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  1. A crease line on your earlobe (known as Franks Sign) is purported to be a tell-tale sign of a stroke and heart disease (I'm obviously focused more on the stroke example being a survivor of an SAH). The Daily Mail (see link here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4548952/Ear-lobe-crease-tell-tale-sign-stroke.html said that scientists who examined 241 people who had experienced a stroke found more than three-quarters of them had the mark. It's thought that clogging of the arteries which increases the risk of a stroke also leads to poor blood supply to the ear lobes causing loss of elasticity and creasing. The American Journal of Medicine said 78 of 88 patients who suffered a full-blown stroke (88%) had creased ear lobes. Other sources say an earlobe crease is a potential indicator of coronary artery disease and/or diabetes. My SAH happened back in Feb 2012 and I suffer a small amount of weakness on my right hand side of my body and the odd night twitches, but otherwise made a full recovery (one of the lucky ones) although I had hydrocephalus complications and needed my brain draining twice at the time. I have a crease on my left ear. I wonder how many other SAH survivors have a crease on their earlobe too?