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  1. Swishy

    Back to Driving - Different countries

    I am from the US...I was told my state Massachusetts, (don't know what the rules are for other states) is a self reporting state...I was also told that if you were in an accident and your medical history was accessed it could be problematic. My Neuro told me personally that because I did not have a seizure and did not become unconscious I was good to drive. I was very concerned about it, wanting to do the right thing.
  2. Swishy


    Hi Melissa , You sound like you are making progress...I see my progress as slow, not measured in days or weeks, only can see it when I look back over months...sometimes I need someone to remind me that I am a bit better now than I was in the fall etc... Like you I had a non aneursym SAH followed with vaso spasm...I did not have surgery...my MD also told me it is highly unlikely to happen again, but with no cause found it did leave me very uncertain...I am finding as time marches on, I am 15 months out, I am able to spend less mental time on it. Trust me, this doesn't mean I am over it or the fear of it...but...it is getting better. I sometimes don't think of it for several hours or half a day. It surprises me as I went to bed everynight thinking of it and woke every morning thinking of it and did throughout the day.It is lighter these days and I am hoping it continues.. It is difficult when others see you as doing great...and I bet you are for all you have been through. This is an invisible thing to some of us...others can't see how we feel or feel how we struggle. You are not alone Melissa, I hear you and I am sure many of us here do.. Jean
  3. I also have developed tinnitus since my bleed. Initially I had some hearing loss in one ear but the hearing returned and brought tinnitus with it. That one ear is the worse but I have it in both ears. I am bothered by it especially when it is quiet. So I sleep with the Tv on very low...hubby is not a fan but it works and he has gotten use to it. Hope you find what helps you it is annoying and distracting. Jean
  4. Hi Kathy, I am so glad you found this site. I felt like I found a support group here. You have been through quite a time, you sound like a fighter. It is such a gift to have family nearby. I had my NSAH at 64 years old, I had vasospasm which was the more difficult to recover from but have done well. Saying that it is a slow recovery, our brains take time to heal. I am hoping you get some answers from the hematologist, keep plugging until you are satisfied with the information you are getting. I was a bit slow to do that. I struggled with multi tasking, math and balance but all have continued to improve I am 15months out... Having faith is a gift when going through something like this but as you stated "it still is a bit scary" it sure is Kathy... Sincerely, Jean
  5. Swishy

    New here, comfort and advise please

    Hi Linda, You said "but she is there..I see her" as a mother with a daughter your words filled my heart ...you love for her will be your strength as you go forward.. As many have said here 8 weeks is early in recovery of a brain bleed...I can tell you are so worried and unsure but from the sounds of it you are being a wonderful advocate for your mom... Make sure you step back and take care of yourself as well. Prayers for you both as your mom heals... Jean
  6. Swishy


    Hi Clare, I did tell my Neurologist here in Boston about this site..I hope he gives it a look and also passes it on to patients.
  7. Swishy


    Hi, I am one year out from my SAH and Vasospasm......even typing this I have to keep checking to see if I am writing in a sensible fashion.... .Sort of feel my self going back and forth in my head as to what I need to do next ie butter the toast or turn the egg...seems worse for me when I am in a small space...I did do some things in Rehab that made me aware of this mixed up thing...I still do it but to a lesser degree now...Old familiar things are easiest for me .when I am out of my own space as I said especially in a small space (horrid if someone else is in it with me) . Never feel like you can't go back or call your doctors for advice...that is what they are there for..I kind of see this as an unseen disability...nobody knows except the person struggling with it...unseen or not it can make for long tiring days..I send you all the best as you continue on your SAH journey.. Jean
  8. Hi Jeff, Reading your story, wow ten years and all is well. How wonderful...You have already been given some great advice by your doctor so all I will say is carry on Thanks for sharing...Each of us is supported by all of us... Jean
  9. Swishy

    RIORITA says oooops!

    Hi, I think many of us, perhaps most, had someone who was helping them as they navigated this crazy illness. I will say for me I think it is awesome to have carers as part of this site. Without those that helped us and loved us..well...for me...can't imagine...xoxo
  10. Swishy

    Ups And downs

    Hi, Happy you found this site. There are so many helpful people here and we can all relate to what you are going through. Your friends are right you are a very strong person, you survived a brain bleed. Please don't be so hard on yourself. This is a big deal and as you have learned often what we struggle with is invisible to others. I found I had to go slow, much slower than i wanted to. I wanted to get over it like I had gotten over a bad flu, but, it is taking much more time. i am one year one month out and am beginning to really learn to pace myself. Be very kind to yourself, and learn to say no sometimes...It is hard when those around you don't understand how you feel, but not having experienced it makes it very difficult. Take care Jean
  11. Swishy

    Wow where did 4 years go.

    Hi Michelle, My goodness you certainly did have quite a year. I am so inspired by how you took your sorrow and did something positive with it. Sometimes life breaks our heart and yes we do need to try to dance in the rain. My vasospasm event happened in the shower and I will say this to you...yes I get a very almost fearful feeling when I am alone in the house in the shower. Reading your post even gave me a jolt. I think it is just such a shocking event it doesn't leave us. Wishing you a another great trip around the sun .... Jean
  12. Swishy

    New Member - Charlotte

    Hi Charlotte, I just saw my Neurologist for my 1 year visit after my SAH ...He told me again that it is not likely to happen again and I laughed....I laughed because when he told me this a year ago I almost couldn't hear him...the fear was blocking my ears...I know sounds crazy but that is how it felt...I told him this when I saw him the other day... A year later..yes I do believe him because I have read a lot about it and from the knowledge I got here on this site...I also think the fact that a year has passed and I am here and well helped also. It takes time to trust your body again. I hope each day brings you closer to inner peace...My best wishes to you. jean
  13. Thanks Iola, I am so hopeful when I read posts such as yours. I want to leave this fear behind...all of it...I have been able to chip away at it but some of it still stays with me. My doctor this week again reminded me that it is not likely to happen again. I am getting there day by day... Jean
  14. Swishy

    New Member: Rook

    Hi Rook, So sorry your mom had such a bad time. She sounds like she is making remarkable progress. I am glad you are "greedy" I would be hoping my kids would be and keep pushing until I recovered as best I can. Best wishes for you mom and her recovery and also to you as you try to keep up with your own life. Please keep checking on this site there are so many amazing people here just for the purpose of supporting people as they navigate some of life's most difficult roads. Jean
  15. I agree Winb...I think for sure she saw what happened to her in a much different way than I viewed my own SAH. I read the book before looking at a video, I always develop a picture of what the person looks like. She did not meet my imagination haha...I enjoyed this book very much and even cried at one point. My son who is a mental health therapist gave me the book he had read it for a class at some point.