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  1. It is a great feeling to be warmly welcomed to this forum and I'm so thankful for the support here! Well I met with the Dr. yesterday and she said a few things that really made sense to me. She said while a CT, MRI, MRA are options for investigating, she stated the cerebral angiogram will give her the best possible visual for just how stable the coils are after 10 years. Given the fact my SAH which happened at the end of my left carotid artery is "familial" and was bound to happen sometime in my life around the age of 50 (I had just turned 53 at the time) feels an angiogram will allow her the ability to discover if there is anything else going on in my brain. Scheduled the procedure for this coming Monday, June 18 and should take less than an hour plus an hour or so of recovery as an outpatient at the hospital which is a stroke center where I am employed. Going this route and feeling the need to follow-up was a decision I made since the services will require no out of pocket expenses as part of my healthcare benefits. Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will post my experience and results early next week. Jeff
  2. Next month will mark my 10th year anniversary post a Grade 4 SAH. The aneurysm leaked and was repaired through minimally invasive surgery, The aneurysm sack was embolized / coiled with 7 platinum pins. No deficits from the accident and now i plan to meet with an interntionalist to review options for revisiting the area and to check on the condition of the coils. The last cerebral angiogram was performed less than two years post the accident. I want to inquire about getting an MRA vs Cerebral angiogram to see how things look and move forward from there. Just wondering if I should go this route or just go straight for the cerebral angiogram.