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  1. Super Mario

    Strange Turns

    Charlie, there is not a time limit of when you can call the nurse specialist. 6 weeks is still very early in terms of a recovery from a SAH. Ring her, if only to put your mind at ease. She would be a better option than your GP as she will be experienced in SAH survival
  2. Super Mario

    SAH spouse need answers

    Any questions just ask. As you may know we can't give medical advice but members are quite happy to reply with their own experiences and to point you in the right direction for help.
  3. Super Mario

    10 years post Grade 4 SAH

    Jeff, welcome to BTG. In my honest opinion I would be inclined to follow the recommendation of your consultant. They are the specialists and will have weighed up the best course of action for them to follow.
  4. Super Mario

    Travelling through airports

    Louise, contact the airline or the tour operator you have booked with and they will sort it out for you. I often do flight only and the airline always books it for me.
  5. Super Mario

    Travelling through airports

    Macca, funny you should say that about Manchester Airport, I hate it, always have problems getting through security, especially Terminal 1. Always want me to walk through the scanner when I fall over without support, they just don't get it. The full body scanners, well, I once had to have a security person and the passenger following me hold me upright, that was demeaning. Another time they were trying to bend my walking frame to make it fit through the pushchair scanner whilst I was sat in a wheelchair, I had to shout to the person trying to do it to stop because if they broke it I was stuffed. Another time my rucksack was rejected, emptied and searched 3 times and there was nothing in it. After the 3rd time I blew and they did let me have it saying that it must be my folding sticks that were an unknown quantity. I must say I find Terminal 2 slightly better and more understanding. As you, I have no objections to security being tight, it is for our own good. I am always patted down and I don't mind. They do need to use some common sense though. At Manchester, a couple of years ago, my hairdresser was made to remove his shoes and socks at security whilst a party of about 8 behind him wearing full hijabs were just waved through. Another thing that makes me wonder is how can a face be matched to a passport when all but the eyes are covered. Do the people doing the checking have x-ray vision?
  6. Super Mario

    Travelling through airports

    EMA have a certificate you fill in that you show when requiring assistance, suspect it is much the same as having a lanyard. I have never filled one in and have never needed one.My assistance is always prebooked at the time of booking a flight or holiday and it has never failed me yet. I am well known to the assistance staff at EMA, I travel so often they have remembered me.
  7. I lost my appetite because most things tasted foul. I lived on smoked fish, salad and creamed mushrooms on toast for months. The only things that tasted anywhere near normal..
  8. Hope out there for future sufferers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-44112754
  9. Super Mario

    Night sweats

    SAH can change anything, your brain controls your body and it has had a severe attack. May be worth asking the doctor about hormone production.
  10. Super Mario

    Night sweats

    Over the last few days temperatures have been very high. That could well be the cause. Make sure that there is lots of ventilation in the bedroom and possibly a fan running. If they don't subside seek medical advice.
  11. Welcome to BTG. We do have a forum for carers http://web.behindthegray.net/forum/12-carers-support/ It does sound as if your husband could benefit from some counselling. I wonder if your insurance would allow that if he is willing to participate. May well be worth enquiring about it on your husband's behalf but of course in the end it is down to him what he does. SAH can leave many changes, both physical and mental. Each case is different as is the recovery.
  12. Super Mario

    Skin problems post SAH

    Clare, I have found many things have changed since my SAH. Not skin problems but other things like travel sickness, I don't get that anymore. Can now read whilst travelling as I couldn't before. Red wine always gave me a bad headache, even after one sip, now I can drink it by the gallon with no effect. I suspect the problem is caused by brain changes to sensitivity.
  13. Super Mario

    Feeling rough again

    Hi Stephen, it is too easy to blame the SAH for ensuing problems when it may not be relevant at all. It could be something else causing the problems. Peeing all the time could be a sign of a urine infection so please visit your doctor and take a sample with you, if only to rule that out. Of course there maybe other reasons for your symptoms but only a doctor can tell you that after listening to you and possibly examining you.
  14. Super Mario


    With you working in the Disability sector you will probably be aware of the benefits your mum may be entitled to. Attendance Allowance will possibly be appropriate once she is discharged. Your mum is aware of her memory problems and is trying to address them practically. Many of us live with notebooks and post it notes. Her determination and positivity is all to the good. May she make a good recovery.
  15. Super Mario

    My life after my stroke

    Hi Mark, good to hear from you. I do wonder if you getting upset is a form of depression, that is not saying you have depression. Depression is quite common after a SAH. My advice would be to see your doctor and discuss the problem with him/her. They may well be able to help by possibly referring you for counselling or even advise medication to get you through the tough patch.