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  1. Swishy

    Finally - 6 Years

    I love the reminder that things will continue to improve...Having just gone by 1 year I sometimes feel like "is this it will I continue to get better"....I am fighting it every day Paula and your words help in the fight... Thank you Jean
  2. Swishy

    Finally - 6 Years

    Hi Paula, What a great report on your progress at 6 years. So inspiring for many of us I am sure. Thanks for posting, you made my day Jean
  3. Swishy

    Returning to work?

    I returned to work after 2 months...Looking back at it I went back too soon. I did do a gradual re-entry to work but only did it for 2 weeks. I clearly felt pressed to return feeling I would be let go. I don't think it did me any harm but I was very stressed by it. I work in healthcare with patients so clearly needed to be up to speed. I did well and on occasion asked my good friends if I was keeping up, they said I was. It took all the energy I had and I don't work full time only 3 shifts per week but they are overnight 11pm to 7am so they take their toll.. I had some tell me I would know when to go back, I don't think I did. It was fear that sent me back. If you can take the time be gentle and kind to yourself, you have been through a lot..The brain heals slowly.. Best wishes
  4. Hi Ian, I have found they (the doctors) don't know everything..the brain is mysterious in some ways. I am hoping for you that your upcoming MRA will help set your mind to rest somewhat. I know, it is horrible to have that worry "it could happen again"... I still carry the fear with me but now it is becoming more of a back seat thought instead of a front seat thought ...(hope that makes sense) I am just 1 year out...I am hoping every month, every year will push it back a bit more and I hope it does for you also. Take care Jean
  5. Swishy

    Susan O'Neal

    Susan you have come to the right place. Here are people who seek to encourage and support each other as they heal... So sorry you didn't get the support you needed. You must be strong making it through the year on your own.. Jean
  6. Swishy

    One year later...

    Hi Patricia, I did not have a coil or a shunt. They were able to do an angiogram and deliver Verapamil into some of the vessels in my head which stopped the vasospasm...slowed it anyway...I have no memory of any of this (I am thankful)... When I am still (sitting, even driving) I feel perfect, normal like before. When I am walking, bending, turning or reaching I have a sense of extra motion...I think some is from my head and some is from the core weakness I now have. I was taking a med that made me terribly foggy neurontin but I was able to stop it very early in my recovery. It is difficult to take a med that makes you not feel like yourself. I do take amitriptyline for headaches, it controls them well for me. Patricia I also have days that are bad and days that I get a headache I am no good, just tired. This is the most difficult thing I have ever been through. It is a day to day challenge and that is what brought me here to this site for support and encouragement. I also wanted to be able to communicate with people who understand the difficulties we can experience. There are many fine people here giving tremendous support, many who are much more eloquent writers than me haha... I wish you well and hope each day brings you closer to a full recovery. Jean
  7. Swishy

    One year later...

    Thank you all...We are all survivors...cheering each on....
  8. One year ago, April 25 at 6:45pm I experienced a thunderclap headache. I had no warnings, I had no idea what it was. Thankfully my cousin was with me and realized something serious was going on and off to the hospital we went. I recovered easily and well, it stopped bleeding on its own. I spent only 3 days in the hospital, I walked out of there thinking that was it. The most scary was yet to come. On April 29th I was alone and suddenly I was again having symptoms but worse, way worse...I called emergency services myself and from there don't remember much for the next several days...they told me it was vasospasm, some days later..I spent a week in Intensive care and two weeks in rehab..I was off balance needing a walker and struggling with easy math and word puzzles.. So today a year later, I am doing well, very well...yes I still have some things that I struggle with such as pretty well controlled headaches, some difficulty organizing new information...but...I am here and I am so extremely thankful. I am enjoying my life heading to Mexico for a vacation soon. This site has been part of my journey, your stories, your journeys. I tried to find a support group in my area and could not, you all are my support group. Even when you are responding to another person that shares some of my journey it helps me...I hope in some small way to help someone else with my story.. So bless all of you who take time to write. I am one year down looking to get my full years of life. I am thankful and still improving.. Life is a gift and every time I hug someone I love I realize how fortunate I am..
  9. Swishy

    Finally - 5 Years

    "Some things in life you must do alone even with others around" This statement is so very true. I have come to realize that no matter how much anyone wants to help or understand it is my journey. Congratulations on 5 years. This has truly been my only form of therapy, reading other's journey. As I approach 1 year I am seeing there is a new day approaching and part of the reason I am seeing it is because of people like you who stop and take the time to send words of wisdom words of hope.. Jean
  10. I am hoping this would be the correct place to put this. I learned about the book "A Dented Image" by Alison Wertheimer on this site. I was able to get my library here in the US to locate a copy. As I read this book I could see some of my experiences easily, my thoughts and my fears here in print in front of me. I have found it eye opening and comforting. I have searched for a support group but with no luck. I have been told twice that the groups really don't have patients like me??? So I am going a different route and reading. When i first started my reading was very slow and tired me but I am getting faster and I really like only reading perhaps 20 30 pages at a time so I can ponder on what I have read. I would never have come across this book but for this site...Thank you Jean
  11. Swishy


    Hi, I was 64 when I had my NSAH.. it is different from any sickness that you may have experienced in your life.. Time...time...is what you must keep remembering. Her brain suffered a big blow. There are so many great folks here...please read what others have wrote.. Write down things you want to ask the doctors as you think of them and always end the conversation with "if I think of some other questions how can I reach you"... I hope your mom is up being herself soon... Jean
  12. Hi DBC, I am nearly a year out from my NASH..end of April. Truth I could have written what you wrote. I have found I do better when I work on controlling my environment such as...I make sure I get enough rest, this includes quiet time, my overall function is down when I am either physically tired or mentally tired. Oh, and don't forget to drink water, it does make a difference and I have way less headaches. I gave up a part of my job that involved me being constantly moving between different tasks...phones...requests...it was moving too fast for me when I returned to work. I don't miss it...I am gradually accepting my new limitations and I don't feel like this is a bad thing as everyone has limitations. I have those blank moments, but I am finding less when I am well rested. I also find, as I get more use to this happening, often if I just give myself a moment I can move on. It doesn't always work but often it does. Time and patience with myself has been my friend. It is not as it was but it is ok and slowly, oh so very slowly, getting a bit better...Good luck as you continue. Jean
  13. Hi Jill, Glad you found this site, great support here...I had my NSAH a year ago the end of April followed by a severe vaso spasm that put me in ICU for 8 days and then to rehab for 2 weeks. I went back to work in two months. My job like yours is very busy, I work in a hospital and it is noisy, bright and non stop.. I started back half shifts for a couple of weeks and then went back to my normal 24 hours ( I am 65) ...I think the fact that I work the over night shift makes it more difficult. Point of my post... I think I went back a bit too soon...I was fearful I would lose my job and pushed myself...I don't think it did me any harm but I do wonder what my coworkers made of me.... I still am struggling with working and find myself spending many of my days off recovering. I do think I am better mentally working.. Take good care of yourself and allow yourself to rest...no one knows what you are experiencing except you. Best wishes as you recover.. Jean
  14. Congrats on 6 months. Sounds like things are going very well. Enjoy your trip, both of you First trip is difficult but it is a bit easier the second time and moving forward....Have a great vacation ...
  15. Hi Kiwi, I am there with you..Seems crazy almost 11 months out and still talking about the same feelings...I too experience fatigue mostly brain fatigue I would say...It slows me down in work on the computer when I will sign in repeatedly with the wrong pass word, realizing I need to have a water and sit for a bit...I like you method of scoring how you feel...as it is hard to access it...I too get the thumping in my head when I stand up....gives me a fright sometimes as this is how my thunderclap headache initiated but I am dealing and can quickly quiet my fears down...day by day I say and I judge by looking back a couple of months (at least) for improvement...