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  1. There is also an online course called epp expert patients programme 6 week course it really helped me xxx
  2. Hi Maeve firstly it was nobody's fault never ever blame yourselves for moving xxx Secondly I would say she probably died in her sleep so even if someone had of been there they wouldn't of heard anything xxx I know of a few people who felt nothing leading up to it (their families have said) then collapsed and died there now if that be the case there was no pain for me I just felt really drunk then went down, then started being sick xxx Stress can be involved in causing it raising blood pressure and things but everyone is different xxx So sorry you lost your mum xxx
  3. I am like super I am afraid dizziness nausea still here still a problem after 15yrs but not as big as what it was. Have you had your ears checked as I suffer lots of ear infections now also labyrinthitis. Hope you feel better soon xxx
  4. September 2002 and I had two aneurysms both clipped xxx And in the first few months I experienced no pain no anxiety because I fell pregnant and everything I had went into that but then I had him and everything changed crippling anxiety headaches dizziness and nausea (which I still get now but no where near as frequent) xxx Everybody is different no two sah and recovery are the same there maybe similarities but that's all xxx Now drink plenty of water and try not to stress relax and do something everyday that makes you happy xxx
  5. Hi Sammy Anne, your headaches will be worse because the stress you are under xxx Why would you want to kill yourself, you know your daughter would be given to her father permanently so although your anxiety would go, your daughters would be through the roof xxx Right drink plenty of water and relax whenever possible xxx I have no medical training at all but speak with your Dr about any risks with antidepressants in the meantime just be with your daughter and have some fun together give her some happy memories of her childhood xxx Hope things improve for you xxx
  6. 2 year anniversary

    Congratulations on two years xxx Great news about scan results xxx
  7. Headaches

    Hi Dave I get terrible headaches sometimes horrible xxx I am glad you are speaking to someone in neurology however whilst you are waiting drink plenty of water and relax xxx Hope the headaches ease soon xxx
  8. Barometer Head?

    Everytime weather changes I get dizzy headaches pressure and nauseous even 15yrs later xxx You get used to it xxx
  9. Hi boom welcome to btg xxx I had two bleeds one at about 22 another at 23 when I had the scan and was told there was an old bleed in there aswell turned out there was 2 aneurysms had the one that ruptured at 23 clipped first then the other xxx Now the other things 1 memory problem with both at beginning now it's mainly short term memory 15yrs later 2 Confidence and self esteem had none which is why I stayed where I wasn't happy but it's back now I take the kids on holiday alone to pubs for meals and out on day trips. 3 where/what your doing with your life does come back for me 5 years ago 4 I hated going out wouldn't go anywhere especially alone and I go out with friends and look at 2 5 the old me did die 15yrs ago but I prefer the new me now I didn't to begin with I hated her for years but now i am happy 6 I don't drink as when I was blue lighted to hospital they were treating me with hangover from 7th to 11th September with delayed treatment till 13th as hospital needed proper scans so put me off alcohol. I go out though and still have a great time you don't need alcohol to enjoy yourself Anyway hope things get better for you and keep us updated on how you are doing xxx
  10. jess

    Family and prizes
  11. Hi there welcome to btg I have had 2 children since but I had aneurysms and they were both clipped in your case I would definitely listen to the Drs xxx
  12. Physio no need to say anymore they think they know everything mine told me you never had a sah just a little aneurysm I took my notes haven't even tried to count all the pages there is lots xxx I was improving six seven years later and still am 15yrs later so never listen to what they say xxx
  13. Sorry you are still suffering I still get headaches and dizzyness after 15yrs but not as bad xxx You need to go back to your Dr and tell them the medication isn't working try white tiger balm (speak to your Dr first) but I just rub some on my head and the pain goes xxx Dizzyness maybe ask your Dr to give you some tablets for labyrinthitis that may be causing your problems (but the tablets mine prescribed could be used for different dizzyness problems) xxx Anyway hope they give you something to help xxx
  14. Steve hope your feeling better soon xxx In my early days it sometimes used to take me a week to recover from a full day rest and drink water xxx
  15. Hi from Laura (aka tennissmithy)

    Hi Laura good to see you hope you are well xxx