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  1. Finally - 5 Years

    Congratulations Iola on your 5 year anni-versary, You are winning the battle and that gives us all hope, you are truely an inspirational lady and I love your honesty. Your words will give confidence to those who are just setting out on this journey that we have all travelled, that yes you may not be the same person as you were but acceptance of who you have become goes a long way to helping with recovery. Love Michelle xx
  2. Umut, You are doing a brilliant job, you are there for your mum and I'm sure she knows you are there. It's lovely that she has been moved to a room with a window and lovely sunlight shining on to her bed. Sending you and your mum love and strength to help you through. Keep doing what you are doing, your mum will be so very proud of what you are doing. Love Michelle xx
  3. Hi Kjarva I had a similar problem only the other way around, I was in hospital for 11 days and couldn't eat at all, like Super Mario my tastebuds were the problem, although I was hungry and wanted to eat everything tasted disgusting, when I got home it was the same for a while but eventually I did manage, the only thing I can't eat is anything with mint flavour. As Super Mario said you should speak to your doctor, it is still early in your recovery but you should seek some medical advice, it will put your mind at rest. Wishing you well on your recovery and let us know how you get on, it could be helpful to new members who could be having the same issues. Love Michelle xx
  4. Areajay

    Hi AJ Sorry to hear that your mum has suffered SAH, you have come to the right place for help, support and advice, you will find a wealth of information here. Everyone's recovery is different but the things that seem to be very common with all of us survivors are feeling very tired, fatigue is one of the big side affect of SAH, making sure that your mum gets lots of rest when she feels tired will help, Also some people suffer with headaches, staying well hydrated really does help with headaches. Your mum's brain and body have suffered trauma and they both need lots of time to recover, there are no quick fixes and it does take time, she will still be able to do things, just maybe a bit slower than before, take one day at a time, also make sure that you look after yourself too, there are a few members who are carers and I am sure they will be along to give you some advice and help you with caring for your mum. Have a good look around the site AJ , hope you don't mind me calling you AJ, there are a lot of helpful threads, you will get a lot of friendly advice and make a lot of new friends along the way. Wishing your mum and yourself well as you start your recovery journey together. Let us know how things are going, we are all here to help. Love Michelle xx
  5. Hi Umut, I am sending prayers and strength to you and your family at this very worrying time. Recovery takes time and I think you are doing a brilliant job, talking to and playing messages to your mum are all really helpful things. You also need to look after yourself, make sure you are eating well and keeping your strength up too, Sending love & best wishes to you and your mum. Love Michelle xx
  6. I have to say that my GP was brilliant when I had my SAH, the practice had never had a patient who'd had SAH, when I came out of hospital they made a point of visiting me at home, they also made a point of reading up on SAH so that they knew exactly what they were dealing with, the partner that I was seen by, openly admitted that she had read up on the subject for that very reason. I think some doctor's just fumble there way through without really having much idea, it's the situation where you look ok, so you must be ok, an assumption a lot of people make, that of course doesn't help when you are suffering. As Macca said, you need to speak to the people who know about your condition. I wish you well and hope since you last posted you have managed to get some help. Take care Love Michelle xx
  7. Scared again...

    Hi Jan, Sami is right, go and get yourself checked out, making sure all is ok will help to put your mind at rest, it's natural to question why it happened or how it happened. It does sound like you are suffering from shock. Take care.xx
  8. One year nasah anniversary!

    Eric, congratulations on your 1st Anni-versary, sounds like you are making good progress, It takes a while for the fatigue to settle, I always say it's the brain and the body's way of reminding you that they are still recovering. I hope you enjoy getting back to your gardening, your new puppy and your walks with your daughter. Wishing you well as you continue to recover. Love Michelle xx
  9. Hi Stephen, welcome to BTG, Sorry to hear you had SAH you have come to a great place for support and advice, you will find a wealth of information here and all of it from people who have been through SAH. It's really early days with your recovery, it is normal to feel tired as fatigue is one of the most common side affect of SAH, being sensitive to noise is another, lots of rest is required early on in your recovery as you will find the smallest of tasks really do take a lot out of you. Your body and your brain have suffered trauma and they both need lots of time to recover, make sure you drink lots of water as staying hydrated really does help with headaches and dizziness, The recovery road can be a bit of a bumpy road at times, so take things slowly, listen to your body, when tired make sure you rest. Wishing you all the best as you start your recovery journey. Love Michelle xx
  10. Hi Penny, I personally don't have a shunt so I can't comment on that, I'm sure those members who have will come along with some advice on that for you. I'm nearly 4 years since my SAH and I still have problems with my balance, it has improved a bit, I still find if I get up to quickly it knocks me very dizzy, I have to stand with my feet apart when I am brushing my teeth or washing my hands & face as leaning forward makes me dizzy. I still use my crutches to go outside if my dizziness is really bad because I am scared of falling, I fell 2 months after my SAH and snapped my wrist, had to have a metal plate and screws put in to fix it, so I am extra cautious. As Super Mario said there are lots of aides which will help to keep you safe at home. 7 months is still early in your recovery Penny, hopefully the clinic will be able to help sort out some of the problems for you. You will get there, slow and steady is a good way to go. Take care Love Michelle xx
  11. Hi dbc, I'm nearly 4 years since my SAH, at the start of my recovery I couldn't string a sentence together and it was very frustrating, my words would get stuck, I knew exactly what I wanted to say but it just wouldn't come out. Like Super Mario I have had some hilarious moments with some of the things I have said. I have to do things a little slower now, think about one thing at a time, I find thinking very difficult if there is a lot of background noise, my brain can't filter that out anymore or at least not like it used to. I have improved as time has gone on, when I am tired or stressed I notice it more, my partner has to go shopping with me because I have a tendency to leave debit cards in machines and struggle working with money, but I am learning to live with this new me. You will get there, 7 months is still early in your recovery, as others have said take one day at a time. Wishing you well Love Michelle xx
  12. Head cold

    Pleased you have managed to persuade hubby to go to see doctor, it could be that he has picked up this winter virus that is going around, but it's better to get it checked out with doctor. Hope doctor manages to put your mind at rest, Hang in there, things will get better. Love Michelle xx
  13. Fourteen Years Later

    HAPPY 14TH ANNI-VERSARY Super Mario. You are certainly an inspirational lady, you have not let this unwanted event hold you back, as you say you have made a new lovely life for yourself and have found different ways of doing things, long may you continue to enjoy your travel and enjoy all you experience doing so. Hope you are having a lovely day. Love Michelle xx
  14. Carer new to SAH

    Hi Liz, welcome to BTG So sorry that your mum has suffered SAH, you have come to the right place for help and advice, as has already been stated we are not allowed to give medical advice as non of us are qualified to do So, what you will find here is a wealth of information from everyone's own personal experiences of SAH, First of all the pain that your mum is experiencing in her legs could be coming from the blood dissipating down her spine, I had this problem and was told that was probably the cause of the pain, I'm not saying that is what is causing your mum's pain, this is just my own experience and what I was told by Neuro nurse, the hospital where your mum had her treatment should have one and if they have then maybe giving them a call would be a good idea, I was also told to make sure I was drinking plenty of water as staying well hydrated really does help with some of the affects of SAH. As for your mum not eating, try giving her small amounts of food to see if she will be more tempted to eat, if she's not feeling like eating and a full plate of food is put infront of her it could put her off altogether, I also suffered with a nasty taste in my mouth after SAH, everything tasted horrible, I was told to try fresh pineapple as it is good for that sort of thing and it helped a lot. I hope you find some of this helpful but as we always say, if you are really worried always seek advice and help from your mum's doctor or the hospital where she was looked after. Liz, it is still very early in your mum's recovery, her body and brain have suffered trauma and they both need lots of time to recover, just try and take things one day at a time. It must be very hard for you, especially having 3 children of your own to look after, do you have other family members you can call on to help you out a little bit, as a carer you need to take care of yourself as well, try and give us some more information about your mum and we will try and advise you the best we can. Wishing both you and your mum well as you start along the recovery road. Love Michelle xx
  15. Dramblys - introduction

    Hi Dramblys, Welcome to BTG, sorry to hear that your wife has had SAH, you have come to the right place for help and support, everyone has given some brilliant advice, You mention that your wife is suffering with headaches, the one thing I was told after my SAH was to make sure I was drinking lots of water as keeping well hydrated really does help with the headaches and I did find it helped me a great deal. It is still very early days in her recovery so she will be feeling tired, it can be a rollercoaster of emotions at the beginning but as Macca said just let your wife recover at her pace as every recovery is very individual. Her brain and body have suffered a huge trauma and if she over does things they will both let her know, they need lots of time to recover. Don't forget to look after yourself, you have been through a traumatic time also, make sure you make time for yourself as being a carer will take it out of you too. Good luck to both of you as you go on your recovery journey, we are all here to help you along that road. Best Wishes Michelle xx