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  2. Like Skippy a couple really good ones came to the top for me. Some dropped completely off the radar. My GP, optometrist, and dentist was visibly uncomfortable around me. I had to replace them.
  3. Hi there I've got people that I don't see that often anymore but more to do with life than my SAH. I have two really close friends who were there before and have been there since. If they're seeing as a "burden" then, sorry, but they're not really friends. Do you know that they didn't invite you because they'd see you as a "burden" or did they not invite you so as not to make you either 1. feel guilty about not being able to go or 2. feel that you had to? Is there one of these friends that you're closer to than others that you can maybe ask??
  4. Anyone else have friends just drop off the face of the earth after your bleed. Like it's too difficult for THEM to handle! My "friends" didn't want me coming on a women's weekend trip we do annually because they don't want me to be a burden if some health issue arises. It might ruin their time getting drunk!
  5. I have had seizures, mostly small, but had a BIG one while home alone and ended up on a ventilator! Make sure you take the meds every day!
  6. John Sorry to hear of the trauma's you have been experiencing with the DVLA. It is not a surprise though as you will realise that the Covid pandemic has caused all sorts of problems. My understanding is that under the 'exceptional case' rules, you can get your licence back if you can show (by obtaining an Esterman Test - which you had at Specsavers) that your vision has improved and is no longer an issue. I imagine that if you have such evidence you should submit it now (as they say). It will still take some time for them to review it and get back to you but at least i
  7. Hi John, sorry to hear about your problems but good news that you're recovering well. My own experience getting back my licence after voluntarily handing it in was a bit similar with delays and excuses. I think that in the main DLVA use external medical consultants and these meet only sporadically so decisions are a long time coming. I was relatively lucky only waiting for 3 months after re-applying for return of the licence and at the time I was getting quite annoyed. Looking back, I now believe that they were right to keep me waiting as although I don't think my driving is impair
  8. Like the others, I had no symptoms prior to the thunderclap headache. No similar symptoms after the surgery either. My post surgery symptoms are sensitivity to noise, occassional dull headache and occassional mild fatigue. The poor memory is not a new thing, but now I have an excuse and more coping mechanisms. Hope the MRI sheds some light. Good luck Shaw.
  9. Hope all went well with your MRI today ? Take care Tina
  10. Thank you all for your responses. The CT angiogram did not show an aneurysm or a sentinel bleed. I will be having an MRI today.
  11. Hi Shaw I had headaches for six months prior to my bleed and were especially bad the day of it - constant pressure pain in the front of my head and eyebrows. Mine was caused by an aneurysm though, and I've been told that they're not related to the bleed. Hope all goes well with your scan x
  12. Hi Shaw, Like Tina, I had no symptoms prior to my bleed either. So sorry that after making a really good recovery you are now experiencing those odd symptoms again. Hopefully your scan will get to the bottom of what is going on with you. It must be a very worrying time for you, if you need to off load those worries we are always here for you. Wishing you well and good luck with your scan. Love Michelle xx
  13. I’ve been back to work full time for several months. I guess what’s tough is that if I didn’t work that is a huge emotional burden but when I do work it is probably harder on me physically. I guess what I was curious most about was if this was a common feeling that people have. It’s hard not to think that you should be past all of this when you still may have a ways to go. i really appreciate all of the information and support from this group!
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  15. Hi Shaw A very warm welcome to BTG I did not have any warning signs before my bleed but others here may have experienced your symptoms. Good to hear you have made an almost full recovery but sorry you are experiencing those odd symptoms again. I hope you get some answers when you have your CT angiogram. Let us know how you get on. Take care Tina
  16. Hi Packcuz Feel for you. I still get like that even now sometimes. For me. its when i have overdone things and over tired. I know you said you started a phased return to work. How is that going ? Do you think you are maybe pushing too fast ? 4.5 months is still very early in your recovery. Your brain is trying to carry on as normal and also repair. Maybe you could try and find a way to slow down a bit during the day? Take care Tina
  17. I’m now about 4.5 months post NASAH and have a question for the members here. Towards the end of every day I get jittery and can’t relax. It almost feels like I’m really tired but can’t sleep. It’s exhausting but I can’t sleep so the rest when I can thing doesn’t help. Thanks for your input.
  18. In 2012 I had an SAH with no known cause. For about 2 to 3 months before the hemorrhage I experienced symptoms such as headaches, aphasia, the sensation of cold water dripping on my leg and on my face, writing words backwards. I saw a neurologist and he couldn’t find anything through MRIs and then I had the bleed. By the grace of God I’ve made almost a full recovery. I have not experienced those odd symptoms until about 4 To 8 weeks ago when they returned. I saw a neurologist and I am scheduled for an immediate CT angiogram of the brain. Did anyone else experience these
  19. I had a minor stroke in November 2019 which resulted in a small visual defect in the lower right hand quadrant of my right eye. there were no other consequences fortunately. I didn't drive for the mandatory 6 weeks and was signed off by the stroke consultant who had put me on to anticoagulants, at the same time. I reported the situation to the DVLA who sent me for a visual field test at Specsavers at the end of January. I was a little nervous doing the test, but when I asked the technician at the end how I had done, all she would say "as we expected". I took this (wrongly) to be reassuring.
  20. Sarah i am saddened to hear this news. I don’t check this site often enough so I apologize for the delayed response. Win was a pleasure to know and I always enjoyed her upbeat comments and singing. I am thankful to have known her on this site. Chris
  21. I'm 8 yrs post haemorrhage, still struggle with fatigue every now & then. I work full time, have family round most weekends, feel like I'm on the go all the time. Some days I look round & haven't sat down all day! Maybe I'm pushing myself too much. I work split shifts Mon - Fri, up at around 5.30am, workfor 4 hrs, then go home & do housework & cook the dinner, then go back to work for another 4 hrs. Home by 7pm. I can do this for 2 months at a time, then some days I really struggle to get up in the mornings. Maybe that's just a normal thing for everyone but when I get tired, it
  22. Aw Jess sorry I missed this the other day... congratulations on 18th Ani-versary well done on all you do....
  23. With many thanks to John for his monthly donation to help keep BTG running. Very much appreciated. x
  24. Congratulations Jess on your 18th anni-versary, sorry I am a day late. Well done on all that you have achieved and overcome in that time, your boys have a wonderful mum and we all have a wonderful friend. You bring great inspiration to this wonderful group and I for one am very grateful for all of your help and support. Hope you had a wonderful day with your precious boys, they must be very proud of you. Here's to the next 18 years. Love & hugs Michelle. Xx
  25. Hi Jess, Congratulations on 18 years...I hope you enjoyed your day with your family. Thank you for being part of this great group which gives hope and inspiration to so many at a time when it is so appreciated... xx Jean
  26. Thanks everyone can't believe how long it has been xxx My eldest actually came to tesco today to have lunch with me and bought me some sweets for afternoon shift bless him xxx
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