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  1. Eye problems?

    Something definitely changed but doctors won't acknowledge it because my eyes are healthy and my vision is unchanged. Yet I find it weird that I've contacts for 20+ years before my incident and now my left eye needs a complete different diameter and curve to the contact and they give me major headaches. They changed brands but it's still not helping. So weird and unexplainable I guess. Thanks for your input!
  2. Im almost 5 months out from my NASAH and have worn contacts for over 20 years. After my incident I found that I could not wear my contacts anymore at all or they would give me headaches and really irritate my left eye. I've been to a doctor and have been checked out. It seems that the left eye now needs a bigger more rounded contact and even though I now now have the prescription for them, I am still getting headaches when I wear them. I don't understand. The doctors say my eyes are completely fine but clearly they have changed. I went to the hospital that day in my contacts and ever since then I do not feel the same in them. They've changed the brand to the best and the fit is different now but I almost feel dizzy with them. Does anyone else have any experiences with eye issues they can share? Thanks
  3. Newbie -Linda

    Hi Linda... I too had a NASAH and was 12 days in the hospital. I had no neurological deficits thankfully and was left with the question of why as well. I am a 42 year old mother of 2 and I was simply running on a treadmill when it happened. I do not have high blood pressure but have Rhumatoid Arthritis and a Platelet Disorder. I too, like everyone else have no real answers on why it happened but have found comfort in this site. I'm sad and sorry of what everyone has been through but am grateful that I have support from people that understand. Recovery is/was difficult for me. My 2 boys and myself lived at my parents for 2 months so they could care for us but 4 months out and I've been living back at my house with them on my own and even started working a little. I guess everyone is different but for me I turned to meditation and acupuncture and some alternatives sources to help calm anxiety, headaches and my RA pain and it's working for me. I wish you well in your recovery. The people on this site are so great!! I live is Connecticut in the USA so compassion and understanding has no borders:-)
  4. Same boat! I had mine in May as well and pushed myself out slowly but surely. I'm a realtor so showing homes is easy! I keep water and Gatorade with me and my phone always charged. The more I get out the easier it becomes. I also have done a bunch of different alternatives to try and heal myself which is working for me. Proud of you Vermont girl!!! I know exactly how you feel as I think we had similar situations. Keep positive and celebrate the little things:-)
  5. Questions

    Thanks.... numerology next and then Rhumatologist! It seems like everyone I know here in the US has some sort of autoimmune disease. I have RA, my best friend has MS, my cousin has fibro. Is it not as prevalent in the U.K.?
  6. Questions

    So the eye doctor said with my glasses I have 20/20 vision and that I have nothing that alarms him in anyway on the neurological front. He did say that I have a nastagmous in the left eye when I look to the left which could possibly be from the bleed but he sees them all the time in prerfectly healthly people as well and it just could resolve itself. I have to go for new contacts on 9/7. He said as we get older things change as far as contacts are concerned. So we'll see what happens then. Once again thanks for all your support. I was relieved to know at least that everything checked out good.
  7. Questions

    Thank you Clare! I literally cannot wait to go to my eye appointment tomorrow! I'm hoping it's just that my prescription has changed. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!!!! I appreciate everyone's guidance and input so much!
  8. Questions

    Thank you Daffodil..... it definitely was a food/water issue but unfortunately I suffered all day because of my actions. I was trying to go gluten free and switch to an anti-inflammatory diet to try and get my Rhumatoid Arthritis under control so I don't have to go back on meds. I went to the extreme and completely depleted myself of what my brain needed. Before my SAH, I could detox and try all sorts of things food wise to figure out the trigger with my arthritis but now I obviously cannot. I found out too that I cannot deplete my body of sugar. I had some chocolate and drank a ton of water and am feeling better today. I guess I have to learn to adjust to my new body and how it reacts. I have to learn to do things in moderation when it comes to food. In saying all of that...... did any of you guys have prescription changes to glasses/contacts after your SAH? I swear I don't see correctly anymore. My glasses are questionable and I absolutely cannot wear my contacts anymore. Thankfully, I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow to get check out but am just wondering. Thank you for all your advice and support.
  9. Questions

    Thank you! I have major inflammation in my body due to Rhumatoid Arthritis so I was trying to switch to a Gluten free anti inflammatory diet yesterday but went to the extreme. I definitely ran around too much with appt and trying to find food I could eat. I'm definitely tired and probably didn't drink enough yesterday at all. I had a really bad headache last night and it carried over to today but like I said it's more of a dull ache than throbbing pain but it's one sided and i feel ear and eye pressure due to it. I have had crazy follow up appts including a cardiologist which I'm getting fitted for a 24 hour heart monitor today for a mitral valve prolapse and heart palpitations, and eye doctor on Friday because I have a hard time seeing right in my contacts. They now bother me so much but my glasses are fine. Then my follow up after my third angiogram Monday the 14th with my neurologist. So I definitely will bring it up to them. It just makes me mentally feel sooooooooo much better when someone understands and can relate. So thank you!! Drinking water as we speak!
  10. Does anyone get headaches or discomfort in the back of their head or where the bleed was? Does it effect your ears or your eyes at all? I'm 3 1/2 months out and I find when I don't eat I get all sorts of worrisome issues like these. Nothing savere but a dull achey feeling. Thanks
  11. Help for meltdowns

    Just curious which drug as I've had Rhumatoid Arthritis for 13 years now and have been on my share of disease modifying drugs. Thanks
  12. Hi there, I had my SAH on May 1st so I'm still a newbie but my results are the same as yours. I've had 3 angiograms and they all came back clear with no cause of my bleed. I do still get headaches daily but I can completely identify with the random sharp head pain that last for seconds. I get them everyday as well. My doctor told me as long as the pain in your head is not like the first pain when you had your SAH then don't worry. It just takes time. That's what I was told and I try not to stress about it. Good luck to you! I hope this helps!
  13. Headache and meds

    Hi.... In CT in the US and yes weather does mess with me. I had my incident 5/1 and stopped pain meds 5/18. I try to stick with just the extra strength Tylenol...... but..... I take 1/2 Klonepin for anxiety and I swear it helps hugely with the headaches because I feel now they're mostly stress and tension related. With all the worry all the time, it completely has a hand in the way I physically feel. Also, I will have chocolate or add regular tea to my decaf and that tends to help as well. Other things I use alternatively are lavender and peppermint essential oils rubbed together gently on my temples. I also bought a diffuser with the essential oils and have that next to my bed. I use a rice aromatherapy pack on my head big enough to hit my temples which I keep cold in my freezer. With all of that there are a ton of meditation for relaxation on YouTube so I lay down with my set up and pop my ear buds in and meditate. All of this has helped me. Alternatively, I've also seen an acupuncturist for 13 years for Rhumatoid Arthritis and I am very anxious to get back to him because he makes everything better. Hope these ideas help!!
  14. Headaches

    Thank you Macca!
  15. Hi.... I am 2 months out from my SAH. I had it happen randomly while running for no rhyme or reason and after 2 angiograms and a 3rd coming up on Tuesday they say it was a vein that popped and bled. I am a full time real estate agent, a substitute teacher and I teach and after school program 1 day a week in my normal life. Plus I am a single mom with 2 teenage boys. I wanted to tell you that I can totally relate to the overstimulation part! If I go into a store, and I've only been to 3 so far, I get terrible dizziness followed by headaches after. Anything that is over stimulating right now for me I stay away from. I am going to see how I feel when school starts for us in September and take it day by day. As of right now I have retired myself for the summer. Anxiety can cause a lot of symptoms as well so if you're anxious at all about what happened definitely talk to your doctor. I went on meds to handle mine and it helps a lot. Good luck to you!!