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  1. Thank you for your kind words and support. I can't begin to think how it must have felt for you all having ruptured and treated aneurysms. It must have been terrifying, but you've all come through it. Mine has been left untreated for just over 10 years now. It's been monitored with regular scans. Both my daughter's have known about it since it was first diagnosed. My eldest who is 19 years doesn't talk about it, so I don't really know what she thinks. My 17 year old is the worrier. I will take on board all of the advice you have all given and ask her if she wants to come and then she can be there to listen and ask questions herself. Hopefully my friend Karen whom I've not seen for about a year will be able to come with me too. If shes free I know she will. She was with me through the early years to hold my hand and help guide me through.
  2. Yes you're probably right. Whether she'll want to is another matter. Thank you
  3. Hi Michelle, thank you for your kind words. It has been a big shock. My youngest daughter, who is 17 doesn't want me to go ahead with an operation. She's more worried than I am. She keeps saying what if it ruptures when they operate? She's so upset about it. It's so hard to think about what is the right decision. Yes you're right I need to see what the consultant has to say. Been told it won't be until January though. I'll keep you posted. x
  4. Hello my name is Dawn. I used to be a member on here about 10 years when I was diagnosed with a 7.3mm aneurysm. Nothing changed over 10 years until my last scan 6 weeks ago when I have been told it has grown slightly and they are going to call me into clinic to discuss options of whether to operate or not. I feel like my whole life has been turned upside down again. I had gotten used to the fact that it was there and never did I think it would grow. Has anyone had any similar experiences.