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  1. I was given some advice from a doctor to try out hydrotherapy about six weeks ago. My left leg and arm are still weak/spasticity and I went along although I can't swim, I went along to the Gesundheitzentrum (health centre) for neurological problems, the physiotherapist has trained with people with brain injuries and she devised a special training plan for me. I just love it, the last time I was in water when I was nine years old and in primary school. Although my limbs don't always work along with me but I have found that it has helped me to make them a bit stronger. I will continue goi
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  2. Hi Davie, Memory problems are very common with the SAH. Mine was 7 years ago and I still have issues. For me, it mainly affects the ability to retain new information and is much more pronounced when I am tired. Yes it is frustrating, sometime embarassing, but with time you learn little tricks to compensate. I write lots of notes to myself and mentally repeat things. I also get upset with myself and my husband is always reminding me to stop beating myself up. It doesn't help, you know. It really has not been long since your SAH. I'm sure you are still managing the fatigue, may
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  3. When I could finally eat, I ate everything the hospital/rehab put in front of me. I went home on a pretty regular diet, since my swallowing had improved so much. Nothing bad happened until I was alone, eating a salad. A small piece of lettuce was blocking my airway, making it nearly impossible to breathe. (I remember thinking, "Oh great, I survive a stroke only to be done in by a salad!") I managed to remove it, and it was YEARS before I attempted salad again! For years I had a habit of coughing whenever I drank something. (Trust me, my computer screen got sprayed with coffee on
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  4. Davie, I was put on a diet, well that in itself made me cry but the dietician kept mentioning my Daughter. Every time she mentioned her I was gone, tears running down cheeks, me giving her dagger looks. I think in my mind I felt guilty for what I put my Family through, and after I came back to the real world , my daughter grabbed my arm and said "Welcome Back Mum" see blubbering whilst typing it ha ha. But she was sad also and had been so scared about losing me. So from the time I awoke I promised myself no one can ever hurt her again, apart from me of course lol xx gotta go
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