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  1. dilly new member

    Hi Dilly I'm glad you have found the site I understand your concerns but be rest assured that should further intervention be necessary it will be carried out in a speedy manner if required. It will be down to a neurosurgeon to decide so take one day at a time and try to be positive. Best wishes to the family
  2. Hi Umut Thank you Win.. Yes Umut there are others who have gone through the same as you and may have some input to help you and mum. I'm sorry if I seemed to confuse you that is the last thing I would do to you. I'm still here for you but leave the forum for all to contribute take care xx
  3. Umut Please remember there are other people who have such a wealth of information, flattered as I am I would rather you address all comments to the open floor. I will comment when I feel appropriate, but thank you for your trust.
  4. Umut The answer is very difficult, its a very difficult thing to answer as every patient is different . There is no one size that fits all. It is the same as asking how long is the piece of string. Doctors err on the side of caution I believe and I hope mum will wake up when she is ready. Put your hand in hers and ask her if she wants to come back and to squeeze your hand if she does. All you can do is wait and its a horrible time and so much will go through your mind but all you can do is be patient and wait. It can take another three weeks , nobody knows for sure but taking one day at a time would be the ideal thing to do. Be there for mum , squeeze her hand , talk to her , and tell her you all love her and you want her back. It is a shame no one is the same as each bleed affects people very differently and there will good days and bad ahead and we can only hope and pray mum shows signs she is aware. All the best Paul
  5. Hi Umut Take it from today but remember your mum is a individual and we cannot say for certain how things progress. It depends on Mum's inner strength and well being. Just be patient, be there for her and learn to take one day at a time. So far mum has survived, let mum do all the running so to speak. There is nothing you can do except hope and pray mum makes the necessary steps to recover. Time is not a factor just yet, one day at a time, remember.
  6. Hi Umut I'm sorry about your mother but we all hope things will improve in time. however you are so so early post bleed and it can take up to three weeks before any change will be noticed. Mum has taken a huge injury to her brain and it will take time for that to even settle mum has a tightrope to walk over the next twenty one days. you have done right in playing voices and music to her. I started a diary and left it in the ward so others could write any comments in it. I know my partner was out of it for three weeks plus but was also moving her limbs. its going to a very long marathon its not going to be a sprint and you are starting on a roller coaster recovery your going to have some major ups and downs but hoping mum will pull through. Wishing mum and the family well take care we will be here for you, take time for yourself as well.
  7. 23 year old son of SAH survivor

    Hello Mike Your mum will never stop improving, it takes time and a slow pace for mum to get back into mode as such. The rehab will could continue for months and possibly years, it depends on her stamina and support anyone can give her. You will have ups and downs, but that's normal, I promise, but the good days will take over as time goes on. This is a marathon and not a sprint. We are here for you should you want to vent or have problems. Wishing you and mum all the best xx
  8. Darcy Contact the neurological discharge team at the hospital and ask for some support . They can ensure some support should be available for, I believe, up to six weeks. The old adage "if you don't ask you don't get". Hope all goes well.
  9. Hemorrhagic Stroke

    Hi, if mum is still in hospital she will be or should be fully assessed on how she manages in walking and how she will cope once at home. There should be a team gathering around her soon if not already. Keep clam and ask as many questions you need to ensure mum is suitable for home or any other place and to ensure that mum will be looked after. Good luck to you both
  10. Hi, this could be because of the blood dissipating from the spine and head which can take up to three months to clear. Just keep up with the fluids and if you remember when you were ill and couldn't sleep things always seem worse at night. The v pillow is a brilliant idea and may help in relaxing your wife. Wishing you both well
  11. Lowey family post

    Hi and welcome to the site Eight days are extremely early to expect anything of a major concern. Your dad has had two major operations within a very short amount of time the fact that he held your hand and reacted to you is a massive achievement. For such an event most people don't react this soon which is the good news and at present because of the two operations takes so much out of dad. I found starting a diary and leaving it by his bed so others can add to it a very good way of dealing with the uncertainty and the concerns you have. Put it all down and anyone else can add to your thoughts. They may keep dad sedated for medical reasons and to aid his recovery so take some deep breaths and trust the hospital staff and drs. All the family will be up in the air not knowing what's going on and what's going to happen, not only to dad but the family. Everyone needs to relax as much as you can and make sure everyone takes time for themselves and in doing so everyone will support each other. I`m sorry to say but this is not a sprint, this is going to be a marathon and needs to be taken one step at a time. Designate one person to converse with the drs because many voices can get confusing to drs , who can relay all information clearly and concisely to everyone else all one can do is wait. Its going to be hard but we are here should you want to vent scream and shout if you need to let off some steam, and if you have any questions good luck for now Hope dad comes round soon and shows he knows you are there and keep talking to him all the time. All the best xx
  12. I have a vision of the scanner wearing eyelashes, he he !!
  13. Diane - new member for my Daughter

    Morning Diane I think Win may have been talking about either a catheter ie water works or the drain from the EVD, but if she is talking about EVD the staff will be keeping a very close eye on it. I hope your daughter is holding her own, good luck.
  14. Diane - new member for my Daughter

    Hi Diane I feel for you, my Lin went through a lot of what you are describing. All I can do is offer what I did and that's hold her hand and squeeze now and then and let her know you are there. The peg is a better way of maintaining the body's need for food and energy, only time will tell the outcome, but you by her side she will feel loved and wanted. I never gave up, talk to her because sound is the last thing to go. I know my Lin responded to my voice and as long as it took I know I would always be there for her. Never give up hope as bad as it seems, only your daughters body can decide on what's going to happen. My Lin came back to me so never give up sweetheart. I pray your daughter will prove the doctors wrong. You can always send me a private message by clicking on my name. Wishing you and your daughter all the best and I hope your daughter can prove the doctors wrong. Hugs and cuddles xxPaul
  15. In Denial

    Hi Ian This is quite normal because it is so near to the bleed, it will take time for the after effects of the bleed and drugs to work its way out of the system. I wouldn't take any notice of what is said at the moment, let time take the lead and review in a week or so. Its very early days and it will take time to settle down. Please keep us updated with how you are both doing and good luck.