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  1. Early hours yesterday morning I woke up to a headache was so bad it generally felt as if I was smacked so hard with a metal bat or something. Worst headache I've ever experienced. My neck went completely stiff and painful I was also feeling nausea was so close to throwing up. My headache was so bad that taking 2 paracetamol didn't work and after an hour it only got worse it got to a point where I had to lay still otherwise I'll make things worse. I was so weak and and dizzy and trying to make it to bathroom without throwing up I was wobbling. I felt so confused but I think that's because I just woke up in shock. It was the worst headache I've ever experienced my head felt like it swelled up or something I was so close to going to A&E but I never did as I ended up falling asleep after 2 hours as the symptoms subsided as far as I know I fell asleep but I do not remember falling asleep. I called out of hours doctors following day as my head just felt bruised they didn't seem too bothered told me to wait and just make an appointment within the next 3 days. So today I went to the doctors and the lady just acted as I was exaggerating and said maybe it's just stress (even though I haven't got anything to stress about right now luckily) I said to her no I said I'm scared I'm really scared please I've never felt pain like this before and then disappear like it was nothing. She seemed to just not care and off I went, I felt so stupid that I was worried for nothing. So I thought i would come on here and ask people with experiences what I'm describing is it the same as yours or what you have had happened and did anything become worse a week later? I just need to know I have a right to worry? And that I wasn't stupid and that I should ask for a second opinion. Thanks in advance.