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    Where do I start? I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in 2005 and life became very different!
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    James Patterson, Lynda La Plante, Cranford, Marian Keyes, Cathy Kelly The Great Outdoors, Planes, Tr
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    25/07/05 SAH - aneurysm coiled

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  1. Karen

    Taste bud problems?

    Hi Joe, it's not unusual for smell and taste buds to be altered. I always had a sweet tooth before the SAH and then afterwards? Everything tasted sugary to the max and would make me gag. I couldn't eat chocolate, cake or puds, where as before I would have devoured them. Even minty fresh toothpaste would do the same... I had to find a toothpaste that didn't taste "sweet" or "salty".... it's been trial and error to be honest... I found that my gag reflex went into overdrive, sense of taste and smell also...where I often smelt "bonfire" and stil hate the smell of burnt toast! I'm now quite some years down the line .... but happy to say, that I no longer experience it....(apart from the toothpaste scenario!) Personally, I think that you're still early days ... it's taken me quite some years to re-educate my taste buds or perhaps brain to find new pathways .. However, perhaps not a bad thing not to like MacDonalds or KFC! Find what you like to eat and stick to it for a while .... gradually re-introduce small portions of food that you haven't been able to tolerate....but 19 months is still very early days.... It took me a lot longer. x
  2. Karen


    Oh wow! That's really good news Tara! xx
  3. Karen


    Hi Tara, No I've haven't personally experienced an infection post op. I'm presuming that the medics are going to remove part of your Mum's skull to relieve the swelling in her brain, which I'm also presuming caused the seizure yesterday and hence the CT scan. If you think of it logically, when the brain swells, unlike other parts of the body, that swelling has no where to go because it's surrounded by the hard bone of the skull and hence the pressure builds up, as it can't escape elsewhere. I know of a few people that have had to have a craniectomy to reduce pressure and also quite a few who've had a craniotomy to access their aneurysm for clipping surgery. I believe that once all's okay and things have settled down that the piece of skull taken away can be kept to repair the skull or a metal plate put back into the skull at a later date when the patient is stable. This is all stuff that you need to ask the Neurosurgeon. Yes, it does sounds pretty scary, but the main thing for your Mum is to get relief from the brain swelling which is causing her the problem right at this minute. Tara, you can only take it one day at a time and tackle what needs doing for your Mum ... it's a huge amount for relatives to take in and I feel for you all, as it's quite a shock to hear this sort of news and I know the procedure sounds pretty barbaric to anybody that hasn't heard of it, but it's the way to go to try to relieve the pressure from your Mum's brain. Sending love and hugs to you all...xx
  4. Karen

    My Sister by Clare

    Anxiety and depression can accompany a SAH and is very common. Try to find out what part of your sister's brain suffered the damage? It does make a difference to understanding how that person is feeling ... When I first came out of hospital my only venture was being taken out in the car for a ride in the countryside .... not stopping off anywhere, but it really helped. The weather has been exceptionally hot, so your sister needs to make sure that she's hydrated. I'm quite some years down the line now and even I've found the last month or so, quite difficult to deal with. xx
  5. Mandy, it's not an easy one to answer. I had the bleed on the right hand side of my brain...Which affected the left side of my body and often, my right hand side would be more dominant and it would pull me over, when walking or doing anything else. The bleed also caused me balance issues ... I've had to work on my left hand side a lot! .... At first that involved a walking stick to help my balance and also to regain confidence, as I had sight issues which involved depth perception too. I've also had problems getting in and out of a car ... it also depends on what car it is and I still loathe getting into the back of a two seater! If you have balance issues, it may be worth asking your GP for a referral to the hospital for Physio or for a balance check. I've not personally heard of anyone suffering a physical problem with the the bruising post coiling or even with a check up via the same procedure. The bruising isn't nice, but I've not heard of a long term problem. You're very early days post SAH... keep exercising that leg, whilst doing it in a safe place.xx
  6. Karen

    1 year today!

    Well done Clare and hope that you manage to get out for a meal later and celebrate life! 😃🥂 xx
  7. Good luck for Thursday Joan! I'm still being monitored for my coiled aneurysm (it wasn't fully occluded) and I perhaps know that I will be in the same position as you at some point. I also have another artery that may or may not turn into an aneurysm needing treatment. I would much rather have treatment before a bleed, rather than after ....as it's the bleed that causes the damage. I wish you luck my lovely ... I know that it's scary .... I also hope that you have good family about you, who will look after you post op. My late mum in law had an aneurysm coiled (without the bleed) ... she was pretty much okay after the op, apart from the anaesthetic, which always takes a few days to get out of the system. Take care lovely and when you're feeling up to it, let us know how you're doing. Huge hugs and much love. xx
  8. Karen

    13 years post SAH today.

    Thanks Kathy....I hope that the words and support from this site helps you. xx
  9. Karen

    13 years post SAH today.

    Bless you Win x .... I can see that it's not long until your own SAH annie-versary ....😘 x
  10. Karen

    13 years post SAH today.

    Many thanks to you all for your kind words and good wishes. x
  11. Karen

    13 years post SAH today.

    Thank you Andrea! x
  12. Karen

    13 years post SAH today.

    Thank you Clare and for all of your help with the site. Couldn't do it without you all .... The food was fab! Authentic Italian ... beautifully fresh tasting. x
  13. Karen

    13 years post SAH today.

    Thank you Michelle and Paul. x 😘
  14. It's my 13th SAH annie today ... Life has got better and better, so I hope that it gives you guys hope that healing continues for many, many years! Eric took the day off and we went to Sherborne for a lovely Italian lunch and a glass of wine.... Sherborne is quite hilly and in my early years I found it very difficult walking etc and it took every bit of energy I had. I haven't been back to visit for some years, but today....I managed it solo, not much hand holding and made it up and down and around! Today, is a good reminder that for each and every one of those 13 years, I've experienced more and more recovery ... Never be told that when you get to 2 years post SAH that you will experience little recovery and that the majority of your recovery will be experienced in those first two years. That's not true in my experience...and in fact, I believe that my physical and mental wellbeing, started at 2 years post SAH. I was 2 years into my recovery, when I understood what had happened to me and accepted that life was going to be very different and my new normal, wasn't going to be the same as my normal before the brain injury. So, I decided to be kinder to myself and compare myself to the person who left hospital in a wheelchair, rather than the person I was before. It took me a long while to figure that one out! What I'm trying to say is, never give up .... keep pushing forward with those baby steps and even though you may not always succeed, it's better to try and fail, rather than not trying at all. All of those littles successes add up and start to bring a sense of normality back to your life.... For me, it's been slow but sure, plus I have to factor in that I'm another 13 years older, so my body and brain is not always going to do, what it should! 13 years and still alive and kicking and it's been a perfect day! Keep on keeping on guys! xx
  15. I've never heard of this in the 12 years of running the site. I can understand the problem with reading and it does take time to re-educate the brain and being able to absorb the information. That's always a work in progress and I can now, devour a book in a week. I don't have any medical background and my eyesight was affected after the bleed and also had a third nerve palsy. It sounds as though this problem is perhaps more to do with mental health, rather than the physical fall out from the bleed. I'm sorry that I can't help, but it sounds as though your wife has had a lot of stress, with losing her Mum too ... maybe this question needs to be re-directed to her Doctor. Wishing you luck. x