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  1. Hi thank you for replying. Anoxia is caused by the lack of oxygen to the. Brain from the aneurysm and that's what causes the hemiplegia. It leaves the effects of a stroke . My was caused by a fault from birth. i was in hospital for two and half months before transfer to Hospital closer to home. I was there for another two months and learnt to walk again it was during this process that some idiot in rehab said the words brain injury on the assumption that blood had seeped into the brain and I had a blood clot removed from my brain. Which was not the case. Sadly I had an aunt who suffered mental health issues and my family pigeon holed me. My best friend and G.P confirmed I was in sound mind. I am walking and in good health. i was just wondering if anyone else may have had a similar experience. I am pleased you are well again Best wishes jen
  2. How many of you after a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage had the expression brain injury not explained properly by not saying it was anoxic brain injury due to lack of oxygen to the brain that caused the hemiplegia and instead your family thought it had affected your mental health.