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  1. Prayers and best wishes for you to feel better. It's a rollercoaster ride and I hope you start to feel lifted back up soon. Chris
  2. Chris G

    Chris' Pictures
  3. Thank you. Two years on!

    Congrats on your anniversary and your progress. Keep healing and may every day be better than the one before. Chris
  4. Newbie -Linda

    Welcome Linda. Don't feel that you don't belong here, because you do. I only suffered a NASAH. 10 days in the hospital and just an EVD. I am often amazed at what some of the other members have experienced and the courage they have as they continue to recover. However, we are all part of the same family here and everyone is very welcoming. Leaving the hospital with little information seems to be common. Fear of reoccurrence is also common. Mine got much better with time as I hope yours will as well. From my medical advisors, people on this site, and research of some studies online, I have become to believe that the risk of reoccurrence of a NASAH is minimal. As everyone states, drink lots of water, listen to your body, try to avoid stress. I am sending you best wishes for a speedy and peaceful recovery. You are a survivor! Chris
  5. Melissa

    I also had a NASAH almost 2 years ago. Just and EVD, no surgery. I was told the chances of it happening again were no greater than it happening the first time. Slowly, my anxiety over it happening again has subsided. Now I think of it this way, before it happened, I had a weakness that I did not know about waiting to happen. Now I have survived that and the weakness did it's best and is gone. So I am now stronger than before. So I chose not to live in fear. I am different, but here. Should it happen again, I will fight it again, but I don't fear it. I hope this helps. With time comes confidence and peace for you I hope. Chris
  6. New here :) Amanda

    Welcome. I wish you the best as you continue to recover. It sounds like you really are a true survivor! I got by much much easier than you, so I can't give you much advice other than to stay positive and continue to read the BTG. There are so very many wonderful survivors and carers on here who can give you much advice. Also, there is a lot of great advice already on here if you search around. I send prayers for you and your family. I am so sad that they missed it on the MRI in 15. But wow, have you ever shown them with where you are versus what they predicted. Please continue to beat the odds and heal nicely. Chris
  7. Scared about my next op

    Best wishes for you A. I hope everything goes well.
  8. Prayers for you and your Mum Tori.
  9. 2 year anniversary

    Congrats! Keep getting better!
  10. Help for meltdowns

    I pray you feel better soon. I know it's not really a guy thing but I took 2 to 3 hot baths a day for several weeks after I got out of the hospital. They seemed to help relax me. I tapered off to almost none again now but at the time I really was thankful for them. Maybe that would help you?
  11. Welcome. What you are experiencing is almost identical to my experience. After being discharged I experienced neck headaches followed by acute but short lived headaches in the temples. Like a brain freeze. They got better over time and I think it is just the brain healing from the damage that was done. I hope yours improve too. Be patient drink water and get lots of rest. Chris
  12. Hi Yoyo, I send prayers for you and hope you can find peace soon. It's a struggle to heal and it takes time and patience, by you and your support group. I hope you continue to improve. You will have good days and bad days, but the trend should be up over time. Please hang in there. You are a survivor! Chris
  13. anniversary day.

    Congrats on the first year. I hope you continue to improve each year for many years to come. Chris
  14. I think my SAH has won

    Jan, I am sending many prayers for you. I hope you feel better soon. Chris
  15. Coydog blue new member

    Welcome Blue l am also in the US (Ga). Best wishes for you chris