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  2. Hiya, can understand being scared me too, but wont stop me having it... also HATE injections but again get i'll get it done. When I get the word to go... My husband's had both his now and he's been fine just a slight sore arm nothing else... Everyone is different...
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  4. Had my Astra Zeneca jab on Saturday, so far no side effects.
  5. Hi Jennifer A very warm welcome to BTG. So sorry to hear your Mom has been so poorly. Such a very worrying stressful time for you. So pleased you found us. You will find a wealth of information here and lots of friendly caring support. Sometimes these things do just happen and we never get answers as to why. It is very odd i agree. I had a brain stem aneurysm that ruptured. Symptoms just came out of the blue. I was perfectly healthy in every way. I was 45 when it happened. Its good to hear you are getting some help from family, as being a carer, also
  6. I was really nervous too and understand why you might wish to delay or avoid completely. But like Chris I felt it was a good milestone opportunity, like it would indicate if I was in good shape and on the right path, yes there’s risk as with all procedures but you are surrounded by folk who know exactly what to do. One thing I remember vividly is I got sent the link as a joke from a friend to the hair remover for men reviews and my MIL read them to me afterwards in my ‘lie flat for six hours’ phase. We cried with laughter I felt I was going to do some damage. So it’
  7. My 75 year old mom had sudden onset of double vision, extreme confusion one day last summer. At first.. thought dehydrated or something.. after drinking pedialyte she was a little better.. took her to her dr, they sent her to neurologist and he found a meningioma on brain. Took her to eye doctor..eyes had no change from the previous visit. She started having pass out spells, thankfully the first two me or my son were right there and caught her so she didn't hit the ground.. the 3rd time she passed out she wasn't so lucky.. fractured skull and 3 brain bleeds..we ar
  8. I'm a family physician graduated in 2001. I had my shots in Dec and Jan. It was Moderna. Arm pain with first shot and flu like symptoms but not fevers after 8 hrs of second shot. Lasted may be a day and totally better the next day. It is a normal reaction of your body trying to make antibodies. It is very safe protein molecule so it can’t change your DNA or cells. You won’t grow a tail 😺 it is very unstable that is why they keep it cool. Moderna has a better method of putting the protein in a fatty/ butter like substance so it does not need extra cold temp. Pfizer does not
  9. I had Pfizer vaccine 11 days ago and I had all of the side effects, headache, sore arm and quite bad muscle pain in arms and legs, but if there is a side effect to a medication, i am sure to get it. As Super Mario said, everyone is different, you should speak to your doctor or nurse about any concerns, they will talk you through it and hopefully put your mind at rest. I am speaking to my GP on Monday, just to put my mind at rest as I still don't feel 100% back to normal. Xx
  10. Hello all, Gurveena, I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, January 19th and like most just a really sore arm/ shoulder. I will be getting my second dose tomorrow. I am hoping after effect will be the same. Yes, @tina sorry to hear that. I was actually wondering where and how you were. I hope you recover completely. Sarah, we are all young at heart I hope!
  11. With many thanks to Sallios for her very kind donation. x Also many thanks to all of those members who continue to donate each month. Thank you all for your kindness. x
  12. I haven't had my Covid vaccine jab yet Hubby will be setting off for his injection in the next hour - he probably got his because he's in his sixties and I'm still a spring chicken in my fifties albeit only just! In the meantime I shall just have to continue ducking and diving to try and avoid catching the virus. I'm sorry to hear you had the virus over Christmas Tina, I hope you recovered well and haven't any lasting issues - sending hugs x Sarah
  13. I had the Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday, my arm was very painful that evening & Wednesday morning, I then developed a headache that was really intense & painful but after about 6 hours it was like a switch was flicked and it vanished completely & since then I've felt fine. The vaccination centre we're really good at explaining what might happen & also who to call if we were worried but definitely talk to your doctor and the staff at the centre. Even feeling as rough as I did it is worth it not to catch Covid
  14. Hi everyone Firstly, I want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences and personal stories. I have many a time taken comfort and hope from reading posts on here but have never felt brave enough to post before. Apologies in advance if my first attempt is too long! I had a SAH caused by a small 2mm ruptured aneurysm in 2013. Thanks to the amazing medical team and surgeon who performed the coiling I survived. It has been a long journey and my life is completely different now but I have adapted as best I can. I have been regularly monitored with scans yearly or b
  15. Had mine January 11th, no side effects other than sore arm for 24 hours
  16. Had mine Tuesday couldn't lift my arm to high because of pain but could by about 3pm Wednesday only hurts when I lean on it now actually on the injection site. Now have headache cough and blocked nose but I have headache everyday since sah 18 years ago xxx
  17. Glad I read this...just actually landed 2 appointments for me and hubby for March 4th and 5th....Happy reading that it seems to be impacting us in a similiar fashion as everyone else...of course...realizing everyone is different...I think i was so worried about not being able to get a spot I didn't think of anything else...I had 3 friends work on it for us...not easy..
  18. Hi Gurveena A very warm welcome to BTG I also had my vaccine a few weeks ago. I had a headache and felt off for a day. I also had Covid for 2 weeks over Christmas, it was horrible. Maybe that's why i had a slight reaction. I have been absolutely fine since and glad to have had the vaccine. I had the Pfizer one and my second one booked for April. As SM has suggested, contact your Doctor or Nurse Specialist if worried. Take care Tina xx
  19. Welcome to BTG. I had my vaccination about 4 weeks ago. I didn't get a reaction but everybody is different. If you are worried speak to your doctor or nurse specialist at the hospital you were treated.
  20. I have a history of SAH with frequent headaches just want to check if anyone got a vaccine and how there health is going on? Bit scared. Thanks,
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  22. I remember my follow up. I was not as anxious as I understood it to be just a better look at what they had seen before, but with a better view now that the blood had cleared. I suggest you look at it this way, you will either get the good news that they still don't see any problems, or you will idenify any problems and get the help you need before it can harm you again. Hopefully, you will get the former of the two, but both are better than not knowing. Best wishes! Chris
  23. They diagnosed them when I told them exactly what I was feeling and when I was feeling it so some of my symptoms would have been the same as vascular migraines xxx
  24. Thanks for this. I did try a chiropractitioner and a physiotherapist - what kind of exercises did you do?
  25. I had a headache in the back of my head for almost 3 years post SAH. The neurologist always dismissed it and said it was expected (something about agitation from the residual blood). Long story, but my oncologist recently suggest physical therapy (PT) for the pain. She wrote a prescription. I was doubtful but decided to give it a try. My pain felt like a tight stretched band across the back of my head. After PT sessions twice a week for about 8 weeks ~ I actually had relief. I was amazed! The exercises and neck and spine manipulations really did help. I am just throwing this out a
  26. Thanks Jess. The neurologist has discharged me. How did they diagnose vascular headaches?
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