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  1. Tinnitus

    Hi Casey - not heard of hearing aids helping with this. Have heard that constant low background noise helps as the brain tries to listen to that and the tinnitus then "disappears" whilst the brain is concentrating on another noise.
  2. 5 years

    Congratulations Casey - so glad that you're doing well. Always really heartwarming when we see fellow SAHers do well with their recovery. Great family we have here xx
  3. back in hospital

    Yep, suffer from this too - like some one is pushing on you head from inside and outside - excellent description Win x
  4. Nine Years who-hoo

    Congratulations Colleen So very pleased to hear you're doing so well - it always brings a smile to my face when I read of other's recoveries and their ongoing stories. And I agree, this is a fantastic family to be part of x
  5. back in hospital

    Hi Clara How very scary for you. I've not been through this but can only echo what the consultant has said - if it happens again, go straight back!! Look after yourself and get as much rest and peace and quiet as you can xx
  6. Hey hun To be honest, your partner is very lucky that I'm not there with you!!!!!!! It sounds like he's actually lazier than he accuses you of being!!! He has to understand that the brain injury will have left you with fatigue too. Fatigue is not just being tired - its like suddenly hitting a brick wall and your whole body refuses to do anything else. Don't bath the dogs if you're not feeling up to it - unless they have a skin condition or are covered in mud don't worry too much. You're far more important than bathed dogs - get a deodorising spray for them - I use one on my dog and it's perfectly OK. Wait until you have the energy to bathe them.
  7. Hey Tori - if memory serves its called a Torrus or Taurus frame -my hubby had to use one of those to get out of bed in into his wheelchair after his motorbike accident a couple of years ago. They're brilliant and do make the person using them feel a little more independent. Fantastic news though about your mum, like Macca said, yours is a beautiful story and you are beautiful people - soooo very pleased to read mum's progress - in fact it's made my day already xxx
  8. Hey!!! That's his problem not yours! I did the same for my hubby when he was in hospital a couple of years ago after a massive motorcycle accident - but I never once brought it up and reminded him how much I'd spent etc - its just something you do for someone you love. If he doesn't live with you then its none of his business whether you've vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the toilet or whatever - the housework will still be there when you feel up to it - it's not like the world will stop spinning if you don't vacuum for a while is it? The most important thing you should be doing right now is looking after yourself and your health - and now you've pointed it out - your broken bone Rest, relaxation, water, baby steps all = happy, healthy you.
  9. Hey hun There's a saying I liked to use when people assumed this of me: "I look well from afar, but I am far from well" I also had a tee shirt with the words "I can see clearly now the brain has gone" written on the front!! I really feel for you because I know where you're coming from. I had the same problem with my lot - because I was walking and talking and discharged from hospital within a week of my coiling op, they all thought I was fine. They promised they'd help around the house blah blah blah. Did they?? For the first week sure - then assumed I was perfectly OK. It wasn't until about 5 weeks after when I had a complete melt down that they started to listen, especially when I was diagnosed with PTSD and referred for counselling. It lasted another couple of months - though hubby did make sure that I rested and slept properly bless him. The housework etc though - no; well not up to my standards anyway - which stressed me out more than actually doing it myself. I suggest you get your partner and family and friends to have a look at this site. It might help them realise that you are far from being lazy - in fact you are trying to let your brain rest so it can heal. Muscles ache after a work out so we rest them - you can't do that with a brain. I broken limb s in a cast so it can heal - we can't do that to a brain. I know it's hard, but stop worrying about what they think and look after yourself - they have arms and legs don't they?? Then surely they're capable of doing housework too, after all they live there so they can help keep it clean and tidy. Remind them the DOCTOR has told you to rest - its not a lifestyle choice!! Look after you and make sure you're drinking plenty of water too.
  10. SAH/Stroke/CKD

    Hi Shobs So pleased that you're taking him home. Half term holidays too - lots of rest and relaxation and time to spend together. It brings tears to my eyes but a smile to my face when I read of survivors going home. Enjoy your time together and make new memories for the new normal (to be honest, I prefer my new normal a majority of the time x).
  11. It may be a novelty for others hunni, but it's now a way of life for us. It still infuriates me when people say they have the worst headache ever, or forgetting things is an age thing and especially "well you look OK". GGGGGRrrrrrrrr - walk a mile in my shoes and then come and talk to me!!! If you get scared or are worried about anything you must call your GP straight away. If the symptoms get to a point where its too much to handle then you all the emergency services immediately!!! Don't feel that you are wasting anyone's time - this is your health and it comes before anything. We're all here to support you - the only thing we cannot do is give you medical advice xx
  12. Codeine was the worst for me - slurring could be it getting out of your system but also tiredness. My hubby had a motorbike accident two years ago and received a head injury - he slurs when he's tired too. Make sure you rest, especially as your meds have been removed - and no need for thanks for support, its what we're hear for and its a privilege to be able to help xx
  13. Hi Clara Seeing a Counsellor will be liberating for you - it did me the world of good. It helped me see past the guilt and taught me stop blaming myself for what I put others through. I found coming off the strong painkillers actually eased my pain as I was rushed back into hospital 3 weeks after my bleed with a suspected re-bleed - it was actually an analgesic headache caused by the strong pain relief I was taking. I stopped it there and then (not advisable) and took nothing but paracetamol after. Remember, lots of rest, water and relaxation will help with the headaches xxx
  14. hey there Yes I did - one in particular who was supposed to be a good friend. When one of my other friends moved to Cornwall I found out this particular friend had done nothing but lie to me and the one who moved. She'd played us off each other and told the other friend that I would be busy when she wanted to contact me. The other friend had just lost her sister at the time and wanted to talk to me but was told by the "good" friend that I'd be busy!!!! We just couldn't be bothered with her in the end and a year later we both cut here completely out of our lives. I have two very very good friends who were in my life before and are in my life now. One is my best friend of 35 years and we've been each others rocks over the years. I decided that after my SAH life was too short to have people in it that were shallower than puddle in the sahara!!! If they're true friends they'll help you through it - otherwise they are mere acquaintances xxx
  15. SAH/Stroke/CKD

    Ahhh Shobs that's brilliant news. So pleased for you both xxx