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  1. CharlieD

    Ups And downs

    Hi I know how you feel as I am only 5 weeks post bleed and am already finding the ups and downs difficult. I have yet to return to work and 'normal life' but have had times of feeling well and positive only for it to be followed by feeling very low, ill and scared of the future. I have however read lots on this site from a range of people and there seems to be such a strong pattern of needing to slow things down in the first year and even then having a different approach to life. I am hoping that this might make me slow down and take in all the things that while I have always been grateful for but I was always so busy and planning the next thing. I always said yes to everything I think I have to change that now. Sounds like you are doing so much for 10 weeks, I hope I am capable of all that, you should see the positive even if you do need to rest more than you used to.
  2. Hi Catwoman23, yes that is true maybe there were other risk factors. I am seeing my neurosurgeon on 11th July, so I will start a list of all the things I want to ask to take with me including this. It seems like I have thought of 1000 questions since I last spoke to him. I know I am a nightmare for knowing every detail which is not always a good thing. I would imagine it must be similar for a doctor or maybe not with all you see. Charlotte
  3. Btw. I can actually spell and make sense normally but my posts are terrible for mistakes at the moment. I am gonna blame the brain!
  4. Hi, I read posts like this and it makes me feel better as its what I want to hear but then as I am new to the sight and having an SAH I have been reading through older posts and there are a number of people mentioning they have had second bleeds. I have to wonder how the numbers on here who have experienced re bleeds stacks up to the studies that have been done? I obviously want someone to tell me something that will make the studies right and make me feel better! Thanks Charlotte
  5. CharlieD

    New Member - Charlotte

    Hi Kay, Yes it was I was taken into Southend but transferred to Queens. I am not sure if you are allowed to mention doctor's names on here but mine really was lovely and helped me so much through this. Hope you had same experience there?
  6. CharlieD

    New Member - Charlotte

    Thanks everyone, Yes Clare I think the anxiety of not knowing why it happened is the biggest thing for me. I saw my GP today he gave me the number for therapy services I have an assessment call tomorrow. I am hoping the wait isn't too long. Really appreciate everyone's advice. Charlotte
  7. CharlieD

    New Member - Charlotte

    Thanks Swishy I think our posts crossed over. I am glad to hear you fear has eased and everyone seems to say it takes time. I guess i need to manage it til that time passes and try to get some control over it as it making me not want to get on with things.
  8. CharlieD

    New Member - Charlotte

    Thank you so much for you replies. It feels really nice to talk to people who have been through this and can understand the fear. Like you Sarah and Daffodil I was a very confident person who just got on with things and never experienced anxiety like this. I will certainly take everyone's advice. My mum called Headway to enquire about counselling but they felt it was too soon, that was last week. When did you start Daffodil? I also see people discussing neuropsychologists. Should I go to a counsellor or one of those? I think i will have to pay but I will mention to my GP. I think the reason I have got on here so quick and probably why I am struggling to cope is I am real solution finder and it is very hard to accept there isn't one except time and hoping it never happens again. I will find out more about the breathing etc. My friend downloaded Calm for me in the hospital and I listen to the nature sounds and the daily calm every night which i find helps. Thank you for your kind words Catwoman and Win, I think its best I don't sing for everyone's sake! My family have been through enough,
  9. CharlieD

    New Member - Charlotte

    Thank you CaseyR. I had an amazing neuro surgeon who I will see again in 6 weeks. He actually called me at home and reassured me that, as he put it, I am no more likely to have a bleed than he is. I want to believe it but my anxiety and probably the shock of the last few weeks stops me. I notice everyone comments on hydration and will be sure to stick to the amounts I drank in hospital. Anything to help. All the best.
  10. CharlieD

    New Member - Charlotte

    Not really sure what to say or what I am hoping to get from posting but I have my SAH 22 days ago and am still very much feel as though I am in the thick of it. I had a CT angiogram, 2 angiograms and an MRI and the surgeons was happy all was clear. I spent 2 weeks in Queens hospital and home for a week. I have chronic head pain that I am treating with a mix of pain killers. I feel myself getting lower and lower as I try to cope with the pain and anxiety of having another one. I have 2 children aged 8 and 11 and want to be positive for them but am finding it very difficult. I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by an amazing husband and friends and family who will do anything they can to help me. However I have felt massively overwhelmed by the experience and reading that it has a 50% survival rate and I am fixated on it happening again. I read some posts on re-bleeds on here with lots of words of reassurance but all I could focus on was the 2 people who commented that they have had re bleeds. So maybe I do know what I am hoping to get, advice on how to cope with this level of anxiety in the early stages. I am hoping if I can get the anxiety under control I will manage the pain better. I see how much support others seem to have taken from this and tbh am hoping it can do the same for me. Thanks in advance