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  1. Hi TJ Yes I do know how you feel but take your lead from hubby, the chances of a rebleed is minimal. To say the least its natural to feel the way you do but taking baby steps maybe good depending on how hubby feels. If he feels that he can cope then don't hesitate but I would expect him to be tired and maybe exhausted if he does too much in the beginning. So slowly does it, take each day as it comes and don't forget should he feel rough there are many hospitals within walking distance in London which should give you peace of mind. Go and try to enjoy but take your lead from hubby. Good luck and enjoy
  2. Nine Years who-hoo

    congratulations colleen its lovely to know others are making strides ahead may it long continue enjoy your new life and be happy hugs and cuddles
  3. Hi my darling I'm sorry you feel this way but getting the help you need is so important. Can you call the neuro nurse specialist at the hospital you were treated at and explain how you feel and ask her for help. You cant keep going on the way you are because as you say you are hitting a brick wall Your employer needs to get more informed. Is there a HR. department who can support you? When you see the psychologist on the 6th explain how you feel and get him/her on side and you also need to get your husband some support from the VA. They, I believe, are very good at helping vets get what they need in the way of support. Because you are part of that system as well and if your employer refuse's to accept the information then they can be forced to comply legally. Also think about telling your brother that the money tree has dried up because you and your family are the most important thing. More so yourself need help to get through the nightmare, you cannot carry people who are not going to support themselves. There is an old saying you made your bed you sleep in it I understand how you feel but I'm a little sad because you didn't come on here earlier sweetheart because you are not alone. There are people who will listen and try to help you, that's what we are here for. Your health and well being is more important, please don't resort to drinking, please drink plenty of water and see if that reduces the headaches because of all the other stuff going on is draining you big time. Get some support and a kind ear to help you through this crisis. Please remember that we are here and we want you to recover as much as you can with support and love from us all You won't be who you were, embrace the new you and accept that things will get better promise and things will hopefully solve themselves but you need to be honest with psychologist and us. Take care and massive hugs and cuddles from this side of the pond xxxx
  4. My story up to now - Maria

    Maria don't you ever give up or think of giving up. You have proved he is fighting his corner and enjoyed your visit so buck up and try to look at the positive side. I did that for lin and never gave up and had plenty of lovely moments and I would do it again if I had been given the chance. So look to a better future and some fun in the sun as time goes on sweetheart. Try and lift your hopes because nothing is final its just the start of the very long road to recovery hugs and cuddles xx
  5. Hi Maeve I'm sorry about Mum passing. Remember Mum with the love you had together and the happy times and the funny times which Mum made you laugh and smile. Hugs and cuddles to you both.
  6. Hi Tori I'm sorry I seemed to have missed a lot of your postings. please don't get upset about the peg its there to maintain mums weight and it will be removed when mum gains weight and maintains it as it is better in the tummy than the nose so mum will be a lot happier. My Lin was in the old n/staffs and yes they were brilliant to her although sometimes the nurses seem to be over stretched hence the food was still on the table. are they thinking of mum going into rehab elsewhere after they deem her fit enough? if you see Simon Shaw give him my regards a nice chap, wishing you and mum well take care and try and take time for yourself please xx Paul
  7. 3 weeks post SAH

    linda You will experience many changes and feelings over the next three to four months, it's part of the healing process. Drink plenty of water and listen to your body and sleep when your body tells you its had enough for now. Good luck xx
  8. My story up to now - Maria

    Maria I have sent a pm for you
  9. My story up to now - Maria

    hi sweetheart as your fella seems to be able to talk and the trip goes well, would you consider going over full time and marriage? never say never where a stroke is concerned the future is still there make a choice when you see him next as to if you are able to supply the necessary support. its a big undertaking but it depends on how you feel after the join up. darling I hope all goes well for you my fingers are crossed for you both hugs and cuddles xx
  10. My story up to now - Maria

    hi Maria im sorry I haven't responded any sooner I really feel for you and your fella I don't understand how drs make such choices recovery takes years and if your fella can improve he will with the right support can I ask if you are engaged do you have a green card and the right to work in the US? if so is it possible for you to transfer your skills overseas? I've been in your shoes for over eight years plus and never gave up which is why I sympathise with you being in such a difficult situation but hopefully when you do go over to see him, he reacts positively towards you and I have my fingers crossed that he does.. good luck on the visit sweetheart
  11. Hi Xmartz I haven't answered your thread before it is well known that the frontal lobe controls your feelings and behaviour and that your personality may change along with you behaviour and that you have little or no control over if they are affected a clinical psychologist may help you come to terms and educate you in how to handle the situation People will or not be able to accept your new self and will need to be educated and accept you for who you are now there will be many who cant handle the situation hence the suggestion that you seek out a clinical psychologist to help you along I found this very helpful when I was dealing with lin it also helped me understand the effects of frontal lobe bleeds and I've been in the advanced health care in the uk for forty five years and Im still learning you never stop learning the only thing I can advise is seek out a clinical psychologist and count to ten before you answer someone who riles you good luck
  12. 42 and worried

    Hi Kris Just take one day at a time, keep hydrated with lots of water. It does help with the headaches. Good luck and safe motoring should you continue. Take care.
  13. 42 and worried

    Hi Kris Your neurologist maybe right in respect of straining, you will have many a symptom which worries you as you are still in the very very early days of recovery. The headaches and other symptoms are normal as the brain has got some blood surrounding it and it will take up to three months for that blood to be reabsorbed back into the body. Try not to allow the anxiety to take over, the bleed happened and you survived. You are talking to people who have gone through exactly the same and its very unlikely to happen again. Many who have suffered a NSAH are now leading normal lives with very little after effects and some with very minor effects. Enjoy your new life Recovery can be years not weeks, but as you progress in your recovery the less you take notice of it. I would recommend that you drive when you feel better. You don't say if you are in the UK or not but if you are be wary because bleeds of the brain is a condition which is recorded to the DVLA by the surgeon by law, hence you might be breaking the law. We wouldn't like that, take one step at a time, please drink plenty of water and try to relax a lot more. Best wishes
  14. Gcs is 14 out of 15

    Aandrea The figures you are quoting relate to the Glasgow coma scale which hospitals use on admission and it's a moment in time. It does not relate to how a person recovers, that is very much down to the patient. It does not have any relevance to recovery. All it relates to is whether your are awake and whether you are responsive and the answers you give at that time. Look forwards to the future and making improvements as each day progress's, good luck
  15. 42 and worried

    Hi Kris Welcome to the site. Glad you have come out the other side, good luck on the angio on Thursday. There are many reasons for bleeds and non aneurysms bleeds which your seem to be related to. The drs will set you straight when you get a follow up appointment There are many myths and suggestions relating to sah. There is one related to the loo as well i.e. straining too much. There is no rhyme or reason one has a sah. It is though and has been proven its normally genetics I would start by taking baby steps first drink plenty of water and above all listen to your body. Don't over stretch doing things, sleep when your body wants to. Sex is not the main reason for sah its when the anni ruptures on its own cause normally because the walls have weakened and they let go. Evidence shows more happen when things seem to be going ok but there is a possibility during sex, but that will happen immediately not down the line I would suggest that you have a second chance of a new life one step at a time and one day at a time there will be the odd step backwards but many steps forwards good luck and hope to hear from you soon with updates