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  1. Welcome to BTG. Worry can cause headaches so you could be stuck in a vicious circle, all 3 relating to each other. There are members on here who have had panic attacks after a SAH and found that counselling has helped them. Go to your GP, tell him/her what is happening and see what they suggest and enquire about counselling. Other members have also benefited from seeing a neuro phycologist although for what reason I can't remember. Is there a neuro support nurse/contact at the hospital where you were treated, if so it may well be prudent to contact them for advice. They are all options for you to explore. Many GP's never come across a SAH survivor in their working life because it is quite rare so yours could well be fumbling in the dark. Remember, there is nothing demeaning about asking for help.
  2. My story up to now - Maria

    Personally, I think, from what you have said, the future seems more positive. Hopefully the insurance company will fund rehab and he may well improve more although he may not be anything like he was before the SAH. I will say the time you spent with him did him good and did bring back some memories.
  3. Sah 7 months post op

    Welcome to BTG although I am sure that you wish you didn't need to be here. I'm sure you realise that we cannot give medical advice. Because of what you describe it would be in his best interests to go back to the hospital because after an SAH there can be a fluid build up in the brain. The lumber puncture will have relieved the pressure but who is to say that it isn't building up again causing headaches which he is not admitting to. Please try and persuade him to seek medical attention, even if it is only a visit to his GP who should then take the necessary action.
  4. It has been said before time and time again that it is easy to blame ensuing health problems on the SAH and in some cases that is not the case. I would suggest that you get medical advice and a thorough health check.
  5. Travel Insurance

    Spain is often excluded from some insurances unless you take out the more expensive cover. You have to be careful as insurance goes in zones. Don't know why that is. I have found All Clear will cover me at a price. It is better to ring up for a quote than to do it online. I find that many throw their hands up when I say I have a shunt for hydrocephalus, don't know why as I have never had a problem with it. If it is only your shunt and nothing else try The Post Office in the first instance because they are quite reasonable. They used to cover me but altered their criteria which excludes my other conditions. You must declare everything, and I mean everything, or if you are unfortunate to have to make a claim they will use undeclared conditions to wriggle out of paying up.
  6. Kay - new member

    Kay, wishing you well for tomorrow.
  7. My story up to now - Maria

    Maria, please don't lose hope. Until you see him you won't know if he recognises you or not. If he doesn't you could start by gently reminding him of things you have experienced and enjoyed together. Does his family talk about you to him?
  8. Sadly my dizziness has never gone away even after 13 years and my sense of balance is almost non-existent. I am not saying that will happen in your case as everyone is different.
  9. Scared about my next op

    Aandrea, calm down please although I know that is not easy. You don't want it cancelled again but it will be if you make yourself ill. Try and distract yourself by making yourself as busy as you can possibly manage After all you have been through previously it is nothing. Listen to other members who have had the same procedure.
  10. Questions

    Are you sure it is caused by not eating? It could be caused by not keeping very well hydrated, try drinking lots of water and see if that alleviates the symptoms. Solid food does contain water so that could make you feel better. Failing that working it would be wise to discuss your concerns with your doctor
  11. Flying post SAH/Going Abroad

    I am another one who has flown frequently after my SAH with no side effects at all. As Macca says, just make sure you have declared it for travel insurance.
  12. I ended up with Tersons Syndrome after my SAH. The blood had forced its way down my left optic nerve and when the blood cleared it left debris in the back of my eye. I was almost blind in that eye, it was like looking through water only worse. The eye was operated on and the debris cleared giving me back my vision. It may well be worth asking about that syndrome.
  13. Xmartz, if this member does share what their neuro team have said regards diving you must remember that it will not be relevant to you as each person's case is different. If you wish to pursue those activities then you must take the advice of your own doctors.
  14. My story up to now - Maria

    Maria, your fiancée is improving little by little. It is normal for confusion whilst the brain is healing. Those jumbled thoughts may well correct themselves as time passes. It would do no harm to correct him but do not make an issue of it. Pleased you are able to have more contact with him and that he recognises your voice. Contact with you can only help him along the road to recovery
  15. I would strongly advise that your husband seeks medical attention. Better for him to be checked out. We are not medically qualified so cannot give medical advice.