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  1. Hey ladies😀 Blimey, I can't wait! I'm 48 & had nasah last year. No signs of menopause yet, but can't be too far away I guess. Hubby says I'm a nightmare with the pmt, think he might move out when menopause happens!! What we have to go through eh? Tough birds though aren't we?! Take care lovelies 😘
  2. Barometer Head?

    Hi all. I get this too. Tight feeling round my head & my neck really aches? We had a huge storm here last night & I felt much better this morning. It's back tonight but not as bad, maybe more storms to come. It's so hard to explain, but good to know it isn't just me! Nite nite zzzzzz
  3. Congrats on 2 years Jan, although I'm sure it feel much longer! Onwards & upwards lovely lady?
  4. Ian - Feeling Lucky

    Great to hear you've had no after affects from your sah. This is a brilliant place for advice, support & just to vent if you need to! I had an nasah last March & luckily am more or less back to 'normal'. I was off work for 6 months & still get easily tired & head achy. I do worry that it might happen again, but less & less as time goes on. More than ever I'm just so glad to be here & it sure makes you appreciate everything you have & those who are most important to you. Hope you're return to work goes okay & just take it easy ?
  5. Steve - new member

    Hi Steve, so glad you've found everyone here. It's such a comfort to know others have experienced same/similar feelings. I'm 14 months on from a nasah, which came on very like yours. All I can say is don't try to over do it, your body will let you know when you need a rest. I was back at work after 6 months, but still know when I've done too much, achy head/neck & overwhelming need to sleep. Sending you all good wishes ?
  6. Tinnitus

    Hope you get some answers Jan. I too have tinnitus, doesn't affect me during the day too much but at night it's a constant buzzing? I never had this before my nasah & am now also prone to ear infections, blocked sinuses etc....it's got to be connected to bleed somehow. Xx
  7. Hi Jan. I know what you mean. It's been almost a year for me & I have been feeling a lot better over the last few months....more energy & sleeping better. But last night from nowhere I got this overwhelming tiredness & achy neck. I was asleep by 8.30! Yesterday wasn't particularly busy so no real reason for it. It's frustrating & does get me down sometimes, but I guess there's nothing for it but to embrace the new us & just hope things continue to get better. Take care?Xx
  8. Congrats Clare. You always sound so upbeat & positive in your posts, but I guess it wasn't always that way! I'm nearly one year on & feel so much better. Hopefully my days will be as full as yours this time next year. Onwards & upwards to us all?
  9. Recovery (new here)

    Sounds like your Mum is making amazing progress. She is lucky to have your love & support. Stay strong lovely ?
  10. 6 Month mark

    hi Deb, hope you've had a good nap? hopefully you're sleep pattern will soon improve. I'm now 10 months on from a nasah & the fatigue is finally improving? I know everyone's recovery is different, but as you say we are so very lucky to be here writing this! You take care & keep taking naps, they help so much x
  11. Sophie I hope you've now been to a & e. You cant just wait & see what happens... I had the most painful headache, neck so stiff I couldn't move it. My gp sent me straight to hospital & afterwards told me she'd never seen nasah before. I had ct, mri which showed small bleed. This was finally confirmed by lumbar puncture. I was given Nimpoopine to reduce risk of further bleed. I had angiogram in London hospital & fortunately nothing else was found. You need this peace of mind & know what's happening. Doctors /hospitals can be so frustrating. Only you know how you feel, please get checked out asap...take care x
  12. Bad days.

    Hi Deb. Sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment, I hope the headache improved. I too get headaches & tinnitus, which gradually get worse the more tired or stressed I get. My daughter is severely disabled & I'm her full time carer. Sometimes she sleeps well & other times I can be up 2-3 times a night. It can be very draining. Luckily most days I get a break when she's at school, but as you know there's always something to do -especially with Christmas coming up! I have finally realised though that rest is best...you desperately need time for yourself doing whatever relaxes you. My hubby came home early & found me napping the other day & I felt guilty!! Even though i'd been rushing around all day. Its hard to accept we're not the superwomen we used to be, but I think once we learn to accept it the happier we can be. I hope you get a little 'you time' soon & that you all can have a lovely Christmas together. Take care?
  13. Very sad news

    Very sad news? Life can be so unfair, especially with someone so young. Truly makes you realise how lucky we are & that life is for living. I hope Nathan is okay, it sounds like the school are doing all they can xx
  14. Brian Roberts - New to all this

    Hi Brian, you sound very positive & upbeat which I'm sure will speed up your recovery ? I had a nasah in March & have only recently gone back to work. Early on i slept every afternoon, it was such an overwhelming tiredness. I thought I'd be back to work sooner, but have learnt to listen to my body & I know when I've overdone it! For me its an achy neck & a bit of a 'muddly head'. I'm also very lucky to have no lasting affects & be more or less back to 'normal'. But don't underestimate the toll it has taken on your body & make sure you rest! Take care?
  15. I'm Deb. New member

    Hello Deb. So sorry to hear about your Sah, but glad you found this site so early. Its made a huge difference to me & a comfort to know others have the same/similar experiences. Its 7 months since by nasah, so still early days. But its really early days for you! You really do have to learn to try & put yourself first for a change (easier said than done, I know). My youngest daughter has cerebral palsy & I'm her full time carer & its very easy to fall back into the old routine. Don't get me wrong, I'm back to doing everything again, but I do ask for help now when I need to. And if I cant do everything I don't beat myself up about it. I too have distanced myself from a couple of needy friends. I was always happy to be there & take on others problems, but now not so much. Negative people you don't need! My husband has been really supportive & he's probably sick of me saying I'm tired or got a bit of a headache. But the trouble is because I seem 'back to normal' he can easily convince himself that I'm all better. I really hope that you can have a little respite from the pressures of everyday life, but please ask for help & try to explain how you're feeling. I hope the meal goes well, but I can well remember how daunting it feels to be out in public in the early days. Be strong & as you said onwards & upwards. Take care ?