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  1. I'm 5 months post SAH op with a 2mm untreated one. I think every little twinge makes us panicky, I've had a funny headache like my scalp is sore when in resting my head against a pillow. I have been trying to correct poor posture so putting it down to that, (I have a little anatomy knowledge). If it persists though over next couple of days I will seek reassurance.
  2. Untreated anuerysm

    Thank you everyone for the welcome and comments. I feel much better about now. 💜
  3. Operation scheduled

    Hi, hope all has gone well. With your surgery and your recovering well.
  4. Just been for 3 month scan and treated aneurysm is fine, still have a 2mm one doctor says won’t touch but will rescan in sept2018! Anyone have untreated aneurysms?? How do you cope??
  5. New member - Peter John

    Hi welcome , I'm only 5 weeks after my SAH, and feel better knowing I can come here for support and advice, so glad I found Behind the Gray. Take care and do as everyone suggests in other comments.
  6. Ann

    Thank you so much for the welcome xx
  7. Ann

    Thank you
  8. Ann

    Thank you, I had coils put into aneurysm so op was done via groin.
  9. Ann

    Hi I suffered a subarachnoid haemmorage on 24th Sept. it started with a headache on the 23rd after work Went to bed about 8pm that evening and gave no recollection of the next 20+ hours!!! Got up for work next morning, left house usual time of around 730/745 returned home around 1pm confused and as covered in vomit, had bumped into someone's car miles from where I should have been and made several calls to work colleagues telling them I was on way but lost! Family knew something was wrong and phoned hospital, where I attended then transferred to a further hospital who had a neurosurgical dept!! I only know what happened during my vacant time through recent conversations with family and people who saw me on the 24th. I'm finding it difficult to comprehend how I have no memory of the day and being able to drive around for 5 hours!!!