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  1. New member - Peter John

    Thanks Casey I have a great doctor who I've known for a long time. Due my old work I was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depression so we have no trouble discussing these issues. Thanks for your best wishes. Peter Francis
  2. New member - Peter John

    Hello to All I was discharged from hospital on 28/06/17 in Perth, Western Australia and have had my follow-up MRI which apparently was all clear. There seems to be no apparent reason for my SAH which was comforting to some degree but that outcome creates that feeling of 'why' and the obvious question 'will it happen again? Unfortunately, partly due to my ex career (I'm now retired) I was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depression many years ago.. I'm struggling a bit with anxiety and the 'worn out' feeling. so I'm hoping things will pick up bit by bit. I'm trying to do regular walking (treadmill) but some days can't face it. I try to remind myself that I've been told it may take up to a year before one gets back to 'normal', but at the moment that seems a long way off. Can anyone comment on the 'timeline' they experienced and any suggestions for trying to feel 'better'. Thanks Peter Francis