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  1. Hi Mandie So sorry you are feeling this way. I think a lot us go through times when we feel so very low, tearful and grieve how we have changed or been affected. Sending you a huge hug and lots of love xx Try to concentrate on how well you have done and all the positive things, easy to say i know ! Try doing something that you enjoy and makes you feel happy. You never need to apologise for being negative, as i said, we have, at some point all been there and can totally empathise and understand where you are coming from.. If things don't improve and you cant get out of that rut like you have before, maybe go to see your GP for some help. I tried counselling and it really helped to talk to someone not family or friends. Others tried antidepressants that also really helped. We are always here for you Mandie. Hope today a better one for you xx Take care Love Tina xx
  2. Concerned

    Hi Sonia, lovely to see you So pleased that you went to the Dr as Sarah suggested. Glad the letter was re written and you got your peace of mind, bless you xx Take care Love Tina xx
  3. Kay - new member

    Hi Kay Wishing you well for tomorrow and a speedy recovery in time for your 30th birthday Thinking of you and sending loads of positive healing vibes your way xx Take care and as Win has said, when you feel up to it, let us know how you are doing. Love Tina xx
  4. Hi Rich a very warm welcome to BTG. It is very early days for you in your recovery, at 5 months i could hardly walk because of the dizziness and double vision plus headaches. Well done for doing so well, but i would say slow down and pace yourself, don't push so hard. Your body has a way of telling you when you are doing too much. Rest up as much as you can to allow your brain to repair, you have had a major trauma. Have you thought of trying a V pillow to help keep you slightly upright when trying to sleep. I found this really helped with the dizziness when lying down. I was also very noise & light sensitive for quite some time. Even nearly 10 years down the line, i still suffer from dizziness and fatigue, also nerve pain down the side of my face, forehead and around my eye. I had to learn how to pace myself and recognise my new limits, still catches me out now sometimes Things will get better, go steady and let us know how you are getting on. Take care Tina xx
  5. My Story, mum of 4

    Hi Amanda A very warm welcome to BTG. Wow ! You have certainly been through it and indeed a miracle, bless you. It is still very early days in recovery for you, not surprising you have PTSD and severe anxiety after all you have had to go through. You have certainly come to the right place for lots of helpful information and caring support. A lot of 7's in your dates, i see them as a positive Take care and look forward to hearing more from you. Tina xx
  6. Andrea i had mine done nearly 10 years ago, they did it when i had my clipping. I was in hospital for just over a month xx
  7. Also sending you big hugs Andrea, hope you are feeling better and all goes ahead on the 1st September for you. I have a metal plate, please try not to worry, all will be ok xx
  8. Good luck for Wednesday Carly, hope all goes well xx
  9. Hi Carly A very warm welcome to BTG I have not had a stent fitted, but i know a few on here have. Wanted to wish you well for your op and a speedy recovery. As Clare has said, try not to stress, easy to say i know xx Let us know how you are getting on, we are here for you. Take care Tina xx
  10. 2 year anniversary

    Congratulations on your 2 Year Anniversary wonderful news your scan showed no changes. Hope you are having a lovely day xx
  11. 3 Years since SAH

    Happy 3rd Anni-versary Michelle Huge respect for you lovely lady, for all that you have achieved and coped with over the last 3 years bless you xx Be very proud of how far you have come and thank you for all your caring supportive posts to others, even when going through such difficult times yourself. I wish you all that you wish for and more Michelle. Take care Love Tina xx
  12. Jan, Happy 2 yr Anni-versary lovely lady As the others have said, be so very proud of how far you have come. You are an inspiration and very much a big part our BTG family. Here's to the future and your forthcoming wedding to John Lots of love Tina xx
  13. Kay - new member

    Ditto to what the lovely Win has said about writing down any questions you may have so you dont forget any Hope your follow up goes well on Thursday and all your questions answered. We also have carers on here that have been through alot like your amazing finance and can relate to how he is feeling. Take care Tina xx
  14. Kay - new member

    Hi Kay A very warm welcome to you and your Fiance. So pleased you found BTG, you will find lots of helpful information and caring friendly support here. Thank goodness your Fiance and the nurses did not let you be discharged and you saw another Doctor. So often we seem to be misdiagnosed ! You are still in the early stages of recovery, how are you both doing? Wishing you well with your recovery. Look forward to hearing more from you. Take care Tina xx
  15. Hi Jan sending you a huge hug and hope that today a better one for you Lots of love Tina xx