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  1. Aussie

    Hi Aussie welcome to BTG you have come to the right place for support I wish you well in your recovery xx
  2. New member-Pat

    Hi pat welcome to BTG IT IS A GREAT site I had my sah 14 months ago and without this site don't think I would be here now I hope you continue to recover well xx
  3. 23 year old son of SAH survivor

    Welcome to BTG Mike hope your mum makes a good recovery x
  4. My life after my stroke

    Welcome to btg I had my bleed on 23rd of January 2017 and like you I have to get on with it for my 3 kids and I still find it hard but this site as helped me a lot I hope it helps you like it does me take care and I look forward to hear form you xx
  5. Alexander64 - Recent SAH

    Hi Alex welcome to BTG I did not sleep well at night when I first came home so I went to bed at the same time and got up at the same time every day and this helped me good luck in your recovery and I look forward to hearing from you again xx
  6. Lowey family post

    Lowry welcome to BTG I had my SAH in January last year and I have had lots of ups and downs but I do find drinking lots does help and when I need to have a rant I come on here everyone is so good to me I don't know what I would do without this site I wish your dad well in his recovery All my love Andrea xx
  7. Emma B new member

    Welcome Emma, glad the site is helping you it as helped me loads. There some amazing people on here who love to help when they can. Sounds like your recovering well. I wish you all the best All my love Andrea xx
  8. Krislwal I have elher danlos syndrome xx it's
  9. Fourteen Years Later

    Happy anniversary super after reading this I have hope I am sure it will give many more hope thank you for sharing this and congratulations on getting this far all my love Andrea xx
  10. New member ..Kathleen

    Hi Kathleen I had my bleed in January of last year and I still get bad heads on most days I find drinking lots of water helps and sleep when tired good look in your recovery xx
  11. Hi Dotty Welcome to btg, this is a good places to come for support There is nothing i can say that as not already been said, but i do wish your dad good luck in his recovery xx
  12. 2 Year Anniversary

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary chris and thank you for been apart of my btg family xx
  13. So sorry you are feeling like this, i am sure things will get better for you hun. Your not the only one who gets days like this, i know i do, chin up hun xx
  14. Kay - new member

    Good luck for tomorrow Kay, it will be over and done with before you know it will be thinking of you. All my love Andrea xxx
  15. I had mine on the 23rd of January 2017 too