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Claire12374 SAH 4 months ago

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I have had ruptured aneurysm to a SAH 4 months ago. i was doing great until yesterday when i had a total melt down asking what has happened to me. i aint the same person now. 

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Hello Claire and a warm welcome to BTG.


I have moved your comment to a new Forum ... called .. Introduce Yourself... (the Forum at the bottom of the Home Page) to enable yourself and everyone to follow your situation more clearly.


While we do not give any medical advice, we can assure you of support from our members to help you understand about your SAH  and your recovery.


The various Forums provide valuable information from members who like yourself, have experienced the trauma of a brain bleed, and how they have coped in recovery. There is no one route to making progress as each person and each bleed are unique. However there are many after effects that are common to all.


Please tell us a little more about yourself and what happened leading up to your SAH,  and of course the medical care you were given at the time.


We will do our best to help with any questions you may ask.


Life is very different following an SAH, and in these early months it will be so important for you to realise and assess what is happening as your body and brain recovers. Patience, rest and keeping well hydrated are pointers you will find us mention time and time again.  Trying to get back to the person that you were is also an issue that all face in these early weeks and months, and again you will get much help from reading how others have tackled this. Your family, employer and friends all have their part to play.


We look forward to you providing some more information when you feel ready so that we can share our comments and help you in the months ahead.





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Hi Claire,


Welcome to BTG!


First and most important -  yes, you are the same person.  All that's happened is that you have had a change of circumstance.  You have just undergone a serious event in your life  - but you have come through it alive and have been given a second chance at life - well done and congratulations.


What you now have to do is re-appraise your life as you recover.  For every door that closes, another opens.  You may suffer some discomfort as you recover, we all do.


The difficult thing to come to terms with is that this change has happened - and it happened when you weren't ready for it and hadn't asked for it.  The point is that it has happened whether we like it or not, so what we have to do is take it on the chin, look forwards and not back and take it on to forge a newer, changed life in which we can effectively operate.


It isn't easy because the wind will have been knocked out of your sails and you will be impatient to be fully recovered.  The chances are that you won't be the same as you were before.  None of us are even without a bleed!  We don't get young again, we don't go back to school again, we don't go back to our previous jobs, we don't regain the fitness of our youth.


We do adapt as we move forward and that is what you will need to do now as you get better.  The bleed will have now meant you have no choice but to re-evaluate things, but that can be a good thing.


It's a chance to de-clutter, work out what's important and move on with a new outlook.  Your glass is half-full, not half empty.  There will be obstacles in your way, but there always were and you dealt with them didn't you.  This event means you are more acutely aware of them, but in time you will deal with your issues.


Remember who and what you are, but be mindful that you will need a lot of patience because recovery doesn't happen overnight!  Those around you will help you, as will we when we can.


Stay in touch Claire, let us know how you are getting on, we can help you, but you need to let us in.  This is where you can share your fears and feelings.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  We've all trodden the path you are on now, and although it might seem a long way off to you right now, you will 'get there' in the end.


Best wishes,




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