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Kay - new member

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Daffodil    4,302

Kay it's hard to comtemplate having to have another procedure but there are others on here, myself included who have had to go on to have further interventions ( mine was for shunt placement but others have had further coiling or clipping ) and it sounds like they are doing some good investigation so they can work out the best solution for you long term


talk to your team at queens, if you aren't sure about anything get them to draw basic diagrams. Like you I quite like looking at the amazing 3D images bit sometimes simple is best and easier, also my  hubby gets excited when he sees those and starts asking lots of tangent questions so Now I take MIL to my check ups who is much more focussed and takes notes so we don't forget what gets said. ?


Its a shock to realise that perhaps what you hoped was fully 'fixed' needs some further maintenance but trust that for them that caretaking of your anneurism is what they excel at. Ask lots of questions and keep coming here if you need some support with the thought of what's next. 


Take care. 


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Macca    9,634

Be positive Kay - they have identified the problem and are in a position to be able to do something about it if required. Sometimes a second intervention is needed but look forwards to putting all this behind you once it is done.


Good luck,



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Winb143    5,459

Quite a few on BTG have to have an eye kept on their scans so at least  you know they are doing their job.


All what others have said Kay,  I agree with,  but it doesn't stop you stressing xx 


So keep calm and I wont say do not worry but 1 person or more had it done,  but do not ask me who ???  Any takers on this ??? 


Remember ..Stress is bad for our poor brains  xx  


Good luck 

Win xxxx

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kempse    1,722

Sorry to hear you had a knock back Kay - I hope the shock has worn off slightly since you got the news, although I doubt it.    I say that as I remember all too well when I was told I had to have more coils put in as they hadn't packed it sufficiently for fear of the coils coming back out, blocking my artery and causing a stroke.  To hear that when you assume everything is solved is not nice.


All that was 2008/09 and in 2016 I was told the aneurysm had grown and there was talk of yet more coiling. A further scan this April and I was told it appeared stable - so all a bit confusing and unsettling.   Yes, seeing those images is fascinating.


I hope you won't have to wait too long - the hope being that you don't have to worry about it for too long.

Best wishes,




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