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  1. Catwoman23

    Personality changes?

    I think it might work the same but remember they can have side effects. Some patients have more side effects than others. Vitamin d and b complexes may be of help.
  2. Tinnitus is very challenging. Sometimes even the ear, nose and throat docs can’t do anything. Trust me . I have sent patients to them. Sometimes people say lipoflavanoids help. Also physical therapy for tinnitus might help.
  3. Welcome to the website. It s still very very early in the recovery. I m primary care in the US but you will find more info on here than from your doc. Rest, drink lots of water, no stress, etc and be patient. Follow up with neuro regularly. Goodluck
  4. Catwoman23


    It must be fraustrating to go through this. But please don’t decide anything in a hurry or when you are angry. I have seen many kinds of partners/ spouses. You can read subzero s post in the thread “ I laugh so hard at this question.” I think it s very helpful. Please take one day at a time. Have him talk to neuro or check out this website or see a therapist. But I think people on this website might be able to help you more. Goodluck.
  5. Catwoman23

    Mood swings

    Please look/ search under personality changes and you ll see some useful threads. Good luck
  6. Catwoman23

    Post sah

    Please look/ search under personality changes/ Katie ee and you ll see good suggestions
  7. Catwoman23

    Thanks for being here

    Frmertd, can one still do surfing and other sports after SAH? Just wondering. I m glad mindfulness helps. My friend Mitch has a port for chemo for colon cancer and now back to work as a er physician with the VA. He says hi and thank you. I plan to visit the school again someday. Goodluck and take care.
  8. Catwoman23

    Personality changes?

    You definitely need to see neuro and neuro ophthalmologist. Just my two cents. Talking to therapist might help too.
  9. Catwoman23

    Personality changes?

    Welcome to the website. I m not allowed to give you med advice but I would suggest you see your gp and may be have him or her evaluate you for depression or anxiety or pseudobalbar symptoms. I know your concerns about side effects from meds such as weight gain but I think there are many other choices of meds that might work without side effects. At the same time, follow up regularly with neuro, drink lots of water, rest, do not stress out, meditate, etc etc. there are lots of good threads here you can read on this website. Goodluck to you.
  10. Catwoman23

    Post sah

    To be fair, I don’t think we gp have a lot of patients with SAH. I know thats not the excuse but I have loads of people with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc etc. so we know a lot about those diseases. We also learn by looking at the notes from specialists. But I don’t have many with SAH. I can probably count with ten fingers or less. I don’t think many survive. Thats why you are very lucky and should appreciate each and everyday. Sometimes Doctors don’t want to admit that they don’t know something so they kind of brush it off or don’t care. Another sad part is even though we are not socialized medicine but we are being controlled by the insurance companies and lawyers. So its a lot of phone calls and a lot of clicking on the computers to keep up with what Medicare wants. Lots of clicking and more clicking while trying to keep up with cme. We have to click for Medicare patients in their chart the med reconciliation, weight, being on aspirin, flu shots, pneumonia shots, depressed or not, eye exam or not, diabetes or not. We have to be a part of aco and have emr system (we have it since 2009). sorry if I m venting but I started work long ago and each year its harder to work as a gp. Thankfully I have very good patients and its easy to practice after knowing them for years because there is that trust factor. I would definitely push it if the gp and neuro are not paying attention to you. You can take a friend/ family member with you to ask questions. I have been at Yellowstone for a week and leaving tomorrow. Im not a nature lover. I don’t even garden because Im afraid of spiders. We sneaked into 55 yr old plus community because we are lazy to do any outside work/ snow shoveling. But really enjoying the nature and being away from everything. Good luck.
  11. Catwoman23

    Fatigue and memory

    Welcome to the website. If it s recent, it s still too early. Lots of fluids, rest, etc. you can read the threads here. Please be patient and give it 3-4 months at least. Goodluck.
  12. Catwoman23

    Post sah

    You need follow up with gp and neuro and may be the surgeon. You can request all your records. Write down your questions. Take someone with you to the appt so they can be your voice. It is still very early so rest, fluids, don’t stress. There are plenty of good threads to read here. Goodluck.
  13. Catwoman23

    New here, comfort and advise please

    Welcome to the website and sorry about Mom. Im a primary care doc here in the US but I cannot give you medical advice. 8 weeks is still very early. If she can take a few steps thats very good. Make sure she drinks lots of fluids. Tube in the nose can be very uncomfortable. But g tube and peg tube are kind of invasive. Im sure they will do swallow studies to see if she can eat ok. Bed sores can be an issue so she will need to be turned every 2-3 hours. Make sure they are checking her urine. Im not sure what other medical conditions she had. We had our monk here in Maryland, he had a hemorrhagic stroke on April 29th full moon day. He had hypertension, diabetes and mini strokes before. He is 69. It was so severe that he needed surgery to remove blood and may be some brain tissue. He remembers things before April 29th but can’t remember if I went and saw him yesterday. He did physical therapy but not getting much better so Medicare only pays for 30 days. I think he was in icu for two weeks. He had bone flap removed from scalp and its stored in a freezer at a bone bank. He needs it put back in later, not sure when. So he is back to the monestary. Has hospital bed etc etc. home health nurse comes twice weekly 20$ per hour. He has two care takers at all times. Some are volunteers that fill up every so often but most we have to pay 10$ per hour. Junior monk is there. He is 47. His mood is variable. Good and bad days. He had the peg tube but now he can eat slowly and its out. But having a peg tube messed up his digestion. Has lots of nausea. Some days he refuses meds and throws stuff and shakes the bed rails. He pretends he doesn’t hear you. Some days he is good and gives you a sermon. Tells you to be good and practice mindful meditation. We record vitals, meds given etc etc. He used to be very independent and now he can’t even move himself and has to poop in a diaper, its very depressing for him. He sometimes says he shouldn’t have the surgery. I think there is depression and pseudobalbar condition. It will be a long road. So take it one day at a time. Dont feel bad about having Mom in a nursing home. It is safer for her there. At least for the time being may be. She can have people looking after her. No one can do 24/7. You'll get care taker syndrome. So don’t feel guilty. Ask the docs many questions. Im sure they will try to answer. Good luck and take care of yourself. Try to stay healthy.
  14. Catwoman23


    Well it s good to know that mindfulness is helping you FM, I think it s like eating sugar and it will give you the same taste no matter what race/ religion/ background/ gender you are. I spent the last weekend away at a retreat away from the phone and it was wonderful. Husband is still there . He s doing a whole nine days and I m proud I haven’t texted him all this time. I m doing a full nine day in oct and this time I won’t have my phone when I sit. Unfortunately, I multitask every single day/ all the time/ get interrupted by everyone. We are a very busy group and I have been here too long and don’t even know what to do without this job. I do hide my iPad and carry it on vacations. My job is the opposite of being mindful so I think it helps that I m doing meditation outside work for years. I have sjogren s only and age related pain and gray hair. I think meditation can help with one s health. I haven’t pay attention to friends and recently and just found out my friend has colon cancer stage 4. That scared me a lot. that someone who looks after themselves can get really sick and that things are not permanent. May be I m having mid life crisis but I m just thankful to be alive. Good luck to you.
  15. Catwoman23


    Yes please read the other threads as they are helpful and will give you similar advice. You have to rest and take it easy in early stages. When I say rest, I mean rest at home too. Some patients of mine stay home from work but they do all kinds of stuff around the house with their sickness such as flu, pneumonia, being in the hospital for stroke, lupus flare etc. rest means you should just rest your brain for now so you can recover better later.