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Faymuss    14



my name is Fay I'm 29, I suffered a SAH 2 years ago now, I feel I have fully recovered. I have recently found out I'm expecting (I'm currently 10 weeks, were over the moon) I am due an MRI scan in June to check on my other aneurysm which I have and my current one which was coiled off. I contacted my consultant and spoke to the nurses which have taken care of my after care and have been brillant.


I spoke to them and they didn't seem to concerned they didn't want to see me and they said there is no link to pregnancy and brain aneurysm but they would let  the consultant know about my news. They changed my MRI date till after my due date. I was just wondering if anyone has gone on to have a child and what care they got from there consultant? Or am I panicking over nothing?  I worried when I push there's a lot of pressure on my head.


thanks in advance xx



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Super Mario    18,006

Faymuss, there are members on here who have had children after their SAH. Someone will be along in the near future to try to reassure you and tell you of their experience.

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subzero    7,145

Hello Fay


As Super Mario says, our members will share their experiences with you.


Meantime you can use the `search`  on the Home page.,  Key in `pregnancy after SAH`  and in the content drop down box on the left.. opt for `topic`  This will give you access to some comments already on file.



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