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  1. 8 weeks since SAH

    Hi Carol I'm sorry about your husband, but you are both in such very early days of recovery. Eight weeks is nothing compared to others. Every recovery is individual and it depends on his will and determination as to how he recovers. When the hospital think he is strong enough they will start working with him to achieve whatever they can and yes it can take years for recovery to reach its best but take one day at a time, because in time you will hopefully see improvements which can be built on. Good luck to you both
  2. Diane - new member for my Daughter

    Morning Diane I think Win may have been talking about either a catheter ie water works or the drain from the EVD, but if she is talking about EVD the staff will be keeping a very close eye on it. I hope your daughter is holding her own, good luck.
  3. Diane - new member for my Daughter

    Hi Diane I feel for you, my Lin went through a lot of what you are describing. All I can do is offer what I did and that's hold her hand and squeeze now and then and let her know you are there. The peg is a better way of maintaining the body's need for food and energy, only time will tell the outcome, but you by her side she will feel loved and wanted. I never gave up, talk to her because sound is the last thing to go. I know my Lin responded to my voice and as long as it took I know I would always be there for her. Never give up hope as bad as it seems, only your daughters body can decide on what's going to happen. My Lin came back to me so never give up sweetheart. I pray your daughter will prove the doctors wrong. You can always send me a private message by clicking on my name. Wishing you and your daughter all the best and I hope your daughter can prove the doctors wrong. Hugs and cuddles xxPaul
  4. In Denial

    Hi Ian This is quite normal because it is so near to the bleed, it will take time for the after effects of the bleed and drugs to work its way out of the system. I wouldn't take any notice of what is said at the moment, let time take the lead and review in a week or so. Its very early days and it will take time to settle down. Please keep us updated with how you are both doing and good luck.
  5. Hi Issy Im sorry your having so much trouble with others who don't understand could you contact the nursing council and union for some on going support before you make that choice. I do understand how you feel having been in the nhs for such a long time I find those who have no empathy or understanding need to be educated by management but your health and well being should be the overriding factor. I wouldn't worry about taking sick leave you need to due to the stress which is thoughtlessly being forced on you which is unfair talk to nursing council and union and good luck.
  6. Hi Joel Congratulations to Fran for making the effort and strides that she has made, together I think 2018 will be the best year ever for the both of you. I hope Fran makes steady steps forwards getting both your lives back on track. its lovely to hear of the progress and hope more will follow in 2018. Good luck and a Happy Christmas to you both.
  7. First trip out

    hi TJRCGG Enjoy the day in London, try to forget your concerns and really enjoy the trip out. Let hubby do what he wants and don't forget he will let you know if he has had enough. Hope you get a nice pressie, enjoy and good luck
  8. Hi One thing I would like to add to this thread, having been in the health service for over forty five years and having to care for my partner who never gave up. I have met many a doctor who have become patients due to various reasons, but one thing seems to be a main thread throughout their illness, is that they make the worst patients ever, because they want to get better as fast as they can and put themselves at risk by doing so. A haemorrhage is a different breed of injury and often poorly handled most times, due to lack of understanding post bleed and on discharge. You DO need to listen to your body, drink plenty of fluids and sleep. Your job will still be there later on and if you take one day at a time and accept that things need to be taken slowly, you will return and be a better Doctor for it and you will have an understanding that so many drs do not have... and you will be able to pass that on in time... so listen to your body and take the lead from learning all over again and in the mean time enjoy the golfing. Good luck in your recovery
  9. Hi Joel Things such as bleeds bring the best out of some people. I'm a veteran and I found looking after my partner the most rewarding time of my life, supporting her and hoping for more to come. But please take each day as it comes, there will be days where things don't go as we expect but then progress suddenly takes hold and you have two days forwards and one day a pace backwards. They become less of a problem and the good days and progress take over . You will find novel ways to help your wife and then it becomes fun. If you have a video camera, I found recording the progress as it moves forwards was a real boost to be able to look back on over time and to see improvements which you hadn't seen the first time around. Wishing you both well and a steady recovery and happiness
  10. My Darling Linda

    Hi my dearest friends This will be the last post on this thread but I just want to let you know how much you have become my friends and the support has been out of this world thank you from the bottom of both lin and my hearts Last Friday the 24th I attended a memorial at the nursing home where lin lived for nearly nine years which I was reluctant to do but I went and it did help in coming to terms with lins passing I was asked to write a tribute which will go in the memorial book for others to view and should I go back I can view it along with lins picture, if you don't mind I will write lins tribute for your viewing as some of the other family members who lost some one from this year found it soothing ? TRIBUTE TO LINDA aka honeybun My darling Linda a women who would light up the room with just her presence with her personality and smile and twinkle in her eyes and the soft touch and love we had which was unconditional and true women who gave me so much in the way of love contentment and happiness which we both shared even after your bleed you showed your love in many ways and the signals and the fight you showed me until the last day which came so swift and decisive way which took everything away except the memories of our love and commitment to each other. seeing the fear in your eyes tore me apart at the end but I will forever be in your debt for sharing our love and showing me what true love means and feeling your body against mine and your soft voice which carried so much love to me and your passing which has left a huge hole in my life which will never be replaced but you have left me privileged and forever grateful for all the love you showed me you will always be in my heart until we are joined again my dearest honeybun im sorry I let you down but my love will always be for you and that I miss you so very much darling and I will always love you and carry you in my heart love you teddy bear now and forever It was also lins birthday the following day the 25th which I spent looking at pictures and reflecting I hope lins story helps others god bless you all
  11. Hi TJ Yes I do know how you feel but take your lead from hubby, the chances of a rebleed is minimal. To say the least its natural to feel the way you do but taking baby steps maybe good depending on how hubby feels. If he feels that he can cope then don't hesitate but I would expect him to be tired and maybe exhausted if he does too much in the beginning. So slowly does it, take each day as it comes and don't forget should he feel rough there are many hospitals within walking distance in London which should give you peace of mind. Go and try to enjoy but take your lead from hubby. Good luck and enjoy
  12. Nine Years who-hoo

    congratulations colleen its lovely to know others are making strides ahead may it long continue enjoy your new life and be happy hugs and cuddles
  13. Hi my darling I'm sorry you feel this way but getting the help you need is so important. Can you call the neuro nurse specialist at the hospital you were treated at and explain how you feel and ask her for help. You cant keep going on the way you are because as you say you are hitting a brick wall Your employer needs to get more informed. Is there a HR. department who can support you? When you see the psychologist on the 6th explain how you feel and get him/her on side and you also need to get your husband some support from the VA. They, I believe, are very good at helping vets get what they need in the way of support. Because you are part of that system as well and if your employer refuse's to accept the information then they can be forced to comply legally. Also think about telling your brother that the money tree has dried up because you and your family are the most important thing. More so yourself need help to get through the nightmare, you cannot carry people who are not going to support themselves. There is an old saying you made your bed you sleep in it I understand how you feel but I'm a little sad because you didn't come on here earlier sweetheart because you are not alone. There are people who will listen and try to help you, that's what we are here for. Your health and well being is more important, please don't resort to drinking, please drink plenty of water and see if that reduces the headaches because of all the other stuff going on is draining you big time. Get some support and a kind ear to help you through this crisis. Please remember that we are here and we want you to recover as much as you can with support and love from us all You won't be who you were, embrace the new you and accept that things will get better promise and things will hopefully solve themselves but you need to be honest with psychologist and us. Take care and massive hugs and cuddles from this side of the pond xxxx
  14. My story up to now - Maria

    Maria don't you ever give up or think of giving up. You have proved he is fighting his corner and enjoyed your visit so buck up and try to look at the positive side. I did that for lin and never gave up and had plenty of lovely moments and I would do it again if I had been given the chance. So look to a better future and some fun in the sun as time goes on sweetheart. Try and lift your hopes because nothing is final its just the start of the very long road to recovery hugs and cuddles xx
  15. Hi Maeve I'm sorry about Mum passing. Remember Mum with the love you had together and the happy times and the funny times which Mum made you laugh and smile. Hugs and cuddles to you both.