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  2. I’ve recently been diagnosed with postural hypotension after a visit to A&E due to my 5th fall. I’m constantly nauseous, dizzy have a whooshing sound in my head and have involuntary jerking of my limbs, my GP is now deciding where to refer me to. I must admit, I’m feeling nervous.
  3. Puppies can do that what a wonderful way to stay busy.
  4. I used to worry terribly but 19 years later two kids since we holiday every year I have just gone from two and a half days a week at work to six (because of kids not sah) bit I was petrified of going anywhere but since me and my husband split I do it all xxx Life is for living try not to worry and speak to your dr xxx
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  6. Hi there I worried for a long time about it happening again, what if the clips moved as time passes this became less of an issue, move forward with it I did best thing... But if your worried yes speak to your GP or your Neuro doctor... Wishing you well, stay-safe.
  7. Hi Josie, I'm literally 16 years on today, since my SAH and the coiling of my aneurysm. My aneurysm still isn't 100% "fixed" as it has a small neck to it ... but I'll take that! I'm still monitored. My aneurysm wasn't suitable for clipping and probably 30+ years ago I would have died, as there wasn't the medical technology with brain surgery re:coiling. I'm just very grateful that I've had another 16 years to be honest.... Clipping is pretty invasive and a longer recovery period ... it brings with it, a lot of other recovery problems. If I was asked now, as to what I would prefer coiling or clipping? I would go down the coiling route for sure. Josie, we tend to blame everything on the SAH and I had a lady contacting me today and wondering whether it's the SAH, which she had last year or perhaps menopause symptoms. I'm not sure what age you are, but it can be a double whammy with the fallout from the SAH and believe you me, it can be a tough ride. I wish you well and all good things. x
  8. Hi Josie I was constantly worried about it happening again -as I approach 15 years post SAH, I'm at the point where I have stopped worrying about anything that I can't control. My irritability and being cross about everything is down to being menopausal; so am taking tablets to try to realign my hormones and, therefore hopefully, my emotions. Have you had a chat with your GP about how you're feeling? You never know, they could recommend something. Take care xx
  9. Brenda, I'm so very sorry to hear about John and also being diagnosed with Alzheimer's ... My father in law had Alzheimer's and it's a cruel condition and think that it's even harder for their partners and what they have to put up with. My father in law became quite abusive too. Life's certainly not fair .... Just remember, that you're doing as good as you can with his care ... Please remember to look after yourself too .... if you can get some respite care, take it ... take all the help that you can and if you need to sound off ....just post here... xx
  10. Hi all My SAH was 2017 and I still worry about it happening again . I had coiling and worry it’s not as effective as other methods. Does anyone else feel like this? I’ve also noticed being irritable and cross about everything . Best Wishes Josie
  11. Thanks Tina Louise and Swishy. we got a cocker spaniel puppy two weeks ago so she’s keeping me very busy at the moment, Also making me laugh and smile a lot which I haven’t done for a long time.
  12. Hi Brenda sorry John has had another stroke but glad you have come back for support and to update us Hope things improve for you both xxx
  13. Hello again, It has been a long time since I have visited this site. Sadly John had another stroke on the 12th December last year. This time it was more serious. He spent many weeks in hospital where he had as much rehabilitation as possible. He came home in February this year and I have been caring for him. I am fortunate in that carers come in mornings and evenings to give him personal care, and many aids to living have been supplied. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's exacerbated by his profound hearing loss. His life is now very limited but I try to make his surroundings as pleasant as possible. He sleeps nearly all the time and is developing other health problems for which he is prescribed medication. He is very weak in his upper and lower limbs, has a poor appetite and thus losing weight. On the whole I think his environment and care is as good as it can be. Generally he is too tired to feel frustrated about his state of health but occasionally he is not and those times are difficult for us both. I just want to thank those of you who sent messages of support in the past. Yours sincerely, Brenda H.
  14. Thank you so much, Tina. This group means so much to me and I am sure to many others. 💗
  15. Dearest DaVinc1, You have been given helpful advice by very wonderful people. I am glad you found BTG. I don't have much to add except I want you to know as a fellow believer, I will be praying for you. Keep the faith and let His will be done. If I may share a few verses that gives me strength: Deuteronomy 32:4; Proverbs 3:5, 139; Joshua 1:9 and Matthew 6:34. We are always here for you, Ann
  16. Congratulations on your 9th Anniversary. I am happy you have found ways leading you to a happier stress free life. I have found mindfulness to be helpful also. All my best as you continue your journey. Be well, Jean
  17. Well done on your 9th Ani-versary... onward and forward take care, stay-safe
  18. Hi Ann Bless you, as the others have said, you have been through so much and now this. Thank goodness they did pick it up. I cant imagine the waves of varying emotions you must be going through, also your family. You are one very strong amazing lovely lady and you will get through this and yes....you will rock that clipping scar 💪 xx Hoping September 13th will come round quickly and wishing you a speedy recovery. Very positive news from Jess Thank you also for all your caring supportive posts to others xx Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Take care Love Tina xx
  19. Compostc congratulations on your Ninth SAH Anniversary. Good to hear lockdown has helped eliminate a lot of your triggers and that a video about sensory overload helped you to work out making life easier. I did as you did, pushed to the limits, but soon realised when i did push to hard too fast i would go one step forwards, two steps backwards! Here is to your much happier stress free life Thanks for sharing. Take care Tina xx
  20. That is great news. But I don’t think running after busses and getting pregnant is mandatory.
  21. Recovery after planned op was fast I was pregnant within two weeks and running for buses lol you will be fine try not to worry xxx
  22. Since my SAH l thought that pushing to the limit was the way to get better. Then I watched the video flooding sensory overload and read a few other things and realised I was completely wrong. That was in November, my life is totally different now. A lot of the time the front of my brain would feel numb and I couldn’t think straight which led to numerous other problems. I realise now that I was creating problems that didn’t exist which would cause stress for weeks even months. Lockdown has helped by eliminating a lot of my triggers and I don’t push myself anymore, I’ve found I can actually do more work now. Mindfulness has also helped. lt annoys me that in all these years I couldn’t work it out myself but I suppose that’s what brain injuries do. So I’m looking forward to a much happier stress free life.
  23. Thanks, Jess, Subs and Jean. For those of you who have clipping done, I understand that everybody is different but how was recovery? Timewise? And if you've had coiling and clipping, what are the major differences that you have experienced? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi Ann You have been through so much and yet you find strength for your boys❤️ I send you sincere wishes for continued strength waiting for your September date ...I think you will indeed rock that clipping scar xoxo Jean
  25. Hello Ann ...yours is quite a story to share! You have done so well to cope with all that has happened. A second aneurysm 10 years after the first and now a year on finding you have to return for the clipping procedure ..... I can't imagine how you and your family are dealing with the pressures and anxieties. At least you have that date in September to focus on and the relief that afterwards you can recover and move forward. Wishing you good strength for the weeks you and your family must wait. Many thanks for the posts you have shared with our members especially in the past year. Subs
  26. So sorry you have to have another operation but I am sure you will be fine its on the 20th anniversary of my op to clip my ruptured aneurysm xxx Try not to worry they called the clipping of my second aneurysm routine relax whilst recovering and don't do to much drink plenty of water xxx Good luck you will be fine xxx
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