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    Happily married to a wonderful man, have an amazing beautiful 17 year old daughter and a gorgeous Springer Spaniel called Buddy
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    MotoGP (Valentino Rossi), Music, Reading and Football (Liverpool)
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    25/08/06 Right Posterior Com Artery

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  1. Skippy

    Strange Turns

    Hi there Sorry, but I have to agree with your family - if its bad enough to scare you and make you panic - get to A&E. I was taken back in 3 weeks after with a scare of another bleed - it turned out to be an analgesic headache caused by the codeine I had to take. Get it checked out - don't take chances
  2. Hey Dawn So sorry that things didn't go as well as they should have done. I can understand your fear over this, although I haven't experienced it. As usual, the advice is to make sure you rest and drink plenty of fluid. Sending you hugs xx
  3. Skippy

    Three Years!!! Still here!!

    Congrats Sis xxx I honestly believe that in order to "move on" emotionally, you have to allow yourself to "grieve" for the old you. Once I stopped fighting it and accepted it, things became a lot easier. And you know what?? I actually prefer this version of myself - I've managed (eventually) to let go of the old one and embrace this new one. I now have the capacity to limit myself, slow down and tell others to clear up after themselves, whereas before I'd rush around and worry about things getting done and tidy up after everyone ALL the time. Now there are rules - if you want me to do your washing make sure it's in the laundry basket or you do it yourself and I'll only be doing it once a week - you want it mid week - do it yourself. Also now tell hubby and kids - you had time to make it and eat it, so you make time to clear up and wash up. I refuse to take pots from daughter and boyfriend's room and they have their own crockery - so if they run out, they wash up or eat out (and if its brought into the kitchen, it better be washed up). Jan darling, allow yourself to grieve for the old you and those who you don't see anymore (they were never true friends if they're not around now). Remember also, its a long road to recovery, but you can make as many pit stops as you like to refuel or repair xxxx
  4. Skippy

    Wow where did 4 years go.

    Give Jan a big hug from me please Chelle (and, of course, sending you one too xx)
  5. Skippy

    Wow where did 4 years go.

    Michelle, the very fact that you have come through ,not only your own illness, but also the other grief you have suffered and you still find the time and heart to write a wonderfully inspiring post says volumes about the you. You are, as Subs says, a valued member of this community and even now, are finding the time among your grief to meet up with Jan and help her through her difficult time. It is a privilege to "know" you xx Happy anni-versary you amazing woman xxx
  6. Skippy

    New Member - Charlotte

    I had a fantastic GP who referred me for counselling 3 weeks after my SAH - I was immediately diagnosed with PTSD and saw my counsellor about a week after the referral - best thing I ever did - besides joining BTG
  7. Skippy


    Really pleased for you mate - freedom is a glorious feeling x
  8. Hi Ves and welcome. Yes, I returned to work 3 weeks after my SAH - though I was luckily enough to be working with my husband in our company at the time so could take a nap when I wanted to. We have an "Introduce yourself" forum on here - it would be great if you could post in there and tell us all your story.
  9. Hi Matt and welcome I've not personally experienced this type of pain, but under the circumstances I would get her to A&E - we can't give medical or medicinal advice as none of us are medically trained.
  10. Hi Clare I've developed psoraris since my SAH -again triggered by stress. I get flare ups on the back of my neck and tops of my ears and elbows. Doc said I have to type that causes the skin to attack itself if I'm stressed or have been ill. I've noticed that the skin on my cheeks is more dehydrated than it used to be too - re hydration creams or creams for dry skin don't appear to make a huge difference.
  11. Skippy

    Work/life balance

    Tina, it sounds like you're "working" more than 10 hours a week. Don't forget that looking after the children and house will all also take it out of you. I've often said to my hubby when he moans about pushing the vacuum around "Its called housework, not housefun, that's why its not easy!!" Make sure you rest up when you can - try and turn the housework into a game with the children so that they help out too.
  12. Hi Jill My premiums weren't affected at all. I told them about the SAH and they asked if I had any lasting effects and had been cleared for driving - I told them no and yes. Premiums weren't affected at all.
  13. Skippy

    Eye test

    Hi there I was advised by consultant not to have my eyes checked for a year after my SAH as the bleed itself can cause vision disturbance that would not necessarily reflect the true prescription needed. Check with your consultant / optician.
  14. Morning Umut Unfortunately I have no idea why -but maybe this a question you need to ask the Doctors. They're better placed to give you an answer than we are. Sounds promising though that she has been moved to a hospital room - I hope she improves so she can open her eyes completely and see what fantastic support her wonderful son is giving her xxx
  15. Hi Umut (please, call me Sami ) I'm glad that you talk to her - I do truly believe that we are heard. You're doing great and are definitely a credit to your mum - she'll be very proud of you.