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    Where do I start? I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in 2005 and life became very different!
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    James Patterson, Lynda La Plante, Cranford, Marian Keyes, Cathy Kelly The Great Outdoors, Planes, Tr
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    25/07/05 SAH - aneurysm coiled

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  1. Quadrantanopia

    Admin note to members: In order for this thread to continue and due to a member completely deleting text from their posts on this subject, I've had to heavily edit/delete replies in order to make sense of the conversation for new members. I've salvaged what I can, rather than closing the thread.
  2. Win, funny that you say that about ear piercing .... my Doc did my ear piercing when I was 16, as I had an allergy to certain metals. Unfortunately, he pierced the left lobe too far down, which is the one with the crease and I reckon that the weight of some of the earrings that I used to wear, has also added to the crease.....in fact it's now a V shape!
  3. Yes, I've had one for years on my left ear lobe and was aware that it's a potential indicator. However, I've a tendency to sleep mainly on my left side, so I'm a bit more wrinkly on that side of my face! x
  4. Karen

    Bits and Pieces
  5. Melissa

    Posted on behalf of Melissa.... I had a bleeding stroke (Subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke) on June 28 2017, After 5 days in ICU and 11 more in hospital I came home. I have a great support family and I really like my doctor however now that its been a little over a year I am starting to get this uneasy feeling and not sure what to do. I have been researching and in most cases you have to have surgery to repair the bleed or you have a greater chance of it happening again....I did not have surgery and when I ask about the chances of it happening again I was told that it was very rare. Has anyone had this and did not have to have surgery?
  6. We Can Survive!

    Admin note: In order to stay on topic in the medical forums this thread has been edited and artwork and replies can be found on the following thread started in the Green Room....just click your mouse on the title below. x
  7. Ask your Doc for a blood test to see if you're deficient in any vitamins or minerals .... it could be a simple fix. I was found to be lacking in iron, calcium/vit D post SAH. x
  8. Jan, I can only say that this year, I'll be 12 years on, post SAH. I shall also be 55 in August. Every year, since the SAH, I've experienced better recovery .... I've been going through the menopause as well...and still having the drop in hormones. It's a tough road to travel, but I've done more this year, than I've ever done post SAH, so take heart! 2 years ago, I finally went to the Docs and got anti-depressants for my anxiety (I'm still on them) ... I also had stuff going on in my personal life. I struggled. I just wish that I had accepted help earlier and life since, has been a lot better and on a much more even keel.... I've also had balance problems and still do at certain times .... go and speak to your GP and be honest with him/her ... I've always felt that for me, the two year stage, was the starting point in my recovery.... figuring it out and discovering that I was living in a body and brain, that didn't feel like me. I rarely post on the site now, but I know how important mental health is ... please go and see your GP.... I wish that I hadn't been quite so stubborn, there's help out there and I hope that you guys won't leave it as long as me, to seek it. xx
  9. My Darling Linda

    I'll pass on your thanks Paul. xx
  10. My Darling Linda

    Love and hugs Paul....we're all with you. x Some of the older members on BTG who haven't posted for a while and have moved on from BTG, but are friends on Facebook with BTG Facebook and myself, send their love and condolences, as they remember your personal support and Lin .... Sarah, Carolyn, Tina W, Michelle D, Janet, Jen, Keith, Leonie, Sandi, Kelley, Donna, Margaret, Vivien and Mary.... their usernames on BTG are different, but they're all thinking of you and send love. x
  11. Hi from Laura (aka tennissmithy)

    Great to see you Laura. x
  12. Great to see you back Keith! x
  13. My Darling Linda

    So very sad for you Paul ... words are never enough, but I think that you can see from the responses on here, that we've all shared your journey with Lin. As Daff has so eloquently said, that it's been a beautiful story of love ....and we all feel part of yours and Lin's journey .... Such a sad day, but Lin fought with great courage and you have too .... she couldn't have wished for a better partner. Sending much love to you and I'm so sorry. xx
  14. My Darling Linda

    Thinking of you Paul ... sending hugs and love. x
  15. Infindibula

    Kelley, I have an infundibula on the left hand side of my brain. I believe that it's an abnormal shaped artery. It hasn't caused me any problems. Ask your Doc the questions that you need to ask. xx