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    25/08/06 Right Posterior Com Artery

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  1. Night sweats

    I didn't suffer from these but it could be general anxiety or night terrors that cause this - the problem is I could never remember my dreams after my SAH so I couldn't say whether I had night terrors. Have you asked your hubby if he's been having them?
  2. Headaches

    Just a thought, and not medical advice - pain killers can actually cause headaches if taken for too long - analgesic headaches they're called. Talk to your Doctor.
  3. For fear of being deleted too Karen - totally agree with you. I did the same, started off with magazines and did all of the crossword puzzles etc to train the brain again. Now, 11 years on, if I have a really good book, I can get through one in a couple of days and I manage to shut out the noise of the tv without ear plugs (though i do wear them at night as some noises are impossible to block i.e. snoring!!). Please, please don't give up trying to read again - it's the one thing I really missed, so I was over the moon when I could read a whole book again.
  4. Flu and sah

    Hi Steve You say your Doctor thinks this is a big deal - if that's the case, why has he/she not recommended that you go back to the hospital or sent you straight there themselves?? If I were you I would be asking this question and then ask to see your specialist / neurosurgeon.
  5. Kay - new member

    Kay So sorry for all you went through, but so glad that you're here to tell us all about it. Think there are a couple of people on here that have had the confusion etc - my husband did after a bike accident 2 1/2 years ago and he only had a slight head injury - his was caused by infection, exhaustion and lack of oxygen - he took us through ten decades in one afternoon - 1 minutes thinking it was the 70s, then the 80s the next minute and so on - even told his mother that he'd teach her how to smoke. So think it may be a pretty natural reaction to all that your body went through. Make sure you rest up and just catch up on all that missed TV x
  6. Nikki Look at this thread re Tinnitus - just click on the heading in bold below.
  7. Chiropractors

    Hi there Possibly something to discuss with your specialist before going to see a Chiropractor - my specialist didn't have a problem with it but told me ensure that I told the Chiropractor my medical history. My daughter has been seeing one since she was 15 and my Dad has recently started to see the same bloke - however, they wouldn't touch me due to my medical history. Also, just because your neck is stiff and crackles, it doesn't mean that's where the problem is. My daughter's boyfriend also see the same Chiro and told him about pains in his knees - this was due to his pelvis being out of alignment - nothing to do with his knees and he now goes every month and can comfortably play football again. I urge you to talk to your specialist / consultant first and, like I say, you must make sure the Chiropractor you choose knows about your SAH.
  8. Hi there I slept an awful lot after my SAH - I was having four hour daily naps from about 2pm to 6pm for a good few months - it wasn't until just after a year after that I stopped having daily naps. Even now 11 years on, there are times I come home from work and I nap on the sofa for a good half hour and still go to bed at 10ish to get up at 6am. As has been said, everyone is different, but sleeping and the fatigue are all very normal and natural affects of SAH - think about it, your brain never ever stops working. If your feet ache you can sit and put them up, but your brain cannot stop it can only rest.
  9. Shunts

    Hope you can get it sorted hun x
  10. Joel, that's fantastic news - so pleased that your wife is improving. I wish you both an amazing 2018. Onwards and upwards from here on x
  11. Hi Joel Excellent news!!! Its always fantastic to hear of people progressing and recovering. I too wish you both a very Merry Christmas and happy and healthy 2018 x
  12. What Do I Do?

    Hi there Unfortunately you are going to have to wait for that appointment. Is it worth calling them and explaining your situation and symptoms? It may prompt them to fast track your appointment.
  13. Great news for you all - so pleased for you xx
  14. Hey there I suffered from really bad anxiety attacks too. I was diagnosed with PTSD and my GP arranged counselling, which really did help. Also CBT can help too.
  15. Tinnitus

    Hi Casey - not heard of hearing aids helping with this. Have heard that constant low background noise helps as the brain tries to listen to that and the tinnitus then "disappears" whilst the brain is concentrating on another noise.