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  1. Chris G

    Headaches and NASAH

    I experienced daily headaches of varying degrees almost everyday for the first few months. Once they subsided, I started experiencing very sharp headaches in the forehead area. But they would only last for a minute or two. Now, I still get more headaches in the front part of my head, when before the NASAH, almost all of my headaches were more back of head/neck pains. Hang in there. You are still recovering and your brain may still be filtering blood from your bleed. I hope it will get better for you soon. Chris
  2. I am neither a nutritionist or doctor and also cannot give medical advise. I can say that many of us, including myself, wondered if recent lifestyle changes caused our bleed-without-a-cause. In my case, I had recently started running. So for a while I worried if that caused it and if I returned to running would it happen again. But thanks to the support and information on this site, I moved past that fear and returned. So I would have no way of knowing how your diet may or may not have affected you. But I would trust your doctor's advice and not let anxiety get the best of you. Best wishes, Chris
  3. Chris G

    Vascular surgeon

    The only follow up I had for my NASAH was with my neurosurgeon 3 months later for a follow up MRI.
  4. I am more moody since mine. Not really anger as much as lack of patience. Now I have created an “ice zone” in my imagination. When I start to get frustrated I “float above in the ice zone”. Sounds weird but it helps. Maybe some similar technique could help you.
  5. Chris G

    Road trip?

    It's really your call. I know this early out you still have some fears, but that will get better. Mostly you will have to battle fatigue and headaches. You said your kids are teens. I would suggest that if you decided to go, you have a discussion with them and let them know that they are taking care of the packing, unpacking and anything else strenuous. Also that Mommy will need rests and will not be participating in all events. Since your injury is not visible, you have to get them to understand that you are healing just like if you had a broken leg or something they could see.
  6. Chris G

    8 years.......

    Congrats Janey! Best wishes.
  7. Chris G


    Almost 3 years now and I still forget words sometimes. My overall memory is poor (but it was not great before), especially peoples names. I have started putting names in my phone so I can look and remember them. I still feel a little removed from reality where yesterday seems dream-like. I also get the equilibrium thing from time to time, but it only lasts a few seconds and is not very often. So it sounds like what you are experiencing is in line with typical survivor-mode self. However, if worried, I would always suggest having it checked out. Best wishes for continued healing.
  8. Chris G


    Maybe the number one rule I learned after my NASAH is "listen to your body". I try not to push or go when my body says no. It may be fatigue or a headache, but I listen. I hope you continue to improve. It takes time. Chris
  9. Chris G

    Three Years!!! Still here!!

    Congrats Jan. I too hope things just continue to get brighter for you. Chris
  10. Chris G

    Jase - New member.

    Another runner here, but not marathons. Hang in there! The new you is every bit as special as the old you. Chris
  11. You concerns will get better with time. Hang in there. Little things become big things, like blowing your nose. But with time, the anxiety should get better. Chris
  12. Chris G


    I send you best wishes for a continued recovery. It takes time and patience. Please hang in there. You are a survivor! Chris
  13. Chris G

    Ups And downs

    Certainly sounds like you are doing more than your body is ready for. I suggest rest. Please remember that this is not a steady recovery process. It ebbs and flows. Up and down. One of the concerns is when you feel better and let everyone know you are doing ok, they think you will just continue to improve. And they may not be patient when you hit a wall. Please rest as much as you can and listen to your body. It will tell you when it's too much, as it seems to be doing now. Best wishes, Chris
  14. Chris G

    Eye test

    I had lasik way back in the 1990s when it was still on limited approval here in the states. My eyesight was like 20/400 and I had worn contacts fro so long that i had severe conjunctivitus. So it was either that or thick (at that time they would have been thick) glasses. One of best decisions I ever did. My eyesight was terrific up until about age 50 when I started to need reading glasses. Now, after the NASAH, i need help near and far, but only when I really need to see well. Most of the time still no glasses for me.
  15. Best wishes for you wife. My older daughter had a PE and had to be on blood thinners for several months to allow it to dissolve. I know how stressful they can be. Prayers sent. Chris