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  2. With a big thank you to Les' wife Sandra, to his sons, family and friends for the amazing and very generous gift of £1,100 to help support and run Behind the Gray. This amount was raised after a donation fund was set up by the family as a tribute to our dear friend Les. (Macca) With this gift it means Les (Macca) leaves a legacy of this site continuing to run for years to come allowing us all, old and new members alike, to honour the gentle kindness of our friend, moderator and fellow SAH survivor but continuing to follow his example. Les always came ready to listen, he gave hope wher
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  4. I fell at work hit my head so hard that I had grand Mal seziures on the way to the hospital. Found out I had a SAH. The ringing sounds like the machines at my job🤕 the ringing gets worse with fatigue and everything makes me fatigued. It's a brutal cycle but meditating has helped, just hope it gets better and be one with God🙏 only thing that helps and yoga.
  5. Hi Janeece, Congratulations on your 1st anni-versary, the first year is always the toughest, things do get better with time. I think the anxiety and panic attacks are quite normal at this point in your recovery as it is still quite early days in recovery terms. I know what you mean too about head massage, it is as Sami said, a good way to describe it. Try to make sure you are staying hydrated, it really does help with the headaches, i am 6 years down the recovery road and if I don't drink enough, it really does affect my head. Well done and reaching this firs
  6. Hi there Well done on getting the first year behind you I know its tough... Keep well hydrated it really helps with the tightness...
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  8. Hi, Congratulation on your one year since your event....I am half way through my third, the first is big...I have found it to keep getting better....feeling more like myself...My best wishes to you.. Daffodil...love your STOP....I went to a therapist who worked with me on stopping and breathing and also visualizing...it was and continues to be so useful to me...helps me feel grounded... Jean
  9. Hello and also many thanks for taking the time to share one year on. Great to hear that you feel positive with life after SAH, even though you know that there are many issues that you are still trying to figure out and come to terms with. Some perhaps improving with time, and others where you feel `is this it ?`. This site is a testament to continuing improvement over many years. Keep taking each day at a time. In SAH terms one year is still early in your journey. Be patient, positive and protective of your healing brain. It will keep reminding you of your limita
  10. I need a head massage today...too much weather and too muchness of doing. Congratulations on your first popiversary , it continues to improve. For reducing or living with anxiety do look at mindfulness breathing techniques and I use S.T.O.P as a way to anchor to my breath which helps me but always apply some gentle self kindness and nice words to self then when you feel anxious , S: Stop. Whatever you're doing, just pause momentarily. T: Take a breath. Re-connect with your breath. The breath is an anchor to the present moment. O: Observe. Notic
  11. Hey there Congratulations on your 1st anni-versary My first was the hardest to deal with and, like you, I probably felt worse that day than I had in a long time. Possibly the anxiety and irrational thought that it was going to happen again on that same day didn't help. I totally get the feeling of wanting the inside of your head massaging and its the perfect way to describe how it feels - I still get that feeling occasionally - especially after a busy day at work. Thanks for popping in and telling us how you're getting on and I hope your recovery continues
  12. My one year anniversary was October 11th, and I haven’t been on this site, in a long time. Happy to be alive. Still having a few problems, but for the most part, I feel wonderful. Anxiety, and Panic attacks are still quite often. The last few days, been dealing with headaches and a feeling of extreme pressure in my head. Which makes me feel fatigued and tired. I feel like I need a massage inside of my head. That’s really strange to say, but I don’t know how else to explain it. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Take care of yourselves.
  13. Louise, congratulations on your anniversary You will never know just how much you’ve helped me over the past five years, Always there for me When I need advice or a hug🤗You are a Star Jan xx
  14. Great news Mrs Klopp ! Thank you for letting us know. Happy driving to your husband Johnnie M, many thanks for all your help and advice, you have helped many
  15. Great news....thanks for sharing. You both must be so happy that your husband has passed his driving assessment. So glad you both never gave up and many thanks to Johnnie M who guided you all the way. Subs
  16. So my husband has passed his driving assessment. He has a full licence. He is so happy. It’s been so hard for him but we always focused on there being hope. So proud of him. For anyone thinking of appealing under exceptional circumstances good luck and it is possible to get your licence back.
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  18. Thank you Daffodil I knew something made me feel dreadful but having it explained like this will help me a lot. I know to avoid certain shops (lights) younger grandchildren (noise)and a few more. The latest is when things go wrong on this iPad which is quite often. I've learnt more in a week on this site than I have in eight years. Thanks again Compostc
  19. Yes there are different stents and same with heart stents too. Some stay on blood thinners for one year. Long ago, they had to do hernia surgery on one of my patients but he had stents and he can’t stop the thinners. So they did it while on blood thinners. Patient did well. They also carry a little card in the wallet telling what kind of stents that is.
  20. Hi again Tina, Yes, I believe there are different kinds of stents. My Neuro told me the stent they would be using if they eventually do so is from Europe and would need an approval from Health Canada because it is not yet widely used here. How special! ☺️ That is very interesting...thanks again! I’m writing down questions for them for my next follow up. We’ll keep in touch! 😊 Ann
  21. I was wondering myself why I was told that one year of blood thinners would be enough. The explanation they gave me at the time was that after about a year the mesh of the stent would have merged completely with the tissue of the blood vessel and that the risk of a blood clot would be smaller after that. Maybe there are different kinds of stents? Also, I'm in Sweden, so perhaps the recommended treatment is different here. /Tina
  22. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Tina. I wonder why he would say that I will be on blood thinners forever? I am happy to hear you are discharged completely. Take care and again, I appreciate your response. ☺️ Ann
  23. Hello Ann, I'm sorry to hear you have to go through this. I have had stents put in as one of my two aneurysms was in a tricky place and they were not able to coil it. For six months after I ate two blood thinners, and for six more months just one blood thinner. After that I have not had to eat blood thinners at all. One stent was put in while I was sedated so I don't remember that, but the second stent was put in during an angiogram before I was discharged from the hospital after I had my bleed. I didn't feel much at all while they were doing the procedure and it was r
  24. Thanks, Sarah! I have read the thread regarding your situation as well. I agree with you that the concern is always at the back of my mind. I have put my life in a sort of hold anticipating that another surgery was in the books but alas another question mark. I have decided that I would not dwell on it though. And yes, I am looking forward to Christmas. I love the Holiday Season! Thanks again and stay safe, Ann
  25. Hi Ann, I'm sorry to hear you are in this situation. I can't answer your questions unfortunately, because I've not had a stent inserted. I can empathize however, because twice in the past 12 years since my bleed, I have been in the situation of my neuro team talking to me about having such a procedure and likewise mine is in a very challenging spot. I was also told I'd be on blood thinners for life if I were to have the procedure. Last year I got to the stage of an angiogram before they decided my aneurysm was stable enough not to put a stent in, but I still have an
  26. Hello all, I had my follow-up with my Neurosurgeon yesterday and left a bit uneasy. A shortened background: I had an aneurysm Dec. 10, 2010 and it was coiled. The same aneurysm ruptured again July 17, 2020 and was coiled again. The previous coils were still intact but a new aneurysm branched out off the old one. This is very rare to happen. Prior to my coiling there were talks of putting a stent as well. This was not done. My husband and I were told by two of the Neurosurgeons that it is needed as an added protection to not have another rupture. I was discharged after
  27. Welcome Survivor 13! You look amazing and I admire your strength. And what unconditional love you both had. Truly special. Stay strong and we are always here for you.
  28. Well it's a month since I posted saying that I should receive a letter telling me what had been discussed and decided at a MDT held on 9th October regarding my case. I still haven't received that letter, but yesterday I received a phone call from the hospital's x-ray department wanting to make a pre-assessment appointment with me in preparation for an angiogram that had been requested by my consultant. This came as a bit of a shock as I've not heard from the consultant to explain the purpose of this. He must have something up his sleeve because you don't request an
  29. Hi everyone, hope you’re all feeling healthy and positive today. Mum had a repeat MRI which showed two lesions (?uncertain exactly what they are) on her cervical spine and a corpectomy is the next plan. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on this? 😊
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