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  1. SAH followed by later heart issues?

    While suffering the NASAH, my heart rate dropped to around 26 bpm several times (while I was in ICU). But the cardiologist said it was not heart-related, just the brain not sending the right signals. My EKG then and another since both show IRBBB (incomplete right bundle branch block). As I understand it, the right side of my heart no longer receives the electrical signal from the brain to beat, and instead beats as the electrical signal from the left side of my heart "bleeds" over. So it is slightly delayed. However, I do run, and this could just be "athlete's heart", where the right side is larger from running, and is getting the signal from the brain, but due to to size, it shows as delayed on the EKG. So I answered unsure, as I don't know if the IRBBB is NASAH related or not.
  2. New member-Pat

    Welcome and best wishes for a continued recovery. Chris
  3. Umut, I send prayers for your Mom and you. Hang in there and best wishes for recovery for her. Chris
  4. My life after my stroke

    Welcome and congratulations on being a survivor!
  5. Take your time. I was conducting conference calls from the ICU and now I don't remember them. Work can wait. Give yourself time to heal. You will have ups and downs. I have a nagging black cloud that haunts me from time to time. Just recognize it and let it run its course. It will leave again. When you do go back to work, listen to your body. It will tell you when to slow down. I, like many on here, still struggle with short-term memory. So you may want to get in the habit of taking notes. Best wishes! Chris
  6. Eye pain

    Nikki, I hope the pain subsides over time. My understanding is it takes a while for the brain to filter the blood away. Until then, well it just hurts. The filter is a bit clogged and it takes time to clear out. Best wishes as you continue to improve.
  7. 1 Year Anni-versary

  8. 1 Year Anni-versary

    Happy Anniversary! Best wishes for continued improvement.
  9. Lynn413 - New member

    Welcome and best wishes for a continued recovery! Chris
  10. As everyone has said, it's still early. You are probably getting better, but just not feeling better yet. It takes time, and it is not a constant trend up. You have ups and downs. Some members on there in the past recommend keeping a daily or weekly dairy. That way you can look back and better recognize the improvements you are making. I wish you the best. Chris
  11. Life's Shadow

    LIFE’S SHADOW As a child I worried not, he lived so far away Ignored, he placed me on his list, marked with an unknown day Even when I caught a glimpse, as he touched some distant kin I shrugged him off and never thought of when he may come again As a man, I saw his face, and his ghastly grin, When he came to stand beside the bed, of my Dad, my hero, my friend The air about him bittersweet, from his eye a single tear My heart confused with what to feel, peace or mortal fear When life turned hard as time beat on, his whisper I did hear His services he offered me, for those that I held dear He shared plans and schemes and tricks, if I cared to try He never pushed but steadfastly stood, to watch my daily cry As I pressed on, he cheered for me; my eyes were finally dry And quietly faded from my view, without a warm goodbye I thought perhaps, “He’s not so bad, I should not fear the end” But I was grossly unprepared, for when he came again He did not call out, or wave or knock, as I ran around the bend He stealthy creep upon my back, and squeezed my life within For time eternal it felt to me, his taunting I endured Until the sweet escape I found; my mind was finally cured And now I am an older man, my life has mostly poured And he comes by from time to time, to p r i c k me with his sword No remorse did he provide, for the brutal time that past Not his fault, it is his way; his dye has long been cast And so the peace that I once sensed, has come again at last I fear him not, I know his role; I pray he will act fast For he is not the end you see, when comes my final day He is but the ferryman, to carry me away
  12. Emma B new member

    Welcome and best wishes for a continued recovery. Chris
  13. Night sweats

    I don't remember ever having these after the NASAH. If anything, I get cold more easily. I hope they get better soon. Chris
  14. Fourteen Years Later

    What a survivor!!