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  1. ClareM

    Jase - New member.

    Hi Spider if if you take a look at the forum list the first one listed ; Subarachnoid Haemorrage Discussion, is open for all bleeds including those caused by aneurysms.
  2. ClareM

    Strange Turns

    Just remember you aren't a burden or a crazy person, you are a survivor! The nurse specialist's role is to support so hopefully she will do that. I know mine was really helpful and didn't make me feel a pain at all. Good luck let us know how you get on Clare
  3. ClareM

    Strange Turns

    Yes Charlie, definitely give her a call tomorrow, you don't want to go into the weekend with the worry. I work with a nurse specialist in another medical field and we welcome calls from patients if that keep them out of hospital. Good luck xx
  4. ClareM

    Strange Turns

    Hi Charlie Is there a nurse specialist at the unit you were treated that you could get in touch with? Hopefully it is just nothing, possibly some stress but you should go and get it checked out. If all else fails go to A&E. Hope you get get things sorted Clare xx
  5. ClareM

    Ups And downs

    Hi welcome to BTG, glad you have found us but sorry to hear of your troubles. Everything you report sounds very similar to my NASAH journey and I think you know the answer to your question. I think you have definitely overdone things. To be back at work full time after 6 weeks is amazing and very brave. But then to make that huge trip to Spain on top was possibly just a little too much. It takes time to get over this type of event injury and maybe you need to step back and take more time. I think your Neurologists prediction of 4 months to 100% recovery seems a little optimistic. I’m 3 years down the line and have accepted now that I will never be 100% as I was before. I don’t have the emotional resilience I had before and work less hours as stress affects my fatigue. It is a bit of an ‘invisible’ recovery that takes time. Other people don’t understand as you look so well but it’s there all the same. Listen to your body it’s telling you to slow down. I hope you manage to get some time to recover. Clare xx
  6. ClareM

    Jase - New member.

    Hi Welcome to BTG, sorry I can’t make you feel any less low but hope you find the site useful. I think it is normal to miss our old lives, a Sah is so sudden it never gives you a chance to adjust. People always say be grateful you are still alive but that doesn’t take away the yearning to be back as we were. Sounds lke you are doing really well with your running! It must be great to have such a supportive partner. I run too but not marathon distance! Clare xx
  7. ClareM

    Three Years!!! Still here!!

    Congrats on the 3 years Jan and glad that one of the most memorable was your wedding day. ❤️❤️ Sah causes a lot of upheaval in our lives and a lot of changes. I’m sorry that the last 12 months have been so difficult for you and hope that the 12 to come give you more happiness. I think it is difficult to appreciate what we have when we also know what we have lost. I am with you in that, as I too sometimes struggle to accept all that has happened. I think it is fine to be sad for what we have lost but we also need to be realistic about the future - hard sometimes. I hope you can find positive things -one must certainly be John. You are are a brave and kind hearted lady and I wish you all the best. Clare xx
  8. ClareM


    As Macca says 5 months is very early days and maybe you went back to work too soon. Shifts as well can be very punishing so take it easy and maybe step back a bit. Unfortunately the more pressure you put on yourself the worse it will be. Stress is not our friend post bleed so try to reduce it as much as possible. Some good ideas from Macca try and use some of them especially regarding your family. Hope things get better soon. Clare xx
  9. ClareM

    headaches and fatigue

    Hi Mandy It it is a common theme that people report they are discharged with little or no follow-up. The nurse specialist at the hospital your husband was treated should be the person to speak to. Draw up a list of questions and give them a call, that is what they are there for to advise and help patients. It is not unusual not to be seen by the neuro surgeons post discharge. My follow up appointment was with a nurse specialist , she was very good but at the time I was still too out of it to remember to ask things and my husband didn’t know what to ask either. In hindsight I wish we had made a list. I hope your husband gets some answers soon especially regarding his eye. I too am a runner and it may help him to know that I have got back to running 5 miles 2-3 times a week. It’s taken time but it can be done, just take it slowly! Clare xx
  10. ClareM

    Returning to work?

    Hi Ves Well done on your 3 hours, that was better than the 2 hours I did first day back. Hope it felt good! Now rest up till Thursday 😀
  11. ClareM


    I think the symptoms you describe are evidence enough that you are doing too much. Your body is telling you to stop so please take notice. What you have been through is no walk in the park, the brain needs a long time to heal and 7 weeks is really early days. My bleed too was non aneurysmal but I still have days now 3 years on, when I am floored - yesterday was one. By the end of it I was good for nothing and all I had done was my regular job. You will have good days and bad days but please try and take things slowly as it will only hinder your recovery if you push too hard. I am sure your family of 5 would rather have you well and happy rather than stressed and miserable. Exhaustion will lead to stress - I can vouch for that! And as Win one of our members on BTG will tell you stress is no good for those of us who have been unfortunate enough to suffer a SAH. Take good care. Clare xx
  12. ClareM

    Wow where did 4 years go.

    Congratulations Chelle on your anniversary. You have certainly come a long way. Hooe you have a wonderful time with Jan and John. Xx
  13. ClareM

    New Member - Charlotte

    Hi Charlie I think anxiety is so common post Sah particularly after there not being a cause. Not knowing what made it happen in some ways makes it worse than having an aneurysm that has been treated. I saw - and still see- a neuropsychologist but didn’t start my initial assessment until 15 months post bleed. It has been the best thing for me, she has supported me so much and made me feel that although my life has changed it’s not all bad. I have heard a lot about mindfulness and do try it myself though I find the technique hard. My neuropsychologist recommends it and I believe it is very good for anxiety. Hope you find the help you need , speak to your GP they should be able to make referrals and it should be on the NHS, you shouldn’t have to pay. Take care and keep us posted. Clare xx
  14. Hi Really feel you should have a chat with either your Gp or a nurse specialist at the hospital you were treated. Sweats can be caused by many things so best to get it checked out I didn't suffer any more or less sweats after my bleed. I still suffer now and think it is all part of the dreaded menopause. Clare xx
  15. Hi Sarah glad you you got to see your occ health rep and got some plans in place. Just ensure your management keep to the plan as it is all too easy for them to change the rules and not stick to the guidelines. I think one of the most common comments heard after a sah by sufferers is “you look so well wouldn’t have believed anything happened. “ shortly followed by “ it’s probably your age - memory goes with time”. Yes but as you point out - not overnight! Have you found out about a Neuro-psych assessment? They are really helpful and would support your occ health report Hope things go well for you, keep us posted Clare xx