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  1. Thank you. Two years on!

    Congratulations on your 2 year Anni-versary, you have come such a long way in that time. You have written a lovely post, you are right BTG is a wonderful place to come for support. You appear to be doing really well with your recovery, it also sounds like you have a very positive attitude, It's lovely to hear how you are progressing and long may it continue. Love Michelle xx
  2. 3 weeks post SAH

    Hi Linda & Jack, Never worry about going back to hospital and getting things checked out, that's what they are there for, I recently had an over night stay myself, I was convinced I was having another bleed, they scanned my head, thankfully all was fine, I was under a huge amount of stress at the time due to my mother being seriously ill, they put it down to all of that. Since having my SAH I have been diagnosed with tinnitus, never had a problem with my ears prior to that, the pressure feeling happens to me when the weather is very cloudy and dull days do the same, my headaches always seem worse if it`s a dark cloudy day, I always make sure I drink plenty of water, it really does help. As time goes on Linda you will find things start to get a little bit easier but it does take time, there is no quick fix, when you feel anxious come and join us here at BTG, it`s ok to come here and have a vent, lots of us do it, me especially. We are here for you and we will do all we can to help you along what at times can be a bumpy recovery road, As Daffodil said, it can be very unsettling, things that you are not used to feeling, it is about making sure you get lots of rest also. Sending you a big hug, Love Michelle xx
  3. Anxiety

    Hi Rosie, I was like you when I first came out of hospital, my SAH started to happen while I was in the bathroom at home, I had told my partner I was going to the loo and then I would have a shower, 3 years down the line and I still can't say those same words in that order, it may sound silly to some people and I know those words had nothing to do with my SAH, but I associate those words with what happened to me. When I came out of hospital I was also really scared to go in our bathroom, I would have a panic attack and my partner would have to stand at the door while I was in there. In the end I had to seek some counselling as it was really affecting me, I was also diagnosed with PTSD. The counselling really did help and although I still have the odd panic attack, things have got easier. We moved house in April this year and even though I had no association with the new house, I still have a fear of the bathroom, don't understand why, i just do. I did exactly what you did and started to look at things on the internet and I have to say it scared the life out of me, like Sami said Google is not your friend, don't do it, she's right about BTG being the best place for answers to your questions, real people who have been through it and somewhere that can put your mind at ease, I hope your counselling helps, I know what a benefit it was to me, But I, like Sami don't know where I would be without BTG. Be kind to yourself, things will get easier as time goes on. Love Michelle xx
  4. Newbie -Linda

    Hi Linda, Welcome to BTG Sorry you have suffered SAH, you have come to the right place for help and support, you will find a wealth of information here. I will say it is normal to be a bit scared when you first leave hospital, I think most people have felt that, You have to be kind to yourself, make sure you drink lots of water it really does help with headaches, also listen to your body and your brain, they have both suffered trauma and regardless of the size of SAH, they both need lots of time to heal, so plenty of rest is always recommended. You are just starting your recovery journey, it`s still early days for you yet, The recovery road can be a little bumpy at times, take things slowly. Have a good look around this site, let us know a bit more about yourself, just when you feel up to it. You will make a lot of new friends as you go along the recovery road, Also have a look in the green room when you feel ready, lots of daily banter goes on in there, We will be here for you as you start your recovery journey, so don't feel like you are alone, Love & best wishes Michelle xx
  5. Had my SAH June 2014, had 1 ruptured aneurysm and they found another, had both coiled. Suffered with weakness in my left leg afterwards also a lot of back and leg pain was told this was due to blood dissipating down through spinal fluid, I also had a lot of headaches, dizziness and balance issues. Things do improve as time goes on, but as the others have said everyones recovery is different. If I was to give you some advice it would be this. Make sure you stay well hydrated it really does help a lot. Try to avoid stressful situations if possible. Be kind to yourself, your brain and body have suffered trauma they need time to recover. Also have a good look around BTG there is a wealth of information here that will help you along the recovery road, Take care Love Michelle xx
  6. Scared about my next op

    Aandrea Wishing you all the very best for the 1st, doctor's at RVI are some of the very best, try not to worry, I know it's not easy but I'm sure you will be fine. Love Michelle xx
  7. Hi Lynn, As the others have said your husband should seek medical advice, that way both his mind and yours will be put at ease. Let us know how he gets on. Good luck to you both. Love Michelle xx
  8. 2 year anniversary

    Congratulations on your 2 year Anni-versary, So pleased your scan results showed no changes. Hope you have had a lovely day. Love Michelle xx
  9. Hi Kiwi11 As everyone has said, go to hospital and get this checked out, you really need to do this, as Macca said if it's not a SAH then you have lost nothing by going and you have put your mind at rest, if it turns out it has been a bleed then it will be dealt with by the hospital. Please don't leave it, get it checked and let us know how you got on. Wishing you good luck Love Michelle xx
  10. Barometer Head?

    Hi Jan, We had a lovely day today until about 3.30pm, when it gets really cloudy I always feel really tired, it feels like my head is in a vice, We had a huge thunderstorm and heavy rain and once it was over my head eased up. I think Sami's description was perfect. Love Michelle xx
  11. I think my SAH has won

    Hi Jan, I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling as you are. I agree with everything that has been said, John is the easy target because he's there, really the people you want to shout at are your sister's, they are the ones who are not being supportive, Louise had a great idea, getting them together and letting them know and see how this SAH has affected your lives, like Macca said there's no plaster cast for your brain, people can't see the injury so they assume ( wrongly of course ) that you are ok. Sit them down and tell them that you are not and ask them for help, try explaining how you would like them to help you, as Macca said write it all down and hand them copies and try to get them to understand what is going on. I think we all have a bit of jealousy because we have lost some of the person we were, the fact that others around us are just getting on with their lives can be frustrating at times. I know I have said this before, you have a fantastic man at your side, who I know worships the ground you walk on, I know he wouldn't leave you because YOU are his happiness, his world. As Macca said Jan, you can't change the past, you can however shape your future, We are all here for you, Sending you love Love Michelle xx
  12. Hi, welcome to BTG Sorry that your dad has suffered SAH. I agree with what has already been said, the brain is a very complex thing and it has suffered trauma, it's not unusual for strange things to be said, apparently when I was in hospital I had phoned my sister in the middle of the night telling her the nurses were trying to poison me, Then I phoned my partner and told him the same thing, I have no recollection of doing it at all. As has been said it is very early in your dad's recovery, don't expect to much to soon, the brain and body have suffered trauma, they need time to recover and heal, he sounds like a fit man but he still needs lots of rest and drinking plenty of water will also help. Take it one day at a time, You will find lots of advice here and you will find everyone very welcoming and friendly, it's a brilliant support group and we will all be here to help you and your dad along the recovery road. Love Michelle xx
  13. Hi Ricky, Welcome to BTG sorry that you suffered SAH. As Super Mario has said you are in the very early stages of your recovery and this is all new to you. The dizziness isn't very nice as you are finding out, try not to make sudden movements, like getting up from a sitting position move to the edge of the seat and sit for a moment then stand up slowly, the same when turning around do it slowly, your brain and your body have suffered trauma and they need time to heal. It's good that you are getting plenty of rest as that is a big help, making sure you are drinking lots of water is also very important as this helps with headaches, you have to listen to your body and your brain, try not to over do things because if you do they will let you know. You have come to the right place for help and support, you will find a lot of great information and advice here, you will find everyone very welcoming and friendly, it's nice to have somewhere you can come to where people know what you have been through and understand how you are feeling, The recovery road can be a bit bumpy at times, we are here to help you along it. Wishing you well as you start your recovery journey Ricky. Love Michelle xx
  14. 3 Years since SAH

    Thanks Sharon, I will be celebrating with Jan this week. Love Michelle xx
  15. 3 Years since SAH

    Thanks Colleen, Sarah,Sami & Mecca Your words mean a lot. Macca I am deeply sorry for your loss Life is so cruel at times. Your stepdaughter did a wonderful thing being an organ donor, And I'm sure she would be very proud that you raised so much money for the children's charity. I'm sending you a massive hug. X Love Michelle xx