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  2. Good morning, First, let me say I am not an expert in the area of disability. Whenever I had my SAH, I was working for a government agency and had sufficient sick leave and vacation time accumulated to cover the time I was off work. Do you have disability insurance through your work or privately? If not, I believe the only other option is Social Security disability, which I understand is a long and complicated process. Various people I know have resorted to using agents to submit claims and advocate for them as approval can be difficult to attain. I do hope you are feeling better at this time and that your scan showed healing. Being a vet tech is surely physically demanding at times, with lots of stooping and bending and lifting (I have several pets and am in my vet's office often). As stated, fully healing from an SAH is a long process. Questions are best addressed by your neurologist. Best wishes, Colleen
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  4. I am about 3 yrs out and really get that "exhaustion" thing too. I really need to nap each day. It is tough to fit in with work, etc. My exwife didn't understand why I was sleeping. My new girlfriend understands fortunately. Your brain gets into a fog. I have started to do the following. First, the brain only uses simple sugars for energy, nothing else. It wont use carbs or fat. So what I do is the following: I never ever drink any soda at all. Then, on a day I am doing a long work thing, I bring a 2 liter of mountain dew. It is loaded with sugar and caffeine. Also, because I never drink it until a work day it has more of an effect. I work around 3 days a week. I had a day a month ago when I was driving a long distance (4 hrs) and I literally stopped and bought a hotel room for a nap. It felt ridiculous paying 60 bucks just for a nap, but I knew if I kept driving , I would wreck. The brain sometimes gets in a fog. Oh well. Thanks for your story and I hope you feel better.
  5. I hope all is going well with you. Sounds like you had a large one and a rough ride.
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  7. Many thoughts and prayers are with you today Ann. Hope each day finds you feeling better. xx Jean
  8. You’ve been in my thoughts today Ann. I hope the meds they gave have been kind and the surgery has gone ok. Now take your time and recover gently and use all the wisdom and tips of what you have learnt over the last few years to help you in that, Go steady,healing thoughts being sent your way, daff x
  9. Hey Ann Hope everything went well and you'll be back soon. Take care xxx
  10. Sending you prayers & strength for your surgery and recovery Ann, Take care lovely lady, you are in my thoughts & prayers. Love Michelle xx
  11. Tomorrow is THE day. Please include me in your prayers, thoughts and send out a successful surgery energy out to the universe for me. 🙂 Take care all of you and will update you when I'm lucid . 😆
  12. Hi Ann Will be thinking of you tomorrow, just wanted to wish you well for your surgery and for a speedy recovery. Take care lovely lady and when you feel up to it please let us know how you are doing. Take care Love Tina xx
  13. Many thanks to all of those members who continue to donate each month....your kindness and support is very much appreciated. x
  14. Many thanks for your words and it makes sense now. I have had recurring severe headaches and nausea now for around 6 months but didn't think anything about it until I received notification from neurologist, still waiting on my GP getting back to me. As for reading and processing I definitely struggle. I love listening to music but only on my level, but don't like noisy pubs etc or noisy grandkids in the house and I get angry with myself when I shout at them to keep the noise down, they are too young to understand really. Take care.
  15. Hi David, I hope you have had some clarification from your doctor/consultant and are feeling more reassured. After several years of scans monitoring of my previously ruptured and coiled aneurysm where I suffered a SAH, they had recently referred to my aneurysm as ‘recurring’ - meaning in my case it had started filling with blood and was up to 30% due to the coils compacting. I have just undergone further treatment for the recurring aneurysm and am relieved to be back and recovering. But some people just have monitoring and no further treatment needed. I’m not sure if this is the case with you, that’s the aneurysm that has recurred, as they put it, as you may have experienced symptoms of a second bleed if it was the bleed that had recurred, and would have probably required urgent attention if this was the case, but is always better to clarify something like this as I can only share my own experience. I completely get the not being able to read and retain although that is improving all the time, however I am still very sensitive to noise so music is out for me!
  16. So glad to hear this Jean, and that you are feeling more like yourself now. I had read that it affects people differently and can last varying times depending on how long you were out and the amount of anaesthesia etc. It’s sound like you are going in the right direction anyway! take care x
  17. I know exactly what you mean lol! Definitely a time of mixed emotions but the relief afterwards is like a new lease of life. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your progress report! 🤓
  18. Thanks so much Tina...Always good to get a good report. xx Jean
  19. Warm welcome back Davie... great sleuthing Subs thank-you I know what a treat for the memorie is when you see that.... take care and stay-safe.
  20. A very warm welcome back to BTG Davie Lovely that Subs found your original postings and it brings back some memories for you and reminds you of others We look forward to hearing more from you. Wishing you well Take care Tina
  21. Many thanks,I've had look and brings back some memories,some I don't have clue but others stood out,funny that isn't it
  22. Hi David, I also love playing scrabble! I play Words with Friends on my iphone which is almost exactly the same just handier. I agree with Jess ask your GP asap. I'm surprised they have not called you for a follow-up. I am from Canada so I'm unsure how your healthcare works there. I had my first SAH December of 2010 which I have fully recovered from but had another one July 2020. I was told it is very uncommon but then again I have another aneurysm that will be clipped this September. I do not want to alarm you though. Unfortunately, this things just happen. I do hope you receive answers soon. Stay safe!
  23. Welcome back, David! You are in awesome company 🙂
  24. Hello Davie and also a warm welcome to your return to the BTG site. You will certainly get lots of support from our members and feel you are not alone in dealing with the various complications from being a post SAH survivor. Keep strong and never give up. Telling of how you face your struggles will greatly help others too. Davie, you said you visited BTG back in 2015, so I did a little sleuthing. This certainly looks like your contact with us back then. I hope it jogs your memory. 😊 https://web.behindthegray.net/profile/2835-davieh/ Take care and keep in touch. Subs
  25. Welcome back to BTG...so many wonderful people here who are very generous with kindness and support. Jean
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