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  1. Eye problems?

    I was wearing contacts when I had my bleed and went back to them some time after. My vision had changed and I now have differnt strength lenses in each eye. If they are not right go back, there may be something else they can do. It could be that the 'best' brand is not best for you. Clare xx
  2. Quadrantanopia

    I love you two and your banter. Good luck Tuesday Kels, keep us posted xx
  3. Hi Eric I think it would help you to sit down and talk about things with somebody. Your docs are probably right that you are doing to much, but I can understand that keeping busy lessens the attacks. Are you worrying that it will happen again? I think that has always got to be on our minds but we need to try and accept it is highly unlikely. See you GP and see if you can get some counselling. Being able to offload your worries to someone else may help. Take care xx
  4. Concerned

    Glad to hear you got things cleared up Sonia xx Clare
  5. Hi Mandie Sorry to hear you are feeling so down. Ithink we all grieve for what we have lost, I know I do. I miss my old life, friends and job but as Tina says I try to concentrate of the positive. You can't go back, things will never be same but they can be better even if different. It just takes time to accept the new normal and start bulding new ways of living our lives. I think it really helps to talk to someone who is not emotionally attached to you. I myself have a wonderful neuro-psychologist who has helped me through my recovery. I can discuss anything with her without judgement and she has helped me accept the new normal and suggested ways of doing that. Try the neuro department where you were treated to see if you can get a referral or alternatively ask for counselling through your GP. Things do get better, I can cook now without losing ingredients but I ALWAYS use a timer when putting things in the oven. It's almost as soon as that door is shut it's gone from my memory! Many a burnt offering Take care and remember you can always come here and offload, we don't judge each other, we just try and help. Clare xx
  6. Hi Maeve I'd just like to echo all that the others have said before me. I suspect it is highly unlikely your mum even knew about the bleed and would have passed quite peacefully in her sleep. When I had mine after being taken to hosptial and scanned whilst waiting to be transferred to the Neuro unit I fell into a coma and felt nothing. I often think if I had not survived then I would not have know anything about it - just not woken up. Stress is often blamed as a reason and although I had a fairly stressful life, I was out running while it happened, something that always helped my stress levels, so who knows. I Hope you and your sister can come to terms with your loss, it must be so hard and I hope we here on BTG have answered some of your questions. Clare xx
  7. Elainec

    Hi Elaine sorry to hear you still aren't feeling as well as you hoped. Maybe it it would be worthwhile giving the hospital where you are going for follow up a ring and ask them about your symptoms. At least it would put your mind at rest. 4 months is still early days though so try not to stress too much. Make sure you get plenty of rest and keep drinking lots of water. Good luck Clare xx
  8. Kathie - new member

    Hey Kathie Welcome to BTG, glad you have found us. I too had a NASAH back in Feb 2015 together with Hydrocephalus. I went back to work on a phased return after 3-4 months though to start it was for 2 hours a day and the increase in hours was slow. Pre SAH I worked 41 hours a week in a very stressful environment. I have never been able to go back to that. I eventually settled for 4 long days with Wednesdays off in the middle. However due to other problems at work including stress I eventually changed jobs. I then reduced to 34 hours over 4 days (still having Weds off) in a less stressful job and was happy for a while. Unfortunately due to poor management and staff shortages that job also became very stressful and I had a major meltdown resulting in me being signed off sick. I have just started in another new role, less hours, only 30 per week now and still with Wednesdays off. It's early days but so far so good - and I love the hours All the symptoms you mention are fairly par for the course post SAH, especially when tired. I still suffer now and have had to adjust how I do things. It is a case of finding a new normal and you will eventually find that. What do you do as a job? 12 hour shifts seem very punishing, how many days do you do them for? It is worth having a sit down talk with your employer and seeing how they can help you get back to working. Don't let them push you and if you have an Occupational Health dept make sure they are involved too. You may be physically fit enough to go back to work but emotionally is a different matter. A SAH is a life changing event that cannot be ignored and you cannot push too hard as it will trun back and bite you! Take care and let us know how you get on. Clare xx
  9. Kathie - new member

    POSTED ON BEHALF OF KATHIE Hey I had a NASAH on last new years eve. To cut a long story rather short, there was no cause found, no significant treatment required etc. I feel better with each month that passes but am now at 9 months and still feel unable to return to work which is starting to bother me. I struggle with fatigue, feeling off balance, headache and neck ache, irritability when tired. My job is 12 hour shifts and is really stressful and I'm so worried that I'm not ready but at the same time feel like I should be as it has been 9 months.... surely I should be fit to go back by now? Kathie POSTED ON BEHALF OF KATHIE
  10. Kay - new member

    Hope all goes well tomorrow Kay be thinking of you. Hope it's not as traumatic as you think it may be and that you recover well. Let us know how you get on. clare xx
  11. Thank you. Two years on!

    Hi Irene Just catching up after my holiday and read your lovely post. You are slightly behind me recovery wise, I am about 2.5 years now. I can totally understand everything you say and empathise. We are lucky to be here and if we have just a few small deficits we have done well. I reckon I am about 95% too and though I would love to have the other 5% back I know it's not going to happen and I need to accept the new normal. You have done really well and sounds like you have great support around you too. Clare xx
  12. Clare's album

  13. Hi welcome to BTG glad you have found us. We are unable to give medical advice as we aren't trained but I am sure there are many others here who have experienced the same problem and can share with you. Have you spoken to the neuro department where you were treated? They will be the best people to speak to. If you can't reach them maybe your GP or even an optician as your eye is painful. Let us know how you get on and maybe a bit more about yourself and your bleed. Take care clare xx
  14. Newbie -Linda

    Hi Linda welcome to BTG. It is so common to be discharged without any information not really sure why this happens. I was lucky that there was a nurse specialist and her assistant where I was treated and they gave me a booklet and phone numbers to ring if I was unsure about anything. I did ring a couple of times but wish I had used them more in the first few months. My bleed was non-anuerysmal too but I had the complication of hydrocephallus so needed an evd for a week or so which has left me with my tell tale dent in my temple. As others hae said take things slowly. It is really early days for you and your body and brain need time to recover. Don't rush to get things done be kind to yourself and have pleny of rests. Sounds like you have the perfect recovery pal in your little dog. I'd love to see a photo, maybe later you could post one in the gallery. Drink plenty of water, rest and come back to this site for advice and friendship! Take care Clare xx
  15. Hi sounds like you are doing a perfect job on your work return. Wish I had done it your way! It makes all the difference when you are kind to yourself and make time to step back and take stock. Hopefully your return will carry on being so successful, well done and glad that BTG has been here to help. I know it has helped me immensely. Clare xx