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  1. Quadrantanopia

    Hi Kelly. Unfortunately things haven't improved. I have a copy of a fields test taken 2 weeks after my stroke and it is the same as now. How about getting a private fields test at spec savers -place your head at at an angle that will give you optimum fields and focus above and to the right of the light. (I presume it is your right upper quadrant that is missing). You will get 3 attempts. Never give up. New technolgy is amazing, if driverless cars are to be introduced who knows what the future holds. Thinking of you. Anne
  2. Quadrantanopia

    Hi Johnnie. I have always been advised that it is impossible to get your license back if you have this condition, --by ophthalmic consultants and various websites. I am very annoyed that this is not the case. I drove all over the country and loved it. Luckily my job was local and I had lots of support. However I have missed out on lots of things over the years. If I get my license back I will be over joyed and will not ' look back in anger'. I think also it is best to have time to come to terms with the visual loss - but 18 years is rather excessive. I have been told I won't have to resit my test , I hope that is true but I still have to produce another good fields test before I get there. I am trying not to get too excited. Anne
  3. Quadrantanopia

    Thank you Tina I also have my fingers crossed for you Kelly and Johnnie. I know how hard it is, never give up. Anne. x
  4. Quadrantanopia

    Hi, I am in shock. Just phoned the DVLA and they say they are happy for me to reapply, the forms are in the post. I will have fill in another D1 and go for another test at Specsavers. I should get the forms tomorrows but I go on holiday in the morning - how cruel. Will keep you posted. Anne
  5. Quadrantanopia

    Hi Kelly, Here is a bit of back ground to my case. I had the ‘stroke’ under general anaesthetic when I was 39 (gall bladder removal). I was very healthy. When I woke I was completely blind. After an hour or two it cleared to leave me with quadrantanopia. Needless to say I had to surrender my license immediately and have never driven for 18 years. I was a single parent at the time and life was very difficult. I am now 58 and have started playing table tennis, quite well actually, so it got me thinking that if I can do this surely I can drive, so I reapplied - Which I did in early August. They sent me for and eye test (I have 20/20 vision) and a fields test at specsavers, this was on the Monday and on the Wednesday I got the letter rejecting my application. Very quick! So……..I thought I would go down the exceptional case route and arrange the test I have referred to in my previous post. (where I have no missed points within the central area). This will be the extra medical evidence they say they need. I am hopeful they will reply soon but sounds like I might have a long wait. Reading the previous posts I am quite positive but also annoyed that I haven’t done anything sooner. For years I have researched this condition, the following link being a point of reference:- http://www.moorfieldsresearch.org.uk/orntemp/Quality/RGov/Guidelines/drive.htm They say:- ‘Where the driver has obvious field defects such as a homonymous hemianopia or quadrantanopia then no confusion arises and the licence is refused’. This statement is incorrect! Also with modern technology and driverless cars surely there are adaptations that could be made to make driving possible. Good luck to everybody Anne
  6. Quadrantanopia

    Hi Kelly, I was told that I needed to prove I had 120 degree span. He said to do this do not focus on the orange light, focus on a point to the left and below the orange light. He said this was acceptable . My loss is lower left so that is why I was advised to focus left and below the orange light. I paid for the test, to go private it is only £20 and you get 3 attempts. I sent the results to DVLA last week, don't know how long it will take them to review my case but when they got the original test they were mega fast with the big 'NO' decision. I am on a mission now after watching the '90+ year old driver' program. Fingers crossed. Anne
  7. Quadrantanopia

    Hi, Is Lynmac23 still around? I also have left inferior quadrantanopia. I have been to Specsavers to get another fields test. They were great in advising me how to take the test and produce a better result. One of my tests shows that have I have not missed any points within the central area. I have submitted these to the DVLA. Does anybody know - will this be sufficient to get my license back or will I still have to fight my corner?
  8. Quadrantanopia

    Hi Johnnie, Thank you for your reply. Reading all the posts it looks like I need to get my doctor and optician to certify that I meet all the criteria specified for exceptional circumstances. Also it does seem that it is possible for somebody with quadrantanopia to be successful in their application. Good luck.
  9. Quadrantanopia

    I have had homonymous quadrantanopia for 18 years and have never driven since. I have recently re applied to the DVLA and have been refused. It is my lower left quadrant that is missing which is mostly below the dashboard. I am thinking of appealing but not sure if it is worth it. Does anybody know - what are exceptional cases and how do you convince them? Is it possible to drive with quadrantanopia? I have been told is a deffo no! but reading some of these posts that does not seem to be the case. Hope somebody can help.