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  1. Hi Claire A very warm welcome to BTG, Some great replies with great advice. You will find lots of helpful information here and friendly caring support. Look forward to hearing how you are doing with your recovery. Take care Tina xx
  2. Hi Angela A very warm welcome to BTG, Hopefully you were feeling well enough to enjoy Christmas. It is very early days for you, and as Louise has said, chill relax and rest up as much as possible. Your brain has had a major trauma and is trying to mend as well as work as normal. Returning back to work is best done gradually building up your hours so you don't take on too much and end up going backwards, which can happen. It is very normal to worry about it happening again, it does get better and the good thing is you are now being monitored which will give you some peace of mind. Just be kind to yourself and don't push too hard. Hope your eyesight improves. Look forward to hearing how you are doing with your recovery, you have certainly come to the right place for caring helpful support and lots of helpful information.. Take care Tina xx
  3. Joel that's great news wishing Fran well with her on going recovery. Look forward to your next update. Best wishes to you both for a very Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year ! Tina xx
  4. What Happened? - Greasly23

    Hi Greasly a very warm welcome to BTG I too had that horrible underwater thing with my hearing, also sudden high pitch sounds that used to make me jump. This did not improve, so they gently suctioned my ears as found i had loads of blood from my surgery stuck in there. This stopped the underwater problem, but i still got the high pitch sounds on and off for some time. Maybe get them to check your ears if does not improve. It is very early days for you and you are going to feel absolutely exhausted from doing the smallest of things. It is your bodies way of telling you or making you rest up Your brain has had a major trauma. Be kind to yourself and drink plenty of water, i am sure they told you this in hospital. Good to know your fiancée is incredible and supporting you, it is also a very scary time for her and your sons when their loved one is so poorly. It turns everyones world upside down. There is also a carers section, should she want support and information too. Take care Greasly and we look forward to hearing how you are doing. Tina xx
  5. Tinnitus

    Hi Tinaw Thank you so much for your update and so very pleased you have got to the bottom of why you were feeling so unwell. Your post will be very helpful for others to read if they have similar symptoms. Great news you are being monitored closely now. Take care and keep in touch. Love Tina xx
  6. Kay - new member

    Hi Kay fingers crossed for you that all will happen this time on the 14th December. Wishing you well and let us know how you are doing. Take care Love Tina xx
  7. Penny - Saying hello to members

    Hi Penny a very warm welcome to BTG Thank goodness your friend found you and you were airlifted to hospital. I too had 7 hour op to clip my bleed. Great news your scan looked good even though you still feel like **** . It can take some time to recover, you have had a major trauma to your brain. I also lost lots of weight and felt very dizzy, nauseous and wobby and had double vision, so can relate to how you are feeling and going through bless you. As you have already found, there is a wealth of helpful information here and lots of friendly support. BTG was a Godsend to me in the early days and still is. You are in the very early stages of recovery, things will improve, it just takes time. Rest up plenty, listen to your body and drink lots of water. Look forward to hearing more from you and please feel free to join in the daily banter in the Green Room. http://web.behindthegray.net/forum/9-the-green-room/ Take care Tina xx
  8. Hi Steven, welcome to BTG. In the early stages i also had the tingling and pressure feelings. I was told the tingling in my scalp/head and face was everything mending after my bleed. I also had big pressure pains behind my eyes and back of head especially if i put my head down. These did improve over time. Rest up, drink plenty of water and don't over do things. I had a follow up with my Neuro Consultant at 3 months, when is yours? If you are really worrying i would contact your Doctor for peace of mind. Let us know how you are doing. Take care Tina.
  9. 5 years

    Congratulations Casey on your 5 year NASAH anniversary Sorry you had a miserable headache as a friendly reminder, hope you are feeling better now xx Great to hear you are doing so well. Thank you for all your caring support to others. Take care Love Tina xx
  10. Nine Years who-hoo

    Colleen congratulations on your 9 year SAH anniversary Well done you for all you that you have achieved, be very proud ! Sending much love back to you, Take care Love Tina xx
  11. New member - Peter John

    Hi Peter John A very warm welcome to BTG, glad you found us. It is very early days in your recovery, be kind to yourself, listen to your body, pace yourself and don't push too hard. Some great advice above and you will find lots of helpful friendly support here Look forward to hearing more from you and how you are doing. Here is the link for NASAH section : http://web.behindthegray.net/forum/16-non-aneurysm-sah-or-perimesencephalic-sah/ Take care Tina xx
  12. Kay - new member

    Bless you Kay, so very frustrating and stressful, really feel for you, so sorry your surgery did not happen, hugs xx Thank you for letting us know, I really hope you get the 10th November confirmed so at least you know what's happening. Wishing you well for your coiling and hope it wont spoil your 30th birthday celebrations. Everything crossed for you, all will be fine Take care Love Tina xx
  13. Hi Clara I can relate to a lot of what you mention. I felt like my whole world had been turned upside down, which it had, devastated ! Many years later i stopped trying to be the old me and started to embrace the new one. Learnt how to pace myself and know my limits. I am much kinder to myself, instead of pushing too hard and making myself ill. I also had my down tearful days, more from frustration, when my words would not come out the right way or i could not remember things or did not wants to see or speak to anyone or had an anxiety attack i could not control. I think it is all part of the road to recovery and it does get better, i promise Take each day as it comes, one step at a time and you will get there. BTG was a Godsend for me, good days and bad days i found great comfort and support from others here and still do You will get your mojo back, it just takes time. 5 weeks is so very early in your recovery. As Karen Hyder once said to me, be kind to yourself, very wise words. Take care Love Tina xx
  14. Hi Krislwal Hope you will get some answers and comfort when you see your Doctor. Take care xx
  15. Hi Dotty A very warm welcome to BTG Glad you found us. So sorry to hear about your Dad, such a stressful worrying emotional time for you all. Two weeks is so very early in your Dad's recovery, his brain will be working overtime trying to mend and recover from a huge trauma, plus doing the normal everyday things we take for granted. Really fantastic news he recognises you all, is eating, swallowing and reading signs. The confusion often comes from extreme fatigue, have you noticed your Dad sleeping a lot. This is normal as he will need lots of rest and sleep to help with his recovery, also lots of water. The surgeons are closely monitoring your Dad, and sometimes recovery does take months & months, there is no time limit, everyone's recovery is different. Although he is confused and seems in his own little world , he is responding to your questions and his memory is there, which is a huge positive Wishing your Dad well with his recovery and look forward to hearing how you are all doing. You will find lots of helpful information on the Forum. Please feel free to ask any questions, we cant give medical advice, but can share our experiences. Take care & remember to look after yourself. Tina xx