keeping a diary of day-to-day stuff is also good. Sami, ha! you and I both used the same saying walk a mile in my shoes and then come and talk to me!!!
  7. Clara you are early in the recovery, don't cut people out of your life don't be hasty.... It will get easier in time honest.....
  8. Hi Clara Wow I could have wrote your post in the early days so know where your coming from even now.. The job I was in when I had my hamerrhage I was a telephonist receptionist me on the phone now doesn't happen all that often. 5wks is very early in your recovery slow and easy does it, rest lots keep well hydrated don't think too far ahead (re-work and stuff)
  9. Tinnitus

    Great to hear your moving on making an appointment, yes agree with you using someone as a 'therapist' is good but the professional knows how to get so much more... On the Swedish front, I worked for a shipping company and within it was the Swedish consulate I was on reception but we had lots coming in for their new Passports/driving lic/ID cards. Take care
  10. Hi Dotty warm welcome so glad that you found us. I think its all quite normal everything that you have mentioned its all a huge rollercoaster ride... the two replies before mine say it all so take care of yourself and wishing your Dad well...
  11. Tinnitus

    Hey there Warm welcome, glad you found us. Yes you are very early in your recovery, try not to think negitively that they wont find anything, just being able to talk it through with someone is a plus. Keep hydrated and know there are other who understand what your going through. Take care
  12. Clara mac - new member

    Hi there warm welcome, so glad that you went to see about the pain, keep well hydrated and rest lots.. take care
  13. Another new member....Rachel

    Hi there warm welcome glad that you found us... Daff says it all perfectly.. Great to hear your in contact with Headway normally you get an apt in about 6months (but that is not written in stone) scan and speak with neuro ect. Yep I'm with you 'just one of those things' grrr!! can understand that... I hope you find the site useful. take care
  14. Travel Insurance

    Thanks guys for the info Ins done all booked....
  15. Sounds very like when I was in Rehab. and I ditto what Super has said, it all takes lots of time easy and slow.... The OT's are used to all this try not to worry..