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  1. Super Mario


    Just a thought, have you asked the acupuncturist you are thinking of going to for their opinion? They may be able to give an indication, well a good one would anyway. Ethically they would not treat anyone who would be at risk. What opinion does your physio have?
  2. I have a question after they put in my shunt its been almost 2 years this November is it normal to strange sensations where you shunt is and also the feeling like there is something wrong with your ear is there any one who feels these or really tired all the Time
  3. Super Mario

    Headaches after SAH

    Welcome to BTG. As for asking how long the headaches will last is like asking how long is a piece of string. Everyone's recovery is at a different rate, may be weeks, months or years. Recovery is an individual thing. A way to alleviate or diminish headaches from a SAH is to drink lots of water to keep well hydrated. This really does work.
  4. Super Mario

    Thanks for being here

    I do but it is related to my cervical spine and nothing to do with my SAH
  5. Super Mario

    Taste bud problems?

    It took 12 months for my taste to return to near normal. 19 months seems a long time, I suggest you seek medical advice possibly to find answers although the damage could be permanent. As with any brain damage recovery can take years after the event.
  6. Super Mario


    Brilliant news
  7. Super Mario

    Kay - new member

    Kay, it is only your first day. Subsequent days may cause a knock on effect. Don't push yourself too hard. Well done for your first day. Now take it easy and rest up to recharge your batteries for your next shift.
  8. Another possibility is an actual problem with wear and tear of your hip/knee, nothing to do with SAH at all. Could just be coincidence. I am 14 years post SAH and over the last couple of years have had to manually lift my leg to raise it even slightly and after x-rays it was found to be wear and tear although not bad enough for replacement yet. All things to be investigated
  9. Super Mario

    My experience

    As others have said, go back to your doctor and request some counselling. It is not unusual for a person to have PTSD after suffering a SAH. It could be possible for you, especially due to the cause. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/post-traumatic-stress-disorder-ptsd/ It actually sounds as if your doctor really hasn't got a clue about SAH which is not unusual as it is pretty rare and many never come across it in their practising years.
  10. Hi Kathy, to respond to someone privately, click on their name and at the top of their page there is a blue box saying message. Click on this box and a new window will open titled " Compose new" Fill in the fields, add your message then click on "Send " at the bottom right hand corner. If you have received a message/s there is an envelope at the top right of every page that will tell you if you have any message/s, if so, how many in a blue circle. Click on this envelope to read them.
  11. Super Mario

    13 years post SAH today.

    Belated good wishes.
  12. Super Mario

    Flying post Sah

    I have flown 4 or 5 times a year since my SAH 14 years ago. I have never had a problem. The longest flight was 7 hours. I suggest you take advice from your doctor. As a warning, just make sure your insurance are aware of your event, you know what medical expenses are like in the US. You will possibly have to pay an extra premium. Better to be safe than sorry
  13. Super Mario

    Collagen rich food

    I bring that theory into doubt, I have very high cholesterol and yet I had a SAH
  14. Super Mario

    My flight adventure

    What a lovely photo. So pleased it all turned out fine in the end with the flight and that you enjoyed the wedding and spending time with your relatives. You've done it now, there will be no stopping you flying to other destinations. So pleased you enjoyed it, well done.
  15. Super Mario

    Fatigue and memory

    Tara, I presume you have notes, scans etc from Turkey. You need to see your GP and ask for an urgent referral to neurology at a hospital that deals with SAH as your mum needs following up. Don't leave the information from Turkey with your GP, keep it to give to the consultant you see.