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  1. Feeling rough again

    Hi Stephen, it is too easy to blame the SAH for ensuing problems when it may not be relevant at all. It could be something else causing the problems. Peeing all the time could be a sign of a urine infection so please visit your doctor and take a sample with you, if only to rule that out. Of course there maybe other reasons for your symptoms but only a doctor can tell you that after listening to you and possibly examining you.
  2. Areajay

    With you working in the Disability sector you will probably be aware of the benefits your mum may be entitled to. Attendance Allowance will possibly be appropriate once she is discharged. Your mum is aware of her memory problems and is trying to address them practically. Many of us live with notebooks and post it notes. Her determination and positivity is all to the good. May she make a good recovery.
  3. My life after my stroke

    Hi Mark, good to hear from you. I do wonder if you getting upset is a form of depression, that is not saying you have depression. Depression is quite common after a SAH. My advice would be to see your doctor and discuss the problem with him/her. They may well be able to help by possibly referring you for counselling or even advise medication to get you through the tough patch.
  4. Areajay

    Areajay, welcome to BTG. I had dreadful nausea, so much so I was readmitted to hospital for a couple of days. It turned out it was the medication I had been given. Your mum is in the very, and I mean very early days of recovery and confusion is something that most of us suffered as is short term memory loss. Many were affected in other ways too. To help with her balance problem ask if she can have a stick and enquire about her having physio. No recovery is the same and a time limit can't be put on it. Make an appointment to see those doctors, write down all the queries you have as you think of them so you don't forget anything. Don't discount questions that you may think the doctors will think stupid. They are medically trained and you are not as neither are we.
  5. If I were you I would see your doctor about it. There could be many reasons, even as simple as your stomach has shrunk if you were not eating much in hospital and you are only 4 months post SAH, very early days. We cannot speculate as each case is individual and we are not medically qualified. I ate very little on discharge but that was due to my taste buds not working correctly plus immobility. Seek medical advice.
  6. Umut, continue from here. What Paul is saying that there are other members on here who will be willing to help you too.
  7. 23 year old son of SAH survivor

    Nothing is set in stone about anything to do with SAH. Every individual is different. Rehab may have to be pushed for in this day and age. You need to talk to the doctors and if necessary fight your mum's corner for her. Just look at Win's story, how she was and how she is now although her hydrocephalus didn't help in her case. Your mum will have to have a positive attitude and determination to recover the best she can for rehab to work.
  8. 23 year old son of SAH survivor

    Welcome to BTG Mike. Your mum is still in the very early days of recovery. There is no timescale for improvement, everyone is different. Recovery can take months to years in some cases.
  9. Unbalanced

    There is always hope. I still hope my problems will improve even after all these years. Work out some coping strategies by trial and error and you will find you can have a good life. I have and I enjoy my life, different as it was planned years ago, but a good life, just different.
  10. Unbalanced

    I think I have said before that I am still like that, exactly as you describe, after 14 years and use walking aids. It may take a while to get the correct shunt adjustment for you that will hopefully correct your problems. As everyone is different, nobody can predict what the future holds and we certainly wouldn't even try. A coping strategy I use is to focus my eyes on one point ahead and never veer from that point until I have to. I then stop and very slowly focus on another fixed point before I move again, tedious but it does help. Have you ever thought that your unsteadiness could be down to a part of your brain that may be damaged. A point you may wish to bring up with your neurologist. I was told that my "drunkenness" was due to brain stem damage but that is my diagnosis, yours may be very different.
  11. Can be downloaded as a PDF file free https://shop.headway.org.uk/shop/redeveloping-skills-after-brain-injury/c-24/p-250
  12. Jo posting on behalf of Rob

    Welcome to BTG. Your uncle should be entitled to benefits after his sick pay ends or even now but it is not easy to sort. May I suggest that your uncle or his partner get benefits advice as soon as possible so they will not be without income. Google Benefits Advice in Bristol, there seems to be plenty of organisations that can help but because of benefit changes all will be busy so sooner rather than later would be best. Any one of them will be able to do a full benefits check and tell them what help should be available. What has happened to your uncle takes some coming to terms with. Many of us have gone through the phase of not sleeping in fear of not waking up. Might I suggest that he sees his doctor who may give him something in the short term to help him sleep. As for his partner, she needs to look after herself so she has the energy to look after your uncle. As for him playing up to your nan, your nan will probably be just taking it with a pinch of salt.
  13. Vestibular issues ..

    I think that I have suggested before that a triwalker or rollator would be a safer option for you when walking. I realise that you may not like the idea but which is better, staying on your feet or falling and possibly hurting yourself? 14 years on and I am still "swishy", without my frame I would have little or no independence.
  14. One year nasah anniversary!

    Eric, congratulations on reaching the first year. Enjoy your gardening, the new puppy and the walks, I'm sure they will bring you lots of pleasure. My little girl, as she was then, certainly helped me along the way. (She is almost 15 now) You have a positive attitude by enjoying the here and now, no point in worrying about the future.
  15. Alexander64 - Recent SAH

    Members have found that using a v pillow has helped them to sleep http://www.wilko.com/pillows/wilko-v-shaped-pillow/invt/0329727 I was told to try 2 pillows as an alternative.