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  1. I thought I'd never get used to mine but I can hardly feel the tubes now and I pat my shunt for without it I'd still be in cuckoo land. It is good to be back in the land of the living as before the shunt I was lost in my own little world. I never made sense but I don't now, so nothings changed ha ha. Cheer up all who have a shunt we are survivors xxxx A smile please xxxx
  2. Winb143

    My Sister by Clare

    We do get tired after a Bleed/SAH and I couldn't take my Family telling me their troubles as my brain really hurts. She has been through a lot and on here is "a letter from your Brain" (under inspiration) While I was out of it my Daughter found this site while I was thinking "What songs do I want played at my Funeral" I was so low !! Saw people in the same boat as me but they could laugh and coming on here got me my Laughter back and made me so grateful I was still alive xx Make sure Sister has water as that was the first thing I was told xx Good luck to you and Sister xx
  3. I have shunt in and it took me a while to get used to it, but it woke me up ! Click and a light came on. Mine was put in 2010 get buzzing noise but do not know if that's down to shunt or not. Liken it to listening to sea through a sea shell. On stormy days I get a heavy head but it woke me up after nearly a year with Hydrocephalus so I am so pleased to be back in the land of the living. I get tired but put it down to SAH. Stress also makes me feel worse and others sharing their problems with me like my Sister lol shhh Good luck
  4. Funny the other night I was laying down in bed and got a pain behind ear and went to side of jawbone. It was like a catch and I yelled (Nothing new there) felt like my jaw and ear where having a battle, do not know how else to describe it. Only had it the once that I remember !! Well just thought I'd add this xxxxx
  5. Winb143

    Headaches after SAH

    He will get there slow but sure Dm. I got headaches and used to think "Could this be another one" I was so scared then my Daughter found this site and I saw lots of people who were getting on with life after an SAH. Keep him away from stressful people or situations when possible. I found singing and laughter helped me but it didn't go down to well with my hubby lol xxxx He took me out for coffee and breakkies some mornings and getting out was good for me but not midriff !! Be patient as we can be pains but we and our loved ones have gone through it together, you watching and worrying and us in cuckooland as I called it xxxx
  6. Winb143

    Taste bud problems?

    Well Joe I have weird tastes and smells but it happened approx. a year after shunt was put in. Cannot remember much before then, loved chocs they always tasted nice no matter what. The weight crept up and up ! Coffee and tap water tastes awful but not a costa coffee. Everything bought out tastes okay but indoors yuk !! So welcome to "I've Lost my Taste" lol just made that up but it has got better, still moan about washing things like Comfort rinse so I have started buying baby products for washing in. That has helped as even shampoo stinks xxx Good luck xxx Smelly Win
  7. Winb143


    See Mums are fighters xxx Glad to see it is good news Tara and lets hope she gets better and better every day xxxx Catch you later and keep us informed on Mums progress xxxx Win xxxx
  8. They put a tube in my groin and I couldn't open my legs. Then I had a young girl see me once I woke up and she leaned on my legs and put all her weight on my legs, I felt a crack in my groin and a tear in my hip. She wrote to my Doctor and said in Letter I have left her walking, I was in agony I still cannot walk that far but 300 yards is better than nothing as I was told I'd never walk !! She saw me 3 times my husband wrote a letter saying "she only turned up 3 days and after that my wife couldn't walk at all", he also added she must be a miracle worker !!! ...keep moving as it can stiffen up more but gently does it. Try and get help on it but if you see a young girl with her children with her... Run!!!... Good luck and try swimming xxxx
  9. Winb143


    Cheer up Tara, (hard to do but so easy to say !!!) I wasn't going to tell you this but when I had mine, I am told I got ventriculitis, got over that then UTI followed by Sepsis. One year later shunt fitted as in cuckooland xx Had epilepsy since puberty but nothing to do with SAH and were getting fewer. Then along comes SAH and floors me. What I am trying to say is it can be a long process so never give up. My daughter said to my Hubby "Will Mum ever get better Dad?" My Al said "yes but when !! " You take care of yourself Tara as when we get well we are a handful lol. Now Chin up and passes a smile to Tara xxx Use it for down days xxxx
  10. Winb143


    Hiya Tara, I had ventriculitis after my op. You ask Docs all questions and be brave for Mum. Take care and I'm sure someone on here's had it done. Catch you later and wishing you all the best for Mum xxxx ...Still keep in touch xxxx
  11. I used to get giddy in the mornings and I was told to sit up and gradually stand all slower than we used to do things before. Everything while getting better is done at a slower pace. Never give up. We are walking the same road and one day we'll get there ...Wait for me I'll be the one singing and complaining of backache. Night and take a happy thought to bed with you, like your fav happy song
  12. Hi Joe, I had an SAH and was out of it for an age, my short term memory is shot, pleases hubby when he tells me again !!! Tastes are foul like tap water and coffee made at home, wonder how long my family will keep getting me Costa coffee's. I ask "Can you smell these sheets they stink, this coffee is foul" and so on ha ha. Living with it though. buy baby bubble bath same with shampoo lol You will get there give it time and think you are a survivor, so welcome to BTG and when down come on here and share your problems. Been there and it isn't nice but you can do this. Do not listen to others problems for a few months. I sing happy songs when down and it helps. This site is a Godsend to us who thought we were alone but find out there are others just like us and struggling. Good luck and try and be nice to family as they watched you go through this and do love you. Only we know what we are going through and I cuss under breath more than ever lol, and my Hubs and Daughter have been so good through it all xxxx I played the OT's up when out so I am told. They said "we cannot do anymore for her say goodbye to her as she will never be the same, we suggest a Home"!! My hubby said "No way we'll take her home" they gave me a balloon to hit in the air !! I can now walk 300 yards after being told I'll never walk again thanks to my Family xxxx So Cheer up and try and get happier we will get there. Regards Win xxxx Keep a smile at hand and remember what brain has been through let it heal
  13. Winb143

    My experience

    Hi Mandy, Just coming onto this site will help as you know you are not alone in this and that helps in itself. Feel for you but remember you are a survivor and although at present you might feel down and teary, things do get better. Slow but surely, one day I realised I hadn't cried all day and I was happy. Okay it didn't last but it was the best day I had since my SAH. Today I awoke and dog was in my bed and I looked at her and was so grateful to all those who went through it with me. Do not be hard on yourself and remember to think happy thoughts and not take others problems on. Shut all doom and gloom out. I do it by singing xx my poor family. Stress leave behind when possible as it is no good for us. Wishing you well in recovery small steps at first but we will get there. xx Good luck xx I still have sad days but I sing instead of thinking about them xxxx Happy songs only xxxx
  14. My surgeon signed me off and said if you are worried see Doctor who will contact me. Walked out and never needed him, but there are days we worry, but he did say "No Stress" stress is bad for you. Or sing Monty Pythons song" Always look on the bright side of life dee dum dee dum dee dum dee dum" Just Keep Happy xxxxx when possible xxxxx
  15. Winb143

    1 year today!

    Was my 9th on Sunday and I forgot about it totally, Karen gave me a reminder along with Subs. So Happy Anni ~ versary Clare 1 xxxxx and many more xxxxx Will you remind me mine is 29th July lol xxxxx You will get there and ignore the bad days as they do become fewer and you learn to laugh more .. In my case sing poorly sorry hubs. Congratulations and many more xxxxxx(Put August but that's the wrong anniversary our Wedding lol)