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  1. My story up to now - Maria

    Maria thoughts are with you and hope your visit goes well with Paul, take care xx
  2. Quadrantanopia

    Great news Johnnie wishing you all the best for your assessment in May or hopefully earlier
  3. Umut, Thoughts are with you and your family. So pleased your Mum has been moved to a room of her own. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. Keep strong and as Michelle has said, your Mum will be so very proud of you. Take care Tina xx
  4. Finally - 5 Years

    Congratulations Iola on your 5 year brain pop anniversary I too remember when you first came on here and i have to say, huge respect and well done, you should feel very proud of all you have achieved. I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating. Take care lovely lady and thank you for coming back and sharing with us. Love Tina xx
  5. Areajay

    Hi Areajay A very warm welcome to BTG, glad you found us. Some great advice from the others above. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Wishing your Mum well with her recovery. Take care Tina.
  6. dilly new member

    Hi Dilly a very warm welcome to BTG, glad you found us. We look forward to hearing more from you. Take care Tina.
  7. Hi Umut A very warm welcome to BTG Hoping you are doing well and looking after yourself ? Such an emotional worrying time for you with your Mum being so poorly. Some great advice above from Paul, Daffodil & Win. Sounds like you are a very caring Son and doing all the right things for your Mum. Sending lots of positive healing thoughts your way. Keep in touch and let us know how things are going. Take care Tina xx
  8. Dominic

    Hi Dom A very warm welcome to BTG. Glad you found us. You will find lots of helpful information and friendly support here. A lot of us seem to suffer from headaches, could be you are over doing things and need to pace yourself or maybe you are not drinking enough water? If in doubt always consult your Doctor. Your brain has suffered a huge trauma that you were very lucky to survive. Recovery can take some time. We look forward to hearing more from you. Take care Tina.
  9. Wonderful news hubby is doing so well hope you both have a lovely relaxing holiday and the hurdle not so major for you to overcome, bless you, hugs xx Great to read this site has helped you and hubby Thank you for updating us. Take care Love Tina xx
  10. Pat, just for peace of mind. i would go to your GP and get checked out. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Take care, wishing you well. Love Tina xx
  11. DVLA Exceptional Cases ?

    Hi Lyne A very warm welcome to you and your Son. Six months is very early in your Sons recovery and sounds like he is doing really well. Please find the link below, where you may find some information to help. http://web.behindthegray.net/search/?type=all&q=DVLA+ Wishing you good luck and as you say 'never say never' Take care Tina xx
  12. Happy Valentines day to you too Penny So sorry you fell and banged the back of your head, really hope its less painful now. Bless you, It really shakes you up when you have a fall. I don't have a shunt but there are others on here that do. At 7 months, like you, i was not almost having a normal life back, it took me at least 2 years to get half way there. I had terrible dizziness, balance problems and double vision, emotions all over the place. Things will get better Penny, it just takes time. Hang in there and keep your positive head on You should be very proud of how well you are doing and coping. We are always here for you and totally empathise with how you are feeling. Sending you lots of positive vibes and a huge hug. Take care Love Tina xx
  13. Fourteen Years Later

    Happy 14th year Anni-versary Super Mario Thank you for sharing your uplifting positive post, you really are an inspiration to so many lovely lady Here's to many more travels ! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating life Love Tina xx
  14. Quadrantanopia

    Great news Johnnie really pleased for you and hope you hear very soon from the DVLA.