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  1. Delusions

    Hello Kay ..... if you search `delusions` on the home page you will find some more posts on the subject. Mrs Subs was not affected in this way. Subs.
  2. Hello Nikki... and also a very warm welcome to BTG. As Clare and Winnie say... you are definitely not alone... and there is so much information within the Forums of BTG that will help you in your recovery. As you read the content, you will take heart from the real experiences of others, and will find much support as members answer any questions and concerns you may raise We do not offer any medical advice. Thank you for sharing your situation post NASAH. You have reason to be concerned and even overwhelmed by what has happened and how you can possibly cope in the future. You highlight that you have 3 young girls, several pets and as a single mum... no regular support to help with the house keeping. The priority is your own recovery .. and as Clare mentions... this will be severely hampered unless you do get immediate help with the routine daily `chores`. To have any chance of being the mum you want to be for your girls, and to return to work if you have employment...first of all you need time. Time for yourself to adjust to your brain trauma and allow a healing process. This will take many months. Attempting to do everything will only serve to leave you exhausted, demoralised and even depressed as you struggle to cope. You mention that at the time of your bleed you had some family support. Can you somehow ask your family to consider extending this support to give you any chance to become stronger and healthier. I am sure all who read your thread will say `no stress.. plenty rest... keep hydrated and refrain from going back to work for at least 3-6 months and then only on a phased return. There are many mums with young family within BTG who understand your concerns. I wish you well and please don`t hesitate to ask any questions o our members. Subs
  3. Follow up

    Hello....you are right to consider what follow-up there should be post SAH. However, due to the unique nature of each SAH, the follow-up is invariably down to what your consultant advises given the medical facts about what happened before, during and after your brain trauma. If you feel unclear or uncertain don`t hesitate to make contact with your consultant to ease your mind. Subs
  4. Shunts

    Hi Penny ... so sorry to hear of your anxieties with having your shunt in place. There are many observations within the site if you choose to search `shunt` on the Home page. Take care Subs
  5. Great news Joel... and also wishing you and Fran a Happier and healthier 2018. Subs
  6. Hello and a warm welcome to BTG. Thank you for sharing your SAH story with us. You are in good company... within the Forums on this site there is a wealth of personal information going back over ten years consisting of members posting their personal experiences as they have dealt with SAH and their recovery. You will find much help and support as you browse through these. While we do not provide medical advice our members will try and answer any questions you have from their own experiences, and you will find it helpful knowing that you are not alone as you recover. You certainly have had a traumatic time since your bleed occurred. It was so fortunate that your doctor partner was present. In surviving you are in a minority. Now in these early days you are beginning to find out how the trauma has affected your brain. The short term memory loss, the fatigue the acting out of character and erratic display of emotions, which you mention are all common signs experienced by our members. Your brain needs time to start healing, and everyone will stress to you that attempting to get back to `life as it was` too quickly will in fact be a hindrance to your recovery. Take lots of rest and keep well hydrated. It is advisable that you give your brain and body a few months healing time before considering the demands of ``being back at work. (even when you are able to work from home) Well done for starting to take notes to help your memory. It is good that you feel positive and are currently having more good days than bad days. SAH affects everyone in a different way. Everyone`s recovery is unique too. There will be challenges ahead for you and your family. As far as the apparent relief from the crippling anxiety you felt prior to your SAH... I am sure your own consultant and doctor will offer you their thoughts on why this may be. We look forward to hearing from you as you make progress over the coming weeks and months. The site will also prove helpful to your partner depending on his current knowledge of SAH. Subs
  7. Three months on

    Hello again, and great to hear that you are both now much more `at ease` with your husband`s condition knowing that there is no quick recovery from such a trauma. Good that you are now able think of having a relaxing time over Christmas. The subject of a check-up is again very dependant on the individual consultants dealing with you. For some it is 6 months...others a year. It will give you peace of mind if you make contact with your consultant just to ask when or if a check-up will take place in the future. Mean time, wishing you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Well done to you both thus far Subs
  8. Hello Issy, many thanks for returning with your update. First of all, how is hubby and your two maturing teenage boys? Two and a half years after your SAH. Your return to work.. hubby`s work, your boys schooling not to mention exams and career choosing decisions. Life goes on post SAH and there you are trying to see how you can cover all the jobs you used to do as wife, mother, house-keeper (with all that goes on in that most understated word!)... not to mention your employment as a midwife. As is commented so often in BTG. life getting back to normal is only achieved by a minority. I am looking in from the `carer` viewpoint .... although even then... each family unit is different depending on how far along life`s journey you are. Like Paul, Macca and Clare, I am shocked at how you have been treated by your employer and colleagues as you have made genuine effort to return to work as a midwife. That is so sad. In my wife`s situation, she had great support from her OH who monitored her return meticulously. She was left in no doubt that she would not be pushed beyond what her recovering health permitted. She eventually became full-time and continued in her stressful job for 13 months. However, I could see that as time passed, her SAH was no longer a factor in her employer`s decisions and more and more was demanded within the full time daily hours. She was coming home exhausted and needed complete rest before it all started over again the next day. I had taken early retirement when she began her full time hours and took on the role of house husband. I cannot imagine how you have been coping ..... how has it been for your family as you have all tried to make adjustments to help you cope? It is clear from your comments about your work that you have tried so hard to make things work out. The added stresses from colleagues and an employer who should know better must be very hard to live with. You don`t need that stress. Again, in my wife`s situation the crunch came when they actually offered her promotion after 13 months back full time! Both of us knew that the answer was a big `NO` ! Get someone else! .... and she applied for early retirement at age 56. No regrets and she immediately returned to a less stressful job working 2 days per week. For her a `5 day weekend` as she put it, was heaven. For you at age 50, as Clare says, you have many things to consider. Are you retiring on the grounds of ill health with no plans to return to any work, or do you foresee returning to work in another capacity. The `pension` rules will differ. I think you can ask for a quotation for both and these will stand for 6 months while you make any decisions about your future. I am sure you and hubby have talked this over many times. Even part-time... your work as a midwife will have more than its share of stresses. At the end of the day your own health has to be more valuable than the alternative. The NHS Pension Department should be helpful in providing you with your options. I am so sorry that your employer has been party to what has resulted in you saying that you are at the end of your tether. They should be ashamed. I do hope that you can reach a satisfactory conclusion to your dilemma. Subs
  9. Hello and thanks for sharing your thoughts on meditation as a potential benefit for those recovering from SAH. I am glad you yourself have found it beneficial following the loss of your partner due to an aneurysm. Several of our members practice some forms of meditation and I am sure they will share their views. Subs
  10. Joel... great to hear of the positive signs in your wife`s recovery. This will give both of you a big `lift` in morale and belief that progress can be made. As always... patience...hydration... resting, and never pushing too hard for too long. Well done to you both and look forward to your up-dates. Subs
  11. Hello.... taking time to ensure that your husband is still covered while on holiday is very important following his SAH. If you key `Holiday Insurance` in the search box at the right of the Home Page you will find several threads dealing with Travel Insurance post SAH. Personally, since my wife`s SAH 6 1/2 years ago, we have used a company called Just Travel which have provided single trip cover for her world wide. Their telephone service is very efficient and thorough in dealing with the exact extent of the past and existing diagnosed illnesses and any medications currently being taken. Detailed quotations will be sent to your email. From the threads, you will see that there are several Insurance companies used by our members for such over. Take your time and find the company that suits your husband`s needs at a price you are prepared to pay. You will find that as time passes and there are no other health issues, premiums may well reduce considerably. Subs
  12. Shakes!

    Hello GJ124 and a warm welcome to BTG. So glad you found the site and you will receive much support from our members. While we do not give medical advice, you will find our members will offer guidance based on their own experiences. Many have already shared their recovery journeys within the Introduce Yourself Forum, and if you feel ok to do this, we would welcome more information about the circumstances surrounding your own SAH, and indeed the challenges you have aced in the past 5 years. Meantime, if you key `shakes` in the search box at the top of the Home page... you will find some helpful information which is already on file. I am sure others will offer their experiences in due course. Many thanks for posting our good wishes in your SAH recovery. Subs
  13. Very well said Iola. One of the most important `rules` for a better recovery couldn`t be put any clearer. Subs
  14. Hello Joel .. and also a warm welcome to BTG. So glad you discovered the site. As you have already mentioned, there is much information to read. Take time to browse for Forum posts that you can relate to. These are all shared from the experiences of members as they have tackled SAH and it`s recovery. While we do not give medical advice our members can sympathise with our circumstances, and offer much by way of support and guidance. You have both been through so much already and it is good that you are now encouraged by Fran`s progress. Recovery in most cases is not a quick thing .... time, patience and a positive attitude from both of you will ensure you of a good outcome. So glad that her issues with the trachia were only temporary. We all understand the highs and lows of these early days. You have done well in your support for her, and the professional care offered once the SAH has been diagnosed is thankfully the experience of most prior to discharge. As Winnie mentioned .... you may be surprised at the improvement she makes in her mobility over time. Please keep in touch and don`t hesitate to ask for help. Make good use of the search facility on the home page to try and discover areas of the site which may be helpful to you and of course there is the Carers Forum too. Take care Subs
  15. Hi Greg ... also thanks for the support information. Hope you too are keeping well. Subs