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  1. Eye problems?

    Hi there Unfortunately no, I can't help you there. The only change to my eyes has been the curse of old age and I am now getting long sighted as well as being short sighted - in my mind that should mean that my eyes should meet somewhere in the middle and I'll have perfect vision again!. Have you had your eyes tested again for your contact lenses or just had a change of brand?
  2. My story up to now - Maria

    Maria - never ever feel silly for having hopes - without hopes and dreams what do we have really? I had my SAH 11 years ago but 2 years ago I nearly lost my husband in a motorcycle accident. There were days after he came out of a coma, that he didn't recognise me but knew who our daughter was. There were days when he thought we were in a different decade and one day even went through from the 30s to the 90s in about an hour and a half!! He wasn't even born in the 30s!!! I hoped and dreamed that he'd come back to me and he did - like you I made sure that there was a constant connection and I gently corrected him when he remembered something incorrectly - it worked and now he's back home and all is well. Stay positive and he will pick up on it.
  3. Hi there Yes I can completely understand where you're coming from. I used to jog, swim and do step aerobics three times a week - I can't even run now without my head vibrating and starting to feel sick. I'm 11 years in now and it was the hardest thing for me to come to terms with.
  4. Hi Maeve Can only echo what others have said. I didn't feel mine until I came round after passing out. Had that been it, then yes, completely painless and that's how I'd want to go. Mine was caused by an aneurysm but no stress as I was on holiday at the time so I was completely relaxed. Please do not blame yourself and be plagued by "what ifs" and "If only"s. Statistics show that roughly 8,500 people a year in the UK have an SAH - less than 1% survive - it has an extremely high mortality rate which, unfortunately, is why so little is known about it. Is there any bereavement counselling that you and you sister could get access to?? Counselling helped me after my SAH so I think it would do you both the world of good. But please, as the others have said, do not carry around unnecessary guilt - none of this was your fault. Take care of yourselves xx
  5. Introducing Kristi G

    Hi Kristi So sorry that you've been through hell trying to find out what has happened and why - it does sound like an NASAH (there is a dedicated section this on the forum and would be worth a look). Hopefully your appointment in October will yield some answers for you, although if the cause is unknown or it was a tear in the artery as opposed to a ruptured aneurysm, you may not get any satisfactory answers from the scan - please do not let this deter you from seeking answers. I hope that this site is of some comfort and use to you x
  6. Anxiety

    Hi Rosie Firstly, Google is not your friend and the studies that you are looking at are not a true reflection of any chances of it happening again. My neurosurgeon told me that if I carried on smoking I had a 3% chance of it happening again and if i stopped a 1% chance - other than that I was no more at risk than any one else on the planet. I had the same issues as you at the same time after my SAH - I was diagnosed with PTSD and had counselling - it does help, very much so. This site was my biggest help and support after my SAH and I really don't know where I'd be without it. Please, stop looking at studies and concentrate on you. We are all different and it is impossible to lump us into a study and accurately predict any outcome at all. Plenty of water and rest - these are the main ingredients of your recipe for recovery at the moment - and of course BTG! Take it easy hun xx
  7. Hi Rich The dizziness and the tiredness will more than likely be side effects of the bleed itself. You sound like you're doing an awful lot too so at this time in your recovery you will be tired and quite possibly even fatigued. The brain needs a long time to heal - liken it to a broken leg and then times the recovery time by at least 5 is what my Neurosurgeon told me. I had the dizziness when bending over to load or unload dishwashers, driers and washing machines for a good year or so. The tiredness/dizziness may also be a side affect of the medication you are taking - having you checked this with your GP? 5 months is very early to expect after effects to disappear completely - try upping your water in take and rest when you can.
  8. Kay - new member

    Hi Kay As scary as all this is for you, don't look at it as a step back - look at it as another rung to climb on the ladder to recovery. I know it's easy for me to say but this op will help you move on with your recovery and in the end give you less to worry about. I suggest preparing yourself for what you would see as the worst case scenario because then anything else is a bonus. I'll be thinking of you xx
  9. Newbie -Linda

    Hi Linda Its sounds like you have had a NASAH (Non-Aneurysmal SAH) - no aneurysm but the artery has torn - there is a section on her dedicated to NASAH survivors but don't let that stop you accessing the whole site - we're all here for each other. I felt like a fraud too when I first came on here - everyone else (there were only 9 of us back then) seemed to be having such a tough time physically and I was perfectly OK other than the fatigue. But please remember, you are not a fraud, you have suffered and you have survived. I also left hospital without any information on recovery - what to expect etc or what had actually happened to me. I saw my GP who explained what he could - he'd never had a SAH survivor in his surgery!! This site has been a godsend for me and I am privileged to now to be in a position to give back to Behind the Grey and help people like yourself through those first few scary and confusing months. By the way, you can ask where we're from - some of us have our details in our avatar. I'm in Nottingham, England
  10. Newbie -Linda

    Hi Linda The one thing we can't do on here is advocate medications or give medical advice, we can only offer the wealth of experience and knowledge that we all have of our own specific recovery journey - and everyone's is different. I was back at work three weeks after my SAH but was lucky enough to be working with my husband in our graphic design company at the time so I had a bed in my office and would have naps during the day when I needed them. It took a year for me not have a nap during the day and feel OK. After stopping the antispasm drugs I went into free fall and was diagnosed with PTSD and had counselling and found this site. You are very early into your recovery and it may be a long road to get there. I say this all the time, but you are allowed to make as many pit stops along the way as you need to. At the moment you will need lots of rest and you must drink plenty of water to keep the brain hydrated. You don't say what you were doing at the time of your SAH or the procedures you had after. I wish you all the best with your recovery and please do stay on here - the Green Room is a great place to be of a day - it takes your mind off things a little and really does make you realise that you are not alone (just beware of Win and her singing )
  11. Food Pocketing

    Hi I've never come across this before, so it's something you're going to have to talk to his GP or health professional about - the same for the wound on his leg.
  12. Hi there Well done on managing your return to work. Its really rewarding knowing that the advice and support on here goes towards helping others get through this.
  13. 25th August 2006 - 2 aneurysms - one ruptured, both coiled. No physical effects other than fatigue for the first year. Anxiety and depression within the first three months and had counselling. We are all different with respect to location of bleed/aneurysm and the grade of bleed besides our own ages and physical condition at the time. All of these factors will have an impact on your recovery, lasting effects etc. Listen to your body, drink plenty of water and rest as much as possible.
  14. Hey there Believe it or not how you reacting is normal. We all had to get used to the "new" us and asking for help etc. I felt the same - I was super woman and then felt like I had kryptonite hanging around my neck for a good couple of years after. I'm 11 years in this month and it has got easier with each passing year - the only thing I don't do now that I used to do is step aerobics three times a week as my head can't cope with it - all the jumping makes my head vibrate too much. I've been told by various family members that my stubbornness is one thing that got me through and I agree - its like training, each day I pushed myself that little bit further until my brain was used to it and then I pushed a little more until it got used to it again and so on. The other thing I did learn is that it's OK to swallow your pride and ask for help - that takes a stronger person, not a weaker one. Keep pushing, just so not so much in one go xx
  15. Hi Sis I'm going through them but because I have the merina coil in, I haven't actually had a period for 13 years (more coils in my body than blooming Zebidee)!! I sleep in light weight pjs/nightdress and have a thin duvet on with a natural cotton cover and sheet. There are natural remedies you can use but we can't recommend as you know. There's also a "cool pillow" which keeps the head cool when you're sleeping which may help - I've seen them but never tried one. I also have the window open slightly with an insect cover over it so no creepy crawlies can get in lol.