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Short term memory lost after a ruptured aneurysm

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Hello everyone, 


first of all, I want to apologize for the faults you will see in the text, I'm from France, but it's the only website where I can find answers.


My name is Alex and I'm 28 years old. On october 22th, my 22 years old little brother suffered 2 ruptured aneurysm...

he was sent very quickly to an hospital, where the doctors healed the bleeding brain by putting spirals inside ( i'm really sorry, I don't know th real term).


After 1 week of artifical coma, he woke up very easilly, was able to talk, to see very well, to hear and even to move (only the right side) 


But, because I have the feeling that there is always something wrong when he gets better, 10 days after, he stil has no short term memory, for example, when somebody leaves his room after a visit, he forgets everything, he can't tell me who came to visit him. 


I feel really upset and sad. 


Do you know if there is a chance for him to get better? I know that our lifes will never be the same again, but I really hope that he will be able to get a " independant" life. 

he's my little brother, the only person that matters to me, since my parents passed away...


I don't want answers, I know it's impossible without being a neurosurgeon, but at least, hear about your stories, if anybody has ever been in this type of sitution. 


Thanks and sorry again for the bad english.


see you 

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Hi Alex


Welcome to Behind the Gray and congratulations on finding us! It is interesting that we were one of the only sources of information you felt comfortable asking advice from. Don't worry about your english, it is much better than the french I use in emails when looking for ski accommodation!


We are unable to give medical advice but we have a wealth of experience in the progress of recovery and I am sure many other members will share their stories.


Your brother is in such early days and has a long way to go on his road to recovery. Let me tell you that when I was in hospital my children reported exactly the same as you are saying about short term memory. I would greet a visitor and know their name and speak to them. If they left the room to visit the toilet or speak to someone, when they returned I treated them as if it was the first time I had seen them that day. My children laugh about it now, though at the time they were very worried. By the time I left hospital I was retaining much more and able to remember better.


Short term memory is often one thing that takes a long time to recover. People who have suffered a SAH (Sub Arachnoid Haemorrhage as we call it in the UK) often have this long term though it usually gets better over time. I still suffer mildly now though it does not affect my life and I manage to work - I just have to write everything down.


Keep talking to your brother, hopefully his long term memory is ok?

I will look forward to hearing from you again soon and how your brother is getting on.




Clare xx

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Hello Alex,


It is very early days for  your Brother but he has youth on his side.


I can only say what happened to me and hope it will be of some help. SAH4  and was coiled 


Firstly while feeling tired all day, I passed out as about to have a glass of wine. 2009.  I remember nothing until I woke up 2010  after having a shunt put it for Hydrocephalus.  

I was told I spoke a little but remember nothing and my Sisters sang to me,  so I am. told.   All what happened to me from July 2009 until August 2010 I remember nothing.


After shunt was fitted I sang to the nurse and was allowed home after only 2 days


I was given up on by OT's as I could not do a thing because of hydrocephalus, but luckily I have a good husband, Daughter and a family that sang to me.  


Keep your Brother stress free and keep him away from doom and gloomers..  Keep him happy and talking to him. It is a long haul but watch out that all is okay with him and talk to hospital about any concerns .  Good luck to your Brother and you xxx 


Remember keep his spirits happy. xxxx  Happy Talk only xxxxx  and if he has catheter in make sure it is emptied regularly and plenty of water for brain.

Winb143 alias Win  xx

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Hi everyone, 

Thanks for the answers you gave me, it helps me keeping hope ! 


I know that each person is different, but reading about your stories will help me fight for sure. 


Of course, I understand that it s a long long way to the recovery, but he is a warrior, all the bad things the doctors told me about the surgery, he destroyed them so easilly that even the surgeons are impressed and optimist. 


Do you have any advices to help him for the recovery ? Waht can I do to work his memory? 


Yes Clare, his long term memory has no problem, he is able to recognize everyone, and remember things from the past very easilly. 


Thanks for all the good things you told me, I hope you feel well !!! 


I ll come back to tell you about my little bro !! 


See you 

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Hi Alex,


Best wishes from the US.  Short-term memory loss seems to be one of the common items after our injuries.  Mine was affected, but has gotten much better over time.  I hope the same thing happens in this instance.  The brain is a miraculous thing, but even it needs time to heal from something like this.



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Bonjour Alex, I hope your brother continues to improve, it sounds like he was treated quickly and that will help him as will his young age as well as he begins to recover. 


I was told quite quite a while after mine that the damage caused by a bleed is different to a traditional stroke because when that happens the clot blocks and damages a specific area whereas when a bleed happens it soaks the surface of the brain and the impact of this means our short term memory is often one of the things most affected. It isn't not that he hasn't got the memory but his function to file it as a memory is impaired.


will it get better? Yes I hope so, many of us see improvements, some of that is healing, some is adjusting and learning but for the most it gets better, I was like your brother and Clair and could remember nothing and even now if I don't pay attention I will lose a memory of something said to me , or something I did. 


I shared  some tips on this after attending some sessions with a SAH patient group, it might help 

main thing though is try to help your brother do things one at a time for now. Don't talk all at once, if there is background noise know he may be slower to respond or remember, be patient as he tries to recall things and try not to worry, it's a slow process but you can have hope things will improve. 


Bon chance. (You have excellent English by the way) 

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Many of us are given up on but remember to sing and smile a lot around brother.


Singing songs can help memory (If I could only remember the new ones lol) xx 


Keep talking to him and if he sleeps he must need it 


But because I wasn't fully functional my Daughter used to tell my Sisters to include me in on conversation, as though I was as I was before SAH. 


We do not remember what was said to us 3 minutes ago in the early days.  I have got better at remembering just lol xxx

Good Luck Alex to you and your Brother xxxx smile xxxx 



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