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  1. An update: My husband had to be hospitalized because he developed a pulmonary embolism in his right lung, pneumonia, and protein malnutrition due to not wanting to eat because of the pain. The blood clot was due to being hospitalized with the SAH. They could not treat him with blood thinners because of the SAH, and said they were afraid thinning his blood might cause another SAH since they could not find the source of the bleed. They had to put in a filter in his main artery to try to prevent another clot. He is home now, and doing better. His color is coming back, and he is moving around. His head pain is down to a steady 1, and the pain in his lung is being controlled by pain meds. He is not coughing up as much blood as he was. He was hit with a double whammy! Im just thankful he is getting better. Just wanted to share.
  2. Thank you so much for your replies.
  3. I didn't know SHA was a type of Stroke until my husband's nurse told me. All we heard in the emergency room was the term "brain bleed".
  4. My husband had a non anurism SAH two weeks ago today. He spent nine days in the hospital in ICU/accute care, and was released one week ago. There is no apparent damage to his brain, other than the blood being on his brain still, and the constant pain he is still in. He has all of his motor skills, and is coherent. He seems weak, and lethargic, does not want to eat a lot, or drink lots of water, but I am encouraging him to do so. Any one who has gone through this horrible event, can you tell me how long it took for the pain to go away, and what you did to regain your strength. I also do not have a support system, no one to visit, or help. I am Caring for my husband alone. Any tips from caregivers on what I should do to help myself as well. Thank you in advance.