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  1. Hi Darcy, I understand it might be hard for you to be in a catch 22 situation. Sometimes in medicine it is risk vs the benefits. You should ask the docs what s the cause of the clots. Take care and I ll pray for you both.
  2. pop candy

    I'm reading the finding peace in a frantic world book very slowly since I work many hours and have paperwork. One monk told me its a very good book. I try to find time for meditation as well. I hope you do too. Goodluck.
  3. Finally - 5 Years

    Congrats. Well done. You are right when you say we are alone when facing with challenges in life. It is one s attitude that makes a difference. I have seen it with patients and friends a like. One can stay depressed and helpless or one can seek help, be resilient and get better. I m in Carroll/ Howard county. Hope we ll get spring weather soon.
  4. Quadrantanopia

    You need one that says your eyes are better and you are fit to drive. I have done forms for some patients. Many are elderly. Sometimes they just want to be safe. They ask for history of stroke, seizures, eye issues, alcoholism, insulin/ oxygen/ crutches dependent etc. When i m not comfortable clearing, I just say I need more time to reassess or I say it depends on neurologists blessing etc. Your letter needs to be specific and sometimes they might have their own specialist check you, not sure.
  5. I think it s just a reflex reaction but if she s moved from icu to regular bed, she might be better. Not sure. I would ask the doc many things.
  6. Feeling rough again

    Sorry to hear that you are not well. Make sure your blood pressure is under control because it can give you headaches. Make sure you don’t have a urinary tract infection and you might need a blood test for diabetes since symptoms can be thirsty/ frequent urination/ blurry vision etc . It s still early and please get lots of rest.
  7. Aussie

    I don’t know about childbirth either. Please give yourself plenty of time to heal. Don’t go back to work, don’t lift/ push/ pull things etc etc. and listen to the neuro. you will find that this website will be very helpful to you. All the best.
  8. I m a primary care physician in the US and I try not to give med advice. Once or twice only, I had private messaged few people. We are not allowed to give advice and it s for good reasons. most of us don’t have med knowledge. And I might not be a real doctor like I claim to be. And even if I m a real doctor, I shouldn’t give advice because I m not seeing the patient and the info I get is limited. I don’t know what happened, how the pt is, what meds and allergies they had, if they had sugar issues, heart and lung issues, etc. also I had been lied to by patients many times over so I don’t trust some. And I m not a neurologist. at this time I think you can ask these good people questions but I think your mom s doctors will have more answers. You need to take care of yourself so you are not drained. I m 47 yrs old and pretty healthy so far but I do have advanced directives telling family to take me off life support after 2 weeks or 4 at the most since I don’t want to be a burden on the healthcare system here in the US. I would ask the docs and hope for Mom to be better but at the same time, I ll be realistic and respect Mom s wishes. Just my two cents. Good luck.
  9. Brand new to the SAH

    Saw a patient again who had SAH in 1997 at age 33. No procedures. She fell off the radar due to lack of insurance. But I see her parents all the time. She said she heard a pop in her head and had the worst headaches of her life. Was in hospital for 12 days and had visual problems and headaches for a few more months. She now works in her own office since she can’t tolerate noise. I'm sending her back to neuro who are hard to get in. Now just have dizziness . She was told she was one in a million and that she was very very lucky per her doctors.
  10. Mrs - work advice needed

    Welcome to the website. I cannot give medical advice but you ll see some of the threads are very helpful. you need at least about three months to improve and it s probably better to go back to work part time and see how you do. goodluck.
  11. New member-Pat

    Welcome to the website. You ll find that the answers here are very helpful. I m a gp in the US who graduated almost 18 yrs ago from school but I have seen may be 3-4 patients with SAH. Most docs don’t know about it since many people with SAH don’t make it or it s rare. so you should be very thankful that you are here and you can still do many things. Goodluck with recovery
  12. 23 year old son of SAH survivor

    Welcome. I m a gp in the US. But I cannot give med advice. It depends on many things such as mum s age, medical conditions before hand, current state etc. I would ask the neuro or neurosurgeon about the prognosis. I have a 50 yr old young patient who had a severe stroke. He only had high blood pressure that is controlled, no smoking, no drinking, has a physical job(which can be helpful at times)etc. he can drive now but one side is weak and cannot work anymore. It took him a long time to recover with physical therapy and occupational therapy. But like win said I think family support is very important and helpful. Goodluck.
  13. You are still early in your recovery so you might still have headaches. Drink lots of fluids, take meds if needed. While ct might be normal, still talk to your primary care or neuro if you are not better.
  14. pop candy

    Try talking to a therapist if you think it s anxiety. It might help. If you don’t like the therapist, try a different one. Try breathing exercises/ meditation, if you are not thinking too much, it calms the mind and helps with anxiety. And no side effects. Many patients say it helps.
  15. 6 months anniversary

    Congrats on 6 months anniversary. Glad to know he s well. At least visit the website from time to time or on his bday. All the best.