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  2. And I'm sure you'll recover quicker than we did in leaving the massive gaps between winning the league and the European championships. I blame being a Liverpool supporter for a lot of my stress and euphoria in equal measure. But as with me - gone are glory days of the 80s!!
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  4. Daniel, I can only say that "stats" vary .... It took me quite some years of searching and looking for the same as you. I literally researched everything, including medical papers and these didn't give me the answers either. As a forum/website, we've taken part in quite a few requests for research post SAH. I can understand that you want answers....I did too ... but I've never got them. The only thing that I did explore a couple of years down the line, was my own family medical history and that my Grandfather, his two sons and his daughter all ha
  5. Good morning All and thank you for the responses and helpful information....its sunny outside which really makes you feel happy to be alive... Weedrea thank you for your kind words and your views and story, I think being analytical is a really unhelpful trait for this particular problem....... I am finding making sense of the invisible quite a challenge.. Our Nicolas or Pritis ..( see how descriptive these names are, instantly with either you know how frustrating, tiring and irritating the condition is) .... don't want to give up answers and a clear and understandable
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  7. Hi Daniel .... well Liverpool FC statistics were all over the place come the last minute of added time yesterday. A keeper scoring the winning goal was certainly not in the script. Speaking about statistics..... I am sure you will agree that even the best you can gather, can fail to give the full picture. `Feelings` are so difficult to quantify yet in a post SAH survivor they mean everything. As Andrea says in her challenging post above, getting answers can be so difficult. To keep your statistics in perspective you will find some highly informative member input i
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  9. ...I prefer to call mine Priti Patel - small and malevolent. But let's not get political here! The only thing I will say is having been brought up in Northern Ireland. the "Ulster-isation" of politics in Scotland and the UK more generally is so very depressing. Everything is becoming so polarised, it's them vs us. It makes me so sad. It wasn't until I left NI when I was 18 that I realised the psychological impact of living somewhere constantly on edge. Anyway, back to the point in question. I am quite like you in that I want to know the "why" for everything. I have arthritis in my
  10. We DO all process things differently just as we all initially have the SAH we are all different in how we deal, manage it.... I guess for me since its been a long time my only advice which I wished I had received years ago is Dont let it consume you, dont try to find out why! what could I have done differently! what did I do! what should I have done! all those questions (and that's narrowed down have to say) ate at me for a long time..
  11. Good morning Daniel and thanks for your comments. So sorry to learn about your Classic XK8 Convertible's breakdown. Hope it's not too serious. On a lighter note you will have enjoyed the excitement and last minute drama of the FA Cup final yesterday. Sami is the expert on Liverpool, but being a lover of statistics you must say they are very well placed to get that 4th Champions League spot. Turning to your thoughts about your mum...yes at 79 your sudden brain trauma will have shaken her quite a bit...although mums tend to hide their true feelings t
  12. Good evening everyone and I hope all are well and enjoying their weekends.. Louise and Subs thank you for your input and comments, I understand where you're both coming from, it's a stance my family are taking with me regarding my need for answers.... I guess we all process things differently and as much as I totally agree with how lucky I am, we all are, to be here and alive and kicking.... I want to know or try to accurately estimate how much longer I may have to continue my adventures, and when I need to start writing the books I have been promising myself and others...
  13. Hi, I’ve had migraines all my life. When caught early enough, I was able to confine it to a day, by taking painkillers and sleeping in a cold, vented, dark room. If too late, an episode took two to three days to recover from. Besides the splitting headaches, I sometimes vomited, had visual trouble, general nausea, .... my previous doc Sometimes injected me with a betablocker, which helped me fall asleep, speeding up the recovery. Had several triggers: too little sleep, too much sleep, changing weather, stress, period coming on, ... haven’t had a migraine since my SAH,
  14. No new meds.. Thankfully at 76 she only takes 3 and has been on those for some time.
  15. Thanks! Can't believe I didn't think of that! Definitely taking her to her doc!!
  16. It would also be worth having a review of her medications - has she started something new recently? My dear old mam was hypersensitive to lots of drugs and antidepressants in particular would cause confusion/delusions.
  17. Hi Jennifer, I agree with both Susan's and Super Mario's replies. UTI's/kidney infection can cause the problems that your Mom is experiencing....confusion as well. Defintely get her a Docs appointment as it's something that can possibly be easily fixed with a course of antibiotics. A lot of the elderly don't drink enough fluids which can lead to a UTI because of dehydration ... so make sure that she keeps hydrated in the meanwhile. I had a UTI a couple of years ago .... I'm 58 and thought that I was going a bit doolally with it .... it was sorted with some
  18. Jennifer, you really ought to contact your mum's doctor. There could be many reasons for her symptoms. It is so easy to blame the SAH for other occurrences when that is not always the case.
  19. I would contact your GP first and get her checked out for a urinary tract infection. UTIs can cause confusion in older people and do not always present with the same symptoms as younger people.
  20. My mom had a subarachnoid hemorrhage..fell, fractured skull with 3 brain bleeds almost a year ago. Lately, she's been complaining of pain in both hips/legs and some significant confusion.. like driving our normal route home and she all of a sudden thinks she's never been this way. Kind of freaked me out a bit. She goes back to her neurologist in a few weeks.. just wondering if anyone has experienced this themselves or with a loved one?
  21. Hi there Those names don't ring a bell - but it was 15 years ago that my hubby got me the book. I've scoured my bookcases but can't find it anywhere - I have a feeling that I wasn't up to dealing with my own at the time, let alone reading about anyone else's, so it probably went to a charity shop. Lots of info from the fantastic Subs on the other thread though.
  22. Hello Daniel and thanks for starting this separate thread in your quest for statistical information about SAH/ NASAH. Louise`s reply probably sums up how many members feel. For them BTG was a very valuable support following their discharge from hospital with what is generally agreed, very little information on how the next stage of recovery would be..... (the few boxes of paracetamol would aid the `early` and perhaps continuing headaches. Their immediate priority was to find out that their varied experiences post bleed were `normal` and to get assurance from our members that there
  23. Hi there I like that name to a name! yes no explanation is required.. My brain can't cope with numbers, so my answer is basically that you may never know how it happened, or if it will occur again (more than likely, it won't) but one thing I did learn on this "will it, wont it" journey - is that life is too short to wonder...
  24. With many thanks to Haymcc for her very kind donation. x Many thanks to all of those members who continue to donate each month....your kindness and support is very much appreciated. x
  25. Good morning all I hope everyone is feeling well and feeling positive.. It was suggested I start a new topic after my initial introduction thread so I hope this is in the right place, if not Mods feel free to move it to where will get the best responses and be most useful to others... So 3 months after my No Cause Nicola Sturgeon (OK SAH) for the unitiated in the new medical terminology... As an aside I really welcome discussion and agreement on a new terminology for what we have suffered... you all must feel the same... saying No Cause Sub Arachnoid Haemo
  26. Hi All, I hope everyone has had a good day and are feeling well.... thank you for the replies and comments I am truly enjoying the feedback and interaction... Skippy was this by Ian Wilson or Keith Anderson they are the only Scottish football managers that are not Alex Ferguson I can find linked with brain aneurisms... its not vital I am just hunting down stats as I am really struggling to make sense of the numbers... Subs. Thank you for the links I will have a look and a read, though I have noticed I start to read about these things at night and then wind myself up so
  27. Hi Daniel ... you may find this link of interest too in as far as it relates the feelings of a spouse on the 'other side of the fence' when her 110 mile an hour neurosurgeon husband couldn't 'prescribe his own medicine' following his own bleed.... and incredibly the comments from his neuro colleagues who should have known better. Subs
  28. Also very interested in the source of this statistic. Daniel when Mrs Subs was transferred to Western General in Edinburgh for her coiling procedure this was the first helpful site I was directed to. https://patient.info/brain-nerves/subarachnoid-haemorrhage-leaflet Many helpful comments. Subs
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