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    Singing and song writing, reading, motherhood, chewing the fat! Bonfires, beaches, camping and crabbing....the outdoors, community, goodness.

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  1. First-time post-er here! I'm Becky...I had a spontaneous SAH a few weeks ago... Angiogram - no surgery. I don't know anyone else this has happened to...and before this happened, I don't think I heard a 'brain haemorrhage story' that had a good outcome. So I'm so glad I've found you.... In brief, I'm a single mum of 3 glorious young people, working part-time (I returned to work this week... too soon?)....getting daily fatigue and have gone nuts at my kids a few times...not enjoying noise, noticeably poorer concentration and have bumped into walls that I KNOW are there....My head does not feel remotely like it used to..I'm constantly aware of it..odd sensations....Would appreciate news...tips....advice...encouragement! Can you help me?