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  1. Where do I start? The last 12 months have been more difficult than I expected, full of highs and lows. . . . The Best day , it goes without saying (but I’ll say it .anyway. Remember Jan The Rambler’s typing this!!) was my beautiful wedding day . It truly was the best day of my life so much so, I want to do it again ( with John of course!) I’m digressing already. I see things differently this year. Relationships with family and friends change.I have felt abandoned and isolated.The isolation is mainly my doing, I think my confidence went down a different path to the one I’m on. I’ll keep looking, it’s there somewhere. On a ‘good’ day I feel great, full of energy etc so here’s hoping there’s lots of those on the horizon. I’m still struggling to accept all that I’ve lost but more importantly I try very hard to appreciate all that I have. THANK YOU BTG for being here Jan xx
  2. Me too ☹️ I’m 2and a half years post SAH now I watch very little TV, Same as Siper Mario, I can’t stand the noise and movement and to be honest I can’t follow a storyline, The concentration wears me out. Mad isn’t it? Jan xx
  3. Super Mario, Thank you for this information, I will definitely look into this. Jan xx
  4. Thank you so much for your replies, Who'd be female?!, I went for my ultrasound scan yesterday, whilst lying there I was so tempted to ask ' is it a boy or girl?' Ha ha!! I decided it would be better to behave like an adult so I kept my mouth firmly closed ( well there's a first time for everything !!) Saraheliza, I don't have any tips re the panic, other than take deep breaths and try to distract yourself, I wish I listened to my own advice. I too seem to have a good day then a bad one, it's like it's par for the course for now 🙁 jan xx
  5. Have any of you lovely BTG ladies had the misfortune to go through the menopause after your SAH?If so, do you have any advice or tips on how to make it easier?!, I had a 'lightbulb' moment last Sunday, having spent the afternoon sobbing and wailing 'I can't cope with this anymore'. It dawned on me that I could be feeling so miserable because of my hormones and not my head. Am I the only one who immediately blames the aftermath of Sah for every ache, pain, feeling, mixed up emotions? Anyway, long story short,I went to my gp on Tuesday to ask for help getting through this. She went through a list of menopausal symptoms, i.e. Hot flushes, night sweats, heavy bleeding abdominal.cramps,tiredness, lack of interest in anything, tearful..I sat there nodding saying Yes to all of them. First thing she did was prescribe citalopram ( anti depressants) I was unsure about having these but I will try absolutely anything to not feel how I felt last weekend. I went for blood tests last Thursday to check oestrogen levels etc, going for another one tomorrow to check vitamin B12 levels, I'm not sure why, can anyone enlighten me on that? Ultrasound scan on Thursday then on 24th I see a gynae consultant. Oh joy ! Im so sorry to have rambled on so much Any advice would be wonderful Thank you for reading Jan xx
  6. Jan

    Barometer Head?

    Many thanks for all your replies, As Lyn wrote its good to know it's not just me. Perhaps we haven't realised our new vocation? "And here is today's weather forecast, brought to you by BTG !!!!!" Jan xx
  7. Jan

    Barometer Head?

    Hi Sis, That is a great explanation thank you, You've just made it make sense for me ?We didn't get the predicted storm, just lots of rain, my head feels better now?Thank you again. Jan xx
  8. Jan

    Barometer Head?

    I've read posts on here in the past( can't find them now) relating to Barometer head and just wanted to ask a few questions. . . . My head has felt fuzzy and heavy today. I felt really really tired early afternoon so I had a sleep for an hour on the sofa, I Never sleep in the day.It was sunny and warm here this morning, it's cloudy now and I think we're due thunderstorms around 5pm.could my heavy head be related to the weather? If so, how does my head know that we're due a storm? I know that you can't give any medical advice, I just wanted to hear of other people's experiences/ feelings Thank you for reading Jan xx
  9. Jan

    I think my SAH has won

    Macca Thank you, you've just had me laughing til I cried(happy cry !)Ive checked the kitchen cupboard, got a good stock of bin bags and an image ofJohn dressed like a village idiot, whoops I think you said yokel., just joking, he's only an idiot for putting up with me poor man . On a slightly more serious note Thank you for advice re medication, I will check side effects etc. Macca, you have a unique talent with your advice and humour,It never fails to lift me, Thank you Love Jan xx
  10. Jan

    I think my SAH has won

    Where do I start?!!! Thank you all so much for taking the time and consideration to reply to my post.Because I know that you all understand, your replies have enabled me to 'look from the outside in' and that is a huge help. I think my biggest mistake since leaving hospital has been pretending that everything is ok and that I'm ok. Too much pride? Yes I think so. John and I have never been ones to ask for help, always happy to give it but perhaps too proud to ask for it., I think we asked on a couple of occasions in the early days , it wasn't forthcoming so we didn't bother asking again.. I agree that we should meet up with my sisters for a chat, as you've mentioned above if We don't tell them how do they know? The preparations are coming along re wedding This has caused added pressure My organising skills left me 2 years ago,I feel bad that I've not shown much interest or enthusiasm, I've mostly left it to John ( like he doesn't have enough to do! poor bloke) 2 months to go and I haven't bought a dress yet! I asked him if he'd still marry me if I turned up in my jeans and Tee shirt, Bless him, he said Yes(I think he'd prefer to see me in a dress though!!!) My anger and frustrations are my enemies right now, and throw in a touch of the green eyed monster and lots of tiredness, not the best combination! I am on Anti deps~sertraline., I've insisted that the dose be reduced in readiness for coming off them completely, I know they suit some people but they're not for me. As for an appointment with my GP, please excuse the next sentence. . . . I would be better off having a chat with Alfie (my dog) he has more knowledge and understanding of Sah.,sorry if that came across as very rude. Just reading and re reading all of your replies is helping me more than you know.You are all so generous with your time and advice. Thank you again Love Janxx
  11. It's been 2 years since my Sah and I hate to admit that at the moment it's beaten me into submission. I can't find the energy to fight back, my apathy towards anything and everything is relentless, I have little interest in anything. John and I have spent most of the last fortnight arguing(we don't generally argue) I mean arguing to the point that I'm closing windows so the neighbours don't hear. I know that I've been feeling sorry for myself recently, we have no family support at all, I've tried to talk to my sisters a couple of times but nothing changes. I told one sister on Sunday that I'd told John to leave me an go and find some happiness (I am very very lucky, I know John won't go anywhere, he loves me). I (stupidly) thought that by telling my sisters how bad things are,they might be more understanding of what we go through, not holding my breath. I think that I resent the normality of their lives. Sorry to have moaned Ive just read what Ive typed. I do know that this isn't depression(had that last year) Thank you for reading Any advice, experiences, thoughts gratefully received Jan xx
  12. Jan

    Kay - new member

    Hi Kay, welcome to the best source of support and friendship you will come across along your recovery journey. Ive just seen your post regarding the cerebral angiogram and wanted to tell you 'don't worry', mad words I know, we all worry. When I went for mine,I was also told that I may have to stay overnight and ,like you that was the last thing I wanted.. Now, I know all hospitals are different and we are all different. This is not medical advice, just my experience..... I was told that I would be sedated for the procedure so I asked " if I have it done with no sedation can I go home tonight?" Answer was Yes. I felt no pain or discomfort. I had a lovely nurse holding my hand all the time, explaining it all to me and answering my questions( she probably wished I'd been sedated, I can talk for.Britain) Worse part was having to lay flat for 4hours before being allowed home.I hope this perhaps put your mind at ease a little, please let us know how you get on. Take care Jan xx
  13. Jan

    3 Years since SAH

    Michelle, when I met you for the first time last year, I was 1yr post Sah and you were 2yr. You gave me enormous inspiration and the courage to carry on along this horrible bumpy road that we all have to travel . For that I am eternally thankful.You are a very strong lady to whom I aspire can't wait to see you next week? Love Jan xx
  14. I am completely overwhelmed by all your lovely and kind responses. I am (almost) at a loss for words, That would be a first for Jan who rambles on and on ! You all make me feel loved and understood.Thank you so very very much Sis, you are welcome here anytime, I can't wait to meet you. Michelle, I'll pm you, we're hoping to come up to the Lakes soon Lots of love Jan xx
  15. Two years ago today my whole world was thrown towards the skies with absolutely no warning. My world was shattered into tiny fragments. The pieces, still drift back down even now,some were lost blown away on the summer breeze and many of those that I found don't fit together anymore. I don't think I'll ever stop looking,I want to fit as much back together as I can . The sensible part of me knows it will be a different picture, a different world. And I am still (after 2years) trying to accept that fact. I have learned a lot in two years, I think that I am now gaining the strength to be me I do know for sure that without John and BTG, I wouldn't be where I am now. John is my rock,I love him 'to the moon and back' BTG is my saviour, A massive Thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement and patience with me Love Jan xx