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  1. CharlieD

    Vascular surgeon

    I had my follow up with neurosurgeon but he assured me he had looked over my scans with a vascular surgeon.
  2. CharlieD

    Headaches and NASAH

    Hi Sarah I bet you are sick of the headaches! 8 months is a long time without a day off. I know exactly what you mean about the too tight hat, I feel like I always have one on. I have days when there is light at the end of the tunnel but the headaches soon make it forgotten. I have been working on mindfulness and use the Calm app as a way to distract myself from my head pain. Not sure if you have tried it but its really kept me nearly sane. Thanks Charlotte
  3. CharlieD

    Headaches and NASAH

    Thanks Subs yes drinking lots of water and getting lots of rest. Have been incredibly lucky with family and work support. I was just curious as I notice a lot of those who refer to headaches mention having had coils. Thanks Chris it's good to hear from others with NASAH what their experiences with this is before seeing my neurologist again.
  4. Can I ask those of you who have experienced NASAH what your experience of headaches has been? I see many people say they suffer with headaches but lots seem to have coils or clips. I am 3 months today and still have terrible headaches most days and weird sensations. I had a CT scan a month ago as they were so bad and came on suddenly. It was ok. I know all brain injury leaves it's mark and that blood irritates the brain and even if it is gone it has to recover, I am just curious if other NASAH sufferers have had similar headaches and for what length of time?
  5. CharlieD

    Strange Turns

    Just an update on this. My doctor ended up sending me for a CT scan and after a very inexperienced doctor telling me I had a second bleed, the Neuro specialist hospital checked it and said no I hadn't. The young doctor was more traumatised than me in the end which was quite an achievement as I was bordering on hysterical at being told that. Anyway luckily I was seeing my Neuro surgeon a week later who went through every scan with me including the recent one. He gave me reassurance that it all looks really good and he will do an MRA in a year but I am still stuck with daily headaches in the back of my head that make me feel sick at times and the strange turns likes waves. I wonder did others have headaches this regular at 10 weeks ?
  6. CharlieD

    Kay - new member

    Congratulations, what a lovely thing to focus on now.
  7. CharlieD

    Strange Turns

    I spoke to the specialist nurse. She was very nice she does not think it is anything to worry about as I had numerous scans showing all ok. She said as there is no weakness or aneurysm the headache is either an after effect or hormonal. She said the best thing is to get a new pain 0lan with neurologist. Thanks for advice.
  8. CharlieD

    Strange Turns

    Thanks I will give some thought to my diet and supplements and talk it through with the nurse tomorrow, I hope she is happy to stay in touch as yours is, it would be a real relief to have someone to call.
  9. CharlieD

    Strange Turns

    Great I will do that first thing, I found her to be a huge support and other than the neuro surgeon the person i trusted most in the hospital. I was worried to call so I am glad i posted here. I don't want to be a burden or be the crazy person who is making too much fuss.
  10. CharlieD

    Strange Turns

    There was and she was great. I was not sure how long after I was discharged i am allowed to call her for? Do you think it is still ok? My sister thought it might be due me getting my time of the month. I had not had one since the SAH and so wondered if its hormones gone crazy. I will ask the nurse that too if not I might call GP tomorrow if the pain is not under control.
  11. CharlieD

    Strange Turns

    Thank you. The problem is I am always scared and in a panic it seems. It feels a bit more under control now. I have decided to keep taking pain killers and if it gets any worse I will go and get checked.
  12. Hi All I have had a very bad day today. And have felt like I did when I was in hospital. I had my SAH 6 wks ago on Sunday. There was no aneurysm found on 2 angiograms. I felt like while it has been very hard I have improved. However today I had a funny turn which felt like when I had the bleed. All day I have felt the pain in my head and spine. My family worry and tell me to go to a and e when it is bad but I would be there all the time. I have been told I am not likely to have a rebleed so keep telling myself it can't be that. Did anyone else here have these experiences? I am not sure if I should be worried. When I had the bleed after a while I slurred my words and lots use of my right leg briefly. There has been no other symptoms. I hate this not knowing what to do for the best. Thanks
  13. CharlieD

    Ups And downs

    Hi I know how you feel as I am only 5 weeks post bleed and am already finding the ups and downs difficult. I have yet to return to work and 'normal life' but have had times of feeling well and positive only for it to be followed by feeling very low, ill and scared of the future. I have however read lots on this site from a range of people and there seems to be such a strong pattern of needing to slow things down in the first year and even then having a different approach to life. I am hoping that this might make me slow down and take in all the things that while I have always been grateful for but I was always so busy and planning the next thing. I always said yes to everything I think I have to change that now. Sounds like you are doing so much for 10 weeks, I hope I am capable of all that, you should see the positive even if you do need to rest more than you used to.
  14. Hi Catwoman23, yes that is true maybe there were other risk factors. I am seeing my neurosurgeon on 11th July, so I will start a list of all the things I want to ask to take with me including this. It seems like I have thought of 1000 questions since I last spoke to him. I know I am a nightmare for knowing every detail which is not always a good thing. I would imagine it must be similar for a doctor or maybe not with all you see. Charlotte
  15. Btw. I can actually spell and make sense normally but my posts are terrible for mistakes at the moment. I am gonna blame the brain!