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  1. Finally - 5 Years

    Congratulations on your 5 years Iola. You are a couple of years ahead of me and I often look at your progress and compare mine as we had similar events. You have battled through and should be proud of all you have achieved. Yes we have changed and no things will never be as they were, but we are battling through the adversity and winning! Keep up with the positive outlook, it will be much appreciated by new members to our very selective club. Clare xx
  2. Feeling rough again

    Hi Stephen sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Please go and get yourself checked out by your GP or speak to a nurse specialist at the neuro unit you were treated. They will be the people with more idea as to whether it is the after effects of the SAH or something else. Don't suffer, get it looked at and let us know how you get on. Clare xx
  3. Areajay

    Hi AJ, With your experience with ABI your mum is in good hands Not only will you be a wealth of help to your mum but she will be a wealth of help to you in your job if you decide to go back to it! Notebooks are definitely the way forward, I have them everywhere and find them invaluable. Encourage her to keep a diary too to see how she is progressing. And that progression will come. Repetition, repetition, repetition is my motto, that's how I learn things now. I have no problems with memories pre SAH but it is the things I need to remember now that give me problems - but it has got better! Keep on with the invaluable support you and your husband are giving, your mum is one lucky lady Clare xx
  4. I too had a very poor appetite in hospital, one spoonful of yoghurt and I believed I had eaten enough, lost a lot of weight. On discharge I had a very small appetite too and this carried on for some time, however eventually I started eating normally though I will say my taste buds have never been the same. Have a word with your doctor as they may be able to prescribe some appetite stimulants or refer you to a dietitian. Clare xx
  5. Aussie

    Hi Aussie, welcome to BTG glad you have found us. As Louise says, it is early days for you keep well hydrated and take things slowly. I thinks it's a great idea to do the gardening on a table, gives you a chance to get on with things you enjoy within your limitations. You will find lots of different ways to do things that used to be easy to you. Just don't push too hard, one thing a day was my limit for quite some time. Don't rush back to work, take as long as you can and your employee will allow. Keep us posted on your recovery. Clare xx
  6. Hi Dbc I totally understand how you are feeling. I too had a NASAH but with the added complication of hydrocephalus and an EVD just over 3 years ago and like Daff still suffer from some of the effects. I too think neuro psychological testing is really valuable as it lets you see where your deficits or changes are. I had mine done at about 16 months post bleed and still see my psychologist now. She is still helping me deal with the after effects of the bleed, both emotionally and mentally. She has given me lots of tips of ways to deal with memory problems and that awful 'getting stuck'. My mind still goes blank, I have trouble with recall and still suffer from brain freeze. That said it is a lot less than in the first 2 years and I am accepting my new normal now. It really is a case of re-training yourself in the way you do things that you used to do with no trouble. Working less hours, in a quieter less stressful environment has helped me. Factoring extra recovery time after hectic social activities or holidays is very necessary for me now - and I still forget sometimes and pay the price. You aren't a year out, so I would expect you should see some recovery for some time yet. Don't rush to get back to your former life, that may not even be possible. Just take it slow and steady. Keep us posted. Clare xx
  7. Hi Jill, welcome to BTG, glad you found us and are finding the site useful Sorry to hear you had a NASAH but glad you feel you are recovering well. You have done well to have had a good long stretch off work - there are some good employers out there! I was initially signed off for 3 months after my Nasah and started my phased return shortly after then. However in reality that was too soon and I think 6 months would have been more appropriate. Unfortunately my employer only paid me for 3 months and as I am the main wage earner back to work I went. After a long series of events and job changes I have now settled for working 30 hours over 4 days a week. I have Wednesdays off to recoup mid week and still need it after 3 years. You may well find that noise may be a problem for you so you will need to take that into account. Have you considered just doing a few hours for a couple of days a week and see how you cope? Take it slowly, don't rush back. Make sure your employer understands what you have been through and how it has affected you. Hopefully the neck pain will diminish in time if it doesn't make sure you speak to your doctor about it. My neck was sore for some months after but is fine now unless I am tired. Good luck, keep us posted. Clare xx
  8. I had a lot of neck pain post bleed think a lot if it has to do with the whole trauma of the event. Take the pain meds prescribed by your doctor but if they don’t help get further advice. Don’t suffer! I got back to being active but had a good few months rest first. Take things slowly, you’ll get there. Clare xx
  9. Hi my ‘swishyness’ has faded over time. I am 3 years out and find my balance issues are much better, the only time I suffer now is when I am tired and that’s mentally tired not physically. You are still fairly early in recovery so give it time. Hope things improve Clare xx
  10. 1 Year Anni-versary

    Congratulations Kay. First year is always the hardest and you had additional problems too. Heres to year 2, hope it’s not as traumatic! Xx
  11. Alexander64 - Recent SAH

    Hi welcome to BTG glad you found us and hope you are finding the site useful. I can't say I had much problem sleeping post my bleed, in fact I could have slept for England. However more recently I have suffered from insomnia which is very frustrating when I have to work the next day. I do find not drinking caffeine drinks up to a couple of hours before I go to bed helps, I try fruit or herbal teas instead. Alcohol too is a problem so I try and avoid that too near bedtime. It's good to have a 'sleep routine' and not spend too much time on computer screens before retiring. Hope things improve soon. Clare xx
  12. One year nasah anniversary!

    Congratulation of your first year Eric, that's the worst one out of the way. Sounds like you are making good progress, back to work and getting out and about. I think we all worry what the future holds but it sounds like you have come out of this like myself, pretty unscathed. We all have problems which are unnoticeable to others which can be frustrating. We look normal but don't feel that way and others find that difficult to comprehend. Hopefully you have special people around you who recognise that and embrace the new you. Here's to a great 2nd year, keep us posted. Clare xx
  13. 10 months post SAH

    Hi Lynn Welcome to BTG, glad you have found us and hope you are finding the site useful. Your progress sounds very like mine at the a similar stage. How are your 4 working days split? I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Weds off. I found this the best working pattern for me and still do that now just over 3 years from my bleed. I work 7.5 hours a day now and manage. It's the day off in the middle that helps as it's my day to rest and recuperate and that's what I mainly do - rest. At 10 months you probably will still be experiencing quite a lot of fatigue this could be caused by stress of working too. Stress = fatigue and then anger. I can totally empathise with you there. You just feel that you can't cope anymore and then erupt! Maybe try changing your work pattern or even drop an hour a day if you can. Are you still drinking plenty of water? This really helps with the headaches. But I will say that stress and fatigue will also cause headaches so maybe it's just time to re-evaluate. My re-evaluation eventually caused a whole new career change. If the migraine meds aren't helping, go back to your neurologist and tell him, no point in taking medication if it's not doing it's job. I used to get pain at the back of my head but it has eased with time. I hope you start to feel much better soon, keep us posted on your progress and remember - it's still early days, most SAH recoveries are measured in years. Clare xx
  14. Hi Stephen, welcome to BTG, glad you have found us. Some good advice from Super, you are indeed very early days so don't panic things will get better. I remember very little about being in hospital and not much more of my first days at home. I slept a lot and found things like the TV too stimulating. I was forever saying 'please can you turn it down'. Drink plenty of water and rest, rest, rest and while you are resting try reading through some of the posts here on BTG, you may find them reassuring. Keep us posted Clare xx
  15. Hi I am sure all will be fine. I travelled abroad at 4 months post NASAH and other than fatigue I was fine. Just factor in lots of resting. Enjoy the sunshine! Clare xx