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Husband SAH and Clotz

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Hello, it's been since February 25th since my husband's SAH. The blood has subsided from his brain, as of the last CT scan, the P.E. in his right lung is clearing up, but in March 16th he was diagnosed with a blood clot "DVT" in his right leg.

His right leg, and foot has swollen twice the size of His left, and when he saw the haemotololgist last week, he told my husband that the blood clot runs the length of his leg.

He is now on blood thinners, and is wearing a full length compression stocking. The doctors explained to him that he was in a catch 22 position with his SAH, blood clots, and blood thinners.


At first they didn't want to put him on thinners when he had the pulmonary embolism, but when the blood subsided on his brain, they decided to do it. I have to watch him closely because they said if he had another bleed, it would not be good.  He also gets dizzy, and has a little double vision from time, to time, and I noticed on a few posts here, that others have experienced dizziness, and vision issues after having a SAH.

I too thought it might be anxiety, as some have thought here too. My husband was fortunate enough not to have had an anuerism, but they never found the cause of the bleed.


I never even though about the dizziness being caused by the SAH. His headache pain level fluctuates from a 1/2 to a 2 now on a scale of 1 to 10. He is short winded, and very weak. I guess understandable after all he has gone through.

It's just him and myself at home, so reading posts here is a good way to help me understand things, and I pass it along to my husband. Thanks for listening. Hope there are not many typos. 

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Hello Darcy, sounds like your husband has had a very tough time, it is very early days in his recovery.  I guess the complication of the DVT is an added scare too.


 I had an aneurysm SAH with coiling unlike your husband and not too many complications.  In the first few months after the bleed I had headaches and a lot of weird sensations.


 I also suffered terrible insomnia even though I was exhausted.  This I felt contributed to headaches and feeling light headed.


I am aware that other members have had problems with sight and dizziness so may be able to offer advice on what helped them.


I do hope you are looking after you too as it very traumatic for our families who have to bear the brunt of caring together with the worry about the loved one.


Your husbands recovery maybe slow but I am sure your support will be a great help.  I do wish you both well and sure others on the site will share their stories which may help.



Sharon x

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Hello Darcy ....  the past two months have certainly been challenging for you and your husband.  In an instant your lives have been changed and your focus has been 100% on willing your husband to recover while trying to get an understanding of what recovery from a NASAH entails.

Even in this short time you have no doubt built up a knowledge that you never expected to have.


You mentioned that you just have each other.  How are you coping ?  I am glad that you find reading the experiences of our members a big aid in your understanding.  Within the site there are so many unique journeys ... you are not alone.


Others have mentioned in your other thread that it is so early in your husband`s recovery.  It is so important that he rests well and does not push himself too hard. Although the exact site of the bleed was not identified, his brain has been damaged and needs time to readjust and to some extent recover.


I am particularly interested in his DVT.  What is the latest assessment you have had?

My wife had a DVT in her leg leg a few weeks prior to her SAH . She was given blood thinners, and when she was transferred to ITU to treat her SAH, the first thing they did was insert a filter in her groin to prevent the clot moving to her lungs or heart. I tell you this because we were advised that the filter had to be removed within six weeks or there would be a risk that it would become attached to the artery...and removal would not be possible.


The result ... blood thinners for life.  Unfortunately even at six weeks they could not remove my wife`s filter. (I hasten to add that her SAH was in no way connected to the blood thinners... her SAH was caused by a blood vessel in her brain being weakened by a disease now known as GPA - Vasculitis)

Please check with your medics and consultants if you are in any doubt about the filter issue.


Take care and keep strong. 





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Hi Darcy,

I understand it might be hard for you to be in a catch 22 situation. Sometimes in medicine it is risk vs the benefits. You should ask the docs what s the cause of the clots. 

Take care and I ll pray for you both.

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