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I'm Glad I Don't Remember

  • I had been having bad headaches for about a week before my bleed, which I thought were my sinuses. I went to see my GP on the Friday and he agreed with me and gave me tablets. I carried on as normal through the weekend and went to a car boot sale on the Sunday.


    I remember my head hurting and having a stiff neck. When I got home I prepared dinner and planted some flowers I had bought. I don't really remember much of the next week, my husband had popped to the local shop and returned to find me unconscious on our sitting room floor. He called an ambulance. I'm told I kept returning to consciousness and repeating what I was saying, the ambulance staff thought I was drunk.


    I was taken to Winchester hospital, I was now being very sick. Here I was given a brain scan and then rushed to Southampton hospital. I was scanned again and my family were told to expect the worse. The next day I had a six hour operation and had coils put in my head and had a drain put in to drain the blood. I then slept for nearly two weeks, waking up each time to not knowing where I was and trying to pull out the drain and drips. A very scary time for my family. On week three, I started to improve and could stay awake for a couple of hours at a time.


    By the end of that week, l was allowed home, as long as I promised to rest and follow the rules. I have been home three months now, I'm still tired most of the time and don't feel like me anymore but I'm told I've made a amazing recovery. I still have two very small aneurysms and I'm having another scan in December

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Hi Nicky,


I do not remember a thing either and if my family told me I'd forget it and ask them again, which was okay when I was ill but now i'm 6 years on,  well it grates on their nerves lol to say the least.  So I know  I must be better. (I still ask though lol)


Give it time and you will look back over a few weeks or more and will say "I had a good day then" and eventually you will get better but it's a long haul so give your brain a rest and yourself xx


As we all say drink plenty of water and rest up your brain and No Stress as my surgeon told me xx

Wishing you well


Win xxx if worried see doc as it will put your mind at ease xx

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Hi Nicky :)


A very warm welcome to BTG.

Thank you for sharing your story.

It's very early days for you. Things will get better, it just takes time and sometimes you take one step forward and two steps back. It is a very emotional traumatic time for you and your family.


Be kind to yourself and listen to your body. Your brain has had a major trauma and as Win has said your brain will need to rest up a lot as it is healing as well as trying to carry on as normal.

Wishing you well with your recovery. Good luck with your scans in December.

Glad you found us. Look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Tina xx

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