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  1. Fourteen Years Later

    What a survivor!!
  2. Lowey family post

    Time, patience, love and prayers. It's so early. Pressure on the brain causes strange behavior and poor memory. Give him time. I send you best wishes! Chris
  3. Headaches worse at night?

    I used two pillows for a while. Now I just use one, but it is a big one. Elevation does seem to help. When I first transitioned from the pain pills, I used another pill that helped me sleep for a while. We can't give medical advice on here so don't take this as advice. But since this is over the counter, I will mention that Benadryl works for me. It is also what is in the "PM" pain pills I believe. However, it has the opposite effect on my wife and makes her jumpy. So who knows.
  4. I have memory problems. I am not able to focus on intense problems. I can't multi-task as well. All part of the new me. But I breathe, so I will take it.
  5. I used to be one of those people who had a hard time going to sleep. Every since my time in the hospital, one of my favorite times of day is getting in the bed. I sleep so much easier now. I don't think I sleep any longer than before, except for those first few weeks of recovery, but it just comes easier.
  6. It took me a while to get over the "why" question too. Something as scary as a brain bleed and you leave the hospital with a "don't know why" is hard. But I finally put my faith in the statistics. They know my medical history and with that, determined it was just something that happened, but is unlikely to happen again. Based on statistics of thousands of people before me who have suffered NASAH with no know reason. So I finally accepted it. I hope you can get there too. Chris
  7. My story so far

    Welcome and best wishes for your recovery. It does take time and patience to overcome the trauma you have experienced. As others have stated, please listen to your body and rest when it tells you too. This is not a time to push yourself. I took it very easy for a good 3 months before I started trying to ramp up activity again. It will be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Please don't get discouraged. I hope you have a network of family and friends who understand and will be there to help you through. Best wishes, Chris
  8. Headaches

    I hope they improve for you. I remember having "weird" headaches often for at least the first year, but they did get less frequent and the duration when down. I would say my experience was probably mostly in the first 6 months. After that, I just got small headaches up near my temple and eye, but they would only last for an hour or so. Now (over 2 years out), i have the occasional day with a headache of the "weird" (as in seems to be in the front of my head rather than the back where I always had headaches before), but these are maybe only 1 or 2 days a month. We all heal differently. I hope you improve soon and they get better. Chris
  9. Delusions

    When I was in the hospital, I watched a football game on TV. It seemed to me that every play was almost in slow motion. I became convinced for a couple of days that I had a superpower to slow down time. But, no such luck.
  10. I don't seem to have any additional difficulty with sicknesses than before the NASAH. However, being only 7 months out could have something to do with it. I hope you feel better soon. Chris
  11. How life changes

    Welcome to the site. I am also one of the many men who frequent this site. This site is for survivors, care-givers, and other supporters regardless of their sex. It has been of such value and support for me and I hope it provides the same for you and your husband. Best wishes Chris
  12. 5 years

    Congrats Casey!
  13. I suffered a NASAH, so not as severe as some. However, for the first year after, and still from time to time, I get an acute headache behind the eye or eyebrow. It usually doesn't last very long (less than 30 minutes). I compare it to an ice headache when you drink something cold too fast. I never had these before my bleed so it must be related somehow. I send best wishes to you. Chris
  14. Hi Alex, Best wishes from the US. Short-term memory loss seems to be one of the common items after our injuries. Mine was affected, but has gotten much better over time. I hope the same thing happens in this instance. The brain is a miraculous thing, but even it needs time to heal from something like this. Chris
  15. New member - Peter John

    Welcome to the BTG. I send best wishes for your recovery. As mentioned above, we all heal differently, and I don't know that any of us return to "normal" but rather find a new norm. I am just over two years out, but sill have lingering effects, mostly some weird headaches and memory problems. But overall, I would say I am back to normal. Just take it slow, be patient, listen to your body and get better. Chris