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  1. Hi Greg ... also thanks for the support information. Hope you too are keeping well. Subs
  2. How life changes

    Hello and a warm welcome to BTG. I have moved your post to the Introduce Yourself Forum so that it can be followed and commented on more easily. While we do not give medical advice... our members offer much support from relating from their own experiences, and as you mentioned to your husband... there is much support available from reading the many comments by members over a period of more than 10 years. I do hope you can encourage him to look in and start reading some of the `Introduce Yourself` posts. He will find that there are many men who have related their experiences and their early struggles post SAH. All of these are very interesting and frankl reads and would prove most helpful and informative for your husband, and of course for yourself. Your comment about your lives being changed is one hundred per cent common in each situation. We are here to help you understand and cope with what you are both experiencing. You may also have noted the Carer`s Forum. Please tell us more about your circumstances surrounding your husband`s SAH. Each SAH recovery journey is unique and we wish both of you the strength you need to deal with the challenges you will face in the days ahead. Subs
  3. Hello Luke ... sorry to learn that your mother continues to have issues following her SAH. While the number of members who have required shunts are few, in anticipation of their comments I refer you to comments already on record within the Forums of BTG. Please key `shunt` in the search box on the home page and you will find information currently on file. I hope these give some help and support and hope that your meeting next week gives you the final information you need to decide on the way forward. Take care Subs
  4. Tinnitus

    Hi Casey Mrs Subs has benefitted from using a hearing aid to help reduce her tinnitus. She reckons that it reduces the sound by around 60%. She has been using hearing aids for about ten years... some years before her SAH. Subs
  5. Claire12374 SAH 4 months ago

    Hello Claire and a warm welcome to BTG. I have moved your comment to a new Forum ... called .. Introduce Yourself... (the Forum at the bottom of the Home Page) to enable yourself and everyone to follow your situation more clearly. While we do not give any medical advice, we can assure you of support from our members to help you understand about your SAH and your recovery. The various Forums provide valuable information from members who like yourself, have experienced the trauma of a brain bleed, and how they have coped in recovery. There is no one route to making progress as each person and each bleed are unique. However there are many after effects that are common to all. Please tell us a little more about yourself and what happened leading up to your SAH, and of course the medical care you were given at the time. We will do our best to help with any questions you may ask. Life is very different following an SAH, and in these early months it will be so important for you to realise and assess what is happening as your body and brain recovers. Patience, rest and keeping well hydrated are pointers you will find us mention time and time again. Trying to get back to the person that you were is also an issue that all face in these early weeks and months, and again you will get much help from reading how others have tackled this. Your family, employer and friends all have their part to play. We look forward to you providing some more information when you feel ready so that we can share our comments and help you in the months ahead. Subs
  6. back in hospital

    Hello Clara... Thanks for your comments... I am so sorry to hear that your pain has returned as you say `with a vengeance.` It is important that you decide on what help you need. If you are in such pain and you feel you need immediate help then it is important that you call an emergency number. right away. Please let us know how you decide when you can. Subs
  7. 5 years

    Hi Casey... also congratulations on 5 years post NASAH. Always a pleasure to get your comments during the year.... thanks for your kind words and your support to other BTG members. Wishing you many more `successful` fishing outings in the years ahead. Subs
  8. Nine Years who-hoo

    Hi Colleen ... and also a big well done. Great to hear you sound so positive 9 years on. Many thanks for keeping in touch with BTG... over the years. Our advice to everyone in the early days is to take things slowly .... well... now you certainly sound as if you are enjoying life in a much faster lane. Take care and wishing you well in the years ahead. Subs
  9. New member - Peter John

    Hello Peter...and also a warm welcome to BTG....... how did you find us? While we do not give any medical advice...you will receive much support from reading the various Forum threads, and also as members share there comments. As Louise mentioned.. the NASAH Forum contains the experiences of many who have been faced with a bleed and the scans show no obvious bleed site. As you look back into the NASAH Forum you will quickly see that there is no timescale for recovery. The degree of the after effects of such a bleed can for some be minimal, while for others... fatigue, headaches, low morale and return to anything like normality can feel very much like a tough, tough challenge. During the first 12 months you will be finding out what issues are becoming less and less a challenge. Also, you will find those that are more demanding and leaving you feeling that the `old you` is no longer attainable, and that you have to become more accepting of the limitations caused by the bleed. We are here to give you help and support during your recovery... please don`t hesitate to ask about anything that you feel might help. Being retired does ease the pressure as many members have also had to contend with returning to work while still confused about how much effort their body and brain can sustain. Continue to keep well hydrated, and rest plenty. Trying to exercise is good, but never push too hard in these early months. Being patient with your recovery and watching for the signs of a reaction from your body and brain is very important. Please keep in touch and I wish you well in the months ahead. Subs
  10. Hi Tori... thank you for your update about your mother. Well done to all of you ...... everyone`s recovery is so different.... and five months on you are obviously so encouraged at the progress she has made. These early days are filled with so much pressure and worry when you are witnessing her at her lowest... and although 5 months is still early... we can sense the hope in your post. Keep in mind Shobs` helpful comments about attending the Eye Cinic if she has not already been there. Keep strong and please continue to keep in touch Subs
  11. SAH/Stroke/CKD

    Hello Shobana... so pleased for you both. The relief and happiness is flowing from your post...... a big milestone for you all. Subs
  12. Ann

    Hello Ann and a very warm welcome to BTG. You are very early in your recovery process and it is good that you have found this site so soon. While we do not give medical advice, there is a wealth of information within the various forums which will help you understand how others have coped following SAH. Also our members will try and answer any questions you may have. Each recovery road is unique as SAH has so many degrees of severity and the after effects of the brain trauma such as fatigue, headaches, memory loss, reaction in a crowded area, a degree of personality change, irritability, inability to process too much noise; affect different people in different ways. It is so important to accept at the outset, that recovery is a lengthy process. The first six months is a time not to rush into trying to get back to normality. Your brain and body need time to heal and adjust... if you ignore any signs that you are pushing yourself too much... you will find your brain reacting to let you know it`s time to rest. You cannot rush to get back to work... and you will need much support and understanding from your close family members and your employer. So in these early months you are finding out how things are following SAH and dealing with the challenges as they arise. This site and it`s members will help you through this journey by relating from their own experiences. I wish you well as you begin that journey. Please continue to share your journey with us. For example what type of treatment did you receive while in hospital? Subs
  13. SAH/Stroke/CKD

    Great to hear your news about Sandeep. So glad his coiling has been successful.....and don`t worry about shedding these tears of relief. Waiting during such a delicate procedure is very tough on the emotions even with the knowledge that the success rate is very high. Take care both of you.... Subs
  14. Gcs is 14 out of 15

    Hello Clara Mac... if you look at the second post on this thread by Super Mario you will find a link that explains the GCS. Subs
  15. 2 Year Anniversary

    Hi Chris, and also a big well done 2 years post SAH. It has been great to have your input from across the waters and thanks for sharing the good times you have had with your lovely family. Three ladies to keep you right ! While you say that you have been fortunate given the good recovery you have made, you have done well to maintain your pressured job and cope with the issues from your bleed. Wishing you well for the future ................... Subs