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  1. Hi Kiwi, I am there with you..Seems crazy almost 11 months out and still talking about the same feelings...I too experience fatigue mostly brain fatigue I would say...It slows me down in work on the computer when I will sign in repeatedly with the wrong pass word, realizing I need to have a water and sit for a bit...I like you method of scoring how you feel...as it is hard to access it...I too get the thumping in my head when I stand up....gives me a fright sometimes as this is how my thunderclap headache initiated but I am dealing and can quickly quiet my fears down...day by day I say and I judge by looking back a couple of months (at least) for improvement...
  2. Scared again...

    Hi Jan...great you came here...these folks are awesome support...you are not crazy, you had something scary happen and your reaction is to be expected...I hope you are feeling better and as those with more experience than me suggested, do get checked out by your Dr.
  3. Thank you for your support, advice and comfort...I did use a walker initially then a cane and then my PT felt I was good to go...thing is I don't appear how I feel.. perhaps good perhaps bad...I have gotten use to the feeling of being on a boat to a large degree...I read each one of the messages you wrote several times...so good getting advice from people who really know what I am talking about.. I guess I am lucky as I really have little to no anxiety about my issues I am really trying to get my head around the fact that I may have them permanently. I do realize I have not even reached a year since it happened...and I am happy reading that people continue to improve..Again thank you all and I will keep reading......Regards Jean
  4. Thanks Super Mario...I guess being honest I am not there yet...I get around carefully...but always swishy...even swishy standing still...I guess I am hoping I will read that someone found it lessened after time... thanks for the straight talk... I may not be there yet but as I explore and resolve this your words will be present..
  5. Looking for sharing about vestibular issues...As I approach my 1 year mark, the end of April, I am reluctantly feeling that my vestibular issue that leaves me feeling "Swishy" is permanent. I feel like I am moving when standing, even when I am not. I also have ringing in one ear all since my NASH...I did all the PT I was allowed and given the eye and head exercises to help and it did some as I can walk unaided and have returned to work...But the motion sensation persists and I do think perhaps increases my chance of a fall, if not now then in the future as I get older. This is the thing that reminds me constantly of what happened to me...Any advice on living with it, putting it on a back burner so to speak...thank you
  6. Alexander....I had terrible pain in my lower back and buttocks probably about 2 weeks after my SAH...they told me it was from the blood in my spinal fluid...The pains as uncomfortable as they were did not last long, perhaps 4 days...they did put me on gabapentin for the pain ...it seemed fine initially but as I continued to recover and realize what was the after affects from the SAH and what was from the gabapentin I was anxious to stop taking it...I guess it served its purpose but I felt out of body while taking it...best wishes and I hope you are able to sleep soon...that is something I had no problem with...
  7. Lynn413 - New member

    Welcome Lynn...You have been through a life changing event...Thankfully for you and your loved ones you have survived. My SAH was shortly before yours, April 2017...life looks so very different after the event but we are so fortunate we get more time...but...then there is the recovery which can be slow and worrisome... There are so many wonderful people sharing their stories and giving words of support. I am finding this site to be a true step in my road to recovery. Please continue to share your words will inspire others...I wish you all the best as you continue
  8. Hi Stephen, I was so happy to find this site....I am glad you found it as well....as said by others you are very early in the healing process...There are so many awesome folks here who get it...they know what you and I and the rest of us are going through because they went through it...Read through some of the posts here...I have been reading them little by little and I have found them all so helpful...Welcome to BTG I hope each day is a bit brighter than the day before...Jean
  9. I too traveled to South America less than 4 months after my SAH and vasospasm...I was worried but I too checked with my doctors who said to have a great trip ..... and I did...It is a big move and taking your time and resting and staying hydrated is important. I just booked a second trip recently and to my surprise I was anxious about it...but...it came easier to do it a second time (with support from this site thank you all who wrote to me....I have investigated travel insurance and choose carefully which policy I bought... Life is for living...take your trip and enjoy...I found when I got to my destination I didn't think about it or worry very much...
  10. Hi dbc, I did have a non aneurysmal sah followed by vasospasm 3 days later...I was released like you no restrictions...go live your life...it felt crazy to me..like you I was still feeling bad and am left with some cognitive issues... I had new symptoms probably 2 to 3 months after the original event...which like you made me feel like something was wrong...I did have another MRI and was told they saw nothing new and attributed it to RCVS which I have read and read about as it seems to be an umbrella term... I worry every time I post here I have said the same thing..(probably have..I apologize) I am as my name says Swishy...that is how I feel...and fatigue is ever present... but...10 months out I am working, have taken a trip and just booked another and living my best life.... this is part of me...part of my history....but not all of me .. wishing you well
  11. My story so far

    Excellent rant Macca....right on....When I expressed distress, interest and confusion with my after symptoms to the Neuro taking care of me he did suggest a Wellness clinic...Problem with it was they don't often have patients with any type of stroke, never mine my personal one. I was told it would help me stop thinking about it...I get it...move on, enjoy my life...but first I was thirsty to find out what happened to me and perhaps meet someone that shares some of my experiences....this site is as close as I have come to meeting someone...thank you all...and I am moving on but there could be better, more informational after care... I barely remember anything from my 8 days in ICU...I left for rehab knowing I had a stroke thinking I had 2 but the second episode was vasospasm....and knowing I was still alive... truth...thank goodness for the internet or I probably wouldn't know much more today nearly 10 months out....
  12. Travel Worries

    Thanks again...you all are my inspiration..
  13. Travel Worries

    Thanks you all so much for your wonderful words of support...I do think I will be fine...doctor thinks I will be fine .. I just need to push through it and keep reminding myself I am so lucky and I should enjoy it...Being able to come on here and actually connect with folks that know what it is like...priceless...I thank you so much ....PS I have booked my next trip for May...I did it today after I posted here... day by day I am getting there..
  14. I have read some about travel worries here...it is a real concern for me...every time I go too far away from the hospital that treated me I am wrestling with worrisome thoughts.. My one year comes at the end of April and I did travel to South America in September. Crazy as that sounds for someone worrying about traveling. We had already booked a family trip and disappointing my family weighed in more heavily than the trip. My doctor's said have a good time...so...I did it. I didn't think about it too much when I was away (so busy) and thought this is good I did it...I overcame my fear, but not really. I am again ready to book a trip out of the country and very fearful again...I am hoping I conquer this as we love to travel, I get good insurance and I want to live my best life. I don't think anyone close to me realizes how I dread the thoughts of being away from the place that saved my life... The funny thing is I don't think it is so much about me or if something awful happens it really is more about how horrible it will be for my family to have to deal with it away from home...
  15. The sharing and empathy on this site...well...it actually takes my breath away...so many kind souls who have been through so much and are willing to share how they manage to move on in life.. Sooo very happy I found this site....it makes a difference for me...thank you all...